These Are the Ideal Casino Games for Every Type of Player

The world of online gambling is as varied as the real world. People with all sorts of tastes and needs fill up the virtual halls of dozens of online casinos from all over the globe, looking for special bonuses, specific games, and even custom-made promotions to suit their individual needs. It would be wise to divide players into two different categories, though. There are those who play for the thrill, for rewards, for the action – and there are those who play to have fun; casual players who simply love to experience online casinos without getting too invested -economically and mentally- into their adventure. Depending on the type of player that you are, you might prefer to play some games over others. Skilled players, which is how we’ll call those looking for the action and thrill, often prefer more competitive games and more lucrative bonuses. Casual players tend to be much more invested in the world of online slots. All games are suited for everyone, though, so we’ll just be focusing on what might be better for each group. We’ll also tell you all about the best to visit for each group of people.

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Skilled Players Vs. Casual Gamblers – What to Play?

Players who get invested in the world of online gambling tend to be extremely keen to spend their money on games there their experience pays off. Of course, online slots do require a lot of investment – even if you’re a casual player. However, table games tend to be the type of activity that skilled players tend to like the most. Casual gamblers tend to visit online casinos every once in a while, play some online slot that catches their attention, and then move with their lives. Some, however, are fans of table games too. Casual table game players tend to be those who just spend small sums of cash in games that they aren’t even too good at, such as poker or blackjack.

Skill-Based Games

Skill-based games are games that you, as a player, can have influence over their RTP. The RTP, which stands for the “return to player” rate, is the amount of money that players can expect to receive from a game. Online slots tend to have a solid 95% or 96% RTP on average, though there are games with higher and lower RTP rates. However, table games tend to have a standard RTP of just above 90% - particularly card games like poker, blackjack, or baccarat when you play them against the casino. However, if you’re a skilled player, you can increase the RTP of these games to go as high as 99%. That leaves a house edge of just 1%, which gives players a very good chance at overcoming the odds and walking away with some cash after their session is done. As you can see, that’s why skilled players prefer these sorts of games. If you know how to play any of these skill-based games, you’ll have a much higher chance of winning money than you would in online slots. Check out our guides on how to win in roulette and how to be better at blackjack to maximize your chances of winning. If you’re keen to play cards, we also have guides that will help you improve at poker and master baccarat.

Online Slots

Online slots are games where you can expect to receive a certain amount of your money back and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what you do – the amount of cash that you’ll receive should always be roughly the same. Look at one of the most popular online slots of all time, for example. Starburst, a game that everyone loves, has an expected RTP of just above 96%, but it’s still one of the most widely loved games in the iGaming industry thanks to how fun it is to play. Online slots tend to be played by both skilled players and casual gamblers as they are extremely easy to play and, quite frankly, they’re really fun. If you’re looking to quickly dive into a game and have the chance to win money, online slots are the way to go. However, these games basically restrict you from having any influence on the outcome of the game. You will need to fully depend on luck if you wish to win – no amount of practice will make it different.

What are Skill-Based Slots?

Skill-based slots were introduced to land-based casinos back in 2017, and even though they still haven’t made a huge impact in the online casino market, they will surely do once they burst through online casino doors. Skill-based slots are nothing remotely close to slot machines. They are often more similar to videogames in the sense that you actually control the outcome of the game instead of spinning a random wheel to see what you get. There skill-based slots that are basically first-person shooter games, while you’ll also find games that resemble other puzzle-like classics like Tetris. These sorts of games, should you become good at them, could yield you massive sums of cash in rewards – and you don’t need to rely on any luck other than the one you need in most modern core videogames!

The Case Against Skill-Based Slots in Online Casinos

One of the main reasons why skill-based slots are much more difficult to implement in online casinos is that players might have access to hacks that would make winning much easier than it is in a land-based establishment. Take a shooter skill-based slot, for example. Using a hack to improve your aim would make it far too easy to turn the RTP as much in your favor as possible. Part of the reason why these skill-based slots work is that they are difficult to control in casino machines – with a mouse, it would make it far too easy for the player to win. In any case, we’re still expecting to see new skill-based slots popping up soon. Even if we don’t see those crazy shooter slots, chances are that those games that resemble a game of Tetris will make their way to most of the best online casinos soon. Maybe Microgaming or NetEnt will pick up the development of these titles, propelling them into the best casinos in the world.

