Best Thrilling Sports Casinos to Visit in 2021

The world of online sports betting is growing by the day. As the iGaming industry grows, so does the interest that people have in sports, and they are all but keen on catering to the needs of those looking to place bets on sports. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an online casino enthusiast, a fan of sportsbooks, or a newcomer to the industry as a fan of sports; the world of online casinos is sure going to have exactly what you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best casinos to visit as a fan of sports so you can place your money on the finest online slots, win your bets in the most exclusive of sportsbooks, and discover new online slots that every fan of soccer, basketball, baseball, or even cricket will be able to thoroughly enjoy. Whether you’re working from home or commuting to the office, you’ve come to the right place as long as you’re a sports fan!

What are Sports Casinos?

Sports Casinos are websites that host a plethora of different sports-themed games that fall into various different categories. When we use the term “Sports Casino” we’re not necessarily referring to websites that have a sportsbook only; we’re talking about websites that usually have a sportsbook, virtual sports, and a good selection of sports-themed slots to choose from. These casinos are more common than you think, but they aren’t really advertising themselves as “sports” websites, which limits the number of people that can find them. In an industry with so much competition and so many casinos out there, we feel that it’s fair for you to know where you can find the best sports-themed casinos without mindlessly browsing the internet, looking for them in desperation. Sports Casinos often have a lot of traffic in their sportsbooks, as these are the main types of bets that fans of sports love to place. That’s not all there is to enjoy in them, though!

Do Sports Casinos Have Slot Games?

Yes. Every single online casino needs to have slot games if they are to be successful. However, sports-themed casinos tend to vary in two aspects when it comes to slots:

  • In general, sports casinos tend to have a good array of sports-themed slots, where you’ll spin the reels in digital football pitches and virtual basketball courts to get those pucks and rackets as symbols in your games
  • Sports casinos tend to have a much higher player base flourishing in their sportsbook sections. You will find that the casinos advertise their sportsbooks with much more emphasis than other areas of the site – even if the rest is still packed with fantastic titles and awesome games

In any case, sports-themed casinos still work like any other casino in the sense that they have slot games, table games, keno, sic bo, and more titles. The only difference is that sports-themed casinos have a much larger array of games that revolve around the world of sports. Some don’t even have too many sport-themed slots, but they do have their sportsbooks and virtual sports sections ready to fire and offer new games to all players.

Sportsbooks in Sports-Themed Casinos

The main thing about sports casinos is that they have a sportsbook. It doesn’t matter how big or small – they always allow people to place sports bets on their premises, which makes them ideal sites to visit for all fans of the best sports in the world. Some major sportsbooks, like Paddy Power or SkyBet, have gone on to offer some crazy bets and variants for all modern sports, allowing players to create some very intricate lines which could potentially pay out thousands of euros. However, the sportsbooks of most sports-themed casinos are much less intricate than that. They have access to a variety of different sports and eSports, but the bets that you can place tend to be much more basic than the ones you find in these major gambling hubs.

Virtual Sports – What Are They?

Virtual Sports are extremely popular types of games that came to prominence in the 2000s, although they have technically been around since the 60s. The first instance of a virtual sports game being played was when an RNG was used to produce a fantasy baseball league as early as 1961. Modern Virtual Sports are much different from what they once were, though. The older versions of these games were not incorporated into any online casino nor could they be used to place bets, whilst the modern versions are so complex that they even allow you to watch the games live. Virtual Sports originated from the need to play with friends in non-real sports that simulated actual sports results, have become some of the most popular types of casino games in today’s world. They are simulations of real sports games where you can place bets and win much like you would as if you were vetting on a regular sportsbook. Virtual Sports games always have favorites and sides that pay more than others, much like any other sports game in the real world. They provide you with the same thrill and emotion of betting on real sports without having to leave the comfort of your home or even turn on the TV.

The Best Sports Casino and Bonuses to Spend in Them

Now that you know everything that you can expect to find in the world’s best sports casinos, it’s time for you to discover which are the best of the best, the crème de la crème, and get down to business and play in them with the best bonuses available for them. Bear in mind that all of these online casinos are fully licensed as well as completely reviewed by The Casino Wizard. They’re all held in high regard by the online gambling community and the games that they offer are among the best in the world. Choose whichever one you like the most!

Royal Panda Casino

As one of the most complete sports casinos on the planet, the Royal Panda website comes packed with all of the features that you would expect to find in a world-class online casino. From the best online slots to some of the most lucrative bonuses and a fantastic VIP program, this online casino serves as a hub for sports fans and online gambling fans alike.  

