iGaming is one of the fastest-growing industries of the last twenty years. That’s what we always hear and read whenever we look for information in regards to online gambling.


Words and proof are two different things, though. Thus, we have decided to write a full article that will serve as a full compilation of casino statistics, facts, and figures that solidify the idea that online gambling is as huge as it has ever been, and that the industry is all but going to keep growing in the next decade or two.

The world of online gambling is vast and reaches out to almost every corner of the planet. As the years go by, more and more countries are allowing their citizens to partake in online gambling activities of all sorts, which has also led to the creation of thousands of online casinos.

Here, at The Casino Wizard, we’ve reviewed some of the best in the world and we’ve explained to you how you can tell which casinos are legit from which casinos might better be avoided. Now, we take our time to show you the numbers that go behind the world of online gambling and prove why this industry is so big – and why it’s going to get even bigger.

This article includes a vast array of facts and statistics about online gambling as a whole. The order in which we’ve ranked them is irrelevant – the information, on its entirety, is what we’re aiming to show you.

Online Gambling – A General Overview

How Many People Gamble?

Even though it’s almost impossible to tell how many people on Earth actually gamble, various surveys and studies about the world’s most prominent online casinos do show an estimate that could be close to reality. In general, it is thought that around 26% of the world’s population gambles, meaning that there are at least 1.6 billion gamblers on Earth.

The number of gamblers on Earth is not a clear reflection of how many people actually play in online casinos, as there’s a large percentage of users who do not play online and solely focus on playing in land-based casinos. However, the percentage of people who gamble in land-based casinos that are now gambling online is continuing to grow.

Gambling Participation – How Many People Gamble on Earth?

The number of people that gamble is continuing to grow thanks to the reach that the online gambling industry now has. It is estimated that around 5 billion people have gambled at least once in their lives.

How do People Gamble Online?

As the Gambling Portal statistics show, mobile gambling has become one of the biggest sources of gambling in recent years and the pattern is going to continue. According to projections made by the site, it is expected for mobile gambling to become the main source of online gambling in the coming years.

The number of gamblers in the world will continue to grow and new players are going to be far more likely to play using their mobile devices thanks to the fact that new online casinos keep promoting their mobile features and some of them even have mobile apps.

Mobile gaming simplifies the process and allows people to take their gambling with them wherever they go, so it’s only natural for the activity to become more and more popular as time goes by.

Over 25% of all searches made, related to online gambling, are tied to the mobile gaming world. It’s very clear that the industry is shifting towards mobile gaming and that consumers are loving every second of it.

It is projected for the mobile gambling industry to continue its trend of growth of at least 75% per year.

According to another report, however, the desktop gambling market it’s still a huge one and it’s expected for it to continue being the largest one for the next handful of years. Mobile and desktop gambling make up a total of 90% of the iGaming industry, and mobile gaming is expected to continue its current growth trend in the next few years.

Which is the Most Popular Online Gambling Activity?

Online casinos offer players the chance to partake in different activities, but the online gambling market is mainly dominated by one in particular: online sports betting. Even though online casino games come in a very close second, the impact of online sports betting is what has made online gambling so popular and it’s the fastest-growing area of the iGaming industry.

Sports betting makes up around 50% of online gambling activities across the world, with online casino games taking a close 30%, and bingo, poker, and other games making up the remaining 20%.

These percentages are all estimates taken from a report published in April 2020, but it’s safe to say that they’re rather accurate given the source of the investigation.

Furthermore, this all just goes to show just why online gambling is so popular and why so many online casinos are taking a keener interest than ever in creating their own sportsbooks. Many new online casinos create a sportsbook for players to try out and it serves as a “gateway” service that puts them close to the casino services per se.

Curiously enough, bingo is played more than poker when it comes to the world of online gambling. The poker industry moves much more money than the bingo industry, but there are far more bingo players than poker players in the grand scheme of things.

What do People Play the Most?

When it comes to traditional online casino gambling, the most popular types of games are online casino slots. These are the ones that people play the most and the trend is all set to continue the same path in the next few years.

Machines, according to a study by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, grew in popularity in the year 2019 whilst non-remote activities, like Bingo, saw a slight decrease through the year.

