Betfair Casino No Deposit Free Spins Bonus: 50 Spins upon Registration

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Claim 50 Free Spins at Betfair

Have you ever wanted to be rewarded with free spins by basically doing nothing? Well, you’re truly in luck. The new Betfair bonus allows you to earn 50 free spins by making a small deposit of €5 – no strings attached. You’ll get your 50 free spins to be enjoyed in the best Betfair slots by simply committing a small sum of cash to the casino.

The best thing about this offer is that you don’t really need to invest much in the site, which makes it ideal for low rollers. Furthermore, the offer is presented by one of the largest online casinos on the planet.

Betfair is the sponsor of some of the biggest sports franchises in the world, including popular football teams like Juventus and FC Barcelona. As such, the Betfair bonus is well thought to be a fair and great offer that most players will be able to enjoy. However, there are a few things that you should know before taking it, such as the wagering requirements and other conditions that may come attached to the promotion. 

Who Can Claim 50 Free Spins at Betfair?

These 50 free spins are meant to be claimed by players who live in the United Kingdom or Ireland. You cannot claim this particular bonus if you live somewhere else in the world, though keep in mind that other promotions are available at Betfair if that's the case.

How to Get the Betfair Free Spins Bonus in 2021?

You can receive 50 free spins with the Betfair bonus by simply creating an account on the site and making a deposit of €5. You’ll instantly get credited with the spins and you’ll be free to use them on the available games for the bonus offer. It’s important to note that people from the UK and Ireland are eligible to receive this offer, but users from other countries won’t be able to claim it.

In any case, it’s also important to understand that the offer is meant to be claimed once per user.

You may not create multiple accounts in order to bypass this rule, nor should you use proxy addresses or any type of software that masks your IP to trick the site into claiming the offer multiple times. You should also avoid using a proxy to locate yourself in the United Kingdom, as this goes against the bonus rules. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in the removal of your bonus funds and the closure of your account.

If you opened multiple accounts, it’s highly likely that you will get banned from Betfair altogether. You should also pay attention to the gambling restrictions of your country of residence.

If your country has policies against gambling in place, you may want to entirely avoid visiting the Betfair casino. You must also be a 100% new player to Betfair – if you’ve placed wagers in the past, you’re not eligible to claim the offer.

What the Betfair Bonus is About

This bonus is even more of an introductory offer to the site than the regular welcome bonus offered by the Betfair staff. This bonus simply gives you an extra 50 free spins to get your online gambling life started without having to bet too much cash to do it – a simple deposit of €5 gets you the entire bonus, which is a great way to encourage players to try out their luck on this awesome online casino.

The Betfair 50 free spin bonus is a generous offer that aims to give every player the chance to earn some quick cash and learn the basics of the casino without having to spend a dime over €5.

Sounds good, right? Well, it doesn’t get much better if you’re looking for an offer where you don’t have to commit to much cash to get it.

We feel that this offer is ideal for every player who’s new to online casinos in general. When you first start out, it’s usually difficult to make the decision to deposit cash, particularly because you think that you’re going to lose it or simply be unable to make a profit of it.

However, a small deposit of €5 will help you get accustomed to the best features of an online casino and you’ll learn how to play slots without having to spend your cash, but with the expectations of making a decent profit. Just remember that these sorts of offers tend to be protected by a few restrictions that you can find in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

The Betfair bonus is a great offer and very fair in general, but it’s always good to know all about the Betfair terms and conditions before you move on to cash out on those awesome spins. 

Betfair 50 Free Spins Terms and Conditions

The list of requirements and rules for the Betfair bonus isn’t as large as the ones you usually find in other offers, which is always a good sign of what to expect from it. However, understanding the terms and conditions of this offer will help you determine just how good the overall quality of the promotion is and how to get the best out of the 50 free spins that you’ll receive with your deposit.

We know that it can be quite a bother to read through all the terms, so we’ve made a list with the most important things to take from the Betfair bonus rules and broken them down in detail to further aid you in your quest for the best casino rewards.

Wagering Requirements

You’ll need to wager the amount of your bonus a total of 45 times before you can withdraw the winnings made from the free spins. Given that the Betfair bonus that we’re reviewing doesn’t directly inject your account with cash, you’ll have to first spend the 50 free spins and then use the cash in other games in order to comply with the site’s wagering requirements.

Keep in mind that these conditions are true for every casino bonus found on Betfair, but if you’re going to claim another bonus, the conditions apply to everyone except residents from the following countries: Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, or Poland. If you happen to live or play with the Betfair bonus in any of these countries, you’ll be subjected to a wagering requirement of 90.

Bonus Timeframe

The free spins received with the Betfair bonus need to be wagered within 7 days after receiving them. If you fail to spend the spins in that timeframe, they will all be removed from your account and you won’t be entitled to claim the deposit bonus once again. Be sure to use them as soon as possible and comply with the wagering requirements closely afterwards.


Not every game contributes equally towards the fulfillment of the Betfair bonus wagering requirements. In fact, some games on the site have a 0% contribution rate, which you might do well not playing until the bonus is fully spent. The list of games and the percentages with which they contribute to the requirements is as follows:

  • Slots (Excluding double options) - 100%
  • Arcade, Scratchcard Games and Fixed Odds Games (Excluding Spin A Win/Lucky Wheel) - 100%
  • Roulette (All Varieties excluding Zero Roulette and 3D) - 50%
  • Card Games (All varieties excluding Red Dog, Casino Hold'em, Casino War & Wild Vikings) - 50%
  • Sic Bo - 50%
  • Blackjack (All varieties excluding Pontoon, Blackjack Surrender, Blackjack Switch, Zero Blackjack and Stravaganza) - 50%
  • Craps - 5%
  • Video Poker (All varieties) - 5%
  • Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Red Dog, Spin A Win/Lucky Wheel, Casino War, Casino Hold'em, Wild Vikings and Stravaganza - 5%
  • Zero Games, Blackjack Surrender and all double options on slots, Video Poker (All varieties), 3D Roulette and any other games not in the eligible games list - 0%
  • Live casino games - 0%


You can check out how much of your money is your and how much of the balance belongs to the bonus by visiting your profile and reading the balance summary. You’ll get a detailed breakdown of how much money you still need to wager before the requirements are fulfilled, as well as information of how much money can be withdrawn and how much of it must stay on the site.

It’s important to note that the €5 of your deposit will be used first when meeting the wagering requirements of the Betfair bonus. The bonus cash generated with the free spins will be used once the deposit money of the promotion is fully spent. 

Claim the Bonus and Win Real Cash with Free Spins Today!

The Betfair bonus of 50 free spins is a one-time opportunity that will help you get started in one of the best online casinos on the planet. All you must do is make a small deposit of €5 and claim the promotion as your own! It doesn’t take too much time, money, or effort. Just make a small monetary commitment to the site and take full advantage of this offer.

If you like what you see here and you want to experience the Betfair bonus by yourself, visit the site and make an account today before the offer gets removed! Read our full Betfair Casino review here.

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