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Live Lightning Roulette Brings a Unique Twist to Roulette Games – Learn How It Works and Play from Home!

Those of you who are looking for a unique roulette experience that combines the thrill of traditional roulette with a few RNG features typical of most online casino games have come to the right place. This fantastic online live dealer game that serves the purpose of giving you access to a completely new roulette experience – one that you haven't tried before. The rules of this game plus its development have been overseen by Evo Gaming, the best live casino game developer on the planet. It’s of no surprise that the games made by this company are so successful, considering how unique they are and how quality the dealers (and hosts!) seem to be, as well as the friendly reception that they give to every new player that joins Evo Gaming rooms. It’s of no surprise that many online casinos host Evo Gaming titles, and that’s why you can find Lightning Roulette in many of the world’s best online casinos. Don’t worry, though, we’re going to tell you which of the best casinos on Earth host this fantastic game, so you can jump straight into the action once you’re done reading this article!

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What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is a unique variation of regular roulette in which you have the chance to participate in some Lucky Number draws, which could earn you even more money in a single spin. Basically, it’s a sort of roulette game with extra bonuses that can turn out to be extremely profitable, but you’ll also need more luck than in the original game if you wish to get the best rewards out of it. Before we dive into the gameplay of the game, though, let’s first take a look at the amazing interface of Lightning Roulette. Honestly, it gets you hyped for the game even before the roulette spins, and that’s one of the main features that make Evo Gaming titles so popular among gamblers. You just know that they’re going to be really fun to play and they’ll get you excited even before they start. This is especially impressive considering that the game is completely live, which means that most of the things that you’re seeing are actually there and not put there by a computer program. The game’s innovations have made it worthy of countless awards, and it currently stands as one of the best online live dealer games that the industry has to offer. Many online casinos are looking to incorporate this fantastic title to their game libraries, and hundreds of new players are trying it out on a daily basis – and getting hooked to it!

Game Features

In general, those of you who already know how to play traditional roulette will be able to get the hang of Lightning Roulette rather quickly. The game’s basic rules are all very similar and the whole area will make you feel as if you were in a familiar environment. These are the things you can expect to find in this fantastic casino game:

The Best Roulette Features Are All There

Sure, the game might be called “Lightning Roulette”, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find all of the features that make a roulette game great. The first time you open up the game, you will notice how it looks rather similar to a traditional live dealer roulette room, but with a few variants that make the whole scene look far more electrifying and innovative. It feels like an improved version of the classic roulette rooms of Evo Gaming. The game will work just like any other roulette game, but it has one crucial variant: when lightning strikes, you can get ready to expect some of the best rewards that you’ll ever see in any online live dealer game.

Lucky Payouts and Lightning Strikes

The magic of Lightning Roulette is winning lucky payouts and getting your numbers struck down by lightning. Of course, the lightning only strikes once the roulette is already spinning, but should it strike one of the numbers upon which you’ve placed a bet, you’ll be in for a world of amazing rewards. When the lightning strikes, the payout that it usually gives will be multiplied by 50 to 400 times the amount that you would otherwise earn. Let’s paint a better picture with an example. Imagine that you bet €1 on number 26. Now, the roulette has been set to spin. If the lightning strikes and the number 26 gets picked with a multiplier of x400, you will be praying for it to land now more than ever. The usual x30 that you’d get would be multiplied by an extra 400, which means that you could get hundreds out of a single euro bet. As you might’ve noticed if you’re a keen reader, there’s one more difference between this roulette and classic roulette; every singe non-multiplied win pays 30 times the amount of your bet and not 35. However, everything else is pretty much the same.

High Betting Limits

Even though the game isn’t a high-roller game per se, Lightning Roulette does permit players to bet a ton of money per spin. Up to €500 can be bet on every single round, which means you can spend thousands in the game in a matter of minutes if that’s what you wish. Get lucky on one €500 bet and you could earn absurd sums of cash in a single spin, with the biggest multipliers being worth over 400 times the amount of your bet. Imagine playing with €500 and walking away with €200,000! Such lucrative rewards are possible to be earned in the Lightning Roulette game but remember – the higher the risk, the higher the rewards. You’re very prone to losing money if you don’t take a smart approach to the game!

Infinite Player Limit

One of the best aspects of this variation of roulette, unlike others, is that there really doesn’t seem to be a limit as to how many concurrent players can play at the same time. This makes it particularly good for online casinos as well as for the players. It means the game can be found in more online casinos without it compromising the quality of gameplay and that players won’t have to queue up to play. This is one of the reasons we think this game is worth checking out. If you’ve played live dealer games before, you know how real is the struggle of not being able to get into your favorite room or table!

