Match Deposit Bonuses

Do you want to deposit and claim a bonus that equals the amount of cash that you're paying? If so, match deposit bonuses are for you. These fantastic rewards can be found in some of the world's best online casinos, and we've filtered out the very best to lay them out for you right here.

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Match Deposit Bonuses

Match Deposit Bonuses
Exclusive Bonus ✅
mBit Casino
Minimum deposit: 0,006 BTC Wagering requirements: 40xbT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: 0,006 BTC Wagering requirements: 40xb
Mirax Casino
Match Deposit bonus
W2, W3, W4
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: 0.00072 BTC Wagering requirements: 45xT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
W2, W3, W4
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: 0.00072 BTC Wagering requirements: 45x
Thunderpick Casino
Match Deposit bonus
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 30xb+dT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Welcome bonus
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 30xb+d
Best Crypto Bonus 2024 ✅
BitStarz Casino
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xbT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb
Best Value Bonus ✅
7Bit Casino
Match Deposit bonus
Minimum deposit: 0.6 mBTC Wagering requirements: 35xT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: 0.6 mBTC Wagering requirements: 35x
CosmicSlot Casino
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35-40XT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35-40X
Gangsta Casino
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35-40XT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35-40X
Best Bitcoin Bonus 2024
mBit Casino
Minimum deposit: 40 mBTC Wagering requirements: 40xbT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: 40 mBTC Wagering requirements: 40xb
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35xbT&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35xb
Casino Extra
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 30x(d+b)T&Cs applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 30x(d+b)
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What Is A Match Deposit Bonus?

A match deposit bonus is a casino bonus that matches a percentage of your deposit in free bonus cash. You can trigger the bonus when making a deposit. Match deposit bonuses often allow you to claim free spins along with the bonus cash. You can claim these bonuses after creating an account in an online casino, and they can be part of welcome bonus programs or as part of ongoing loyalty player promotions.

Uses Of Match Deposit Bonuses

Every casino offers match deposit bonuses in different situations. The only certain thing is that every single online casino offers match deposit bonuses of some sort – whether you find them as part of welcome packages or in monthly promotions that the casino releases to keep things fresh.

The reason as to why these bonuses matter so much to the casino is that they encourage people to make a deposit on the site. This is always going to be the top priority for the casino, as it’s what guarantees the site to make a sustainable income.

As Part of Welcome Bonuses

Most welcome bonuses offered to new players include some sort of match deposit bonus, which is often accompanied by other rewards such as free spins. Welcome bonuses can be presented to players as no deposit bonuses as well as deposit bonuses, but when the online casino opts to offer a deposit bonus, it will usually be a match deposit bonus of at least 100%.

You may find that some match deposit bonuses are more lucrative than others, but it all depends on how much money the casino is willing to offer to its players. It’s likely that you’ll be subjected to more restrictions in the most lucrative match deposit bonuses.

As Part of Regular Deposit Bonuses

Although some deposit bonuses just offer you the chance to earn free spins, it’s likely that casinos often release promotions during certain parts of the month to encourage players into making deposits. These promotions are often seen in the form of additional match deposit money.

Some casinos have offers that match whichever amount of money you deposit into your account on a Thursday, for example, in order to encourage you to play before the end of the week, while also allowing you to continue gambling during the weekend.

Match Bonus Packages

Match deposit bonus packages may also be offered as part of casino promotions. The most common type of casino packages include cash match bonuses as well as free spins to be used anywhere in the casino, and although these are often found as part of welcome offers (like it happens at the Videoslots casino), casinos may also release special promotions during the holidays.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the bonuses to understand whether the free money is worth it or not – sometimes casinos intentionally make the conditions very complicated to avoid players from making a lot of money out of their free bonus.

Match Deposit Bonus Money

There are also a couple of different ways in which casinos can offer players their free cash. You’ll rarely find a casino that’s willingly going to give you a match deposit bonus that can be instantly withdrawn, as they want you to use the free money in their site. You may gamble it in whichever game you prefer unless the match deposit bonus has game restrictions in place.

However, it’s not always a given that you’ll eventually be able to withdraw the match deposit bonus. Sometimes casinos may give you free cash, which you’ll be able to gamble on the site, but you won’t be able to withdraw whatsoever.

Sticky Account Balance

Sticky money is the term used to talk about money that can’t ever be withdrawn from a casino. What’s the point of a match deposit bonus if you can’t withdraw it, you may ask? Well, you may not be able to withdraw the free money itself, but you will be able to withdraw whichever amount of money you manage to win with the bonus.

The amount of money that you manage to win with your sticky match deposit bonus will then have to be wagered a few times in a certain timeframe. Once you manage to comply with the conditions, you’ll be able to transfer your winnings directly to your bank account.

Non-Sticky Account Balance

Non-sticky bonuses are the most coveted types of match deposit bonuses offered by casinos. They can be withdrawn, along with all of the profits you manage to make, as soon as you comply with all of the wagering requirements that the casino has in place.

Non-sticky bonuses often have a higher wagering requirement than sticky bonuses, but they also yield better chances to make more profit out of the bonus.

