Is Bitstarz Casino Recommended for USA Players?

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Does BitStarz Allow US Players?

BitStarz is blocked for most US players, you can use a VPN to access the site. Since Bitstarz deals with Bitcoin, US players are unlikely to be affected by banking restrictions.

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The BitStarz Casino has grown to become one of the most visited and respected online gambling sites that accept bitcoin. The site is available to be visited from anywhere in the world, yet the site’s terms and conditions state a series of restricted countries.

You may risk not having your money credited to your account if you play from a restricted country in a bitcoin casino, but BitStarz is a trustworthy site. You may want to visit a site that specifically lists US players as accepted to avoid any sort of trouble, but you don’t have anything to worry about when playing at BitStarz.

Play at BitStarz from the United States

BitStarz has become a global name in the iGaming world. The site is available in countless countries across the globe and makes it possible for gamblers of all backgrounds to put their cryptos in play and earn bonuses, as well as participate in tournaments.

Even though the United States is one of the countries that form part of the BitStarz Restricted Countries policy, it may still be a good idea to play at the site. This is why:

  • Playing with bitcoin means that you don’t have to involve your bank in any transfers that you make. One of the main issues of online gambling in the States is that banks block bank transfers, but this is a great way to avoid it
  • Technically, it’s not illegal to play at BitStarz. You may get in trouble if you file your earnings as gambling income as you could raise some eyebrows at the IRS, but since you’re playing with BTC and laws are not as clear as to what happens there, you’re saved by a grey area of the law that could be widely beneficial for players.
  • BitStarz bonuses can still be claimed regardless of where you live
  • The site is not blocked in the United States. You can visit it without a VPN

Bitcoin Casinos that Accept US Players

Even though we still recommend BitStarz as a fantastic bitcoin casino to visit from almost anywhere in the world, we know that some may prefer to visit online casinos that are explicitly listed as sites that work well for US players.

Bitcoin casinos, in that regard, are far more lenient than other sites; which is why we recommend them for players in the United States. Here’s The Casino Wizard’s ultimate list of bitcoin casinos that accept players from the United States!

1 mBit Casino
Visit сasino
2 FortuneJack Casino
Visit сasino
3 7Bit Casino
Visit сasino

Bitcoin Gambling in the United States

Bitcoin Gambling in the United States is way bigger than what it may look like at first glance. The accessibility of bitcoin casinos makes them ideal places to visit for those that live in states where online gambling isn’t legal but still feel like putting some of their cash in play.

This is because bitcoin gambling is technically not illegal, but many sites avoid offering services in the United States to avoid getting in trouble or having their reputation tarnished. These sites, including the best bitcoin casinos like mBit or BitStarz, are hosted abroad the United States, but allow players from the country to register and play.

Technically, bitcoin is legally recognized in the United States, though it is heavily regulated. If you play in online casinos in states where it is illegal to do so, you will likely get in trouble regardless of whether the site is a bitcoin casino or a standard online casino. Since bitcoin casinos offer transactions that are almost impossible to track, it’s easy to bypass state restrictions.

Why You Should Gamble with Bitcoin in the US

The rise of cryptocurrency gambling in America has been quite sharp, mostly because of how easy it is to do as players want with their money, all while avoiding annoying restrictions that often damage player experience in standard online casino sites.

So far, it looks like a very good idea to gamble with bitcoin in the United States. We’re now going to tell you the main reasons why gambling with bitcoin is a fantastic idea – whether you do it at the BitStarz Casino or you choose to visit another of the best crypto casinos available in the States.

bitstarz casino bonuses
Amazing promotions await at BitStarz to play free table games and slots

Safe Transactions

Contrary to what many amateurs think, gambling with bitcoin is one of the safest ways to gamble money in the United States. It ensures players keep their cash out of “the system” while providing them with great ways to make transfers in and out of any casino of their choosing. Here are some must-know facts of bitcoin gambling to keep yourself safe at all times:

  • Be sure to play in a licensed casino like BitStarz. Unlicensed bitcoin casinos are a massive red flag in the iGaming world
  • Transfer your money using reliable crypto wallets. Platforms like MetaMask are easy to download and set up, as well as free and safe
  • Do not transfer your crypto from your casino account’s wallet to a wallet that you don’t own. Personal transactions are the way to go if you want to ensure your money’s safety.

High Wagering Limits

High rollers will often face the annoying limits that fiat currency casinos impose upon them. On top of that, players will also have to deal with withdrawal limits and reduced stakes. However, when gambling with cryptocurrencies, players will have the chance to spend much more money on the sites of their choosing thanks to the wagering rules and higher expenditure allowed on these sites.

Just take a look at the bonuses that BitStarz has for players. They’re so lucrative that claiming them with BTC could reward you with the equivalent of thousands of dollars in free rewards.

No Bank Intervention

Banks in the United States can be extremely picky when it comes to allowing transactions towards gambling websites, or even when it comes to allowing transactions from the website itself to the player’s account.

Bank intervention is quite an issue that makes it annoying to play online, but the fact that you won’t have to answer to any bank is what makes BitStarz an ideal place to spend your money in the United States. Your winnings will count as part of your BTC patrimony.

Personal Privacy

Gambling at a standard online casino could be quite an issue if you plan on doing it in the United States. Banks are likely to reject transfers, which will be a problem with withdrawals and payments. On top of that, your transactions could trigger a warning or two and your money may be seized, depending on the state that you reside in.

The personal privacy that comes with gambling in a bitcoin casino is the best aspect of gambling with crypto in the United States. You will be able to freely move your money from one casino to another, or keep it on your BitStarz account until you want to withdraw it, without facing any restrictions.

Better Bonuses

The best bitcoin bonuses are far better than the offers that other online casinos seem to be offering to their players. The standard casino often provides you with free cash, but bitcoin casinos have popularized a type of welcome bonus that far outdoes anything that you’ll find in other casinos in the industry; as they reward players with 5 BTC or more in their first handful of deposits at the casino of their choice.

Playing at Bitcoin casino makes it easy for gamblers to obtain amazing rewards that stand among the best that you can claim in the modern iGaming world.

Test Your Luck and Play with Cryptos in America

We’ve now told you why you should consider playing with cryptocurrencies if you’re visiting a casino from the United States. It makes it too easy for players to select their rewards, play their favorite games, and avoid banking restrictions, while still having access to the best games and promotions in the iGaming world.

We’ve told you why visiting the BitStarz Casino may be a brilliant idea. Now, it’s up to you to choose whether this is the best casino to visit in the United States. Keep in mind that crypto casinos in the US are some of the most coveted gambling websites out there, so go and register now to claim fantastic prizes from the get-go!

Last updated  November 19, 2022
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