Videoslots Casino Bonuses


Most of the bonuses available at the Videoslots casino can all be spent on the best slot games on the site, mainly because Videoslots is known to offer players the chance to enjoy the best slots on the planet. They take advantage of this by making most of their promotions shaped around slots, including many fantastic exclusive bonuses that you won’t find anywhere on the internet but on the Videoslots casino.

In most cases, these bonuses work like they do in other popular casinos. Simply log into your account and claim the best rewards that the site has to offer.


There are many bonuses and promotions at the Videoslots casino, so let us make an overview of them all its bonuses as well as the tournaments and other sideways in which you can earn extra cash in this fantastic site.

1. No Deposit Free Spins – ACTIVE

Registering a new account on the Videoslots Casino will instantly give you the chance to claim free spins on it. You don’t need to make a deposit first in order to get them, all you have to do is create your new account on the site and verify it – you’ll be all set by then. The free spins generate real money, which you can then wager on the site as you see fit.

2. Clash of Spins – ACTIVE

This very popular game mod provides every user with the chance to play classic bonus games against other players, looking to get as many points as possible in a set amount of time. Should you manage to do it, the Clash of Spins prize could see your account credited with over 50 free spins to keep you going through the slot games of the site!

3. Battle of the Slots – ACTIVE

Arguably the best game mode of the Videoslots casino, Battle of the Slots puts every player head to head in tournaments that can surpass 50 players in size. Those who make it to the top will be entitled to receive some absolutely fantastic rewards, among which you’ll find free spins and even bonus cash to be spent however you see fit.

4. Deposit Bonus Free Spins – ACTIVE

Your first deposit on the Videoslots casino will entitle you to receive free spins and, unlike what you can find in other sites, the free spins at Videoslots are wager-free on your first deposit. That means that you get to keep the winnings generated by them, regardless of how much that is!

5. The Wheel of Jackpots - ACTIVE

This semi-VIP tournament will allow you to earn real money by spinning the Jackpot Wheel, a chance that you'll get whenever you unlock different on-site achievements.

Casino Bonus Money

The Videoslots casino mainly gives away free spins as part of its rewards program, but you’ll also find the chance to get straight-up bonus cash in various parts of the casino. The welcome bonus of the Videoslots website is a good example of this – you will get a match deposit bonus depending on how much money you pour into your newly-created account.

However, some of the promotions that we mentioned above are also fantastic ways for you to earn bonus cash on the casino.


Most of the money that you get on the Videoslots website is better spent on the countless slot games that the site has to offer. It’s not only that the site has many games that are sure to suit the needs of every player; it’s also that the site makes it so the slots have better stake weights than the rest of the games that they offer.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that the Videoslots casino doesn’t have a fantastic selection of online games available to every player. You will come across some amazing online games, including a fantastic streaming casino section and even all sorts of other games aplenty.

If we were to suggest you one thing, we’d tell you to spend the bonus money on slots as these can offer the best returns for your investment, and then simply use the cash that you make after fulfilling the wagering requirements to play other games that the site has to offer. That’s the best way to make the best out of your cash and also take your chances on risky games with high volatility without having to spend money of your own!

Keep in mind that the Videoslots casino is also a fantastic high roller casino, but those looking for a low roller casino can’t miss these fantastic bonuses. In fact, these bonuses are better suited for those who don’t want to take as many risks but still have the chance to win big!

How to Get Free Spins at Videoslots Casino

Given that this online casino has slots as its main selling point (there are over 3,000 slot games to be played on the site!) you will be able to get free spins in a variety of ways by simply spending some of your time and money on the site. Some of these ways are exclusive bonuses to the Videoslots casino, including special tournaments where you can compete against other players.


The Videoslots casino has opted to oversee most of its bonuses with a similar set of rules, which makes the casino a very good place to spend bonus money without risking the fact of losing it. All of the bonuses have similar rules, so learning the rules of one of them is enough for you to understand them all. Here, we’ve listed the most important bonus terms and conditions for your convenience!

Wagering Requirements

You must only wager the amount of your initial deposit a total of 35 times within two months if you wish to claim the rewards from the casino and pass them to your account. As such, these wagering requirements are not only low, but they also have a very expansive timeframe. You just need to fulfill the requirements within 60 days and you will be able to withdraw all of the money to your account.

Keep in mind that these wagering requirements tend to stay true through all of the bonuses on the casino, with the exception of free spins that aren’t subjected to wagering requirements, of course. In any case, bonus money bonuses all tend to have this requirement unless otherwise stated in the specific terms of the offer.

Another fantastic aspect of this offer is that the bets you can place are far less limiting than they are in other bonuses. For example, you are allowed to place bets of up to 50% of the total amount of money received as a bonus on the site, or an amount that doesn’t surpass the €20. That’s far more than what other casinos allow, as some even restrict you to bet up to €5 and not more.

Deposit Restrictions

When it comes to making a deposit on the Videoslots casino, you must be sure that your account is fully new and no one has made a deposit before using the same IP address that you’re on – be it the IP address of your own home or the IP address of the public location at which you play.

Other than that, you have to be aware that the total amount of money that you can receive from this bonus doesn’t go past its limit, and if you make a deposit higher than the total amount of cash you can get, you will not receive any money from your first deposit.

Additional Bonus Requirements

Bonuses such as the welcome bonus, or other deposit offers that you might be offered from time to time, must be activated by visiting the “My Account” section of your profile and selecting the bonus there before the deposit is made. Failing to do this will result in the bonus not being credited to your account even after completing the necessary requirements.

You can place multiple bets whilst wagering towards the completion of this bonus’ wagering requirements, but your combined bets may not surpass the aforementioned €20 limit whilst the money is in your account.

Any withdrawal of funds will result in the full forfeit of all bonus money from your account. Be sure to only make withdrawals once the wagering requirements of the offer are met or you will risk losing all of the cash that you’ve fought so hard to get!

In any case, withdrawals are allowed to be made whenever you want – the bonus cash (or your own cash) will never be locked to the account unless it’s pending investigation by the Videoslots casino staff. Follow the rules and there’s no reason for that to happen, though!