Finding the best casino bonuses has always been a priority for everyone at The Casino Wizard. We know how players from all over the world tend to look for online casinos that offer great bonuses and promotions for them to enjoy, so we’ve decided to make the search easier for every player that reads us. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the best and latest online casino bonuses that you’ll find on Earth.

There are many things that make a casino bonus good. However, casino bonuses tend to differ in shapes and rewards – many online casinos tend to create new and fresh promotions to keep things different from the rest. Finding out which enterprise creates the best bonuses should always be your top priority as it is ours.

You need to be ready to encounter all sorts of games when hunting for the latest casino bonuses. Some online casinos like to offer players rewards for making deposits on their sites, while other casinos simply offer bonuses to every new player that visits. You’ll need to find a bonus that suits your needs and take full advantage of it before it runs out – not every bonus is permanent, so you might need to act quickly.

First Deposit Bonuses

First deposit bonuses are the most common types of bonuses that you’ll find on the internet. These are basic bonuses that reward players for making their first deposit on any given site. First deposit bonuses come in various forms as well, and players could get rewarded in different ways for depositing cash into a new online casino. However, it’s important to understand that not every offer is as lucrative as the rest.

In fact, many casinos offer first deposit bonuses as their most lucrative promotions in order to lure players in. It’s important to stay informed on other promotions that the site has to offer and make sure that they are as lucrative as the first one. This is especially relevant if you’re looking to stay playing in the same casino for a while – it’s useless to claim other promotions if they’re impossible to complete.

With that said, first deposit bonuses come in various shapes and forms. The most popular types of first deposit bonuses are traditional match deposit bonuses (which give you a percentage of your deposit in the form of additional money) and free spin bonuses (rewards that can be used to play the best slot games for free).

Welcome Bonuses & Bonus Packages

A common type of bonus that many modern casinos are offering is a package of various bonuses that rewards every new player that joins a casino and financially commits to it in the near future. This means that a player will be eligible to claim various bonuses depending on how much money they want to commit to the site as well as how much time they’re willing to spend on it.

Welcome bonuses and regular bonus packages tend to start off with a very tempting first deposit bonus and then move on to less lucrative but still attractive second deposit bonuses. These sorts of promotions might last for three to five deposit bonuses, and they usually start with a no deposit bonus to encourage players to wager free cash on the site.

Welcome bonus packages are the best way that casinos have to introduce new players into their websites. In fact, the profitability of one of these offers tends to define the overall qualities of a casino. If you manage to land a good amount of money with a welcome bonus, then chances are that you’ll also manage to earn some good cash in the casino games and with any other bonus that the site has in store for you.

Welcome Bonus Disclaimer

Some welcome bonus packages are intentionally more lucrative than the rest of the casino bonuses. That’s why we always recommend our readers to keep an eye out for any fine print that might make a good casino bonus look poor, regardless of how awesome the welcome bonus experience is. You won’t have to worry about any of this as long as you stick to The Casino Wizard’s list of latest casino bonuses.

In most cases, bonus packages and welcome bonuses will only be redeemable during your first visit to a casino. You may not create multiple accounts in order to obtain the same rewards multiple times. Doing so could result in a ban and the full removal of all bonus funds from the site that you’re visiting. Don’t attempt to break any casino’s terms and conditions.

The Magic of No Deposit Bonuses

Many bonuses that you’ll find in this latest casino bonus list, here at The Casino Wizard, will include some sort of no deposit bonus. In fact, The Casino Wizard even boasts a no deposit bonus code section where you can freely select any bonus offer that you want and claim it by visiting the promotional site. In any case, casinos love to offer players the chance to claim no deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are always topping the lists of latest casino bonuses mainly because they heavily encourage players to commit to a casino. These types of bonuses also let every player try out games with the chance to earn real money, but without having to risk any of their own cash. The potential to make a player earn free money is more than enough to convince gamblers to try these offers.

However, no deposit bonuses will always work as a gateway mechanism to get you to make a deposit on the site. Look at these bonuses as a sort of long-con: you’ll be getting free cash and potentially making a profit out of it, but you’ll be tempted to make a deposit in the future and you might end up staying in the site for a long time if you like it.