Table Games and Live Casino Games

If you’re a skilled player, chances are that you’ll make more money than the average casino player when you spend your time and money on table games and live casino games. These are the sorts of games that we were talking about when we said that you have the chance to reduce the RTP as much as possible if you know what you’re doing. However, when it comes to live contest games, there’s an obvious exception to be made. Games like Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack can have their RTP influenced if you truly know what you’re doing, to the point where they can become some of the easiest games in which to make a profit while playing inline. If you’re a highly-skilled player, we recommend you spend your time and bonus cash in table games or live table games. If you happen to find an online casino with live casino bonuses, those might be the ones you’ll want to claim. You’ll have a much better chance to fulfill the wagering requirements when you know how to make the best of your bets on all table games!  

Online Casino Competitions & Tournaments

Many online casinos give you access to high-quality live competitions where you can go against other players and overcome their position in the site’s leaderboards depending on how much cash you spend on the casino. These competitions give highly skilled players and high rollers the chance to win amazing sums of cash, provided that they get a good cash flow going for the duration of the tournament. Tournaments vary in shape and form, but they’re often profitable for the player and they reward you with bonuses that are either not subject to any wagering or bonuses that come with very lenient rules that make it easy for players to walk away with the cash after fulfilling them. If you’re looking for online casinos with high-quality tournaments, we encourage you to check out the mBit Casino with the mBit Races or the BitStarz Casino, which is always running amazing tournaments with prizes of €30,000 and upwards. Use your bitcoins to claim world-class bonuses of up to 5 BTC on both of those casinos! Other websites provide you with access to more traditional, non-bitcoin tournaments, such as the Videoslots Casino. This site is home to tournaments that are ideal to be enjoyed by the highly-skilled, such as the Clash of Spins or the Battle of the Slots! big win clash videoslots  

Playing Against Other Players – Why You Might Want to Do It

The best types of casino games to play, if you’re a highly skilled player, are those where you get to play against others and not against the house. Removing the house edge is the easiest way for you to win – particularly if you know how to get in the minds of other players, when to place bets, and when to avoid doing so altogether. The most popular type of game that online casinos allow you to play against others is poker. You’ve probably heard of sites like PokerStars that are fully committed to offering the best poker tables in the world, but we’ve played in other fantastic online casinos that allow players to spend their money in high-quality tables and use fantastic bonuses to get themselves a head start. Regardless of whether you want to play with bonuses or not, visiting online casinos and playing poker games against others is the best way to make money as a highly-skilled player in the world if iGaming.  

Best Poker Casinos

Some of the best online casinos in the world are home to fantastic poker tables where you can test your skills in a highly competitive environment and use them against other players. One of our favorite poker table casinos is Betsson. This amazing website is home to a large selection of tables where you’ll be able to play against others in a variety of different rooms, ranging from small-bet rooms to high roller rooms where only people willing to bet thousands of dollars dare to enter. You can also check out the poker tables of the 888 Casino and put your skill to test with some of the most committed players in the world. Keep in mind that these online casinos are hubs for all sorts of players, so you might get lucky and run across some that aren’t too highly skilled!

Best Casinos for Skilled Players

If you think you have what it takes to make a killing in rewards and you’re looking for sites that suit your needs, then you’ll want to be at online casinos that truly reward you for being a skilled player. It comes as a secret to no one that many online casinos appeal to the beginners, in an attempt to make it easy for people to initiate themselves into the world of iGaming. However, veteran players can often be left wanting for more, which is where these world-class websites come into the scene. The following list of three casinos come packed with extremely lucrative rewards, games that take a ton of skill to play, and a selection of promotions that highly skilled players and high rollers will all but love.

Betsson Casino

The Betsson Casino became one of our favorite casinos from the moment we discovered it. This site, owned by the Betsson Group and serving as the flagship website of said entity, comes packed with everything that you look for in a complete gambling website. Home to an amazing selection of poker tables where you can go head to head against other players, as well as an amazing sportsbook and a massive online casino, this place is THE one to be at if you’re keen to wager your money online. The highest quality of online slots is here to be found, together with jackpot games, table games, and a live dealer casino packed with titles create by the world-class Evolution Gaming studios.

