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Unique Casino (No) Deposit Bonus

Unique Casino
Free Cash No Deposit bonus
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 150xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 150xb
Unique Casino
Free Spins No Deposit bonus
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 150xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 150xb
Unique Casino
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 40xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 40xb

The Unique Casino might not be the number one site that you’ll think of when you go on a search for the best casino bonuses in the world, but one thing’s for sure – this website comes packed with a handful of extremely useful bonuses that will spice things up for players of all preferences.

unique casino welcome bonus

From the world’s most prominent high rollers to players with a taste for placing traditional small bets the Unique Casino certainly has a bonus for all to enjoy.

What’s even better about the Unique Casino is that it comes with bonuses that are exclusive to this casino, such as the Bonus Wheel. All in all, the Unique website does offer a good selection of bonuses that will keep you hooked to the site, but let’s take a closer look at them and see what you can expect to find at the Unique Casino.

Unique Casino Bonuses – Quick Overview

1. Welcome Bonus - ACTIVE

Apart from getting a fantastic €200 bonus on your first deposit, you will also get up to 20 free spins to enjoy in one of the best slots that the site has to offer.

2. Weekly Bonus Wheel Spin - ACTIVE

Once a week, the Unique Casino allows you to spin its exclusive bonus wheel to unlock an exclusive reward for your account. How great of a bonus will you be able to unlock?

3. €100 Cashback - ACTIVE

Get a daily cashback of up to €100! It’s tied to the membership status that you hold on the page, though. If you’re an active member, you’ll have access to the best cashback bonuses of the casino.

4. Bonus on Every Deposit - ACTIVE

Get a reward, even if it's random, with every deposit that you make at the Unique Casino. Prizes vary, so keep depositing and keep winning!

Bonuses At Unique Casino – How Do They Work?

All bonuses at the Unique Casino work very similarly, which makes them easy to claim and easy to understand after you’ve claimed your first Unique bonus. Most of the bonuses on the site will get activated automatically, provided that you comply with the terms of each offer.

For example, if there’s a bonus that may only be activated on Tuesdays, you must make sure that you make your deposit on that day if you intend to get your hands on that promo.

All deposit bonuses on the site are also subjected to a minimum deposit of €10, which makes them accessible to low rollers, but they also come with high limits as to how much cash you can claim, making them great options for high rollers as well.

Bonus Balance in the Unique Casino

When it comes to claiming bonus money in the Unique Casino, there’s only one thing that you really need to understand. All of your bonus cash will be added to your account as soon as you claim a bonus, but it will remain as “Bonus Balance” until you manage to fulfill the wagering requirements of the offer.

As such, you cannot mix your bonus money with your deposit money nor wager them both at the same time. Thankfully, at the Unique Casino, you can fulfill the wagering requirements of your bonuses using the bonus cash itself. You don’t need to use your real money and wager it in order to receive the bonus money.

The Unique Casino also permits players to make cash withdrawals at any given time. If there’s still some bonus balance left, though, the player would forfeit it upon making a withdrawal of their real money. It’s advisable to keep your money on your casino account until you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements of the bonus cash.

Fair Bonus Rules At Unique Casino

The 30x wagering requirement of this offer only includes the bonus money, which means that the money used to activate the bonus will not count towards the amount of cash you need to wager to fulfill the requirements. Let’s portray this better with an example.

Let’s say that you make a deposit of €50, which entitles you to an extra €50 in free money rewards. That would make your account worth €100, but €50 of that cash would be instantly withdrawable whilst the rest would have to be wagered first. That means that only €50 would be subjected to those wagering requirements of x30. You’d need to wager €1,500 in total.

If you’re looking for fair offers, the ones at the Unique Casino are some of the best that you’ll find. Give them a go!