No deposit bonuses are a win/lose situation for most casinos, but they put every player in a win/win scenario. Taking advantage of these bonuses is almost inevitable if you’re looking to build yourself a solid foundation for a future of profits.


There are countless types of bonuses that casinos offer to players, and the latest casino bonuses are always filled with many options for you to choose from. Not every type of bonus will suit the needs of every gambler, so it’s important to have a general idea of which types of bonuses you like the most when looking for a new promotion to claim.

Match Deposit Bonus

A match deposit bonus is a traditional promotion that casinos offer to players in order to encourage them to make a deposit. It’s also the most effective type of casino bonus, as it subconsciously forces the player to deposit a lot of money by offering them the option to deposit as much cash as they want and claim a percentage of it as bonus cash.

Even though most online casinos offer players the chance to deposit as little as €20 and still claim a match deposit bonus, players tend to deposit the largest sum of money that the casino is willing to match in order not to miss out on any rewards.

Match deposit bonuses may equal different sums of money depending on the conditions of each casino. For example, we’ve come across some incredible promotions that match 400% of your deposit, while other great bonuses match 100% of your cash.

You always need to read the conditions of each bonus to make sure that the bonus money is eventually going to be redeemable, as some sites offer ridiculous bonuses that are impossible to claim. We’ve excluded the latest casino bonuses that are too difficult to claim in order to save you the time and trouble of going over an offer that will ultimately leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Free Spin Bonus

Many welcome bonus packages and welcome bonuses, in general, tend to include free spins as part of the rewards that you can get in an online casino. Free spin bonuses grant your account a given amount of free spins that can be used in a specific game on the casino. These free spins usually reward you with bonus money, which will need to be wagered a few times before you can claim it.

Free spins are ways for casinos to show players how good their slots are. Many online casinos are amazing for players that love slots, as the popularity of this genre has forced the hand of developers to create awesome jackpot games as well as traditional slot machines. Free spins are a clear reflection of the quality of slots that you can expect to find in an online casino.

However, it’s natural for online casinos to limit the number of rewards that you can get with free spins. As a consequence of this, you’ll usually find limitations regarding the winnings that you make with these spins. Most online casinos won’t allow you to cash out over €100 in free spin revenue, and any surplus amount is sure to be removed from your account upon withdrawing any winnings.

However, free spins are still considered one of the most sought-after rewards that gamblers like to claim when joining a new casino. Free spins are a free source of money which players can get without really having to invest anything on the site, albeit they might need to make a small deposit before claiming any rewards as per most sites’ policies.

If you’re not a fan of slots, however, you might still use the money generated with the free spins to play in other areas of the casino. Most of the latest casino bonuses allow players to spend their bonus revenue in almost any game available on each site, which makes these promotions even better for those gamers who love to try new things out.

Loyalty Bonuses

Another common type of bonus that you’ll find is the loyalty bonus. Loyalty bonuses are awarded to players that have already made deposits in any given casino and are looking to stay on the site. As such, these bonuses tend to be very lucrative proposals that make the player stay committed to a casino and not get bored with the games that it offers.

The best loyalty bonuses that you’ll find can be even more lucrative than a regular welcome bonus, and even more profitable than the welcome bonus packages that you can find in the same casino.

Sometimes, however, loyalty bonuses are given to players in the form of redeemable points. For example, wagering a certain amount of money in a game will grant points to your account, which you’ll be able to spend in the casino’s store and cash them out in exchange for incredible rewards.

Loyalty bonus points are offered in sites such as Royal Panda, where players can use the points and exchange them for free spins or bonus money to be used in any game on the site. Many players are encouraged to stay in an online casino solely because of the quality of its loyalty rewards, as sometimes the free cash offer is too good to not be lured by it.

Monthly Bonuses

You should always keep an eye out for the latest casino bonuses, as there are many monthly rewards that casinos introduce to their players in order to keep them hooked to their services. As such, you can sometimes find some incredibly lucrative promotions that you’ll be able to claim during a certain period of time, but these offers run out, so you must always be on the look for them if you don’t want to miss out.