Types Of Match Deposit Bonuses

Apart from the way in which cash can be presented to you, there are also various types of match deposit bonuses that vary depending on the policies of each casino. A match deposit bonus doesn’t necessarily match the exact amount of money that you deposit into the account, but it does give you cash according to how big your deposit is.

100% Match Deposit Bonus

The most common type of match deposit bonus is the basic 100% match. This means that whichever amount you deposit will be given to you in the form of bonus free money for you to gamble with your account. In most cases, there will be a limit as to how much money you can earn using one of these bonuses, so be sure to fully read the site’s policies before making a deposit.

25% and 50% Match Deposit Bonuses

Some online casinos offer to match less than 100% of your deposit, but this is usually done on special occasions. For example, you may find a 50% match deposit bonus as part of a welcome bonus package, which offers various deposit bonuses at once.

In such cases, the first deposit might give you a match deposit bonus of 150%, whilst the next couple of deposits might offer a 50% match instead. Each individual deposit is also restricted to a maximum amount of matched cash. Casinos like to play around with these offers, and you’ll find many types of presentations as you look for a new online casino to play in.

Over 100% Match Deposit Bonuses

Welcome packages often look to catch the attention of new players with a match deposit bonus that breaks the 100% mark. Visiting a new casino and being presented with the opportunity to deposit €100 and obtaining an additional €150 seems to good to be overlooked – and casinos know how much new players love welcome offers.

Keep in mind that match deposit bonuses that offer you more than 100% of the cash that you deposit into the site are put through tighter restrictions than less lucrative bonuses. However, you can end up with a ton of withdrawable cash if you manage to comply with said restrictions!

Match Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

Every match deposit bonus is subjected to a series of wagering requirements that must be fulfilled before cashing out your winnings.

Furthermore, there is a clear correlation between the amount of money that a casino offers and the number of times that you’ll need to wager it. For example, a casino might be willing to give you a match deposit bonus of 250%, which is considered very high, but you might have to wager your winnings around 70 to 100 times. This might end up in you losing all your bonus money, given the odds are in full favor of the casino.

You should look for match deposit bonuses that range from 10 to 40 times – anything higher than that is often considered too high. However, some casinos offer very good promotions that make high wagering requirements worth it. You’ll have to read the site’s terms and conditions to find out how truly worth it an offer is.

Things To Keep An Eye Out For With A Match Deposit Bonus

Apart from wagering requirements, which are the most obvious things to understand before applying for a match deposit bonus, there are other restrictions and information that cannot be ignored. The full understanding of everything on this list will help you determine the viability of making a profit with a match deposit bonus.

Available Games

Some match deposit bonuses won’t allow players to use the cash in every game on the casino. Some offers are limited to certain slot games, while other bonuses might let you roam the casino freely. In any case, it’s important that your match deposit bonus gives you the chance to play whichever game you want – and most importantly, the game where you feel that you’ll make a larger profit.

It’s also important that you check how much each game counts towards the total wagering requirements of the site. Some casinos restrict poker and blackjack winnings to just 10% for the total amount you’ll need to make in order to comply with the online casino’s wagering requirements.

If the Bonus Seems Too Good to Be True…

Beware. If you see a match deposit bonus with a ridiculous percentage (anything over 250%) and a high maximum money reward (or no maximum set at all), you should be very wary of it. Most sites that offer high match deposit bonuses are very difficult to trust, and you’ll most likely end up with a bonus that can’t be cashed.

The wagering requirements of this bonus among other limitations often make them impossible to withdraw from the site – even when the bonus isn’t sticky itself.

Hunt Down Those Chain Offers

Some match deposit bonuses can be chained – for example, taking advantage of certain bonuses might give you access to other bonuses within the same site, which could exponentially increase your winnings. Most casinos have offers like this in place, mainly to keep players from leaving the site and joining other casinos in case they run out of bonuses.

You can find match deposit bonuses in the most prestigious online casinos with the largest player bases. As you can imagine, casinos love rewarding players for their loyalty and most gamblers are sure to take advantage of this by trying to cash out as many match deposit bonuses as possible.

Chain Offer Exceptions

Some chain offers don’t directly pay as much as the first offers of the bunch. For example, the first match deposit bonus may give you a 150% cash match with a maximum amount of €200. However, it’s very likely that the second and third bonuses pay less than 100% of the total amount of your deposit. Some casinos balance this out by offering two or three match deposit bonuses of 100%.

Take Advantage of Promotions While They Last

Some casinos offer very generous promotions that may be taken down shorter than expected. If a casino offers a match deposit bonus with low wagering requirements and users start making a ton of cash for free, they may shut down the offer. Remember that casinos can halt bonuses whenever they see fit, in order to keep them from losing to much cash.

However, if you manage to take advantage of lucrative match deposit bonuses as soon as possible, you will most likely end up with a full wallet using your free bonus cash.

The Bottom Line Of Match Deposit Bonuses

One thing is certain – match deposit bonuses have been here for decades and they are here to stay. Finding a quality match deposit bonus could go a long way into defining your experience with an online casino, and you could make a ton of cash using the free money that you’re offered – if you’re lucky enough, that is.

Every casino presents these bonuses in a different way – some may send you an email with a redeemable code, while others may give you the money as soon as you make your deposit. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each bonus and take full advantage of its features.

Last updated  March 23, 2024

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