Claiming a bonus is the first thing that you need to do whenever you log into a new online casino. In fact, with the massive selection of world-class bonuses that we have available for you, we’re surprised that you’re here and not browsing through it to see which reward to claim. It’s good for you to be here, though, so don’t worry.


The world of iGaming is a huge one, and even though every online casino is subjected to different rules, there are some universal laws that you need to respect whenever you intend to claim one of these bonuses. If you happen to fail, then you will be labeled as a “bonus abuser”, which is a hard stain to get off your record in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t you worry, though. We’ve made a small guide that will help you avoid being called a bonus abuser. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you will not have any issues with the bonuses that we foresee in your future!

Never Try to Claim the Same Bonus Twice

Even though this might seem like an obvious rule, the worst thing you can do, in the eyes of an online casino, is trying to claim the same bonus twice.

You won’t be allowed to do it with your own account, of course, but you can still open other accounts to try to claim the reward again – and that’s the best way for a casino to strip you of all of your money for breaking the rules.

Bonuses are meant to be claimed once, unless otherwise stated. Even the best special bonuses on the internet are subjected to rules that disallow players from claiming the same reward multiple times, as the casino doesn’t want people exploiting their prizes.

There are some exceptions, though. Let’s imagine that you’ve received an exclusive bonus in an email that the casino sent you. In such a case, you might receive the same bonus again in any given amount of time. That’s the only case in which claiming the same bonus twice might be deemed as acceptable – only if you’ve received it twice.

Remember to Consistently Play Without Bonuses

Sure, playing with free money is probably why you love online casinos so much. They allow you to receive free cash and you get to spend it however you want within the online casino’s premises. It doesn’t really get much better than that, right?

Well, even though that’s a huge advantage that online casinos have over their land-based counterparts, that also doesn’t mean that it’s okay to only claim bonuses and never play with your own cash in an online casino – particularly when it comes to online casinos that constantly give away no deposit bonuses.

You need to show the casino that you’re interested in spending money within its premises if you wish to keep being rewarded with bonus money. If the casino sees that you’re not spending cash, you might be deemed a bonus abuser because you only play in the casino whenever you’re given free spins, free bonus money, or the chance to play for free.

Play with Reasonable Bets

It’s very tempting to receive a bonus and go full crazy with it, gambling a ton of cash to try to fulfill the wagering requirements as quickly as possible. This often leads to people making insane bets with varying values, which range from small €0.5 bets to bets worth €10 and upwards.

The first thing you need to do when playing with a bonus is to read its terms and conditions. We’ll give you a pro tip, though: most of the bonuses that you’ll come across have a wagering restriction of up to €5 per bet, and this applies to online slots as well as to online table games. You will be forced to play with reasonable bets and, should you make bets of higher amounts when playing with the money, you will also be stripped of any winnings that you’ve received.

Basically, betting small amounts of money is the best way to cover your own back and save yourself the trouble of being stripped of your hard-earned bonus money.

Some online casinos are far more lenient with this rule, though. We’ve seen casinos that allow players a maximum of €10 per bet, but larger betting values often go hand-in-hand with much stricter wagering requirements. It’s a tradeoff that you’ll need to understand whenever you make your new casino account.

ALWAYS Read the Rules Before Claiming a Bonus

The best way to avoid being labeled a bonus abuser is to read the rules before getting your hands on that new shiny bonus that promises to give you upwards of €1,000. You should always comply with any restrictions and avoid making any dumb mistakes that might end up costing you the reception of your cash. That’s the best way to avoid falling into an online casino’s blacklist.

It’s also important to understand that many online casinos are operated by the same company. If you happen to receive the label of “bonus abuser” in one online casino, you’re probably going to be blacklisted by all of the casinos operated by the parent company.

It might not seem fair to you, but it is to the casino – and they have to cover their backs to ensure that people aren’t trying to scam them left and right.

Read the rules of a bonus and stick to them if you wish to remain out of trouble. Besides, you may also encounter some caveats that might make you stutter when claiming the bonus. If you see any rules that aren’t in line with what you’d expect from the offer, you will be better off opting out of it altogether. It’s going to save you having a bad time.

Avoid the Use of VPNs to Play in Online Casinos

Using a VPN to enter an online casino that doesn’t allow players from the country in which you reside might seem like a logical thing to do, but in reality, it is forbidden to do so in the majority of online casinos. You should avoid using VPNs unless the casino explicitly states that it’s either allowed or if they are simply okay with people using them.

One of the main reasons why VPNs are forbidden in online casinos is because bonuses tend to be given on a basis of different IP addresses.

That means that you might be using a different IP address with a VPN with the sole purpose of claiming once again a bonus that you had already claimed. It’s troublesome, but online casinos are just covering their backs to ensure that you aren’t exploiting any of the site’s benefits.

As a general rule, you will be better off avoiding the usage of any VPN service if you want to stay out of trouble with the best online casinos out there.

Keep Some of Your Bonus Cash in Your Casino Account

We know that withdrawing all of your money to your bank account (or e-wallet) is as tempting to do as claiming the next big bonus on your favorite online casino. However, if you keep withdrawing all of the money and the casino becomes aware of this, they might stop giving you free bonus money to play with, or even free spins to enjoy in the casino.

Sure, the bonus might say that you can withdraw the money as soon as you comply with its wagering requirements, but the sole purpose of online casinos is for you to keep playing on them. If you withdraw the money all the time, they will know not to offer you any more cash because you’re just taking it with you. Withdraw sporadically and stay out of trouble!

Claim Your Bonuses Sporadically – Be Sure to Deposit

Even if an online casino is constantly bombarding you with new promotions, you might be better off letting some of them expire. Sometimes, you will be given weekly bonuses that give you some free cash to play with, but claiming these bonuses too consistently without making deposits could also earn you the label of being a bonus abuser.

Let’s take the example of the One Casino. This website has a special promotion in place that allows players to claim new bonuses every week via email. You might start receiving these emails from the moment you make your new account on the casino, enabling you to get some fantastic bonuses from the get-go.

However, you should be wary not to claim too many of these bonuses at the same time and, even more so, you should be making deposits every week if you wish to claim these bonuses as soon as you receive them. That’s the best way to avoid being labeled a bonus abuser in casinos like that one.

The Best Casino Bonuses

Being labeled a bonus abuser is really bad. You will be blacklisted and you’ll be forbidden to visit some of the best online casinos on the internet. If you’re unlucky enough, you might even get blacklisted by a series of casinos at once by simply breaking the rules of one casino.

If you stick to the rules that we’ve told you, however, then you should have no issues at all when playing with the best bonuses on the internet. Stay free of trouble and you will be able to receive some of the most lucrative bonuses out there, with online casinos being able to provide you with thousands of euros worth of free cash and free spins.

Now that you know that you’ll be able to comply with the rules, we’ve curated a list that comprises some of the juiciest bonuses on the internet – all for your convenience.

There’s no need for you to wander aimlessly looking for the best bonuses when we have them right here for you. Claim whichever one you like the most and jump straight into the action!


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