This study shows exactly what we’ve known for some time: it’s clear that the transition from regular gambling to online casinos has already begun. The number of people who will opt to stay home and play online is all set to continue its current path of growth in the next few years, as the current land-based decreases are just below 1%, but the number will be higher in the years to come.

According to the same study, the gambling revenue generated in the United Kingdom is mostly due to online casinos. In fact, online casinos make up 22.4% of Britain’s gambling revenue, with the National Lottery coming in a close second at 22.3%.

It says a lot about the state of gambling in Britain that people prefer to play online casino games over actual casinos or even the national lottery. It’s one of the first nations in the world to see such a clear shift between land-based gambling and online casino gambling.

Europe’s Most Popular Gambling Activities

Even though iGaming revenue is mostly produced in online casinos, the most popular gambling activity in Europe (and the world) is sports betting. There are hundreds of thousands of people who spent money on sportsbooks, even though a large portion of them spends much less than what most people spend in other online casinos.

Poker, as much of a popular activity as it is, only represents 5% of the total activity of European gamblers. On the other hand, sports betting accounts for 42.5% of all gambling activities. Casino games account for 32.4%!

Where Does the Money Go?

As you can expect, most of the revenue generated by online casinos goes to the pockets of the owners – excluding what is paid in operational costs that range from paying the staff to maintaining the websites and keeping everything afloat.

However, with the amount of money that the online casino industry generates, some of the companies and operation groups that run the world’s biggest online casinos are also keen on donating money to charity to keep their image in a positive light.

For example, in Great Britain, the lottery industry destined a grand £344.7m to good causes. Online casino companies, however, donate much less money to charity when compared to gambling managers that operate on a national level.

How Will COVID-19 Effect the Online Gambling Industry?

At the time of the publication of this article, the world still hasn’t recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and the results of how the online gambling industry could be affected by it are uncertain.

However, according to a study by IBISWorld, it is expected that the revenues for online gambling will sharply go down in 2020 due to the financial hit that millions of players have had to take.

Online Gambling versus Land-Based Gambling During the Pandemic

Online gambling will not take as big of a hit as the actual land-based gambling industry for the sheer fact that online casinos are not being forced to close down. They have been discouraged from using the pandemic as a marketing opportunity, though, which is understandable from a moral point of view but it does mean that they’re losing out on a lucrative marketing opportunity. It’s good to see that morals prevail for once, at the least.

Market & Event Participation – The Industry’s Woes

There’s also the issue that some of the world’s biggest companies will not be able to travel to certain events that would serve as fantastic marketing opportunities to online casinos. The total percentage upon which the industry is expected to decrease is impossible to tell as of October 2020, but things will certainly not be as good for the industry as they were in 2019.

Gambling Statistics & Prefictibiltiy – Be Aware Before Reading

The COVID pandemic must also be taken into account when reading reports about projections of the industry growth that were created before the world came to a stop. Reports that were projecting a certain market growth by 2023 are probably going to be mistaken and the actual results could show two or three years later, depending on how the world recovers from the pandemic.

For example, it is expected that the US gambling market will grow to 94 billion by 2024, but the numbers might be reached a few years later thanks to the economic impact of the COVID crisis. It all remains a wild guess and it needs to be studied with closer detail as time goes by to see how the market reacts to the economic recovery of the world.

Men & Women – Which Gender Gambles the Most?

When it comes to online gambling, it has always been an almost known fact that men gamble much more than women. However, there are studies that have shown that this isn’t always a given. On average, men do gamble online more than women, but females are starting to gamble more in recent years and the numbers are not as uneven as they were in the late 90s and early 2000s.

According to a study conducted by Abbie McCormack, Gillian Shorter, and Mark Griffiths, the percentage of women that gamble online has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. Men have always been more likely to gamble than women, but women are now becoming an even bigger part of the iGaming world than they had ever been before.

Online Gambling in Men & Women

When it comes to online gambling, though, it is men who have the overwhelming majority of participants in these activities. In fact, out of all online gamblers, 82% of them all are males. There’s only an 18% total of female participants out of all online gamblers in the world.

