Wizard Slots Welcome Bonus: Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst

Wizard Slots Welcome Bonus: Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst Image
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Wizard Slots Welcome Bonus: Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst Image

Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst

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Minimum deposit: £10 Wagering requirements: 65xb
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Let’s face it: the online casino industry can sometimes feel a bit oversaturated when it comes to welcome bonuses. These bonuses, as rewarding as they are, can get a tad repetitive and make it difficult for players to truly enjoy them if they have been around for quite some time.

wizard slots casino welcome bonus

That’s why the Wizard Slots welcome bonus caught our attention with such ease. This fantastic online casino welcome bonus allowed players to claim a random reward, instead of a fixed prize upon registration.

If that sounds good on its own, then wait until you read more about it. Stay with us and learn all about the Wizard Slots welcome bonus, discover what is the Mega Reel, and earn a free spin on one of the internet’s most lucrative bonus wheels!

What is the Wizard Slots Welcome Bonus?

The Wizard Slots welcome bonus is this casino’s main offer; a promotion that will allow you to spin a wheel where prizes are everywhere to be found. No matter where the wheel lands, you will earn prize money, free spins, or even an Amazon voucher as part of this casino’s welcome bonus.

As such, there is no guarantee that the Wizard Slots welcome bonus will provide you with Starburst free spins like the site’s main page implies. It can, however, pack your account with amazing prizes that could turn out to be even better than bonus cash or even free spins themselves.

With this bonus, you’ll be able to earn:

  • An Amazon voucher of up to €10 that you can cash out for free
  • Free spins on the popular Starburst Slot
  • Free spins for the Fluffy Favorites slot

The number of spins and the amount of cash to be earned varies depending on your luck. One thing’s for sure, though: this is a must-try casino welcome bonus.

How to Claim the Wizard Slots Welcome Bonus?

The Wizard Slots welcome bonus needs nothing but for you to create a new casino account on this website and your willingness to make a deposit on the site. As such, you will only have to follow some simple steps to claim the Wizard Slots welcome bonus:

  • Create an account at Wizard Slots
  • Make sure you verify your account
  • Select your preferred payment method (standard methods or Pay by Mobile)
  • Make a deposit of at least €10
  • Get a free spin on the Mega Reel
  • Spin the Reel
  • Get your rewards!

wizard slots welcome bonus offer

Your reward should be credited to your account as soon as you spin the reel. Be on the lookout for the rewards and spend your spins soon after receiving them to be sure that you won’t miss out on the rewards.

A Look at What is the Mega Reel at Wizard Slots

The Mega Reel is a bonus wheel that every player will have the chance to spin when they register at the Wizard Slots Casino. There are multiple ways for players to earn Mega Reel free spins, but the most notable one is by making your first deposit on the site.

Depending on what you choose to do afterwards, the casino may reward you with additional spins on the Mega Reel. Other ways to earn free bonus spins at the Mega Reel are:

  • By depositing at least €100
  • Playing in monthly competitions
  • Playing the selected slots of the month
  • By earning trophies in the casino and leveling up your account

The Mega Reel at Wizard Slots – What You Can Get

The Wizard Slots Mega Reel gives you the chance to earn different prizes. Consider, however, that the most lucrative prizes are difficult to earn. Not all parts of the wheel have an equal chance of popping up.

Up to 500 Starburst Free Spins

There are multiple Starburst bonus rewards that you can earn at the Mega Reel. The biggest prize will get you 500 free spins, which is why this promotion is advertised with a prize of up to 500 free spins in the casino.

You can also earn smaller amounts of prize spins, though. Some of the bonuses may get you just 100 free spins, depending on your luck.

Amazon Vouchers

One of the best prizes to be claimed with the Mega Reel is the chance to earn a €10 voucher to be used on your Amazon account. Naturally, this is one of the most difficult casino prizes to earn, but if you’re lucky enough, you will get the chance to shop on Amazon with an extra €10 free!

Free Spins on Other Games

The Mega Reel will also get you the chance to spin for free in other casino slots. However, the main point of the welcome bonus free spin at the Mega Reel is to give you Starburst free spins or Fluffy Favorites free spins.

You may earn free spins for other games in the Wizard Slots Casino as well, but these two titles are the site’s flagship bonus games.

Wizard Slots Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

Before you go on to claim the best bonus rewards of the Wizard Slots Casino, we want you to take a look at the bonus terms and conditions of the Wizard Slots welcome bonus.

These terms are similar to what you can expect to find in the other casino offers of the site, too – use them as your Wizard Slots bonus claiming guide:

Minimum Deposit

In order to claim the welcome bonus, you will need to make a deposit of at least €10. Bear in mind that the total amount of cash that you can win is capped in relation to the amount of money with which you claim the bonus.

Wagering Requirement

All bonuses at the casino are subjected to an x65 wagering requirement. You will need to spend your free spins and then wager the winnings 65 times before you can make a cash withdrawal.

Asking for a withdrawal before fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements will result in the full removal of any remaining bonus funds from your account. However, you can request a withdrawal at any point if you wish to stop participating in the promotion.

Max Winnings

The maximum amount of cash that you can win with the bonus is up to €250, but it must be equal to or lower than the total amount of cash that you’ve deposited in the casino since the creation of your account.

For example, let’s say that you deposit €10 to claim this bonus and you don’t deposit more cash from there and onwards. That means that you can only earn up to €10 with any free spin bonus that you get with a spin of the Mega Reel.

Claim Your Free Spin at the Mega Reel Now!

Your Mega Reel free spin is there for the taking. Claiming the free spin will allow you to earn one of the site’s most lucrative rewards, and even if you still haven’t committed to spending a ton of cash at the casino, you’ll be able to get at least €10 for free if the luck of the slots smiles at you.

The Mega Reel and its free spins are some of the best rewards that the Wizard Slots has to offer, and there are plenty of ways in which to earn Mega Reel spins. However, if you're looking for more spins, check out our list of the best Starburst free spins.

You’ll find out that earning them is part of the fun to be had at Wizard Slots. Go on and visit the site now – rewards are there for the taking!

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Find out more about The Casino Wizard's bonus review guidelines, and why you can trust us.

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