Top 10 Online Casino Slots to Play in 2021 – Make Money Quickly with These Fun Online Slot Games

Top 10 Online Casino Slots to Play in 2021

Slot games are probably the most popular types of casino games in the world. In fact, they’re probably the first things that come to mind when you think of casino games. Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack are up there in the list as well, but slots will always be an important part of casinos and the most loved type of game to play by many users around the world.

As such, with the appearance and sudden rise in popularity of the online gambling scene, slots also take a crucial role in internet gambling. Online casinos have adopted the traditional slot machines and incorporated them into their services, with some online enterprises offering hundreds of online slots for all users to enjoy. How do these online slots work and what makes them so popular? In this article, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about online slots and answer some questions that you may have, like what are casino slots and how do paylines work. Most importantly, we’ll tell you all about the best online slots to play in 2021!

You can also check out the best online slots to play based on RTP. These games ensure return rates of up to 99.50%!

1. Gonzo’s Quest - 96% RTP

Gonzo’s Quest puts side by side with Gonzo, an adventurer who has set out to find the lost city of El Dorado. Alongside him, you’ll be hunting the treasures that are said to be lying in this rich city. The theme of the game evokes the ancient air of colonial America, and you’ll be reminiscing the good old days of hearing this story back when you were just a kid. 

There’s some peculiar appeal to this game, as the slots aren’t really reels per se. You get presented with a bunch of Aztec-looking stones, with each of them having specific symbols (representing different prices, of course).

Gonzo’s Quest is a 5-reel video slot game that has awesome graphics and a super fun interface, which makes it one of the most popular slots to play in 2021 according to many experienced users. You can expect this game to have an RTP of 96% in most online casinos, which puts it just on the average of the industry and makes this game as profitable as the majority of NetEnt slots.

Don't go to play it just yet, though! There's also a new game that has released, called Gonzo's Quest Megaways, which combines the magic of the traditional Gonzo's Quest game with the features of Megaways thanks to Red Tiger Gaming's licensing and the fact that the company was purchased by NetEnt.

You can find Gonzo's Quest, as well as the Gonzo's Quest Megaways slot, at the best NetEnt casinos in the world. It's up to you to decide which online casino to visit and enjoy the best casino bonuses to play Gonzo's Quest for free! Free spins await players living anywhere in the world.

Special Bonuses

Gonzo’s Quest aims to bring you straight to the search for El Dorado, which is said to be filled with treasure and riches. To honor this, the game has a lot of bonuses for you to earn as you play. There’s a special free fall bonus, which increases your earnings and chances to get more winnings in a single spin. You could even get a progressive multiplier, depending on what you get!

The Gonzo's Quest Megaways slot is also available in some of the world's best online casinos, where you'll be able to play it and get nothing but the finest of casino rewards on the internet. 

2. Starburst - 96.01% RTP

There’s a reason why Starburst is such a popular online casino game. The slots offer you the chance to earn an amount of over €50,000, and there are a ton of free spins that you could win if you manage to earn the wild symbols that appear on the three middle reels of the game. It’s a very entertaining game that thousands of users enjoy on a daily basis. 

When you get one of the bonus stars that show up on the main columns, you get a free spin that could net you combos worth hundreds of euros at once. The theme of the game itself looks very peculiar and differs from most of what you see in online casino slots.

The game reminisces of the old arcade games that you probably played as a kid. The theme brings you back to the old videogames of the early ‘90s where jewels seemed to be everywhere, but the graphics seem updated to fit the modern industry standards.

If you like to play slot games with a soundtrack, this is probably the best one for you. The game has very cool sounds that almost any player should enjoy. The game is also playable without the sounds, but it feels like the whole atmosphere is lost if you choose to silence it.

With an RTP of 96.1%, this basic casino game is extremely easy to understand and even easier for you to win rewards while playing it. It has to be said, though, that Starburst's simplistic system of just 10 paylines might not be the most entertaining for veteran players. However, we do know of many veterans who still play Starburst consistently.

