Loyal Casino Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to €250 + 100 Free Spins

Loyal Casino Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to €250 + 100 Free Spins Image
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Loyal Casino Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to €250 + 100 Free Spins Image

100% up to €250 + 100 Free Spins

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Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 20xd+b
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With a community that keeps growing by the day, the Loyal Casino honors its name by offering all of its customers the chance to earn incredible rewards by simply signing in to the website and making their first deposit on their accounts. The Loyal Casino welcome bonus is a traditional match deposit bonus with which the casino promises to double your money with the same amount in bonus cash! Welcome Bonus Loyalcasino.com

The Loyal Casino states, however, that the main objective of this offer is to keep their newcomers entertained. You shouldn’t see this offer as the most lucrative one on the market (trust us, if you’re after cash, you can check out the Uptown Aces or Jackpot City bonuses). This offer is going to let you enjoy and appreciate all of the best games available on the Loyal Casino website without spending a dime of your cash!

The Loyal Casino might not be the most experienced website, having started operations less than a decade ago, but they’ve shown plenty of times just why they are becoming such a massive hit amongst gambling enthusiasts on the internet. Fans of online casino games and bonus lovers, rejoice – the Loyal Casino welcome bonus is sure going to get your account going with an extra €200!

How to Get the Loyal Casino Welcome Bonus

If you haven’t yet created a new account on the Loyal Casino website, then what are you waiting for? That’s all you need to do to claim the amazing Loyal Casino welcome bonus of €200 plus 200 free spins! Veteran players of the site are not eligible to claim this promotion, but newcomers can rejoice and enjoy one of the finest promotions that we’ve encountered on the internet so far. In order to claim the Loyal Casino welcome bonus, visit the Loyal Casino website and choose the “Register” option to create a new account on the site.

They will ask you for some personal information of yours, but worry not – the site uses high-quality SSL encryption technology to keep all of your data safe and protected from wrongdoers who might want to get their hands on it. The Loyal Casino Welcome bonus cash can be obtained by simply registering on the site and then confirming your account to verify your identity.

Naturally, this means that you can’t use fake email addresses or fake information. Be warned – doing any of these two things might get you a permanent IP ban from the site and all of your bonus winnings will be voided should they find out after you’ve registered.

Other than that, there’s nothing else you need to do to claim the Loyal Casino welcome bonus. Simply visit the site after verifying your account and make your first deposit there. You will instantly receive a match deposit bonus of 200%! Getting the free spins is a whole other deal, though, so stay tuned to find out how to get free spins with the Loyal Casino welcome bonus.

How to Get the Bonus Free Spins

Keep in mind that the bonus free spins that you’ll get with the Loyal Casino welcome bonus are exclusively reserved to be played in a handful of  slots that the site has pre-selected for you. You might want to try out other games with the bonus cash, but the free spins are exclusively made to be used on this game, which is highly rated as one of the best online slots that you can play on the internet.

In any case, the free spins aren’t credited to your account as soon as you make your first deposit. You’ll be entitled to claim them by then, but they aren’t instantly given away.

Remove that frown from your face! They aren’t hard to claim either. Just visit the Book of Dead slot game by browsing the slot catalog of the Loyal Casino website and you’ll be well on your way to receiving your rewards. Unlike other bonuses, the Loyal Casino welcome bonus doesn’t make you wait 10 days to claim your free spins by batches.

On the contrary – open up the Book of Dead slot game after making your €100 deposit and all bonus free spins will be instantly credited to your account! Impatient gamblers are surely going to love this, as they’ll be able to play with the free spins as soon as the deposit is made.

This is one of the best sign up bonuses in terms of free spins. Not many casinos are willingly giving away so many free spins on such a lucrative slot game, and even less so when they are accompanied by such a large sum of cash as an additional bonus reward. In any case, be sure to take full advantage of this offer – they come once in a lifetime!

What’s the Loyal Casino Welcome Bonus About?

The Loyal Casino welcome bonus is an exclusive offer that is unique to this online casino. You won’t find any other offer that equals this one, albeit some other sites also have lucrative promotions for new players (check out our section of bonus offers whenever you like – you’ll be delighted to see what’s in store for you). In terms of bonus free spins for Book of Dead, this is arguably the best offer on The Casino Wizard.

You’ll get 250 free spins credited instantly to your account by simply opening up the Book of Dead game – how awesome is that? Spend the free spins wisely and beg for the gods of luck to get on your side – you might be able to walk away with hundreds of euros in rewards with just a tiny bit of luck.

One thing we really love about this welcome bonus is that the Loyal Casino isn’t hiding this offer behind an impossible wagering requirement condition that would make it impossible for you to claim bonus cash. As such, it’s actually pretty likely that you’ll end up with a decent sum of cash on your account after fulfilling their conditions.