The Unique Casino Bonus Wheel – Begging To Differ From The Norm

There’s one special bonus at the Unique Casino that we’ve grown to love, and it’s one bonus that truly makes a difference in setting this casino apart from the rest. This bonus, called the “Bonus Wheel”, provides players with the chance to enjoy exclusive rewards when you perform different actions on the casino.

You will get one spin on the Bonus Wheel after completing the registration process, for example. You may also get wheel spins after playing for a certain amount of time at the casino, or by receiving them as part of other promotional rewards.

Spinning the bonus wheel will allow you to obtain more free spins, bonus cash, reload bonuses, and other fantastic rewards!

Bonuses At The Unique Casino

Apart from the Bonus Wheel, the Unique Casino is home to a plethora of fantastic bonuses that will help you obtain some of the finest rewards on the internet. Use them wisely and claim even more money to your name at the Unique Casino website. We’ll overview everything you can expect to find at the casino right here.

Just remember to fulfill the wagering requirements before making any withdrawals – don’t lose the bonus cash!

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses can be claimed very easily at this casino and they are, in fact, the most common type of bonus that you can claim on the site. You will get your first deposit bonus as soon as you create your account, as the welcome bonus of the Unique Casino requires a deposit in order to activate it.

The site allows you to claim deposit bonuses of up to €200 on your initial deposit, but the site is also keen on offering you other deposit bonuses through the year as part of their random rewards system.


The Unique Casino rewards players with the chance to claim daily cashback bonuses, but the amount of money that you can get back will be tied to the amount of money that you’ve wagered, won, and lost in the online casino.

Cashbacks are tied to stricter requirements at the Unique Casino than they are at other online casinos, but the fact that they are much more constant makes up for the lack of leniency. They are also meant to be claimed by VIP players, which means that a higher VIP status will enable you to claim even bigger rewards.


You can get reload bonuses every time that you spin the Bonus Wheel. The percentage of money that you can get from one of these bonuses is tied to the randomness of the wheel, and you still need to make a deposit in order to claim these reload bonuses – even if the Bonus Wheel provides you with them.

You may receive the chance to claim reload bonuses that give you an extra percentage of your own cash on top of some free spins. It all depends on your luck.

Weekly Rewards

The Unique Casino allows every player to spin the Bonus Wheel once a week, regardless of what they’ve done in the casino. You only need to have an active account with a verified phone number and email address, and this will enable you to spin the wheel once a week.

The outcome of the wheel is completely random, which means that the rewards you can get are not tied to a script. You may get the chance to claim lucrative deposit bonuses or you may simply get some free spins to be spent in the best games on the site.

In any case, the weekly rewards of the Unique Casino truly make the site stand out from the rest, which also works to keep players hooked to the Unique Casino services.

Random Bonuses on Every Deposit

Apart from your chance to claim weekly rewards, you will also get one random bonus every time that you make a deposit on your Unique Casino account. There’s a Quick Deposit box that comes up whenever you’re playing any game on the site and clicking it will allow you to quickly recharge your account with money to be spent in any game of the casino.

Whenever you decide to use this option, the Unique Casino will provide you with an extra bonus on top of the amount of money that you’ve decided to commit to your account.

Bear in mind that regular deposits will not qualify for users to receive these random bonuses. You must make the deposits using the Quick Deposit feature in order to claim the rewards.

Unique Casino VIP Program – Rewards Aplenty For The Loyal Member

The Unique Casino has quite a fantastic loyalty program. Part of the benefits that you’ll get from becoming a VIP member of the casino is the chance to claim better cashback bonuses on a daily basis, on top of the ability for you to collect more points which, in turn, can be claimed for extra bonus money to be spent on the site.

The Unique Casino has a world-class VIP program that adapts to the needs of high rollers. It is called the Unique VIP Club, and achieving the latest rank on the casino’s program could entitle you to earn up to €100 in daily cashbacks, higher withdrawal limits, bonuses on your birthday, free spins on every new game released on the site, and a special casino VIP manager!

Last updated  December 16, 2022

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