This online slot has rewarded people from all over the world, and you could be one of the lucky ones to earn a large sum of cash while spinning the Starburst reels.

Released in 2012, Starburst is an extremely popular online casino slot that has remained relevant for almost a decade. You can expect this game to stay at the top of the online casino slot industry for years to come!

Awesome Rewards

We’ve seen players who have earned over 200 times what they originally bet on many occasions thanks to the progressive active rewards of Starburst. As such, you can easily multiply your earnings if you manage to land the Starburst Wilds, which expands the reels and gives you a free spin.

The best thing about the game is that if you manage to land three wilds in a row, you’ll be entering the chance to get more than €50,000 in your third free spin. What’s not to love about this classic of the online casino industry? Play Starburst

3. Holmes and the Stolen Stones - 96.8% RTP

Holmes and the Stolen Stones has quickly become the most popular game from developer Yggdrasil. The game has a total of 5 progressive jackpots (which means you could earn a metric ton of cash if you’re lucky enough). This fantastic title comes with an RTP of 96.8%, making its lucrative potential even bigger than the one you get with Starburst and even Gonzo's Quest. 

Yggdrasil has some hidden gems out there, and Holmes Quest stands as one of the best games to play in 2021 if you're looking to try your luck and earn a large sum of cash while playing slots.

The theme of the game is exactly what its name suggests: a classic Sherlock Holmes search for the stolen stones. These stones actually appear in-game, and they represent the jackpots that you could earn should you be lucky enough to find them.

The developer of this game has been widely regarded as one of the best online casino game developers when it comes to the visual appeal of their games, and the drawings, symbols, and overall theme of Holmes and the Stolen Stones makes this game one of the best that we’ve tried so far.

There are some cool keyhole symbols spread through the reels, which will net you 10,000 coins if you manage to get 5 of them in one of your paylines (that’s a ton of money, regardless of your coin value!).

Finding the Stolen Stones

If you manage to earn the bonuses, you’ll be taken to a special screen that has a lot of boxes scattered throughout it. You can’t see what’s inside the boxes until you open them, though! If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to collect the shards of the Stolen Stones. The stones will eventually allow you to trigger a massive bonus and earn one of the game’s jackpots.

You could also get other cool prizes in the boxes, such as additional money to add to your wallet. The game surely rewards constant players and encourages you to stay loyal to Holmes’ search, as his success will also mean a bigger reward for yourself!

You can find this fantastic casino game at the best Yggdrasil casinos in the world. This game is just one of the many fantastic and lucrative titles that Yggdrasil has produced!

4. Astro Babes - 95.06% RTP

We fully recommend this game for people who love space-themed things as well as slot machines. You can play this online casino game in any of your mobile devices, thanks to the full compatibility made by developer Playtech (which means that you can play this title at the best Playtech casinos in the world).

Every bonus, reel line, and symbol are directly related to space, and most importantly, it’s a representation of most sci-fi things that you’ve seen in movies or series before. This fantastic game has one simple problem: it has a relatively small

RTP of just 95.06%, which puts it below the average for a popular online slot. The world's best online slots have an RTP of 96% or higher, which gives players a fair chance to beat the odds and walk away with a profit.

Even though the low RTP can make the game a bit inconvenient for some people, you can rest assured that hundreds of players have still walked away with a profit after playing Astro Babes. Besides, even if you lose, the game's graphics will keep you on a good mood and ready for your next big win. Astro Babes offers you the chance to earn 5,000 times the amount of money that you bet, even on free spins, if you’re lucky enough to get the best out of the jackpot. It’s a versatile game, which shares the visual appeal of some of the online industry’s finest titles.

This game has a unique design feature that it’s widely regarded as uncommon in the slot industry. The art that you see in the reels is incredibly unique. Large images make up for most of the space in the reels, meaning that the Astro Babes that you see when spinning the wheel are actually part of various lines at once.

The design of the game makes you want to keep earning those bonuses, as it has over 100 paylines for you to choose from. If you’re confident, you could place a bet of up to €500 per roll – but be ready! You might end up winning a ton of money if the Astro Babes show up in the correct order!

