Two of the most common gambling activities in the world are playing in online casinos and placing bets on sports teams from all over the globe. In fact, these two gambling activities make up more than 80% of how people wager their money online, given that sportsbooks are, on their own, some of the biggest cash cows on the planet.

Regardless, not everyone has the time, the dedication, or the budget to spend on the world’s best online casinos and also bet their money on sports.

As such, we have decided to take a closer look at sports betting and online casino games to help you get a better idea of how you should spend your money.

Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the same coin before you decide how you want to spend your cash, but be sure of something: both are valid and legit ways to spend your cash and make a profit on the internet!

Understanding the Terms

Before we go deeper into analyzing which type of casino game you should be playing, let us take a closer look at the concepts of Sports Betting and Online Casino Games, as they can sometimes overlap and cause issues for players when describing each activity.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is the practice of placing bets on sporting events that happen mostly in the real world. Sports betting comprises the act of wagering on the outcomes of particular events happening in the world of sports in real life, such as football events, baseball matches, basketball competitions, and more.

However, sports betting and online casino games can also overlap when you take a look at the virtual sports that you can find in some of the best online casinos in the world. Virtual sports are special types of casino games that you can play and bet on the outcome of virtual matches, but we’ll go deeper into this concept later on.

Sports betting is anything that you can do related to the world of sports as long as it involves placing wagers and not directly interacting with the games or playing them directly.

What are Online Casino Games?

Online casino games are a wide variety of titles that you will get to enjoy in the world’s best online casinos. There are thousands of casino games available, but there aren’t nearly as many categories as there are games.

Among the most common types of online casino games, you will find online slots, which have proven to be some of the most popular in the industry. These are the most played games and the ones that you’ll spend most of your time enjoying, hands down.

Online casino games are:

  • Online slots of all sorts – including progressive jackpot games
  • Virtual table games
  • Live casino games
  • Dice, scratch cards, and keno
  • Other games of chance

Why You Might Prefer to Bet on Sports

Now that you know all of the basics of both worlds, it’s time for you to see the benefits of betting on sports and see why you might prefer to do it over playing in the world’s best online casinos. Keep in mind, anyway, that you may be able to play in the world’s best online casinos and share the money with your sportsbooks, in case your favorite casinos are home to sports betting software.


Study Opportunities and React to Them

When betting on sports, you don’t rely on chance as much as you rely on knowledge. Odds will always play a huge factor as anything can happen in a real match and the odds offered by sportsbooks tend to reflect the likelihood of an outcome, but having a strong grasp of a sport will allow you to mold the odds in your favor.

They Give You a Higher Degree of Control

Given that you can react to any opportunity that occurs, this also gives you a higher degree of control than when you bet on any casino game. You can check out real news about teams and sportspeople in order to get a better idea of what will happen in the game that you want to spend your money on.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Start

Even though it is highly advisable to have a fair share of knowledge about a sport before you start placing bets on it, the magic of sports betting is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an expert to start, nor do you need how to make complex wagers.

You may prefer to bet on a straight outcome, which is the way most people start to bet money on sports. Whether a team wins or losses is something that you can determine with basic knowledge or even a hunch.

That’s something that online casinos don’t offer. It’s much easier to get into sports betting than it is to get into online casino games.

Sports Bonuses are Aplenty – And Easier to Cash than Casino Bonuses!

Online casinos and online sportsbooks will always provide you with free bonus money that you can use to play or place bets for free. However, sports bets tend to be much more likely to be cashed out than online casino bonuses for the sheer fact that the requirements are less demanding.

You may only need to wager a bonus less than 4 times before you can withdraw it, whilst your bonus cash in an online casino might be needed to be wagered 50 times or more.

It also must be taken into consideration that all the money bet on a sports wager is lost if you don’t predict the outcome, but still – sports bonuses tend to be much easier to claim than their casino counterparts.

Live Betting Gives You a Different Perspective of Gambling

Sports betting also gives you access to a unique feature that everyone grows to love: live betting. You can actually place bets on events that are happening in real-time, which makes it even more thrilling to participate in these sorts of sportsbook events.

Virtual Sports are Must-Try Games

Even though Virtual Sports break the norm of what you can usually expect to find in an online casino, it has to be tried at least once in your life if you’re a fan of sports betting. These games allow you to place bets on any sport available and you can do it at any time of the day.

Virtual Sports are where online casinos and sportsbooks overlap. They allow you to place bets on virtual games that are always simulated to have different results, all of which you’ll be able to see in real-time. The most popular virtual sports that you’ll get to try in the world’s best sports casinos are as follows:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Horse Racing
  • Dog Racing
  • Tennis

There are always new games being added, so be on the lookout and keep your wallet at the ready!

