Gaming Equipment, Betting Layout and Stakes for Roulette Games

Gaming Equipment, Betting Layout and Stakes for Roulette Games

There are many different variants online for the game of roulette. Almost every online casino offers one ore more games of roulette to their clients. But how was the originally played, what was needed to play roulette, what was the betting layout and what do you need to know about the stakes for every game. If you want to know more about the game of roulette, please check our guide on how to play roulette. For this post, let’s start with the roulette wheel.

The Roulette Wheel

There are two basic types of wheel with a different arrangement of numbers. The European wheel has a single 0 and a random arrangement of the numbers. The American wheel has two zeros with the numbers arranged so that consecutive numbers are on opposite sides of the wheel.

For example, number 1 is opposite number 2. French roulette wheels have longer spikes, which allow the direction of the wheel to be to be changed. In American roulette, the wheel spins in one direction only. However, some casinos have introduced the practice of alternating the direction of the wheels to make it more difficult to predict the winning number.

Roulette Betting Layout

The betting layout is printed onto a baize-covered table. Different games use different types of layout. American roulette and English roulette use tables that are about half the size of those used for French roulette.

The colour of each number is also marked on the betting layout on some American roulette layouts. The layouts are usually green but may be other colours that complement the casino’s decor.

Colour or table chips are used to play roulette. Each table will have its own set of colour chips. They can only be used on that particular table. If you look at the chips on a roulette table you will see that there is a design on them. Each table has its own unique design.

If you try to place a bet from a different table, for example using a €1 colour chip on a €5 table, the croupier will notice the different design and the bet will not be accepted.

Roulette Stakes

The stakes for each table will be clearly marked, often with a sign hanging above the table. Each table will have a minimum and a maximum stake. Each type of bet will have a different maximum.

Often the outside bets (even, odd, red, black, high and low) will have a higher minimum stake. For example, the table minimum may be €1, but the outside bets may have a €10 minimum.

The value of the colour chips is the minimum stake for that table. They may have a higher value at the player’s request. For example, you may be playing on a €1 table but wish to make €5 bets.

When you buy your chips you ask for ‘colour at €5’. The dealer will then mark up the colour to €5. A tag will be attached to the sign giving the value of the colour and another tag placed on top of the stacks around the wheel.

French Roulette

French roulette is played in casinos on continental Europe. It is dealt by three dealers. Two of the dealers sit beside the wheel, the other dealer sits at the end of the table. An inspector, called the chef de table, sits at the wheel end of the table. The table is roughly the size of a billiard table. The dealers take turns to spin the ball. The game is relaxed and slow paced.

The dealers use a long stick called a rake to move the chips. Due to the size of the table the players cannot reach all the numbers and rely on thedealers to place their bets. The betting layout has a different arrangement of the outside bets from American roulette. The European wheel with one 0 and a haphazard arrangement of the numbers is used.

American roulette

American roulette is played at a fast pace with approximately one spin a minute. It is played on a table about the size of a pool table. The American wheel with two zeros is used. The wheel is located at one end of the table and is operated by a dealer who stands next to it. Bets are made with coloured chips.

Each player is allocated his own colour. These colour chips can only be used on the table from which they were bought. The value of the colour chips is the table minimum. At the player’s request they can be allocated a higher value. On one side of the layout there is a double line between the outside bets and the numbers. This double line denotes where street and double-street bets should be placed.

Left- and right-handed tables

In all casinos there are left- and right-handed tables. On some tables, the wheel is to the left of the layout; on others to the right. On left-handed tables, the dealer spins the ball with his left hand and on right-handed tables, it is spun with his right hand. Care needs to be taken when placing bets on these tables as the position of the first and third columns is different.

This is not a problem when you can see the numbers but if the game is busy, you can end up putting your chip on the wrong number. If you are not sure where a particular number is ask the dealer to point it out.

English Roulette

English roulette is played in the same manner as American roulette. It is played on a table roughly the same size as an American roulette table. The continental wheel with one 0 is used. The betting layout is similar to that used for American roulette except that there is only one 0. Some betting layouts also incorporate an oval-shaped representation of the wheel for the placing of neighbour bets.

These bets are placed by the dealer at the player’s request. Occasionally betting layouts are used that have additional boxes for quatro bets.

Rapid Roulette

This uses a traditional roulette wheel and a computerized betting layout. It is a much faster game than traditional versions of roulette. One of the advantages is that players no longer have to battle to place their bets. Each player has his own computer terminal. The terminals are arranged around a roulette wheel. To start playing, onscreen chips are bought from the dealer.

To make a bet players touch on a chip and drag it to the correct betting position. A timer indicates how long a player has left to bet. The dealer spins the ball. The winning number is entered into a console and the winning bets are automatically calculated and paid by the computer. To stop playing, the cash-out button is pressed.

The dealer then pays out the number of onscreen chips to the player. The traditional roulette bets can be played. In addition, there are mystery jackpots, progressives, quick picks, quinellas (predicting the first and second numbers) and trifectas (predicting three consecutive numbers).

Betting on Roulette

Roulette offers the player a wide choice of bets. They are bets on either one number or combinations of numbers. In addition, bets can be made on the characteristic of a number, which includes its colour (red or black), whether it is an even or odd number, and whether it is a high or a low number.

In some casinos, it is also possible to bet on sections of the wheel. Other bets, called ‘completes’, allow the maximum stake on all bets associated with a number.

Bets are placed by positioning chips on the layout. Bets may be placed as soon as the dealer gives the instruction ‘place your bets’.

When time has run out for placing bets, the dealer will announce ‘no more bets’. Often players will continue to place bets after the announcement of ‘no more bets’ but if you do this you run the risk of your bet being refused by the dealer who may return it, announcing ‘no bet’.

Bets on the part of the layout marked with the numbers 0 to 36 are called ‘inside bets’. Bets on the characteristic of the number like low, even, red, black, odd and high are called outside bets. Bets placed on the inside bets are stacked on top of one another.
So, for example, if there is already a bet on the number 20, and you also want to place a bet on this number you simply put your chip on top of the other bet.

As there is more room for bets on the dozens, columns and outside bets, it is not necessary to stack bets. Instead, they are placed individually. If there is another player’s bet in the box, you simply place your bet next to it.

It is important to be precise about the placing of bets. A bet on one number, for example, should be placed exactly in the middle of the box marked with that number. If it touches the line of box, it will be assumed that it is a bet on two numbers.

Roulette Bet Values

Bets must be made in multiples of the minimum bet. For example, on a €1 table a bet of €2.50 is not allowed. A bet of either €2 or €3 is acceptable. On a €5 table bets must be in multiples of €5. A €6 or an €11 bet, for example, is not acceptable. On most games this is not a problem as the colour chips are of the correct value for the table.

This only becomes a problem if you are playing with cash chips (the casino’s general currency). Also, if you are betting on the even chances and 0 is spun, your stake will be halved. This means on a €1 table, a 50ct chip is no longer of any use. You can bet it with another 50ct chip to make up the full bet of €1.

Bets must not exceed the maximum bet. If your bet exceeds the maximum, the excess will be returned to you by the dealer.

If, for example, the maximum bet on a number is €200 and you make a bet of €300, the dealer will return €100 to you. If the dealer fails to spot the bet and it is on a winning number, you will have the excess of €100 returned to you and the bet will paid out as a winning bet with a stake of just €200.

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Last updated  May 24, 2022
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