Dead or Alive might’ve gotten a sequel already, but the first installment of this game still stands as one of the iGaming community’s favorite online slots. This cowboy-themed game has made it to some of the world’s best online casinos, which comes as no surprise when you learn that NetEnt themselves created this title.

Play Dead or Alive

Picture yourself in the saloon of an old Wild West town and hunt small winnings in this fantastic game that got even more popular after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. If you’re a fan of games with low variance, fantastic payouts, and immersive graphics, you’ll feel right at home with the Dead or Alive slot.

Where can you play this fantastic game, though? Which features make this title what it is? In this article, we’ll be exploring Dead or Alive and we’ll tell you all there is to know about one of the internet’s most played online slot games.

Dead or Alive Slot Gameplay & Design Features

The game has a very high-quality design, typical of most NetEnt titles. You can expect to find some extremely detailed symbols and some of the best animations that you’ll ever come across in your time as an online casino player. There are just too many fantastic features that make this game a unique one to play.

The symbols mix the traditional letter symbols with wild-west animations and drawings that put you in the mood for a cowboy shooting. The game has a wooden-like theme and symbols that take you on an adventure to the land of horses and cowboys.

Those cups of whiskey that you’ll see when playing Dead or Alive look very tempting, and even more so after you’ve won thousands of euros in rewards by playing this game that mainly appeals to those who love western movies.

The game has an average volatility and 5 reels with 9 paylines. The slot could have a couple more paylines than it does, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to play. The scatters make this game what it is, plus its amazing free spin bonus feature.

Dead or Alive Bonus Features – Thrilling & Exciting Has a Whole New Meaning

If you’re a fan of the Wild West and cowboys, then we’re sure you’re going to love what this game has to offer. It’s one of NetEnt’s most popular online casino games and it takes you on an adventure to the Wild West. Should you happen to come out alive, you will be living the life of an 18th-century millionaire thanks to the massive number of bonus features and rewards that it has to offer.

First of all, the game has a very traditional setup and not too many paylines. You know what that means, right? A few paylines mean that the game sticks to the traditional slots concept and aims to take players on a journey that resembles how online slots were played back in the 90s and 80s.

The entire concept of the game is based on winning free spins, which you can use to earn better bonuses and access exclusive features and higher payouts. Combining free spins with multipliers is the way to go if you intend to obtain the best rewards that the Dead or Alive slot has to offer.

Bonuses with Sticky Wilds

You can get free spin bonus multipliers (and multipliers in general) with the fantastic Sticky Wilds feature. This feature has become quite traditional in most NetEnt games, but there’s a good reason why we keep seeing it pop up time and time again – it makes games extremely addictive by having you chase those wilds and have them stick with each spin that you win.

For example, imagine that you get 3 wild symbols after the reels spin. In that case, you will earn free spins, and the wilds will “stack” (that means that they will still be available whenever you spin the reels again). If you manage to get more wild symbols on your next spin, then you’ll have access to even better payouts and the wilds will stack again.

Hit 3 Scatters and Test Your Aim at the Saloon – Bonus Minigame

If you happen to land three scatter symbols on a single spin, you will be able to try your luck at the Dead or Alive minigame. Getting more than three symbols doesn’t give you more free spins at the minigame, but the more you land, the better the multiplier will be. That means you can get a reward worth up to 2,500 times the amount of your stake.

The bonus minigame and scatter symbols of the Dead or Alive slot are what make this game such a unique and popular title – you can win a lot of money on this online slot, and you can do it by activating minigame features at it.

Getting five scatters might seem a bit of a difficult one to achieve, but if you happen to do it, you will trigger the biggest jackpot available at the game. Three scatters takes you to the minigame and gives you a reward worth 4 times your stake, whilst 4 scatters give you a reward worth 25 times the amount of your stake.

Chase the scatter symbols and earn the biggest rewards at the Dead or Alive slot – that’s the easiest way to make a fortune while playing this 9-payline, 5-reel game.

Where to Play Dead or Alive for Free? – Dead or Alive Slot Free Play

Dead or Alive is extremely popular, but you might still want to try out the game for free before you invest money in an online casino to play. It’s a smart choice as well, as it doesn’t make sense to financially commit to a new game before first playing it. However, not all online casinos offer the option to play games for free, which can be very inconvenient for newcomers.