Royal Panda Sports Features

When it comes to online casino sportsbooks, the Royal Panda casino has one of the most complete ones that we’ve ever come across. It has access to pre-match bets and live bets, but what really caught our attention was the fantastic design of the sportsbook. The sportsbook looks absolutely slick and makes for a fantastic gambling experience. We know that many of you are also fans of eSports bets, and the Royal Panda casino is one to happily cater to your needs. There’s a section on the upper part of the sportsbook that reads “eSports”. Click on it and you will be presented with all of the games that you can bet on, as well as the matches that are ongoing or about to come up. If that still isn’t enough for you, you can also access the Royal Panda live calendar, which gets constantly updated with all of the upcoming sporting events in the world. This will allow you to keep track of everything that you might be interested in betting on without having to download a bunch of different apps on your mobile devices. You will be taken aback by the massive number of matches upon which you can place bets, so get ready to enter the world of sports gambling like never before in the Royal Panda Casino!

Royal Panda Bonuses

It would make no sense for you to enter such a large online casino and not enjoy the massive number of games that it has available without a proper welcome bonus. The Royal Panda welcome bonus provides you with free money that you can spend on the casino, make a profit, and then move onto the world of Royal Panda sports betting to continue your adventure. With €1,000 up for grabs and 10 free spins to claim, this is one of the best welcome bonuses that you’ll find in any sports casino out there. You get to choose how you want to spend the cash!

Play at Royal Panda

Betsson Casino

Arguably the most recognizable name on this list, the Betsson Casino stands as one of the giants of the iGaming industry and one of the main names in the world’s gambling industry in general. Betsson has quickly become one of our favorite online casinos and one of the most complete websites out there. Not only does this website provide players with bonuses for sports and casino games, but it also gives you access to exclusive poker tables where you can spend your cash against other players to try to beat them in Omaha or Hold’em.  

Betsson Sports Features

Betsson comes loaded with a bunch of sporting activities on the entirety of the casino. From one of the best selections of sports-themed slots to a world-class number of quality virtual sports in which you can place bets on, this giant of the industry has made a statement in the world of sports with its selection of sporting activities to undergo on the site. Betsson is widely known as one of the main hubs of sports gambling on the planet, and there’s a really good reason for it. Not only does Betsson sponsor some of the biggest sports competitions in the world, but the site is also home to dozens upon dozens of sports games to enjoy with free cash thanks to the Betsson sports welcome bonus. We do recommend you check out the Virtual Sports that Betsson has to offer, though. They are varied, and the selection is presented in the cleanest of ways. They aren’t just shown all over the place like many online casinos have them presented; you’ll be able to find and browse your games in an environment that truly feels serious and professional. With a total of 14 different Virtual Sports games to enjoy and a massive selection of bets to place on the Betsson Sportsbook, this online casino has truly solidified itself as one of the main gambling hubs on the planet. Get ready to be taken completely aback by one of the best sportsbooks in the casino industry, available to be played in an online casino that comes with all the features you would expect to find in a truly complete website – including poker tables, table games, live casino games, and hundreds of online slots.

Betsson Bonuses

The Betsson welcome bonus is a fantastic one to claim if you’re a fan of casino games, but the site is also home to a fantastic bonus of €100 that you can claim and get a €10 free bet on any sports game of your choosing. Betsson is set up to offer all players an experience that they’ll never forget with exclusive bonuses running rampant and some of the best casino games available. There’s no need for you to spend your own cash other than to make your initial deposit, as the Betsson Sportsbook welcome bonus comes packed with everything you need to make a killing in rewards without batting as much as an eye.

Play at Betsson

LeoVegas Casino

The LeoVegas Casino has one of the best mobile sportsbooks on the planet, as well as an online casino that offers a wide selection of bonuses and promotions that can be enjoyed from any mobile device. Dozens of games fill the virtual halls of LeoVegas with hours of entertainment ready to be enjoyed by any player out there. The site is home to games that can be played in almost every corner of the world, plus a selection of bonuses that vary depending on where you leave but that all are equally enjoyable.  

LeoVegas Sports Features

LeoVegas is so committed to the world of sports that they have a special section called “LeoVegas Sport”, where the casino shows you all of the features that you need to have the most complete sporting iGaming experience in the online casino industry. The site hosts a plethora of amazing sports promotions, starting with the LeoVegas sport welcome bonus but going forward with the amazing LeoVegas FC promotions, which will allow you to gamble with bonus cash in the best soccer games on the planet. Those of you who love to wager on virtual games will not be able to do it here, but when it comes to sportsbooks, it’s hard to think of an online casino that offers as many amazing features as LeoVegas in its world-class sportsbook. The selection of sports available here is, however, rather limited. You won’t be able to bet on less than mainstream sports like cricket or ice hockey, but the casino does present you the chance to place bets on all of the world’s major sports, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and even the ever more popular eSports. Premier League bets are the flagship bets of this casino’s sportsbook, though. If you’re a fan of English football, you’ll feel at home at LeoVegas.

LeoVegas Bonuses

Depending on where you live, the LeoVegas Casino might offer some of its most lucrative promotions to you. Starting with an offer of up to €1,600 in free cash plus a handful of free spins, this casino is home to some of the best bonuses in the world. You can also count on the LeoVegas Casino to offer a selection of sportsbook bonuses, as well as the LeoVegas FC promo, that will allow you to thoroughly enjoy this online casino’s sports features without spending much of your cash, but with hopes of earning a ton of money that you’ll be able to spend in the casino.