Wild Reels

The wild symbols are one of the game’s biggest features. If you manage to land 5 wild reels during one spin, you’ll be making 5,000 times the amount of money that you originally bet. That could mean a disgustingly large amount of money for you in a single roll! You’d need to be incredibly lucky, of course, but if you’re feeling it, give Astro Babes a chance.

Play Astro Babes

5. Golden Legend - 96.80% RTP

Golden Legend is a Chinese-themed game, which looks to evoke the golden days of the glorious Chinese era by offering players the chance to win a ton of money in rewards. Unlike other games, Golden Legends isn’t about the amount of wild symbols that you get on the screen at the same time. The game packs an RTP of 96.80%, one of the biggest RTP percentages on this list and one of the best that you'll find at any of the world's best online casino slots.

Instead, Golden Legends offers the chance for players to earn up to 20 free spins in a single play, allowing you to collect a tremendous amount of money without spending an extra dime on additional spins. Even so, there are wild symbols scattered through the reels which will help you make additional money.

Although the game itself looks very simplistic in terms of the features that it offers, it’s super fun to play and you will not struggle to grasp the basic concepts out of it anytime soon. In fact, you’ll be able to get the best out of this game even if you haven’t played slots games before. However, this is a 5-reel slot game, so you’d be better off learning the basics before getting started.

You have plenty of chances to win big, with some users having won up to 10,000 times their original wager in a single spin. As with most of the other games, you need to be quite lucky to get it, but it’s not as uncommon as it is in other popular slots.

Winning Big in Golden Legend

What makes Golden Legend so good is that most of its bonuses can be stacked over and over, which means that a chain of lucky wins will net you a large amount of cash. Look out for the Golden Dragon symbol as you play, as well as for the coins mimicking the currency used in the China of yore – this will give you the largest bonuses available on the game!

You can check out the best Play N' Go Casinos in the world if you'd like to play Golden Legend right now, or you can head straight to our recommended casino by clicking the button below. What you do is up to you! Play Golden Legend

6. Guns N' Roses Slots - 96.98% RTP

NetEnt is regarded by many players as the best online casino game developer, and their reputation has only grown since the release of the Guns N Roses slot game. If you’re a fan of rock music, this slot game is probably the best one for you. The theme of the game is great and beautifully designed, all themed in honor of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. 

Thus, the Guns N Roses slots have become incredibly popular thanks to its availability to be played from the comfort of your own home. There are many bonuses that you can find on the game, which are easily obtainable by playing even simple one-liners, but the biggest appeal of the game is both the music and the art – the theme both features create is simply incredible.

This game is not all about music and one of the best rock bands in history, though. The Guns N' Roses slot brings a 96.98% RTP percentage to the table, which means that the house edge is just over 3% in this fantastic game. No wonder why so many people walk away with a profit after playing it!

Netting any winning payline means that the crowd on the background goes wild for your profits, and you can see everyone cheering whenever you manage to win some coins. The symbols on the board are fully interactive and the transitions between the regular symbols and the ones you get when you win are nothing short of incredible.

You can even choose which Guns N’ Roses songs you want to listen while playing, as the game comes with an integrated playlist that you can access at any given time.

Random Wild

Get ready to cheer for the Guns N’ Roses symbol, as whenever it pops up (an occurrence that happens at random) you’ll be getting a full reel of wild symbols to expand your winnings as much as possible.

The amount of random, profitable events that you get in this slot game is almost as great as the legendary rock band, but the best thing you’ll get from this popular spinning game is the quality rock music and the well-presented theme.

Play Guns N' Roses


7. Wild North - 96.65% RTP

Wild North is a nature-themed game which can be accessed from almost every type of device. Smartphones, computers, tablets, and every type of popular device can be used to play this cool-looking slot game. It doesn’t offer as many paylines as other games, with just 40 in total, but they’re easier to win than in other games we’ve reviewed in this list.