Monthly bonuses might also be influenced by the time of the year in which they’re offered. For example, a monthly offer given to players in December might be seasonal-themed, and players might get rewarded with extra free spins or extra bonus cash as a consequence of the festivities.

If you’re one of those eager gamblers who spend cash online across various times of the year, you should always be wary of these promotions and claim them if you feel like their bonus terms are acceptable. You might be able to get a large sum of cash in exchange for your time and efforts!


There’s nothing more important than knowing how to fully enjoy and experience the latest casino bonuses. However, some gamblers wonder why casinos give these bonuses away, and what exactly their end game is with them. If you’re visiting one of the casinos listed here, you don’t need to worry about and end game – the objective of each casino is to let you enjoy yourself and hopefully get you to commit some cash to their services.

However, there are some shady casinos out there that don’t care as much for the well-being of the player and might offer promotions that can be harmful in many ways. We recommend selecting one of the online casinos trusted by The Casino Wizard if you really want to spend your time and money in an online casino bonus.

Go Over the Terms and Conditions

Before claiming any of the latest casino bonuses, you must be fully knowledgeable in regard to the terms and conditions of the offers. You must fully understand how the terms and conditions of the promotion work in order to get the best out of it, and it’s important to read the fine print of each offer as well to make sure that you’ll be able to claim the rewards as promised.

Some casinos hide their rewards behind difficult rules that you’re going to struggle trying to comply with. As such, it’s important for you to read every rule and make sure that the casino isn’t trying to simply sell you a promotion in order to get you to make a deposit.

You can avoid the issue of trying to select a non-scammy casino by choosing any of the latest casino bonuses that are listed at The Casino Wizard. Every promotion found on this site is subjected to fair wagering requirement and rules that make playing with these bonuses a fair gambling experience for every type of player.

Research Which Games Give You Better Odds

Most online casinos enforce a stake weight rule, which means that some games contribute differently toward the fulfillment of wagering requirements. As you might know, most casino bonuses are subjected to wagering requirements before you can cash out the rewards of any promotion. For example, a casino might ask you to wager your bonus money a total of 40 times before withdrawing it from your account.

Some games contribute differently towards this number than others. In most cases, you’ll want to play slots while wagering toward the fulfillment of the wagering requirements. Slots usually have a 100% contribution rate, which makes them the best option for you to play online. However, there are other games that share similar percentages.

You might want to play games with percentages higher than 50% whilst the wagering requirements aren’t met. This is especially true if the bonus has a short timeframe. Some casinos will only let you play with bonus money or bonus free spins for a week, so you might want to get the best out of the offer before time runs out.

Stay Away from Table Games

Table games tend to have low contribution percentages toward the wagering requirement of casino bonuses. In fact, many casinos simply disallow table games to be played with bonus money. However, those who allow it tend to restrict the winnings to a contribution rate of just 5 to 10%.

It’s recommended to stay away from table games unless the casino makes it explicitly clear that you can get at least 50% to contribute to your wagering requirements. Your best bet might be placed on slots or progressive jackpot games (if the bonus allows you to play in them).

Play Jackpot Games if Possible

Jackpot games are arguably the best way in which you can spend your bonus money. They allow players to obtain a large jackpot that could exceed the million-euro mark by playing with free spins or free bonus cash. However, not every online casino allows players to use their bonus cash in progressive jackpots or jackpot slots in general.

If any of the latest online bonuses let you play any sort of jackpot game, then you should be all over it. You’ll need a fair share of luck in order to claim a large jackpot win, but the rewards will be massive if you happen to pull it off!

Be Wary of Withdrawals

Another important thing to keep in mind when wagering with any reward obtained in the latest casino bonuses is not to withdraw any money unless the wagering requirements of the offer are met. If you somehow request a withdrawal before that happens, then the casino is almost certainly going to remove any winnings and any remaining bonus balance from your account.

Be sure to request a withdrawal of your funds once you’ve complied with all the rules that the casino has set in place for the promotion.