Play at LeoVegas

Slottica Casino

Slottica might be a place better known for offering players a large selection of online casino slots, but that doesn’t mean that the site’s owners have settled for that alone. Slottica is also home to a fantastic sportsbook and a selection of the world’s best virtual sports games, all of which you’ll be able to enjoy with promotions and games like no other casino can offer. As one of the newest online casinos reviewed in The Casino Wizard, this website has quickly become one of our all-time favorites thanks to its fair bonuses, its large selection of promotions, and a plethora of fantastic games that can be enjoyed by anyone. Besides being a fantastic online casino for sports, this site is home to the newest online slots on the planet. If an online slot has been developed by a company with which Slottica is associated, you can count on the casino to have the game up and running a few days after its official release. In fact, Slottica is so influential that it has managed to strike deals with game developers to host games before they come out in other online casinos. If you’re a fan of sports, playing on a recognized name of the industry is a good sign that you’ll have a world-class and quality casino experience.  

Slottica Sports Features

When it comes to selections of Virtual Sports, you’ll struggle to find one more varied than the one found at Slottica. This site has some of the newest Virtual Sports in the industry – including the fantastic Racing Roulette, which combines jockey racing with the popular table game of roulette. Apart from that, this online casino is home to a selection of sports bets that are categorized in eSports bets and regular sports bets. The casino divides its sportsbook into two different sections, which allows you to have a much better grasp of the site and control over what you want to bet on. Do yourself a favor and check out the virtual sports available at Slottica, though. That’s arguably the best thing that this online casino has. Table Tennis, variations of racing games, and a crazy selection of titles will enrich your gambling experience and take it to levels that you didn’t think possible. We do think that Slottica provides you with one of the most complete sports iGaming experiences in the world. Be sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

Slottica Bonuses

Even though the Slottica Casino doesn’t offer a special sports bonus selection, it still stands as one of the best websites to visit if you’re a fan of sports. Its fantastic welcome bonus provides you with up to €200 in free cash, which you’ll be able to spend in any of the site’s world-class online slots so you can get a better grasp of the things it has in store for you. Spend the bonus cash on slots and then head onto the site’s sportsbook or the Slottica Virtual sports section so you can make a killing in rewards while placing bets on your favorite sports.

Play at Slottica

BetHard Casino

The BetHard Casino is one of the best websites for sports betting that we’ve ever visited. The casino packs a bunch of the features that you look for in the best casinos in the world. On top of that, however, this massive online casino also offers you bonuses that you can spend on every part of the site. From live casino bonuses to the best sportsbook bonuses on the planet, BetHard is the place to visit if you’re a fan of the complete casino package. The site looks very complete from the first time you visit it and you’ll find out that experiences don’t deceive as you spend more and more of your time within this site’s virtual halls. The sportsbook of this casino is thoroughly complete and comes with all of the sports that you can wish to bet on. To top it all off, there are always new bonuses to be claimed in the site’s “promotions” section, which turns it into a world-class casino any way you look at it.  

BetHard Sports Features

The BetHard Casino makes it very clear for the player that the site is a fully specialized online sports website. The site comes packed with bonuses that encourage players into spending their cash in the best online sports parts of the casino – particularly the BetHard sportsbook, which comes packed with some of the best features in the online casino industry. BetHard is also home to a good selection of Virtual Sports, so you can count on this casino to provide you exactly with what you need to enjoy a thorough sporting experience.

BetHard Bonuses

This online casino is home to fantastic bonuses, but you’ll want to check out the BetHard Sportsbook Welcome Bonus if you’re truly going to enjoy the best sport features of this casino without spending much of your own cash. You’ll be able to claim bonus cash that must be exclusively spent on the site’s sportsbook. However, since some of you truly love online casinos in general, you could also use the BetHard welcome bonus to fully pack your account with cash that can be used on the BetHard online casino. Fulfill its wagering requirements and claim the cash to your bank account!

Play at BetHard

The Magic of Sports Awaits – Don’t Let It Slip!

Now that you’re acquainted with the ways of online sports betting, as well as the best online casinos in which you can do it, it’s time for you to get down to business. Choose the casino that catches your eye and embark yourself on one of the most complete sports betting adventures that the internet has to offer. Just remember! Claim any bonuses as long as you can and use the money to bet on your favorite games and sports without spending your own cash. In some cases, you might need to spend the bonus money in other games to unlock it or fulfill the wagering requirements of the offers so you can then use the cash on each casino’s sportsbook. Put on your boots and get ready to score a goal with the best sports casinos in 2020!

1 Royal Panda Casino
5% Cash Bonus T&C apply PLAY
2 Betsson Casino
100% up to €200 + 100 FS T&C apply PLAY
3 Videoslots Casino
11 Welcome Spins T&C apply PLAY
4 LeoVegas Casino
10 Free Spins T&C apply PLAY
5 BetHard Casino
100% up to €100 T&C apply PLAY

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