The Loyal Casino welcome bonus is said to be for entertainment purposes only, but we believe that the Loyal Casino says that in order not to get your hopes up. They don’t want you to be disappointed if you somehow hit a bad luck streak when you claim this promotion.

However, this offer is not only going to get you through a few hours of entertainment – you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the best online casino rewards on the internet. Simply hop in and play the awesome games that the site has available for you and you’ll walk away with a ton of cash!

Book of Dead Slots – The Best Slots on the Internet or Not?

We’ve been reading a lot of comments about people asking just how good Book of Dead is, as many online casinos like to offer Book of Dead gameplay time in their welcome bonuses and other offers. lord lucky book of dead We can safely say that Book of Dead is one of the best online slots that we’ve tried so far. The game is not only aesthetically amazing, but the bonus chains and in-game free spins that you can get on this slot title are some of the best on the online gambling scene. You can count on the Book of Dead slots to keep you entertained for hours and give you the rewards that you deserve.

Furthermore, if you’ve even been to Vegas, you’ve probably already played a game that is very similar to this one. Book of Ra is a slot game that hundreds of people play on a daily basis in Las Vegas, and the Book of Dead slot title is actually entirely based on this game. With rewards galore and hundreds of in-game bonuses left to be claimed, we know that you’ll love the Book of Dead!

Loyal Casino Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

So far, we’re pretty sure that you absolutely love what you’ve seen about the Loyal Casino welcome bonus. Many people change their perspective on bonuses when they check out the terms and conditions of these offers, as online casinos sometimes hide amazing promotions behind unfair requirements that no player on Earth will be able to fulfill. In fact, if you’ve been around The Casino Wizard for a long time, you’ve probably seen some promotions which have wagering requirements that are completely detrimental to your enjoyment.

Thankfully, the Loyal Casino welcome bonus is far from being one of those pesky sites that lock rewards behind illogical conditions. As such, we’ve made a list of the Loyal Casino welcome bonus terms and conditions that you need to keep in check before claiming the offer. They’re very lenient, but you still need to make sure that you won’t do anything dumb on accident.

Wagering Requirements and Time Limit

It’s not only that the wagering requirements for this amazing offer are low, they are also some of the most lenient in terms of timeframe that we’ve come across. The Loyal Casino just asks of you to wager the bonus cash a total of 15 ties before you can claim it, and they even give you 30 days to do so.

That is, arguably, one of the most lenient offers on the internet. Let’s say, for example, that you make a deposit of €100 on the site. That would get you a total of €200 on your account, but you’d only need to wager €100 a total of 15 times before you can withdraw the cash.

Even though €1500 might sound like a lot, truth is actually far from it. It’s highly likely that you’ll be able to comply with these requirements within a week. The free spins that you get with this offer are subjected to similar terms. Depending on how much cash you manage to make with the free spins, you’ll need to wager it a total of 15 times before you can cash out the rewards. Thankfully, you’ll be able to use the free spin cash wherever you like on the site, which means that you’ll get to enjoy even more games than you have so far!

Keep in mind that the Loyal Casino welcome bonus must be claimed within 30 days of registering a new account to the site. As such, players who have created accounts in the past are not eligible to claim the welcome bonus even if they haven’t made any deposits yet on the Loyal Casino website.

Money Usage

As if what we’ve told you so far wasn’t enough to get you hyped about the Loyal Casino welcome bonus, you can rest assured that this amazing offer is here to provide you with fun and entrainment by checking out the site’s money restrictions. Your bonus account balance will always be used before your actual money, which means that you won’t even be risking your own cash while playing with the Loyal Casino welcome bonus.

You must keep in mind, however, that you may not place bets higher than €6 per stake when wagering towards the requirements of the offer. If you happen to wager more than €6, the bet won’t count towards the fulfillment of the requirements and the bonus cash would be the on risk of being removed from your account. Do not attempt to bet over the limit!

Game Exceptions and Withdrawal Limits

You may not use the bonus cash on Roulette, Punto Banco and Baccarat when gambling towards the requirements of the offer. The bonus cash is free to be used on any game on the site except these three, so be sure to enjoy every other game that you like and stay away from these. If you happen to play any of these games with the bonus cash, your balance will be voided.

You may also not make any withdrawals whilst fulfilling the wagering requirements of this offer. Any withdrawal requests made will mean the entire removal of your bonus cash from your account.

Find out more about The Casino Wizard's bonus review guidelines, and why you can trust us.
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Find out more about The Casino Wizard's bonus review guidelines, and why you can trust us.

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