Over the last few decades, gambling has (fortunately) managed to stay up to date with technology’s advances and has successfully changed with the times, and improving constantly always trying to offer new, more comfortable ways to connect with players. Online casinos were born out of this very own desire, and nowadays, the online gambling industry is a thriving one.

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Many factor play into why online casinos are now even more successful to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Convenience, for one, is absolutely an attractive incentive when choosing what gambling format better suits your needs. A lot of people would rather play from the comfort of their own bed than having to deal with crowded spaces or driving an ungodly amount of miles.

If we were to discuss all the possible reasons for the continued popularity and success of the online gambling industry, this article would go on for quite literally forever. Instead, today we’d like to spotlight a component that online casinos have introduced into their repertoires that traditional gambling locales just can’t compete with: welcome or sign-up bonuses.

What are welcome bonuses?

A casino is a business, and while making money is still their main purpose, they also have a fervent desire to expand their player base. Welcome bonuses are, in layman’s terms, incentives offered by online casinos when making your first deposit with them.

The most prolific of these bonuses consists of matching the very same amount of said first deposit, giving you a larger pool of money to get acquainted with their games. These types of bonuses can also be divided between cashable and non-cashable welcome bonuses, depending on whether the original amount provided by the casino can be kept after successfully meeting their wagering requirements or not. Some other bonuses also include the possibility of free spins for slot machines or other freebies of the like.

Making the best out of welcome bonuses

Logically speaking, a smart way of making use of these sign-up bonuses is to try out many different kinds of online casinos, from all over the internet. The idea here is not to choose arbitrarily and go wild without a care in the world, only worrying about getting your welcome bonus. Researching the welcome bonuses offered by online casinos you had already shown some interest in using could help you find out if they are actually the right fit for you and your money. Maybe you’ve seen news of a new online casino and the bonuses they offer catches your eye and helps you make a more informed choice.
Remember to also research if any offered bonus you’d like to try out allows you to make a quick and easy withdrawal after winning some money. If you find out that this is not the case, you could always reconsider taking them if they make you nervous in any way, as more inexperienced players could find themselves with a wager requirement too large for them to handle. As always, the devil is in the details, and doing your research could save you from some future pain.

You can use these bonuses as an opportunity to get familiar with new sites, avail yourself to their generous bonuses and consider whether they are good for you and you’d like to return to playing there. Using the myriad of online resources available to you, such as any of the lists compiling all sorts of sign-up bonuses, can help you explore all possibilities an assist you in your decision-making.


With gambling there’s no such thing as an absolute guarantee. Luck will still, for better or worse, play a considerable part in taking advantage of these sign-up bonuses. Try to assess your level of tolerance for what an acceptable wager requirement means to you, and remember to always try to go in as informed as you can be.


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