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We’ve been fans of the mBit Casino for a long time, as it managed to tick all of the boxes of things that we look for in an online casino. The site managed to rank as one of the best online casinos on the planet, which is quite a great feat to achieve by an online casino that doesn’t accept any payment method other than cryptocurrencies. 

mbitcasino weekly btc bonus

The large selection of features that the mBit Casino has managed to pack for all of us is just one of the reasons why this online casino stands out as one of the best in the world.

With the addition of the Midweek Madness bonus, the site has just grown to become an even better digital establishment for beginner iGamers and veterans alike thanks to players being able to win up to 1BTC every week. Here, we’ll review the Midweek Madness bonus to explore what makes this offer such a great one to claim!

What is the mBit Midweek Madness?

The Midweek Madness is a special offer that you can claim every Wednesday and Thursday, which comes packed with various mBTC rewards to be claimed every week. The mBTCs are subjected to some wagering requirements and terms, but you can obtain them by depositing different sums of cash at this fantastic online casino. With this fantastic promo, you will be able to claim the following bonuses:

  • 10% Bonus for 0.5 mBTC
  • 20% Bonus for 2.5 mBTC
  • 30% Bonus for 5 mBTC

You can claim them all, but only once a week! Oh, and you can also claim them on their crypto equivalents if you don't play with BTC on the site.

When to Claim the Bonus

The mBit Midweek Madness is an ongoing promotion at the mBit Casino, but you can only claim the promo once per week. Every Wednesday and Thursday, between Wednesday 00:00 GMT to Thursday 23:59 GMT, you will be able to claim any of these bonuses by making a new deposit in your online casino account. However, if you wish to be eligible to claim this bonus, you must have made at least 3 deposits in your account (which would represent claiming the first three deposit bonuses that the website has to offer). You can only claim the reloads three times in total, so be aware of that before you go on a spending spree!

The Midweek Madness Terms and Conditions

The Midweek Madness bonus is mainly subjected to the site’s regular terms and conditions. However, there are a few terms that are exclusive to this offer. We’re listing them here for your convenience, but you can find the full list at the mBit Casino website:

  • Bonuses can only be claimed within the aforementioned timeframe
  • Other promotions running at the same time as this one will have priority when making a deposit. You need to get in touch with the staff of the casino if you wish to claim this one instead
  • The bonuses are added automatically when making a deposit within the given timeframe
  • The minimum amount for the bonuses is, respectively: 0.002, 0.005, and 0.010 BTC. The maximum sum of money you can deposit is 1 full BTC.

More mBit Bonuses? Wish Granted!

This bonus is one of the most lucrative ones that the site presents to us, but it’s not even the best mBit bonus out of them all. You can also check out the mBit welcome bonus package if you wish to claim up to 5 BTC in free rewards plus 300 free spins to be spent in your favorite online casino slots.

That’s not all, though. Every new player is also entitled to receive up to 50 free spins by simply registering a new account on the site and verifying their personal information. It has never been easier to claim new bonuses and promotions at mBit – and the site comes packed with features that even the biggest of noobs will be able to enjoy and appreciate.

Rewards Bonanza at Your Fingertips

Some of the best rewards in the world are all there for the taking – and they await at the mBit Casino. If you’re a fan of online slots, then you’ll want to claim the Midweek Madness bonus as soon as you can. If you want to play other games on the site, then you’ll want to claim some of mBit’s other lucrative bonuses anyway.

Options are endless when you visit one of the best casinos in the world. Be sure to check out the casino and enjoy the best rewards in the world of cryptocurrency gambling before they go away – nothing is forever in this world, and lucrative promotions are quick to go away. Take full advantage of them - claim the bonuses now!

Last updated  August 22, 2022
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