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Your search for the best reload bonuses has ended. Reload bonuses can be seen in various welcome packages throughout the online casino community, but they can also be presented as rewards to players that have been around a community for a certain amount of time. This is our full list of the best reload bonuses in the world's best online casinos.

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Reload Bonuses

Reload Bonuses
Oshi Casino
Minimum deposit: €/$20 Wagering requirements: 45xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €/$20 Wagering requirements: 45xb
BitStarz Casino
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb
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What is a Reload Bonus?

Reload bonuses are promotions that can only be claimed by casino players who have already claimed the welcome bonus of a gambling site. Reload bonuses tend to be recurrent, meaning that you can claim them at least once a week or once a month. They work just like a match deposit bonus, but it’s meant to be claimed by existing customers and not by newcomers. These bonuses match less money than welcome bonuses.

Reload Bonuses – How Do They Work?

Reload bonuses work very similarly to any deposit bonus out there. In fact, reload bonuses are considered deposit bonuses themselves, as they are triggered when you reload your account with more playable money. As you would expect, reload bonuses also share a lot of similarities with deposit welcome bonuses, although the latter bonuses are often more lucrative than the former.

A reload bonus always has the aim of rewarding loyalty, as it represents a reward to a player that has already deposited money into their online casino account before.

Although the reward deposit match percentage is generally lower than a welcome bonus or a first deposit bonus, some casinos offer very lucrative reload bonuses that could go well beyond 100% cash match.

You may find reload bonuses as part of seasonal promotions or as part of welcome bonus packages. You can also be offered a reload bonus as a reward for logging in constantly to your account – some casinos present these offers to players when they access the site, which means you may not find them anywhere else.

The Importance of Loyalty

A reload bonus is a statement of how much an online casino values loyal players. They are always given to people who have already used the services of the site before, which means you need to be an active member of the casino in order to receive them. At the very least, you must have made a previous deposit on the site before.

Loyalty is hard to come by in the online casino industry, and reload bonuses were created to encourage it. That’s why some casinos also offer deposit bonus rewards of over 100% for reload bonuses, as they know some players might be tempted to register in a new casino to get full advantage of other welcome bonus packages.

Deposit Bonus Packages

Have you seen deposit bonuses that are spread through 3 or 4 deposits? Some casinos offer welcome bonuses just like that – you may find that your first deposit is a match deposit bonus of 150%, while the remaining two or three deposits may only match 50% of your deposit.

The deposits that you make after your first deposit bonus is earned are called reload bonuses. This is just one of the many ways in which you can see them, though – casinos also offer reload bonuses as part of standalone offers which may be presented to you at any time during your active life on the site.

Withdrawal Conditions

As with any other deposit bonus (or free cash bonus in general), there are certain withdrawal conditions that you must fulfill in order to get a grasp of the bonus cash outside of the online casino.

If you’ve already played on a casino before and used a first deposit bonus on it, then you probably already know which the conditions are for you to cash out on the offer. However, it’s always important that you read the bonus terms and conditions of every casino site, as some providers might present you with different withdrawal conditions in their first deposit bonuses and reload bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

The most common types of withdrawal conditions are wagering requirements. These are in place in almost every online casino, as they ensure that each player wagers with the free money that they receive instead of just withdrawing it out of the account and into their banks.

Wagering requirements are also very versatile and each casino sets a particular number of wagers to be fulfilled by the player. Usually, casinos that offer an amount below 40 times as a wagering requirement is seen as acceptable, whilst casinos that make you wager your bonus 60 or more times are deemed as excessive.

You’ll need to find a casino with a reload bonus that matches your expectations when it comes to the games that you can play with it, but you’ll also have to pay attention to wagering requirements. High wagering requirements might prevent you from ever cashing out on a reload bonus.

Reload Bonus Timeframe

Reload bonuses are usually available within a set frame of time. When you receive your free bonus money, you will have between 48 hours and one month to fulfill the casino’ wagering requirements. The amount of time completely depends on the policies of each casino, and each institution sets its own set of rules when it comes to bonus times.

It’s important that you take into consideration the time that you have available to wager your cash before trying to obtain a reload bonus. Be sure you only take advantage of reload bonuses that have a flexible timeframe if you’re short on time.

Games & Playability

Another important factor to consider when opting to use a reload bonus is the games in which you can enjoy the free cash. Some reload bonuses will allow you to wager the money in whichever game you prefer, while others might be limited to slots or other games where the house has a high chance of winning.

Poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are usually included in the list of games available to be played with your reload bonus money, but your cash winnings in these games usually represent a lesser percentage of progress towards the fulfillment of wagering requirements.

For example, if you earn €100 on slots with your reload bonus, those €100 will fully count towards your wagering requirements. However, if you earn €100 while playing poker or baccarat, then those winnings may only represent €10 to your wagering requirement percentage. This is done to encourage players to play slots or other games where the house has more control over the outcome.

