Free spin bonuses will never cease to be some of the best types of rewards that you can claim in any online casino. Not only do they provide you with the chance to enjoy the best games on the internet for free, but they also serve as a way to introduce you to the services of some of the best online casinos that you’ll find on the net.

Little it’s spoken, however, of the best free spin casinos that you can visit. There are some online casinos that seem to have the goal of offering the best free spins on the internet, providing users with nothing but the chance to spin the reels for free every single day of the year.

As things stand, however, not all of the best online casinos are great places to claim free spin bonuses. In fact, some of our top-rated casinos might not be ideal iGaming establishments for you to visit and claim spins.

We have made this list comprised of the best free spin casinos on the internet, among which you’ll find top-rated sites that will allow you to partake in the journey of a lifetime if you’re a fan of online slots.

This article will also serve as a full guide to the best free spin casinos, with information regarding how we choose them, what they’re good for, how to make the best of bonuses, and much more!

Our 15 Top Picks for the Best Free Spins Casinos

Before we give you an in-depth analysis of free spin casinos, let’s first take a look at the sites in question. These are 15 online casinos that we consider to be the best online casinos for free spins that you can visit on the internet!

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Videoslots Casino
Casumo Casino Logo

Oh, and we also bring you some Starburst bonus codes that we’re sure that you’ll love!

What are Fair Wagering Requirements for a Free Spin Bonus?

We know that you’re more than ready to go and claim the best free spin bonuses on the internet. Hold your horses, though! You should still learn more about what are fair wagering requirements and why they could influence a free spin bonus – whether that is for the better or for worse.

First things first: what is a wagering requirement?

Wagering requirements are included in every welcome bonus in the best online casinos, unless the offer states that the reward is wager-free. A wagering requirement is the number of times that you’ll have to bet your bonus money before you can cash it out.

In the case of free spins, wagering requirements apply to the amount of money that you win after playing with the free spins. It doesn’t affect the free spins per se.

Now, let’s say that a bonus has a wagering requirement of 35x. If you have 100 free spins, spend them, and earn €25, that means that you would need to wager €25 a total of 35 times before you can cash out the money (35 x 25).

How to Quickly Fulfill Wagering Requirements

If you’re looking to quickly fulfill the wagering requirements of any bonus, then you’ve probably come to the right place. We have a full list of how to quickly fulfill wagering requirements regardless of whether you think they are fair or not. There’s no better way to please a casino player than letting them keep their money and fulfilling any requirements in a matter of minutes.

Can Free Spin Bonuses be Wager-Free?

There are some free spins bonuses that are wager-free, which means that you will get to keep any of the money that you earn with the spins. No wagering requirements mean that you will be able to withdraw money from your account and that, in most cases, the money earned with the free spins will not become part of your casino bonus balance but from your own balance instead.

Not many online casinos offer wager-free spins, so be sure to make the best of any casino that does.

Some wager-free bonuses do require you to make a deposit to unlock the money, though, so it evens out later on. They are great bonuses anyway!

Game RTP and Stake Weights – Why Some Games Can’t Be Played

You’ll come across some online slots while claiming the best online casino bonuses that exist, that cannot be played with free spins or even free bonus money. These types of games are often very fun to play but online casinos don’t want their players making use of free cash to play in games that promise high payouts.

There are two types of slots that you will not be able to play with free spin bonuses – no matter how reputable a casino is or how lenient the rules of a bonus seem to be. These are as follows.

Slots with High RTP

If you’ve ever read our guide to the best slots based on RTP, then you know that some online slots offer much better payouts than the average. An average RTP (return-to-player rate, also known as the percentage of your money that you can expect to keep with each bet) is around 96%. That means that the casino has a house edge of around 4% in the majority of online slots.

However, there are games that offer much better payouts.

Online slots in our list of the best in the world come with RTP rates that go as high as 99%, making them incredibly profitable slots that could fill your account with hundreds of euros of cash. It’s only logical that online casinos that host these games are not too keen on their players making use of their money to play them!

Skill-Based Slots

Another popular type of slot game that no free spin bonus will allow you to play is the “Skill-based” slot category. These types of slots also offer great RTP rates, but for other reasons – they actually allow you to make in-game decisions, altering the course of each spin and providing you with much better payouts as the game advances.

You will not come across many casino bonuses that allow you to play these games for free, so make the best use of any bonus that does.

Year-Defining Free Spin Bonuses – More of The Best Casino Bonuses of 2021

All of the casinos that we’ve listed in the previous table are among the best free spin casinos in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that they are the only sites in which you can claim free spin bonuses or even the top online casinos to play the best rated online slots.

