How to Win the Exclusive Videoslots Casino Mega Jackpot?

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The Videoslots Mega Jackpot Awaits!

The Videoslots casino is one of our favorite casinos for slot play on the internet. It’s just the perfect online casino to play slots, and the Mega Jackpot promotion is just a further statement of intent for this casino’s top quality. The Mega Jackpot will allow you to walk away with a ton of cash out of the Videoslots Casino, provided that you’re lucky enough to be able to win it.

Videoslots casino mega jackpot

We’re creating this article to let you know about the Mega Jackpot, but we also want you to know what the rest of the jackpots are all about at the Videoslots casino. This site truly makes it easy for you to receive rewards, and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them.

Spin the Wheel of Jackpots to Have a Shot at the Videoslots’ Major Jackpot!

The way to win any sort of jackpot in the Videoslots casino is by accessing the Wheel of Jackpots. This amazing wheel is packed with amazing rewards and prizes (which are just some of the prizes available at Videoslots - read more about Videoslots bonuses here), as well as with the chance for you to win an amazing bonus every time that you spin the wheel.

There are 9 wheels in total, with each wheel packed with different jackpots. The most lucrative wheels are the ones that allow you to win the Mega Jackpot! Let’s take a deeper dive into this promotion so you can understand it even better.

How to Win Spins for the Wheel of Jackpots & Claim the Mega Jackpot

First things first: how can you spin the Wheel of Jackpots in the Videoslots Casino? It’s actually much easier than you think. All you really need to do is to play in the casino and you will have the chance to earn the spins. There are two main ways in which you can win chances for you to spin the wheel, which are:

Unlocking them Via Achievements

You will be able to win trophies in selected games found in “My Achievements”. Some of these trophies come with casino prizes, and some of these prizes are spins for the Wheel of Jackpots. Naturally, the easiest achievements do not allow you to spin the wheel considering just how lucrative the prizes of the wheel are, but the most complicated achievements do give you such chance.

XP Levels with Exclusive Prizes

At the Videoslots casino, you will be able to level up your account with each bet that you place. Every time that you reach a certain level threshold, you will be able to spin the wheel one time. Keep playing games and making deposits on the casino to earn as many prizes as possible and maximize your chances of hitting that lucrative Mega Jackpot!

Win an XP Level on the Wheel!

Even if you spin the Wheel of Jackpots at a lower level, you will still be able to win the chance to instantly becoming a higher level without having to spend extra cash on the casino. For example, if you spin the wheel at level 1, you may unlock a “Diamond Wheel” prize and instantly get your account to level 500. This will allow you to have a better shot at winning the Mega Jackpot!

Three Mega Jackpots to Win at Videoslots – How Can You Do It?

You will be able to spin the best wheels if you reach the later levels of the casino. There are 6 XP levels and a total of 9 wheels. You will have a better shot of unlocking the best jackpots when playing the moist lucrative wheels, a chance that you will only get if you happen to reach the Gold and Diamond levels of the site.

videoslots casino jackpot mega jackpot

Mega Jackpot

The Mega Jackpot is the most lucrative reward that you can win on the casino’s Wheel of Jackpots, with a value of €2,500 as its minimum prize. It can be won on all wheels, but you have a much better shot of earning it on the latter wheels of the casino (from XP level 100 and onwards)

Major Jackpot

The Major Jackpot is a fantastically profitable prize of €1,250 that can be won on all wheels available on the casino, and stands as one of the best offers in Videoslots.

Mini Jackpot

The Mini Jackpot is not easy to win, but is the easiest to win out of all three main jackpots of the Wheel of Jackpots. It comes with a minimum prize of €250.

Better than the Mega Jackpot? The Extra Bonus Wheels of Videoslots

Besides the three main jackpot wheels that we have openly spoken about in this article, there are also a couple of other wheels that you can have the chance of spinning by completing certain in-site challenges. The Global Wheel, the Blue Wheel, and the Red Wheel provide users with different yet still very attractive rewards.

videoslots mega jackpot leaderboard

What is the Global Wheel at the Videoslots Casino?

Can be unlocked by earning achievements in the following categories: "Activity""Spins & Wins" or "Weekend Booster & Clashes". The Global Wheel gives you access to all sorts of amazing prizes that are equal to players of all levels.

What are the Red and Blue Wheels?

The Red Wheel is a special wheel that gets unlocked once you win all trophies for a single game (you can view that on the “My Achievements” tab). The Blue Wheel can be accessed after earning random achievements on the casino.

Videoslots Mega Jackpot Wheel Terms and Conditions

There are three main bonus terms and conditions that we’d like you to keep your eyes out for if you’re going to play for these jackpots to be won. These are:

Bonus Play

You cannot play the Videoslots Wheel of Jackpots if you have any active bonuses. The Wheel of Jackpots acts as a bonus on its own, and as per the casino’s policies, you cannot have more than one bonus active at the same time.

Money Usage & Wagering Requirements

You need to use the bonus cash on the casino before you can cash it out. Even though the bonuses of the jackpot wheel are yours to keep, you’ll still need to use the money on the casino one time before you can make a withdrawal. Look at it as a 1x wagering requirement.

Jackpot Size

Jackpots grow depending on how much cash is bet on qualifying games. You can win a minimum of €250 with the Mini Jackpot, €1,250 with the Major Jackpot, and €2,500 with the Mega Jackpot. Bets that players lose on certain games will go, in part, to the casino, and in another part to the bonuses of the jackpots. The more people play at the Videoslots casinos, the larger the jackpots will become. It’s as simple as that.

Play at Videoslots and Win the Amazing Mega Jackpot Now!

This incredible online casino is sure to provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment without its bonuses. Add offers like the Mega Jackpots and the bonus wheels and you'll be all set to have the adventure of a lifetime in one of the world's best online casinos.

Add to that the fact that you can also participate in the Grand Battle of the Slots, and Videoslots becomes an even more appealing casino to visit. Don't forget that you can win a portion of more than 10k spins with the Clash of Spins promo as well! What are you waiting for, then? Get going and inject those large jackpots straight into your bank balance!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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