Reload Bonus Percentages

Every reload bonus offers players different reward percentages. The amount that you earn with one of these bonuses is fully set by the casino, and although they may have some promotions that are set in stone, most companies tend to create new promotions in a constant basis to keep people hooked to their site.


You will find a lot of variety when it comes to reload bonus payouts. The percentage of a reload bonus that belongs to a welcome package may give users a 150% of their cash in the form of free money if the rules of the package allow it.

For example, an online casino could offer a three-part deposit bonus where players will be rewarded in their first three deposits – the first being a first deposit bonus, and the other two being reload bonuses. Some online casinos are currently offering higher percentages in the reload bonuses than in the first deposit bonus as part of the conditions of the package.

Monthly Deals

However, it’s far more likely than a reload bonus gives you a percentage lower than 100%, or at least that the percentage is lower than the first deposit bonus. Online casinos love to release monthly promotions with exclusive reload bonuses of over 100%, so keep an eye out for them when playing online.

Reload Bonuses versus Welcome Bonuses

Although reload bonuses might be part of welcome bonus packages, there are differences between the things each of these bonuses represent. They do share a lot of similarities, though – you’ll likely see reload bonuses accompanied by bonus free spins, a feature that is often present in most welcome bonuses as well.

However, there are some crucial factors that make them different from one another. It’s important to remember that a welcome bonus package is different from a welcome bonus per se. So, even though reload bonuses can be part of welcome bonus packages, they cannot be considered welcome bonuses themselves.

Jonny Jackpot offers amazing reloads with the site's daily bonus calendar.

Percentage & Offer Differences

The main difference between welcome bonuses and reload bonuses is the percentage of extra money that each bonus represents. Welcome bonuses usually include more free spins and a higher potential to make bank than reload bonuses. All of this depends on the conditions of each casino, though, as more money also means that you’ll have to wager a larger amount.

Some casinos have different wagering requirements for their welcome bonuses and their reload bonuses, although it’s far more common to find reload bonuses that share the same conditions as welcome bonuses – particularly when the reload bonus is part of a welcome package.

Bonus Rewards

Reload bonuses are also less likely to include additional rewards than welcome bonuses or first deposit bonuses themselves. In most cases, reload bonuses that are given to players as a way of thanking them for their loyalty are just money bonuses, while welcome bonuses tend to include free spins and other free play goodies.

However, it’s important to read the full list of rewards offered by a reload bonus. When these bonuses are part of welcome packages, they often include free spins to go along with the match deposit bonus.

Furthermore, when casinos offer reload bonuses as part of seasonal deals or as part of monthly promotions, they may also throw in free spins or free play time in some of their live dealer games as rewards.

In some cases, you don't even need to make deposit to obtain reload-like bonuses. Some of the best no deposit free spins in the UK can be obtained instead of traditional reload bonuses.

Read bonuses are also extremely popular in the best USA casinos. Check out bitcoin casinos in the US if you can't find the best casinos to claim bonuses in America, or mobile UK casinos to get your bonuses on the go.

Reception Differences

The second and most crucial difference between reload bonuses and first deposit/welcome bonuses is the way in which you receive them. In most cases, a welcome bonus will be granted to your account as soon as you make your first deposit on the site.

On the other hand, reload bonuses are often given to players after they’ve entered a special promo code, or after they’ve applied for the bonus by filling out a formulary of some sorts.

In any case, online casinos are always looking to simplify the process that each player must undergo to reclaim their bonuses. There is a clear correlation between player enjoyment in an online casino, the bonuses in store, and the ease with which these can be claimed. Casinos must find a balance between all of this when offering reload bonuses as rewards.

Claiming a Reload Bonus

The process of claiming a reload bonus might not be as simple as just making a deposit on the site, but it’s certainly a straightforward one. Each casino has different conditions for their reload bonuses, which also means every bonus is different depending on your gambling provider.

Most of the time, you’ll be presented with a bonus code which can then be typed into a blank space shown when trying to make a deposit on the site. All you must do is enter the code when you’re in the process of depositing money and the extra cash will be instantly granted to your account.

However, when reload bonuses are part of welcome bonus packages, there’s a high chance that the casino will instantly deposit the bonus cash into your account to save you the extra hassle. Again, it depends on the policies of each casino.

Reload Bonuses – Are They Worth It?

Most reload bonuses are fully worth it – especially if you’ve already enjoyed a good experience with a casino’s first deposit bonus or welcome bonus. It’s always important to read the site’s terms and conditions to determine if the wagering requirements are fair and that the withdrawal limit isn’t too low.

If the conditions of the site please you, then you should always aim to take advantage of a reload bonus. However, if some of the terms and conditions make you feel a bit doubtful, it’s better that you visit another casino when hunting for reload bonuses. It might be better for you to start over and take advantage of a new welcome bonus than stay in a casino with unfair reload bonus conditions.


Last updated  September 13, 2022

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