Free Spins No Deposit USA

The United States might be an intricate market for online casino enthusiasts, but there are some absolutely fantastic free spin no deposit bonuses in the USA that you really can’t miss out on. Here, you’ll find the best free spins bonuses in the US that require no deposit for you to claim them!

Best Bonus 2022

Free Spins No Deposit bonus

mBit Casino
50 Free Spins


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Free Spins No Deposit bonus

7Bit Casino
10 Free Spins


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No deposit bonuses in the US may not be as common as they are in casinos found in other countries, but they're still must-try rewards that let you play online slots without spending a dime of your money!


Free spin no deposit bonuses tend to follow certain guidelines, which will help you determine the qualities of each bonus even before you receive it. We use these guidelines to determine which bonuses we recommend to our readers and which ones we would rather have you avoid. 

However, we know that some of you might want to adventure into the void by yourselves and you might want to try out different bonuses than the ones we show here once you’ve played with them to their entirety. You can use these guidelines to determine which are the best free spin no deposit bonus offers that you can find on the internet and avoid the ones we would not take!

Free Spins with No Wagering Requirements or Low Requirements 

We’ll be straight with you – it’s very difficult to get your hands on free spins that have no wagering requirements at all. Most online casinos impose wagering requirements on their bonuses to prevent players from claiming too much cash or exploiting the benefits of the casino in a non-legitimate way. Even the best exclusive bonuses tend to come with wagering requirements. 

However, you can determine the quality of a free spin bonus depending on how lenient their requirements are. The general rule of thumb that we tend to use is:

  • Free spin no deposit bonuses with wagering requirements lower than 15 are a must-have. Claim them as soon as you see them!
  • Free spin no deposit bonuses with wagering requirements lower than 30 are very good and you can easily walk away with free money.
  • Free spin no deposit bonuses with wagering requirements lower than 50 are great to get to know an online casino, and you might be able to walk away with the money and withdraw it once the offer is fully depleted

How Can You Use Free Spins and Where?

Another great way to determine how good your free spins are is by seeing where you can use them. Most free spins that require no deposit are mostly limited to be used in certain casino games, which isn’t the end of the world, but it’s good to know where you’ll be able to use the money that you generate by playing with the spins. 

For example, if you get 20 free spins on Starburst, will you be able to use the money elsewhere in the casino? If you can, that’s a good way to get some bonus money that you’ll be able to freely move from one game type to another, furthering the amount of entertainment that you have and letting you choose how you want to make a profit. 

Check the Value of Your Free Spins

We always tell our readers that the value of your free spins matters and should not be overlooked when claiming a free spin bonus. It’s always good to get amazing rewards in an online casino and free spins without a deposit put you in a zero-risk situation, but how much money are you really getting out of them? 

Don’t let your standards drop! Be sure that the total value of your spins surpasses at least $5, to be sure that you’ll be able to generate at least half that, with a streak of bad luck, and spend the money in other parts of the casino.

The Best Online Casino to Claim Free Spin Bonuses

All of the casinos that we’ve listed here on The Casino Wizard are among the best online casinos on Earth, but not every casino that gives away spins is legitimate. Be sure that the free spins that you want to claim are being offered by a trustworthy site, and that you’ll be able to get the rewards that they promise at the end of the day.


The United States is one of the most difficult places in the world for you to get started in the online casino scene, but that hasn’t stopped the best casino providers from creating games that are fully legal to be played in the country. We’ll tell you where you might want to begin, but the choice is in your hands, as long as you’re legally allowed to gamble in your state.

RTG Games

Realtime Gaming, when it comes to online casino game providers, is one of the best ones in the market. They develop quality games and the company is mostly approved to operate within the US as long as you live in a state where online gambling is legal. The casino games developed by RTG are mainly online slots, but the company also produces other quality titles that enrich the galleries of many online casinos.

In any case, if you find RTG casinos with quality bonuses and offers, it’s likely that they’re legal in the US.

Exclusive Slots in the USA and Legal Slots

If you’re keen to enjoy the best online casino bonuses and games, in the US, you may also visit casinos with exclusive slots. Spending your free spins in exclusive slot games is one of the most profitable things you can do in US casinos, as most exclusive slots tend to be quite unique and offer users a good RTP to keep people hooked into the online casino.

It’s important that you pick no deposit free spins that can be claimed in the US, as some online casinos that allow players from America still won’t allow them to claim bonuses from the sites.


The best bonuses that can be claimed in the USA are absolutely fantastic, but why is it that free spin bonuses are better than straight-up cash? Well, these are some of the main reasons:

Earn Money and Withdraw It

You’ll get to play slots without risking any cash, and the money that you win using the free spins will be able to be withdrawn. That means you get to play for free and make real money while gambling with bonus money. That’s just too good not to be taken advantage of, provided that you have the chance to do so.

Try Out Casino Slots for Free

The best online casino slots are always good to be tried out, but some won’t allow you to put the games in free trial mode. As such, free spins also come in handy to give a try to new games and see for yourself just how profitable they are. Claim the best casino no deposit bonuses and withdraw the money after complying with the wagering requirements! 

Figure Out How Bonuses Work - Stress-Free!

If you want to see how bonuses work on a certain website, there’s also no better way to do it than with no deposit free spins. Find out the rules of a casino and how many fantastic games they have in store for you by claiming no deposit bonus free spins!

Last Edit: May 9, 2022