Are there Bonuses for Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is magical and filled with amazing bonuses, but all of the bonuses that you can expect to claim from this game are all in-game bonuses. There are no online casinos that hold a good reputation and offer the chance for you to play Lightning Roulette with fake money. In fact, Live Dealer games, in general, are not usually allowed to be played with bonus cash. However, don’t let that discourage you – the in-game bonuses of this amazing game are more than enough to keep you hooked to it and hope that the lightning strikes the right number for you to earn yourself a small fortune in a single spin. The fact that this game is still roulette keeps the volatility of this game quite low, and the RTP of the game balanced at just over 97%. One lucky round could change your life, though, so be sure to play this game in one of the online casinos that we’re about to tell you.

The Best Casinos to Play Lightning Roulette

You seem to be all but ready and eager to play the fantastic Lightning Roulette game. That’s good! However, before you move along, we’ve compiled a list of the three best online casinos in which you’ll be able to pray to the god of thunder for the luck you’ll need. Thankfully, given that the game is developed by Evo Gaming, some of the best online casinos in the world have access to this title and are able to host it in their respective live dealer sections. All of the casinos that we’re about to mention are partnered with Evo Gaming and, therefore, licensed by some of the world’s most respected gambling authorities. Lightning Roulette is played equally in all of these online casinos. In order to help you get a better idea of which one is the best for you, we’re also including some of the casino bonuses that you’ll find to help you make a clear decision as to which online casino sounds more lucrative. Choose wisely, bet smart, and win huge rewards in one of the best live dealer games on the planet!

Wildz Casino

Let’s start things off by introducing you to one of the hottest online casinos in the last few years: the Wildz Casino. This fantastic website is currently offering players the chance to enjoy Lightning Roulette, but not before having cashed out one of the most lucrative welcome bonuses on the online casino industry. The fantastic Wildz Casino is ready to take you on a wild ride with a €500 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins to go alongside it. Use the bonus and the money that you’re given to win even more rewards in the form of cash, and then use the cash in Lightning Roulette! This website also comes with hundreds upon hundreds of casino titles that you can enjoy once you’re done with the Lightning Roulette. As if that wasn’t enough to lure you in, there’s also the Wildz Game browser ready for you to use it and find all of your favorite games without a single struggle at all. Wildz might as well be the best website among the “newbies” in our site, and we’re sure that you’re going to love its bonuses as much as we did.

Play at Wildz Casino

N1 Casino

The N1 Casino might not be the biggest website around, but you would be making a terrible mistake if you were to underestimate it. This online casino is known mainly because of its fantastic live dealer section, where you’ll find some of the world’s best online live dealer games. Live Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular ones played on this site, but it’s just one of many that it has in store for you. If you’re looking for a site in which you can stay for the long haul, then we truly recommend you give this one a try. The N1 Casino has hundreds of games, and since they know you will be wanting to play many of them at the same time, you can use their multi-play feature to try out up to four games at once – all on the same screen and all being played with real money! Don’t get started too quickly and jump into Lightning Roulette before first claiming the fantastic bonuses available for every new player that joins the site. You can get a staggering €300 plus 120 free spins to enjoy on the site by taking full advantage of the N1 Casino welcome bonus. Make a profit, earn some extra cash, and then play the amazing Lightning Roulette or any of the other live dealer games available here. In terms of quality, you won’t find many casinos that come close to N1.

Play at N1 Casino

Videoslots Casino

If you’re a fan of online slots, then you know about the Videoslots casino already. However, it is a common misconception to think that this massive site only has access to the best online slots in the industry. Well, they do have them there, but with a selection of more than 4,000 casino games, you would expect this site to offer something other than slots. The live dealer section of the Videoslots Casino is actually quite big. There are plenty of amazing games developed by Evo Gaming, all available to be played from the get-go as soon as you finish up your registration process. You guessed it – you’ll be able to find the fantastic Lightning Roulette game right at this site. The Videoslots casino also gives you up to €200 in free money upon registering and making your first deposit, thanks to the Videoslots welcome bonus. If you’re keen to claim bonus cash and use it to play in some of the world’s best games, then this site is sure to please your needs. Try out the online slots that they have in their gallery and check out the live dealer games whenever you want. One thing’s for sure – there’s no way for you to get bored when gambling inside the virtual halls of the massive Videoslots casino. Rewards are aplenty and many prizes await those who dare visit this site and put their money on the line!

Play at Videoslots Casino

Hundreds of Euros to be Won in Lightning Roulette – Join the Action Today!

This fantastic game comes with an amazing twist, but will you be able to get the best out of it, or will the game get the best out of you? We trust that Lightning Roulette is going to be filled with nothing but amazing rewards and bonus cash to be won – you just have to play using your head as well as your instincts. Know that you know which are the best online casinos in which you can play Lightning Roulette, you might want to head straight into the action and enjoy this amazing live dealer title. Any of the casinos that we mentioned above will guarantee you the chance to try some of the best bonuses out there, but not many of them can be used directly in Lightning Roulette. You can use your own cash to play the game or fulfill the wagering requirements of any of those bonuses to play Lightning Roulette for free. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do – rewards await those who are brave enough to take them. Will you be one of the winners, or will you crumble under the pressure? Find out by playing Lightning Roulette in the best online casinos right now!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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