The best online casinos in the world (conveniently ranked for you by The Casino Wizard) tend to have the game in their galleries, and most of them also give you the option to play it for free.

The absolute best online casinos even offer bonuses to play Dead or Alive and win real money after wagering with your bonus cash!

It all depends on what you’re looking for in an online casino, of course, so some of these online casinos at The Casino Wizard might not be exactly what you’re after.

Top 3 Casinos to Play Dead or Alive and Enjoy Exclusive Bonuses

We know that finding the right online casino to play the best online slot games can be quite difficult, and we don’t want you to struggle in your search for the best iGaming site. We have compiled a list of three online casinos that offer exclusive bonuses and host the Dead or Alive slot, so you can head straight into the action depending on the site that you like the most.

All of these online casinos are fully legit, licensed, and reputable entities that made it to our list of the best places to play online slots on the planet!

One Casino

Visit the One Casino to play Dead or Alive is a smart choice – mainly because this online casino comes packed with a €10 no deposit bonus that you can claim upon registering on the site. The bonus conditions change often, but depending on when you register your account on the site, you might get to use those €10 directly on Dead or Alive.

Given how good the multipliers of this game seem to be, you could turn those €10 into €25,000 if you’re lucky enough to land five scatters on your roll of the reels.

In any case, the One Casino also offers players the chance to claim an exclusive welcome bonus in which you’ll be able to double the amount of money of your first deposit. Get twice as much money as you otherwise would and claim the best casino bonuses on the internet

Play at One Casino


The Dunder Casino is one of the world’s best online casinos, therefore making it one of the best places that you can visit if you intend to play Dead or Alive. It’s home to some of the best casino games on the planet as well as a welcome bonus that rewards you with €100 plus 120 free spins to enjoy in your favorite online slots!

Dunder might not be as much of a feature-rich website as other casinos, nor does it have as much of a great VIP casino program as others, but it does offer a very rich selection of online casino slots among which you’ll find the best games on the internet. If you’re a newcomer to the iGaming world and you want to play Dead or Alive at a solid and high-quality casino, the Dunder website is the way to go.

Play at Dunder

N1 Casino

Playing Dead or Alive at the N1 Casino is a fantastic choice, not only because this online casino provides an amazing range of slot offers, but also because it has the multi-play feature, which allows players to enjoy multiple games at the same time without having to switch between tabs in their internet browser.

The N1 Casino is a world-class online casino that, as its name suggests, aims to be the number one website on the planet. The site might not be there quite yet, but it does offer enough features for this casino to be one of the best hosts of NetEnt games of the iGaming industry.

In any case, if you love to play slots and table games at the same time, there’s hardly a better place for you to visit than the N1 Casino. A world of rewards awaits those who like to mix things up – and this online casino gives you the chance of doing so!

Play at N1 Casino

Dead or Alive RTP & Volatility – Dead or Alive Technical Info

The Dead or Alive game might fool you into thinking the volatility is high the first time you see it. However, the game itself has relatively low volatility – and even more so when you consider that this title comes with only 9 reels. In most cases, given the few paylines that it has, you will find yourself earning twice the amount of your stake after landing a couple of scatters.

Whenever you happen to land a payline, though, you will usually get dully rewarded for your luck. There are only 9, which makes it difficult to win them consistently.

The game’s RTP, though, makes it a very fair one to play and one of the best ones that you can find. The game has a base RTP percentage of 96.8%, which is around 0.08% more than what you often find in these kinds of games. It’s common for NetEnt games to offer fantastic RTP rates, though, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to us.

The game has medium volatility and some of the absolute best return rates in the casino industry. No wonder why the game is so widely played across online casinos of all sorts!

What You Should Know – Dead or Alive FAQ

There are still a few things that you might need to know about Dead or Alive, even though we’ve covered all of the basics of the game. As such, we’ve compiled a list of 4 questions that will undoubtedly leave you free of any doubts that might otherwise pop-up in your mind.

Is Dead or Alive the Best NetEnt Game?