Play at Betsson

Wildz Casino

The Wildz Casino is a fantastic website for those of you who love to spend proper money in the online casino industry and for those players who are eager to become high rollers from the get-go. Wildz is home to amazing features, including the exclusive spinback feature that we’ve openly praised in the past, and a massive selection of games in which you can win thousands of dollars. The site live casino gives players the chance to enjoy a selection of amazing rewards and high roller tables that could see their account balance skyrocket through the ceiling, with betting limits as high as €1,000 per bet. If you’re still unsure if you should join the premises of Wildz or opt to play at a different casino, we encourage you to check out the website’s welcome bonus. There are €500 up for grabs in free rewards, but that’s not all – Wildz bonuses are also as fair as they come. You have a very solid chance of walking away with those €500 and pocket them without spending too much of your own cash. On top of that, Wildz also gives you 200 free spins to do as you please with them!

Play at Wildz

BitStarz Casino

BitStarz is one of the best bitcoin casinos in the industry. The site has quickly grown to become a fan-favorite for many of the world’s most prominent players thanks to the constant pumping of new promotions that the site has. They were giving away a ticket to the 2020 Olympics before they were postponed (as well as an all-paid trip worth around €15,000), and another one of their promotions let you win a new €50,000 Tesla! If you need further proof to realize just how fantastic of a casino BitStarz is, you can see it with the site’s amazing welcome bonus. This massive online casino is home to a bonus of up to 5 BTC in free rewards, which lets you play the best games on the site with bitcoins or other forms of crypto. Bear in mind that this online casino is better appreciated if you are indeed going to wager with cryptocurrency. Players that would rather spend regular money can still do it here, but they won’t have the same benefits as those who spend their cryptos instead. Countless promotions and events are always being hosted at BitStarz, though. Those players who are looking to breathe fresh air of variety will manage to do it if they visit the virtual halls of this amazing and safe bitcoin casino.

Play at BitStarz

Best Casinos for Casual Players

As a casual player, it is often hard to find an online casino that suits your needs. Most of the best online casinos in the world have promotions and bonuses that are tailormade for high rollers, who are the main audience and source of income of these massive sites. As such, low rollers, casual players, and newcomers can often feel left behind by the industry. It’s not the end of the world, though. Here, at The Casino Wizard, we’ve created a list of three online casinos that are perfectly suited for those of you who aren’t looking to spend too much money while playing online. You can also look through our selection for the best casinos in the world if you’re still not convinced about any of these, but we’re sure that one of these casinos is going to quickly become a fan favorite of yours.

Lapalingo Casino

The Lapalingo Casino used to be a much more minimalistic site than what it is today. The site has quickly adapted to a changing industry and is now providing players with a massive selection of bonuses and slots in a fully reinvigorated environment that is suited to the modern standards of the casinos' world. They’ve managed to do all of this without making low rollers and casual players feel left out, though, which means the world to us – and we’re sure it means a lot to you as well. This is arguably the most complete online casino that newcomers and casuals will be able to fully enjoy, as it hosts a small selection of promotions that are meant to reward players with as much money as they want to get (the bonuses adapt to how much cash you’re willing to deposit) and a sportsbook where newcomers can get used to betting in sports while playing in online casinos. The site’s new welcome bonus comes packed with €500 in free rewards and a staggering 20 free spins that you’ll get after claiming that bonus cash. Dozens of rewards and prizes await those who dare visit the Lapalingo Casino – even if they aren’t looking to spend too much money on it!

Play at Lapalingo

LeoVegas Casino

The LeoVegas Casino still stands as one of the absolute best websites on the planet as well as one of the best mobile casinos in the industry. What not many people talk about is, however, how it also stands as one of the finest casinos for newcomers. This amazing online casino is ideal to be visited by those who wish to spend just a few bucks but still walk away with a profit thanks to the wide variety of bonuses and promotions that the online casino has put together for all players. Varied offers and a selection of different games -including an awesome sportsbook- all add to create one of the best gambling environments on the planet. Kickstart your journey at the LeoVegas Casino with the LeoVegas welcome bonus. Depending on where you live, you might be able to claim up to €1600 in free bonus cash or smaller sums of money with more lenient wagering requirements. Free spins are always a given at LeoVegas, though. If you love to spin those reels and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so, you’ve found your match.

Play at LeoVegas

Kickstart Your Journey with the Best Casino Bonuses

Now that you know all there is to know about what to play as a casual or highly skilled player, it’s time for you to decide where to play. What’s even more important is, however, deciding the best bonus to claim is also an important part of your journey. We’ve already told you about the best online casinos and the bonuses that they offer, but we’ll be telling you all about the best casino bonuses to claim if you wish to play table games or live dealer games on the best casinos in the world. [table_bonus]

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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