Katsubet VIP Program – Bolster Your Crypto Rewards!

Katsubet VIP Program – Bolster Your Crypto Rewards!

The Katsubet VIP Program Explained

There are numerous ways for players to earn loyalty rewards at Katsubet. This casino hosts a fantastic loyalty program that looks packed with crypto rewards from the first level to the last – and we’re here to tell you all about the Katsubet VIP program to bolster your chances of earning as many loyalty rewards as possible at Katsubet.

katsubet vip program

This fantastic online casino shines brighter than other bitcoin casinos because of its very generous selection of daily bonuses. On top of being able to claim a bonus every day, you will also have the chance to collect CP, or KatsuPoints, as the casino calls them, so you can collect even more lucrative prizes as your adventure grows longer.

Get your game face on and prepare yourself to join the fantastic Katsubet loyalty program. Up to 8 loyalty levels are there for you to reach – waste no more time and learn how to earn free spins and bonus money at the casino!

How to Make the Best of the Katsubet Casino VIP Club

The KatsuBet VIP program is this online casino’s way of rewarding loyal players and one of the best loyalty programs that a crypto casino can offer. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to maximize reward output as you wager through the requirements and benefits of this online casino:

  • Avoid placing low-riskbets when gambling at the casino. This will ensure you collect as many points as possible
  • Play on the weekends, as that’s the time when the booster activates
  • Take advantage of the site’s high RTP slots. The casino allows players to collect points in any game that the site has to offer.

How to Become a Member of Katsubet VIP Club?

You will become a member of the Katsubet loyalty program as soon as you create your account at the casino. There’s no way to avoid it, as every new account starts at level 1.

Don’t worry: you can’t miss the rewards! Just be sure to continuously play at the casino if you don’t want to miss out on other casino prizes and continue leveling up your account to get even better long-term rewards.

How to Improve Katsubet VIP Level

Every player will begin at the first Katsubet level. The only way to improve the ranking is by collecting Status Points, which are earned in parallel with CP but cannot be spent – which means that you cannot lose your VIP level.

These are all the levels that the casino program offers, as well as the points needed to achieve each level:

  • 2 VIP Level — 20 Status Points
  • 3 VIP Level — 50 Status Points
  • 4 VIP Level — 250 Status Points
  • 5 VIP Level — 1 000 Status Points
  • 6 VIP Level — 8 000 Status Points
  • 7 VIP Level — 50 000 Status Points
  • 8 VIP Level — 200 000 Status Points

Take Advantage of the Weekend Booster!

There’s a special reward at Katsubet that is meant to boost your account’s CP collection rate, but it can only be used on the weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday, whenever you play slot games at the casino, you will receive twice as many KatsuPoints as you would on any other day of the week.

If you’re looking to level up as quickly as possible, then this is the best way to do it. Save your high-stakes wagers for the weekend and get ready to collect the prizes after a long session of playing. Move up the ranks quicker than your peers as you wager your cash at Katsubet.

You can also claim the Katsubet welcome bonus and the Katsubet no deposit bonus to earn extra rewards as you collect CP and status points.

VIP Rewards at Katsubet

The Katsubet Casino loyalty program offers a good selection of top-quality rewards, although they aren’t as aplenty as they are in other casinos that we know and love. You can expect to receive the following prizes as you level up through the Katsubet Casino loyalty program:

  • Better exchange rate for your account’s CP, which will enable you to get rewards that you want
  • A personal VIP host, which will allow you to further customize your experience in the casino and get tailormade rewards
  • As you reach the later levels, you will also get better withdrawal limits that are much higher than your peers’

katsubet vip program rewards

Katsubet VIP Program Terms and Conditions

The Loyalty program of this online casino doesn’t come with many terms that we would consider to be unfair, but it’s always good to have a strong grasp of how promotions work before you take advantage of them.

We’ve made a complete breakdown of the Katsubet VIP terms and conditions – read them and get ready to play before you win:

  • Every player will be assigned a level when they create an account. Players begin at level 1
  • You will collect status points with every bet except low-risk bets, such as odds/even at roulette
  • The bonus money earned with this program, or generated by spending Katsubet free spins, is subjected to a wagering requirement of 5 times
  • Rewards are added automatically upon reaching new VIP levels. Players will not need to activate anything manually

Enjoy the Katsubet Loyalty Program and Get Rewarded Like a Winner

The KatsuBet Loyalty program lets you obtain extra free spins and extra bonus cash if you decide to spend money at the casino for prolonged periods of time. With plenty of games to play and tons of crypto rewards to further boost your account balance, there’s no better way to play at this casino for VIP players than taking advantage of the chance to earn extra rewards with the site’s CP.

You now know how to make the best of the offer, so register at Katsubet and start collecting your points from the moment you create your account. Play your favorite games and get rewarded at Katsubet!

Last updated  June 8, 2023
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