The NBA has allowed the most talented players of all time to earn a fortune. As time goes by, the contracts that NBA teams give to their stars also become much better and higher paid, so it’s only natural that players earn more money as time goes by and the league grows bigger.

We have decided to make a list of the richest NBA players of all time in which you’ll see how some of them are still active thanks to the exact phenomenon that we’ve just mentioned. In any case, this list will serve to let you know just how much cash the NBA generated and, at the end of the article, we’ll also tell you where to bet on any NBA game that you want.

10. Kevin Durant – $170 Million

Kevin Durant is another all-time great that hasn’t had as much of an impact in the sport because of the presence of LeBron James. One could say that players like Durant and Harden would’ve probably lived a different life if they hadn’t played at the same time with one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

In any case, Durant’s career is still a very successful one that has seen him win two rings with his team. He currently plays with the Nets and has amassed a fortune worth $170 million.

9. Grant Hill – $180 Million

Currently the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Grant Hill is one of the most influential basketball players of the last 20 years. He was called up to the All-Stars team a total of 7 times and played for 19 years in the league before retiring in 2013.

8. Hakeem Olajuwon – $200 Million

Olajuwon was a name that you might’ve expected to see on this list. He is an NBA hall-of-famer and won two finals, in both of which he was the MVP. Much lie Robinson, his net worth is of $200 million, making him the 8th richest player in the NBA history.

7. David Robinson – $200 Million

David Robinson amassed a fortune of $200 million during a playing career in which he won the NBA finals twice. He is remembered very fondly by the San Antonio Spurs faithful, the team where he won both of his titles!

6. Shaquille O’Neal – $400 Million

Shaq played for a couple of seasons with Michael Jordan himself – and his talents back then were already quite clearly different than the average players. Shaq has become an even more influential figure after his retirement, growing to become one of the most popular commentators of the sport and even featuring in the 2k games.

He was one of the most difficult players to get pass through in the NBA, mainly because of his sheer size. He won four finals, in which he was the MVP in 3. One of the greatest players of his generation without a doubt, he now has a fortune worth $400 million.

5. LeBron James – $480 Million

As of the time of writing this article, LeBron James just managed to lift one more championship in a staggering partnership with Anthony Davis, but with LeBron being, once again, the main man for his team as the Lakers lifted yet another championship title for their cabinet.

LeBron is touted as the second-best player to ever play in the NBA, just behind Michael Jordan, even though some experts argue that he’s even more gifted than Michael Jordan himself. There’s a reason why he demanded respect after leading the Lakers to another title!

LeBron’s legacy is as massive as his fortune, which stands at $480 million. He’s one of the richest players to ever play in the NBA.

4. Kobe Bryant – $500 Million

Kobe’s fortune could’ve grown much larger if it wasn’t for his tragic death in early 2020, an event that seemed to kickstart a chaotic year. As one of the best players of all time, and one that Michael Jordan recognized almost as soon as he saw him playing during the early days of his career, Kobe managed to amass a large fortune whilst playing for the LA Lakers.

Kobe won 5 NBA championships and was part of the All-Star team on 18 occasions. His consistency and his level of play were outstanding and, even though he’s now gone from this Earth, his legacy will always e remembered as one of the most legendary ones in NBA history.

3. Magic Johnson – $600 Million

Magic Johnson, the LA Lakers legend and one of the best basketball players of all time, has amassed a massive fortune that currently has him tied with Junior Bridgeman as the richest-ever NBA players.

Magic Johnson won the gold medal in the Olympics with that all-star team that the US fielded in the 90s, which also included legends Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Larry Bird. He also won 3 MVPs in the NBA finals, all of which he won, and where he also won an additional two finals where he wasn’t MVP.

There’s a reason we all know him as “Magic” – he’s one of the greatest players of all time and his success after retiring just makes his legacy a much bigger one.

2. Junior Bridgeman – $600 Million

We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t remember much of Bridgeman’s career. In fact, he didn’t’ even spend too much time in the NBA as he retired after just 12 years as a player. Most of his career was spent at the Bucks, though, and he did see some success on the pitch.

However, once he retired, he became a true magnate of the financial world and made some very smart investments that allowed him to grow a massive fortune of over half a billion dollars, which currently has him just behind Michael Jordan in terms of the size of their fortune.

1. Michael Jordan – $2.1 Billion

Michael Jordan had to be on this list – and there wasn’t any way in which he wouldn’t have made it to the first spot. Not only is he the most recognizable name in basketball history, but he’s also one of the athletes that pushed forward the idea of creating a brand after an athlete’s name. The Jordan brand has even ventured into football with its partnership with PSG and it is a source of millions upon millions of dollars per year.

Michael Jordan was a 14-time All-Star player and the best player in the NBA’s history (even though many would argue that LeBron is up there, too). He managed to win the NBA finals three times in a row in two different occasions, having even left the sport for a couple of seasons to play baseball.

He’s now a very successful businessman and his name still remains atop of most lists that talk about the richest players in any sport.

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