We have made another list, added as a bonus feature of this article, to help you determine and find top-quality bonuses that will set the world on fire with their bonus cash and bonus spins. Choose any of these bonuses if you want to dive straight into the action and claim rewards that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet!

Free Spins are Better than Free Money Bonuses – Here’s Why!

Wondering why some times it might be better to claim bonus free spins instead of bonus cash? There are three reasons why some of the best online casinos are offering free spin bonuses instead of larger sums of money for the players to enjoy, and we bring you 3 reasons why it’s better to play free slots than anything else!

Pressure-Free Slot Playtime

Even if free money bonuses still provide you with enough money to make the best of your time in online slots, the fact that you have to see your bonus balance drop every time that you spin the reels keeps the stress factor in the equation.

Free spins, on the other hand, are simply much better for stress-free gaming than their free money counterparts.

With free spin bonuses, you can simply play any online slot of your choosing (or the casino’s choosing) and make the best of your experience without having to put your mind through the strain of losing bonus cash.

Lower Wagering Requirements (Often Wager-Free!)

Free spin bonuses tend to have much lower wagering requirements than their free money counterparts, although this often happens because free spin bonuses tend to generate less cash than other types of bonuses.

However, if you’re not too keen on learning how to quickly fulfill wagering requirements, you might be better off avoiding free money bonuses and sticking to the best free spin bonuses in the world.

Deposit free spins tend to make it much easier for you to cash out rewards, but you may still end up with a fair amount of money on your account after playing with the best no deposit bonuses that the internet has to offer.

New Games, Free Spins

Many online casinos are also keen on giving away free spins to their loyal players, so they can use them in the newest online slots that get added to each site. That way, players will get to try out new games whilst aiming to earn real money with their playtime, on top of allowing every customer to claim free spins without making extra deposits every month.

You may not be able to play the best online slots with free bonus money, but free spins do let you do that!

How We Chose the Best Free Spin Casinos

Once you get into the world of online gambling and you start understanding how casinos work, it becomes much easier to determine which sites are worth visiting and which online casinos might be better off getting left untouched.

As such, we have determined some parameters that help us get a good idea of which casinos are worth a visit and we’ve decided to lay them out to you so you can make the same judgment on your own, should you wish to look for other casinos in your own spare time.

Best Welcome Bonuses Out There

One of the best ways to know if an online casino is worth a visit is by checking out the welcome bonuses that it offers. Not only should you be looking for lucrative welcome bonuses, but you also need the bonus itself to be fair to the player.

That means that the welcome bonus of a legit online casino should be able to be withdrawn, whether because the money itself is easily obtainable or because it has fair wagering requirements for the player to enjoy.

In this case, since we wanted to get the best free spin bonuses for you, we focused on online casinos with top-quality welcome bonuses that included free spins in each of their rewards.

Free Spins Upon Registrations

Another important aspect of online casinos, and one that could be the make-or-break factor of whether a site is worth paying a visit to, is the availability of no deposit free spins.

Some players are not eager to spend their money as soon as they register in an online casino – or not at least after they’ve tested the waters to see if the site is worth spending money on. As such, we have prioritized online casinos that come with free spins upon registration, which will allow you to play for free before spending any money on the sites.

Free Spins for the Best Slots

Another important aspect of the best free spin casinos is the fact that the spins must be able to be played on the best slots of the industry. If the online casino is reputable, then you shouldn’t worry much about this, but lesser-known online casinos might offer good bonuses that aren’t too interesting for players because they don’t allow you to play at the best online slots.

Top Rated Casinos Only

Another important aspect that we prioritized for every online casino that we chose to add to our list is the fact that every single casino must be a top-rated site. We have decided not to add any casinos that we haven’t rated among the best in the world, which means that you won’t be coming across any casino that we haven’t enjoyed in the past.

Top-rated casinos offer the best casino bonuses in fair gambling environments for every player to make the best of their experience in these fantastic, world-class sites free of any issues and packed with all of the fun.

Best Online Casinos According to Players

Never become too confident about an online casino without first reading about the opinions of players who have already spent time and money within the site’s premises.

We have given top priority to online casinos that are well-received by the iGaming community, as we think that you should only be spending time and money on the best casinos in the world. What makes a quality online casino is an argument that often varies, but player opinion will always matter the most like the one who spends the money is the one who has the ultimate say.

Set Sail Towards the Land of Slot Greatness

The best free spin casinos come packed with tons of rewards. You now have the tools to embark on a journey that could end in one of two ways: either you spend free spins and have hours of fun in the best online casinos, or you make a killing in rewards and earn a fair amount of money for yourself.

What are you waiting for, then? The best free spin casinos in the world are there for the taking. Make sure to create an account on your favorite site and get that credit card ready – you’ll be hoping to make a deposit and claim free spins as soon as your account made. Get going and play!


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