Celebrate the BitStarz 6th Birthday and Win a Tesla Model 3!

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Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb

BitStarz Birthday Gift - Win a Tesla Car!

Here, at The Casino Wizard, we’re all about presenting our readers with the most exclusive of promotions. We know that many of you are keen to claim fantastic rewards in the best of online casinos and that’s why we were so excited when we heard of the BitStarz Birthday promo – we knew you’d be extremely interested in it!

Win a tesla car at bitstarz 

Tesla cars are the thing of the future, but they can be quite expensive. Winning one for free is, however, too much of a temptation as to let it slip. When it comes to inclusive promotions, we don’t think that there’s one better than this one. BitStarz truly wants to celebrate their birthday as big as they can and players will be able to participate in this raffle regardless of the favorite game that they choose to play.

That’s right – everyone is welcome to participate at the fantastic BitStarz Birthday party. What do you need to bring if you want to tag along? It’s simple! Just your BitStarz account and your intentions to bet some cash on the site. Everyone can win as long as they’re eager to participate in the BitStarz casino and play the games available on the site.

How to Participate in the Promo – Win the Prize by Following These Steps

What truly fascinated us about the BitStarz promotion, apart from the fantastic prize that awaits the lucky winner, is the fact that you can actually participate by playing any game on the site. You don’t need to play slots if you don’t want to. All you must do is visit the BitStarz Casino and enjoy any game of your choosing.

There is one condition, though. You will only earn 1 raffle ticket per each €100 that you bet on the site. This, of course, also takes into consideration any money that you might win in the process. You still need to bet considerable sums of cash if you wish to get your hands on a few tickets, but it’s not as much as it might seem.

For example, let’s say that you get an average return of €90 per each €100 that you bet. In that case, you would need to bet €1000 in order to lose a mere €100, and you would have 10 tickets on you – that’s 10 chances of winning the Model 3! There are no wagering requirements in place other than the fact that you need to bet €100 on any game. You can choose which game to play as all of them will contribute equally to the total of your wagering. In short:

  • Create an account or log in at BitStarz
  • Make a deposit of at least €20 if you haven’t made any deposits before
  • Wager money on any game on the site
  • Obtain 1 raffle ticket per €100 that you bet
  • Wait for the draw on May 2nd and cross your fingers. The more tickets you have, the bigger your chances of winning!

BitStarz – The Best Bitcoin Casino Celebrates 6 Years

The BitStarz casino is one of the best websites that you can visit if you’re looking to play with bitcoins in any online casino in 2020. This fantastic site is filled with games, promotions, bonuses, and a plethora of exclusive activities that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the internet. However, that wasn’t always the case.

Back when BitStarz started doing business, the site’s community was reduced and they had to build their legacy from the bottom. Today, the site stands as one of the biggest online casinos in the world, and one of the main representatives of bitcoin gambling across the online casino community. It is highly rated among casino experts.

Here, at The Casino Wizard, we have BitStarz ranked as one of the best 15 casinos in the world. When it comes to player ratings, however, the BitStarz casino doesn’t fall behind. Players who have experienced the magic that is participating in the casino often rate it among the best sites that they’ve ever visited.

Such a high site deserves a celebration that matches its size - that’s why they’re throwing the biggest birthday party that we’ve ever seen from an online casino! The Tesla Model 3 is worth well over €45,000. Stay with us and learn how you can win one for free!

What the BitStarz Promo Is All About

The BitStarz Birthday Promo might be a celebration to what BitStarz have achieved in the last few years, but it is nothing but a way to celebrate players and thank them for allowing BitStarz to become what they are. As such, the real winners are those who visit the online casino and play for the duration of this promotion.

Be warned, though – this promo is meant to be claimed by those who have deposited money on the site. You’re still on time to do it, though, as they allow players to create a new account and make deposits whilst the promotion is still underway. Bonus money wagers will not count towards the wagering requirement of this promo!

The prize of this promo might be drawn at random, but the one lucky player that manages to win is going to be ecstatic and over the moon. The winner of the raffle will earn a Tesla Model 3 or a prize worth 80% of the value of the car – whichever it is that they choose to get. The BitStarz casino allows players to change the prize if they desire to do it!

What Are the Best Games to Play to Win Raffle Entries?

You know that you have access to all casino games on the site, but not all of the games might be right to be played if you’re looking to get most of your money back. As such, we’ve made a small list of suggestions of games that you might want to play in order to get as many tickets as possible, with the odds on your side as to lose as little cash as possible.