Why You Might Prefer to Play Casino Games

The benefits of sports betting sure look like too many not to love, but it’s time for you to meet the giant of the online gambling world: the benefits of playing online casino games.

Variety, bonuses, and the best rewards await those who dare take a step forward and discover why these games are so good. Let’s see what the fuzz is all about and be the judge on whether you’d like to spend your time and money playing these fantastic games!

Feel Like as if You Were in a Real Casino

Online casinos give you the chance to feel as if you were playing in an actual land-based casino in multiple ways. You may get the best of your experience in the virtual section of the site, or you can take it as close to being a physical experience as possible with the site’s fantastic live dealer games.

Thousands of Games at Your Grasp

Sure, betting on sports gives you access to the best sports matches in the world and allows you to live the thrill as if you were on the pitch. However, the sheer number of games available in an online casino is so vast that you will likely never be able to play them all. Games galore are a given when playing in an online casino of any sort!

Play the Best Games for Free

Online casinos give you one chance that you simply won’t get in a sportsbook: the chance to play any game that you want for free. In most cases, every single casino game tends to be available to be played for free in trial mode, with the exception of live dealer games.

The fact that you can practice and get a grasp of what you will be spending your money on is part of what makes online casinos so great.

Play What You Want at Any Time

There’s nothing better than being able to play your favorite games at any time of the day. Not only will you not be judged as you would be judged if you decided to play in the morning, but you will also be able to play late at night. Online casinos have no closing times, and unlike sports, you will always be able to play your favorite games regardless of the time of the day.

This also includes live dealer games, as the dealers are always available!

Amazing Tournaments and Promotions

The best casinos in the world are home to fantastic bonuses that tend to be far more varied than the ones that you find in sportsbooks. Tournaments are also a fundamental part of online casinos, as they give you the chance to win extra rewards and cement yourself among the most prominent gamblers on the planet.

PVP Games Take Thrill to Another Level

Online casinos are home to some of the most competitive people in the world. Tournaments and PVP games like poker take the thrill of gambling to a level that is simply unreachable by the standards of sportsbooks.

The magic of PVP games is one that no other type of gambling form in the world will be able to match. If you’re a fan of going up against other players and either getting them disposed of their money or if you’re happy to overcome the odds and beat others at competitions, online casino games are the way to go for you.

The Best Sports Casinos & Online Casinos on the Planet

We know that you’re eager to play – especially now that you know everything there is to know about sports betting and the best casino games on the planet. Hold on to your seats and let us tell you which are the best online casinos in which you can play classic casino games as well as bet on sports so you don’t even need to make up your mind until you see what these sites have in store for you!

The best sports casinos in the world are waiting – which one will be the one with the honor to kickstart your journey?

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Bonus Cash to Enjoy on Both Parts of the Casino

Bonuses are a fundamental part of any online casino. Players will be able to obtain them anywhere on the internet, on most occasions.

The bonuses that you claim to be spent on sportsbooks tend not to be directly available to be spent on the online casino section of an iGaming site, but you may use the cash generated with your playtime and spend it in any way that you want. That’s the magic of playing in a sports casino – you may use your money in both sections of the site!

Loyalty Points Earned Through Wagers and Sports Betting

If you’re going to be playing in any type of casino, then you can rest assured that there’s probably a loyalty plan set up for players to enjoy. This means that you will be able to collect points with each wager that you place, or with each time that you spend money in the games of the casino.

As such, playing in an online casino that has a sportsbook also enables you to collect points in both areas of the casino. You will then have to decide what to do with your bonuses, but rest assured that having bonus cash is always a great way to spend your time in an online casino.

Quickly Change Between Games as Quickly as Possible

One of the main advantages of playing in these sorts of online casinos is that you will always be able to play whichever type of game you want. You will be able to instantly jump between sports betting and classic casino games without having to move your money to another site.

This is a particularly great feature to have if you’re on a gambling budget and you want to use the same casino money to play in the world’s best sportsbooks. Not only will you save yourself the problem of overspending, but you will also save yourself the fees that payment services charge when withdrawing and depositing from one site to another.

The World is Within Your Reach Regardless of What You Choose!

We’ve told you all there is to know about sports betting and online casino games. The choice is now yours to decide which type of game to play and how to spend your money.

One thing’s for sure, though – the best online casinos are there for the taking. Waste no more time, create an account, prepare your wallet, and spend that cash. Who knows? You might end up a lucky winner and multiply your initial deposit by ten times its original value!


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