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Special Casino Bonuses

Special Bonuses are promotions that online casinos create and offer as exclusive rewards, which means that they aren’t claimed like traditional no deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, or welcome bonuses, but they give you a chance to try out new experiences that will enrich your time in the world of iGaming like no other bonus. Learn all about them and where to claim them – right here!

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Special Bonuses

Special Bonuses
Slots Magic Casino
Special bonus
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Minimum deposit: €50 Wagering requirements: 30xd+bT&C applyPlay responsibly
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Minimum deposit: €50 Wagering requirements: 30xd+b
Wizard Slots
Minimum deposit: £10 Wagering requirements: 65xbT&C applyPlay responsibly
Minimum deposit: £10 Wagering requirements: 65xb
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What is a Special Bonus?

A special bonus is a casino bonus that is only given away in a specific online casino. These bonuses are not shared among different casinos – even when they’re managed by the same company. These types of bonuses are often represented by tournaments or promotions that depend on your progress within a specific casino.

Why do Casinos Give Special Bonuses?

Special bonuses are often given away by online casinos to keep things interesting for players and to make the experience of each site feel truly unique. Whenever you claim a bonus in any online casino, you will notice that they all feel rather similar. However, special bonuses allow casinos to offer players a truly exclusive experience that cannot be matched by other sites.

As things stand, the world of online casino special bonuses is growing. New exclusive rewards keep appearing by the day and we expect the trend to continue in the next few years.

Obtaining Special Bonuses

Special bonuses are not obtained like other bonuses in most online casinos. Since these bonuses are often shown in the way of promotions, you will need to follow a different series of steps to claim them. Tournaments, for example, need you to register in them if you wish to participate, whilst other special bonuses require you to follow different steps.

In any case, special bonuses make it easy for players to enjoy rewards that cannot be claimed elsewhere on any online casino. They are claimed in a unique way and it makes them feel different from the rest of the bonuses on the casino.

Making the Best of Special Bonuses

Special bonuses often require players to commit to spending more time than usual in an online casino, as the most common types of special bonuses are tournaments and leaderboard-types of promos. These require you to spend quite some time, but the rewards tend to be much larger than they are in any other type of casino bonus, which is often translated in fantastic sums of cash credited to your account.

Special bonuses are often influenced by other players. Others might be participating to get the same bonus as you. However, some special bonuses aren’t tied to the actions of others. It all depends on the type of bonuses that you wish to claim and the ones being offered by your online casino of choice.

Types of Special Bonuses

As good as all of these bonuses seem to be (and they are), there are also dozens of ways in which you can claim them, many types of bonuses out there, and a very large number of rewards that you can claim from them. Before you get all excited and decide to visit any of these online casinos to claim the best bonuses, you might want to check out the types of bonuses that you can expect to find.

Even though “special bonuses” encompass a very large number of rewards, we’ve narrowed down our favorite types of bonuses to help you get an idea of what you can expect to find when venturing into this crazy world of rewards.

Tournaments & Leaderboards

The most common types of bonuses that you’ll find when looking for special rewards in online casinos are the fantastic tournament bonuses that we all love. Tournaments and leaderboards are commonly found across the world’s best online casinos, where you will be able to compete against other players in hopes of getting the best rewards that the casinos have to offer.

In most cases, these tournaments last a couple of days or a week at most. They are made to provide a platform for players to face each other and give a competitive edge to the casino experience that no other game on the website can offer (except PVP table games).

There are various types of tournaments, though, but the rewards always seem to be among the best in each casino. Some places offer bonuses worth hundreds of wager-free cash, for example, making those rewards the best out of the bunch!

Read our Videoslots casino review if you want to play in a casino that hosts more than 4 different special bonuses.

Adventure-Type Bonuses

Some other online casinos have opted to offer adventure-type bonuses, which allow players to experience something unique when playing online. Adventure-type bonuses are long-term leaderboards that allow you to compete against other members of the casino, but these are usually a variation of high roller rewards that you can only claim if you spend a significant amount of cash on each site.

For example, the BitStarz Casino used to run a fantastic promotion, in the form of an adventure, where you could claim a Tesla Car at the end of the road. Adventure-like promotions are very common in the best casinos in the world, as they allow loyal players to advance and earn rewards as they move forward in this digital path.