Who knows? You might end up winning even more cash than what the Tesla Model 3 is worth if you get lucky enough playing casino games whilst looking for the raffle tickets! The casino doesn’t state any limits regarding raffle tickets, so be sure to go ahead and wager to your heart’s content. You can decide when to stop or when to keep going, depending on how many tickets you want to get!


Playing slots is not a guaranteed way to make money at all. Whoever, most online slots offer quite a decent return rate, which means that you might end up with a completely decent sum of money once you’re done wagering on the site. Stick to playing online casino slots that don’t have progressive rewards and you should be more than good to go to earn raffle tickets without losing too much cash.

Progressive prizes are always cool to play and are as thrilling as possible, but the main issue is that the average return rate of these games tends to be extremely low. That makes your goal of obtaining raffle tickets without losing too much cash a difficult one. However, if you stick to traditional slots with RTPs that range from 96% to 97.5%, you’re more than likely going to keep most of your cash or lose as little as possible.

You might even end up making a profit at the end of the day – don’t give up hope!

Card Games

Card Games, given that they’re extremely skill-based and offer the best RTP and odds, are the way to go if you’re good at them and you want to win those raffle tickets pretty quickly. Card games are the way to go given that they’re often the most skill-based out of the bunch, but playing roulette can also be a fantastic way for you to win rewards and bet some cash without risking too much money.

The Birthday Promo rules don’t state anything regarding low-stake bets, and wheel games offers some absolutely amazing return rates if you know where to place your bets. Maybe color-betting can be a bit too cheap and the casino is likely not going to count those towards your wagering progression, but you can give it a try.

Other games that can be extremely lucrative and profitable are card games and their variations. Baccarat might also be a safe choice if you’re good at the game and you’re looking to bet as much money as possible to obtain those raffle tickets.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are the safest way for you to win tickets and still feel like you’re playing in a real casino. Of course, live dealer games have a much slower pace when compared to virtual card games, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to avoid them altogether. You might find them refreshing during times where your main goal will be to bet as much cash as possible.

In any case, live dealer casino games can help you wager a lot of money in a short period of time. There are many live dealer games at the BitStarz casino that allow you to place massive bets. If you’re a high roller, you can try your luck with bets of €1,000 or higher in some of these games. That’s 10 raffle tickets in a single wager!

Live Dealer games might be better off being played by those looking to wager a lot of cash, but small-time players and gamblers can also take advantage of these games and enjoy them whilst getting points towards their ticket prizes. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to earn the cash quickly or feel like you’re inside a real casino!

BitStarz Bonus Terms and Conditions

The BitStarz Birthday bonus is as lucrative as they come, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t subjected to a set of rules that you’ll need to obey and comply with. Sure, you’re likely going to end up with more money even if you don’t win the Model 3, but you might still want to try your luck.

The only way to do it is my following a few simple rules. Bear in mind that players from the following countries are banned from participating in the BitStarz Birthday promo: Greece, Hungary, Mauritius, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Republic of, Montenegro, Serbia, Austria, Albania, Sweden, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Curaçao, Finland, and Slovakia. The rest of the terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Real money must be used to wager on the site if you wish to earn points towards obtaining tickets for the raffle
  • Your account must have one deposit, at the very least, if you are to participate in this promotion
  • The number of tickets that you can earn is defined by yourself. BitStarz allows you to get all the tickets that you want
  • You can claim the Model 3 or a prize worth €36,000 or less

Join BitStarz and Win a Tesla Model 3!

We know that you’re more eager than ever to visit the BitStarz casino and get on your way to win the beautiful and efficient Tesla Model 3. Everyone wants a car that lasts 320 miles per charge, and we’re sure that you do too. However, sometimes patience is the key to success – you might miss out on some of the best rewards on the internet otherwise!

If you happen to have the time, we really encourage you to visit the BitStarz casino and claim its amazing welcome bonus before you proceed with the Tesla Model 3 bonus. The promotion lasts until April 30th, and you’ll have plenty of time to claim all of those fantastic raffle tickets in just a few days. However, if you don’t claim the welcome bonus upon registration, you’ll be missing out on some of the best casino bonuses on the community.

Even if you feel that you don’t want the welcome bonus, there’s also a smaller bonus of 20 free spins that you can enjoy by simply registering on the site! Once you’re done getting the best out of the BitStarz bonuses, it’s going to be your turn to go on your way to the rest of the games on the site and claim raffle tickets in hopes of winning the Model 3. A new Tesla car awaits one lucky winner – be sure that winner is you!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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