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Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb

Rook's Revenge Prizes Await

There’s no better bonus than one that doubles the money that you make in a single game. Getting five red symbols at the Rooks Revenge slot is not as easy as it could be, but you still have the chance to be the lucky player to earn these fantastic rewards on the 26th of January of 2020. This is one of BitStarz Casino New Year’s resolutions – making every player feel like the lucky one!

bitstarz rooks revenge double cash 

With this fantastic bonus, you will double the winnings made with the five red masks at the Rooks Revenge slot if you happen to be the first player to get it on the site after January 26th. The prize money of five masks at Rooks Revenge is already quite large enough, so we can’t even imagine how much cash you can get if you happen to double it during the promotion.

It’s quite difficult to earn this prize as all of the website will be competing to get it, but even if you don’t manage to earn it, there will be something waiting for you at Rooks Revenge – the game is filled with fantastic rewards, including free spins and bonus cash that you can earn with just a little bit of luck.

Are you ready to find out why the Rooks Revenge bonus is such a fantastic one? Read on!

How to Play the Rooks Revenge Double Cash Promotion

The Rooks Revenge double cash bonus starts on January 26th, 2020. It’s one of the first promotions of the year at BitStarz, and it shows just how much they’re willing to give away to players during the first few months of 2020. New decade, better rewards is what it seems to be happening at the popular BitStarz casino!

rooks revenge double cash

The Rooks Revenge double cash bonus starts on January 26th, 2020. It’s one of the first promotions of the year at BitStarz, and it shows just how much they’re willing to give away to players during the first few months of 2020. New decade, better rewards is what it seems to be happening at the popular BitStarz casino!

  1. Open Rook's Revenge
  2. Spin the wheel
  3. Hit 5 red masks
  4. Tell Bitstarz you won at: [email protected]
  5. Double your win!

Important notes

  • You will win double the jackpot money whenever you hit 5 red masks, but you need to be the first player to do so after the promotion starts.
  • You have to take a screenshot of your achievement and be sure to email it to [email protected]
  • The money that you win depends on the money that you originally bet.
  • You need to make wagers of at least €0.25 or 0.001 BTC if you want to qualify for the offer.

rooks revenge five masks

Rooks Revenge Slot Game

Rooks Revenge is one of the most popular slots that users love to enjoy at the BitStarz casino. The fantastic game with an Inca theme takes you back to the times where Moctezuma was still reigning the lands of Central America, and riches were there to be taken by the conquistadores. Worry not, though, no one is going to take away your winnings in this bonus-ridden game!

rooks revenge slot bitstarz casino

Rooks Revenge is one of the best mobile slots that you can play on any tablet, smartphone, or portable device, as it fits perfectly in the screens of most devices and requires little processing power to make the game run smooth. The game mainly thrives because of how amazing it is in terms of its art.

Both the graphical interface of the title and the music combine to make one of the best online slot experiences on the internet possible. It’s a great title and one that players from all over the world can enjoy thanks to it being available in multiple online casinos, but none offer a better bonus than the Rooks Revenge BitStarz bonus.

Each bonus line that you manage to hit will give you a multiplier, and since the slot’s stones explode to form new lines after you win (much like in Gonzo’s Quest), you will be able to make a fantastic sum of cash in a single spin with just a little bit of luck. Rooks Revenge is a super fun slot that makes player enjoy themselves and puts you at the gates of a bunch of rewards!

Rooks Revenge Free Spins

The Rooks Revenge slots also come packed with free spins that you can win in the game itself. If you happen to win them, you will be taken to a new screen well the man Rooks himself will congratulate you and make the wheel spin to see if your luck is good enough to get massive rewards with the free spin cash. In just a single playthrough, we managed to earn over 5000 credits on the free spins of Rooks Revenge.

What’s stopping you from claiming them with real money yourself? The game seems to be designed to please the player in every sense of the world. You don’t want to be missing out on the lucrative rewards of Rooks Revenge!

Bonus Terms and Conditions

There really aren’t too many things that you need to keep in mind when participating in this bonus offer, but the website makes it see like there are too many bonus rules. As such, we’ve compiled the three most important bonus terms and conditions of the Rooks Revenge offer, to help you get a better idea of what’s in store for you.


The time of the offer starts running exactly at 23:59 CET. From then and onwards, you will need to start wagering at Rooks Revenge like a madman if you wish to claim the 5 red masks before any other player is able to. Do keep in mind that it might take a few days to get there, unless someone gets extremely luck (it could be you, though!).

Wagering Requirements

The Rooks Revenge double cash bonus will double any amount of money that you manage to win in the game, but the best thing about the offer is that you will get all of your money credited to your account with no wagering requirements attached. Hence, if you wish, you can withdraw it to your bank account as soon as you receive it. Talk about a new year’s gift!

Only One Winner!

There can only be one winner at the Rooks Revenge double bonus. You may not claim the double bonus unless no other player on the website has managed to obtain it before you! We know that this makes the bonus a bit more difficult to claim, but that’s also what makes this offer such a fun one – you need to best other players by being quicker than them.

Just be sure to have your money ready by the time the offer begins and you will have a great chance of becoming the next big winner at the BitStarz website. Remember that the site offers rewards in bitcoins as well as in regular currencies such as euros, dollars, or even pounds. It’s up to you to decide how you want to claim this bonus and how you want to bet the money.

Be quicker than your rivals, though! And don’t forget to take the screenshot of your win or you may not be entitled to claim the bonus winnings. The site needs to be sure that its really you, after all.

Best Casino Bonuses at BitStarz

The BitStarz casino is known as one of the best bitcoin casinos on the internet, as our BitStarz review shows. This fantastic website provides players with everything they need to have in a digital casino, while also allowing them to wager in whichever type of currency they prefer. This also includes bitcoins and many other types of cryptos, so you can choose how and when to wager and win

. bitstarz free cash and free spins

If you think their Rooks Revenge promotion is great, just wait to see what else they have in store for you. This fantastic online casino also packs a punch with some of the best online casino rewards that you’ll find on the internet. They even allow new players to claim 20 free spins without even having to make a deposit, so that might give you an idea of how great this casino is to its loyal fans.

We’ve saved the best for last, though. The BitStarz welcome bonus comes with over 5 BTC for you to claim. Guess what? They’re all absolutely for free! That’s right, you can earn 5 BTC without spending a single dime of your cash by just depositing some of your cryptos on the BitStarz website. Don’t wait any longer!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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