Men also lose much more cash than their female counterparts. Male gamblers tend to lose, on average, €3,709 a year, whilst women lose around €2,659. This only takes into account the total number of players around the world of online gambling, of course. It doesn’t monitor the amount of money lost in land-based casinos, where the percentage of women gamblers can be higher.

Cash Deposits Between Men & Women

Whenever a man is about to gamble online and they find their account empty, the average amount of money that they’re expected to deposit is £96. Female gamblers, on the other hand, tend to make much smaller deposits when they’re accounts are empty. The average deposit of a woman gambling is of around £67. No wonder why men tend to lose more – they also gamble much more on average!

Online Gambling for Men and Women – Each Gender’s Favorite Game

Men and Women might have a few differences when it comes to the amount of money that they gamble, as well as to how much they spend. However, they do share one similarity: the single most played online casino game by both genders is Roulette. Both men and women are huge fans of this classic casino game, making it the most played type of game in the iGaming industry.

Why do Men and Women Gamble?

To add to that, there’s also an important part of the study that we cannot ignore: women and men gamble online for different reasons. Women in particular tend to gamble more with “fake cash” than men, whilst they also tend to feel much more guilty about gambling online than their counterparts from the other gender.

The study shows that women see online gambling as a much bigger stigma than men, which is why so many women stray away from participating in such activity. Women that grow in households and cultures where gambling isn’t much of stigma are far less likely to feel guilty when playing in online casinos.

Women Gambling Patterns

Women also approach the world of online gambling differently than men. Most women tend to have shorter gaming sessions than their male counterparts, which leads to women spending less money when playing in any online casino.

The fact that they see online gambling as a bigger stigma than men is also reflected in the fact that they don’t often spend as much money as males when it comes to betting in online casinos or games.

In fact, men spend much more money than women when gambling online and they are far more prone to becoming addicts than those from the female gender. There are far many more males addicted to online gambling than females – even if you look at the percentages instead of the numbers as a whole.

In a statistic that defies what we often think, there’s a large percentage of female gamblers in the United States. It is thought that around 57% of all gamblers in the US are female, which puts it as one of the highest percentages in the world.

How Much Money is Spent on Online Gambling?

One of the main statistics that shows just how much the industry has grown is the total amount of money spent on online gambling today versus the amount of money that was spent a mere 10 years ago.

Growth of Online Gambling in the US

A study published in September of 2008 went to mention how the industry was making around $10 billion a year in the US, whilst more recent studies showing than online gambling was producing around $45 billion a year in 2017, in the US alone. In a span of just 11 years, the industry grew more than four times in size.

Growth of Online Gambling in the UK

In just 2017 alone, the United Kingdom and UK gamblers spent a staggering £14.5 billion in the world of iGaming, with the numbers going up every year.

It is expected that the industry will have at least doubled in size in 2030, but if we look at recent trends and the growth that the industry has experienced since the early 2000s, it is clear that doubling its size in 10 years is likely just a modest estimate. The actual numbers could be much higher.

Growth of Online Gambling on a Global Level

On average, the online gambling industry has been growing by at least $5 billion every year. This is one of the main reasons why so many new sites are starting to pop-up all around the internet – there’s a huge market that’s just waiting to be exploited and people can take full advantage of it.

Money Spent in Online Gambling – Where Does it Go?

With such a big growth in the online casino industry, one can only wonder where all this money is going. Thankfully, the UK Gambling Commission published a study that goes into full detail about this. Between October 2017 and September 2018, a staggering 5.5 billion pounds were spent in online casinos, with 3.1 billion pounds having been spent in online betting.

These two are the major gambling options of UK players, whilst the UK National Lottery came a close third with just 2.9 billion pounds having been spent.

It is clear that the two major preferences of UK gamblers are online casinos and online betting, but people still put their trust in the National Lottery – even though it happens less than it did before with the emergence of new online gambling institutions.

Why is Online Gambling Expected to Grow?

The growing popularity of online gambling is accompanied by the fact that most online gamblers are young. As studies have shown, the percentage of people who gamble online is high – particularly among younger iGamers. For example, at least 40% of online gamblers in the United States are between the ages of 21 and 35.