Some people consider Dead or Alive to be the best NetEnt game, but we wouldn’t say so. The company has developed many titles that are rated as “the best” by many reviewers, but we like to refrain ourselves from making such powerful statements. There’s no doubt, however, that the game is one of NetEnt’s finest creations.

Even though many Dead or Alive fans tout the game as a better version of other NetEnt titles, we still feel that it’s unfair to rate it as the best NetEnt game when it doesn’t surpass the quality of Starburst.

Can You Play Dead or Alive for Free?

Yes. Most of the NetEnt casinos that we’ve rated at The Casino Wizard offer all NetEnt games free to play, with the only notable exception of the LeoVegas Casino. In any case, if you want to play games made by the company and not risk any of your own money, you can always rely on one of these sites and play them there.

Dead or Alive, as well as Dead or Alive 2, are available in most of the websites that we’ve mentioned. However, do keep in mind that playing for free will not yield any monetary rewards or benefits to you or your online casino account.

You will need to spend real money, or use the bonus money available at most online casinos, play the game and win rewards that can later become withdrawable.

Is Dead or Alive Better than Dead or Alive 2?

NetEnt did as much as the company could to capitalize on the success of Dead or Alive by releasing its sequel a couple of years after the original game released (2016). Even though Dead or Alive 2 is also a very popular game and a very fun one to play, it isn’t’ as good as the original installment of the game.

It’s a fun game and one that you can play with free spins in most online casinos on The Casino Wizard, but if you want to ensure a high level of fun and if you want to have as much fun as possible, you’ll want to play Dead or Alive and not its sequel.

How Much Can You Win at Dead or Alive?

Dead or Alive is a game in which you can expect to win at least double the number of your stakes in most winning rounds. It’s not one of those games in which you’ll often get 0.75-paying rounds too often. In most cases, a win will yield at least twice what you bet. It’s a very fun game if you like chasing a good win, but you can rest assured that you’ll get duly rewarded for any small wins along the way!

Dead or Alive Slot NetEnt – The Game’s Software Provider

Dead or Alive is created by NetEnt, the world’s leading online slot developer. Dead or Alive is actually one of NetEnt’s biggest hits, as the game even got a sequel and it’s highly touted as one of the most played games in the iGaming industry.

NetEnt has been creating online casino games since the early 90s, making it one of the oldest companies to have joined the online casino industry. In fact, NetEnt is one of the precursors to online gambling and one of the main companies that put faith in the industry to flourish.

As one of the best games by one of the best developers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s one of the most played games in the world!

Dead or Alive Biggest Win – Survive and Win a Massive Jackpot

The Dead or Alive online slot allows you to win a jackpot worth 2,500 times the amount of your original stake. However, a big win on average equals around 200 times the amount of your stake. This is basically because it’s extremely difficult to earn five scatter symbols, which is the only way to trigger the x2500 multiplier.

In any case, the game does allow players to win massive sums of money and keeps things interesting by providing you with the constant chance, and hope, of landing various scatters in a row.

With some luck, you could also land four scatter symbols on the same spin, which would enable a jackpot worth 25 times the amount of your stake. As we said, scatter symbols are extremely difficult to land and, in most cases, you should get two at best.

If you survive the Wild West bullets and you happen to get those scatters in all of your reels, then prepare to obtain one of the highest-paying casino jackpot games on the worldwide online slot selection.

The Casino Wizard Verdict – Another NetEnt Masterpiece

There’s no doubt that the Dead or Alive slot is one of NetEnt’s finest works of art. The game has some of the smoothest animations in the online casino industry plus world-class wilds, scatters, and one of the largest jackpots that you can claim in any online slot that isn’t a progressive jackpot slot itself.

We have been more than accustomed to playing masterpieces from NetEnt, but there’s a good reason why this game is so highly-rated by the online gambling community – it’s by far one of the best casino slots that you can play in today’s world. It’s also an amazing high-roller game thanks to the high risk, high reward system imposed on its reels.

The game might not have reached the same status as NetEnt’s Starburst, but it’s still a cult game and one of the finest that you can play in the industry. Try out your luck at the best online casinos and see if you can win the x2,500 jackpot – you might be one of the lucky ones to multiply their original stake and win a life-changing sum of money!

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