The further you go in an adventure-themed promotion, the better rewards you will get along the way. If you reach the last part of the offer before others, you will gain the ultimate prize!

Timed Non-Deposit Promotions

Not all special bonuses revolve around you making a deposit, so don’t worry. Some of the best special bonuses in the world don’t require you to directly make a deposit to participate in them or claim them. You do, however, tend to need money in your account in order to make the best of a special bonus. Some are given to you as part of the actions that you take in the casino, like special offers that credit you with cash as you spend more and more time in a single casino that you like.

It all depends on which casino you’re visiting and the number of bonuses that they have. Special bonuses are very common, and these include special “email” bonuses that you might get from time to time or notifications with free cash that some online casinos give you. These require no deposit at all, but they do allow you to win some extra cash using it!

Section-Tied Bonuses (Sports Bonuses, Live Casino Bonuses)

There are some online casinos (particularly those that have special sections) that offer bonuses that you can spend directly on places where other online casinos cannot offer you any rewards.

Many online casinos that have these special sections are always eager to offer their players a chance to enjoy them for free, which you can do if you create accounts on these sites. At the end of this page, we’ll show you the best exclusive bonuses on the site.

Unlockable Bonuses

Some online casinos are eager to allow players to unlock special bonuses by performing certain actions within the site. For example, you might have the chance to claim extra cash or extra free spins by spending some of your time playing a certain slot game, whilst other online casinos might give you some additional bonuses after becoming a member of the loyalty club of the site.

In general, unlockable bonuses tend to exist in one way or another in most online casinos, but they vary in shape and form depending on the rewards that await in each site, They are categorized differently but they mostly exist in all of the best casinos in the world.

Global Special Bonuses

Some online casinos give you the chance to enjoy special bonuses on casinos that all belong to the same owner. This is good and bad, as it limits you from claiming special bonuses in other online casinos that are owned by the same company as the one in which you’re playing, but you might come across sites that allow you to share the rewards in other sites.

The Best Special Bonuses and Why Play with Them

Now that you know all about what are special bonuses and why we fancy them so much, it’s time for you to get down to business and claim one of them. We’re going to single out the most important special bonuses that we have ever tried out, but you can also check out this page to see which other special bonuses we have available for you.

Remember that special bonuses refer to all sorts of special rewards that you can earn – be it via tournaments, special promotions, timed bonuses, and more!

The Videoslots Bonus Selection

One of our favorite places to enjoy unique and exclusive bonuses is the fantastic Videoslots Casino. This site is home to absolutely fantastic rewards and special tournaments where you can earn the most exclusive of bonuses, such as the Battle of the Slots, the Clash of Spins, and more.

When it comes to exclusivity and bonus authenticity, you will struggle to find a better site than the Videoslots casino to claim these fantastic exclusive rewards.

If you’re a fan of special bonuses, Videoslots is the place to be at. Besides, you also get to experience a gallery filled with over 3,500 games!

LeoVegas Unique Rewards

The LeoVegas Casino has a special section called the LeoVegas FC, which allows you to claim some fantastic bonuses to spend on casino sports betting.

Some of these bonuses are truly something else, like special offers to bet in football, rewards give away to regular members of the casino, and much more. This fantastic website comes packed with prizes for those looking for an exclusive experience, so if you’re a fan of special bonuses, you might’ve found your match – particularly if you love sports!

mBit Races

The mBit Races are also fantastic bonuses to claim if you’re a fan of bitcoin gambling. These special bonuses put you in a competitive environment with other players, where you have to face them and try to get the best of rewards possible by climbing the leaderboards. These promotions are far more constant than others, as the mBit Casino has one of these races going at all times during the day.

This is one example of a special bonus that is always ongoing and you can enjoy it whenever you want. It’s up to you to decide how much cash to spend and how much money to bet.

One Casino Special Bingo Jockey Bonuses

The One Casino is home to the Bingo Jockey, a fantastic and exclusive game to the site. As such, a Bingo Jockey bonus is considered a special bonus in our eyes, as it allows you to play a unique game in this amazing online casino. If you haven't heard of Bingo Jockey before, you’re at the right time to get started now.

Last updated  August 25, 2023

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