Casino Exposure – Why Young People are Gambling More

It is only natural that casinos are becoming more digitally crowded, as the youth has a higher exposure rate to internet gambling than those who are over 40. In any case, with online gambling looking more and more popular every year, and more people being exposed to it, the shift between land-based gambling and online gambling is naturally expected to continue its path of growth.

In the next few years, percentages of gamblers will be more spread out and not only the youth will be expected to gamble online. The current people over 30 that are gambling online will continue to do so into their 40s and 50s, whilst new players will start getting introduced to the iGaming world and the cycle will grow and continue its current path.

How are Online Casinos Perceived by Players?

Online gambling is perceived differently in many countries worldwide, as gambling is a cultural activity and the influence that it has varies greatly depending on how it is perceived in each culture. However, there are things that make people trust more or less online casinos, as well as things that online casinos can do to increase the player perception of each site.

Casino Trust by Players

A study published in 2002, which is still very much valid to this date, shows that people trust online casinos more whenever they are swift to act on the interest of the player whenever a concern is raised. The perception that players have towards online casinos is also aided greatly by the customer services of each site.

In general, people will have a better perception of an online casino if they offer quality customer service and show their customers that they care about them. People trust websites that are designed with the player in mind.

The Importance of Casino Licenses & Entities

As one of our articles explains, licensing in online casinos is also crucial in determining whether an online site is trustworthy or not and it helps players determine if the games that are hosted on the site are fair or not.

There are dozens of regulatory entities in the world, but not all of them produce the best of casino licenses. Sites that hold licenses given by respectable sources are also perceived in a much more positive light by the general public and the iGaming community in general.

Online Gambling Around the World – The Biggest Gambling Nations Per Capita

In a study released in 2016, it was shown that online gambling was the biggest gambling sector in Britain. It’s no wonder why the industry has such a huge focus on providing games and quality titles to players from Britain, as it’s easily one of the main countries for online gambling in the world.

Online Gambling Statistics in Australia

As important as Britain is to the world of online gambling, it doesn’t even come as close to being the biggest nation on Earth as Australia. People in Australia are thought to be among the most prominent online gamblers in the world, with the average adult spending around $1,200 a year in iGaming activities (which mainly revolve around sports betting).

As this statistical study shows, around 80% of adult Australians are gamblers, which makes it the single biggest percentage of gamblers in a single nation on Earth.

National Online Gambling Market Shares in Europe

The United Kingdom is the largest source of online gambling market revenue in Europe, showing that 34.2% of the EU online gambling market is in Britain. Germany follows with less than a third at just 11.1%, with France and Italy at just above 8% each.

Combining the rest of all the other gambling markets in Europe, other than the ones showing in this list, account for just 20.2% of the gambling market shares. This just goes to show how massive the UK gambling industry is and why so many online casinos are all but happy if they only operate in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Online Gambling Statistics in the UK

It is said that at least 75% of all adults in the United Kingdom gamble from time to time, though, with many of them being prominent online gamblers. It is thought that the number of people that gamble online in the United Kingdom makes up 17% of the country’s gambling population.

The number is expected to keep growing, as new gamblers are far more likely to start their journey in online casinos than they are to do so in land-based sites thanks to the exposure to ads and player campaigns.

The Biggest Online Gambling Markets

Singapore and Australia are two of the biggest gambling nations in the world. When it comes to online gambling, though, things differ. Great Britain, the US, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are among the countries in which online gambling is one of the most prominent gambling activities.

Online Gambling in Europe – The World’s Gambling Hub

We’ve all seen the impact of European countries in the world of online gambling and how they’re some of the biggest contributors to gambling statistics of all sorts. When it comes to their influence, as a 2018 study shows, online gambling in Europe accounts for 49% of the total gambling profits across the world.

In 2018 alone, online gambling generated a staggering €22.2 billion across the entire continent. It is projected to reach a total of €30 billion before 2025, although it remains to be seen how the impact of 2020’s pandemic influences the growth of revenue and market value of online casinos before.

New projections are expected to reflect a better outcome, but the true impact will only be able to be determined after 2022.


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