The 3 Best Bitcoin Casinos in Germany

The 3 Best Bitcoin Casinos in Germany

Learn Where to Gamble with Bitcoins in Germany

Bitcoin gambling has become such a widespread practice in recent years that many websites are now offering exclusive bonuses to players that deposit bitcoins instead of traditional money. Many sites have even been created with the sole intention of accepting bitcoins as payment methods, and gamblers from all over the world couldn’t be happier with this.

1 Up to $5,000 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins Claim bonus
2 125% up to 1 BTC + 150 Free Spins Claim bonus

Bitcoin gambling allows people to access their money and earnings much quicker than in a land-based casino because transactions are processed in an instant.

Bitcoin wallets allow the currency to circulate much faster than other types of regulated cash, which in turn allows online casinos to process transactions in an instant. However, given how freely you can move Bitcoins (especially in a country like Germany), it becomes much harder to regulate online casino entities that accept cryptocurrency.

As such, scams have become almost as widespread as the practice of crypto gambling itself, so it’s important for you to know which sites to visit and which ones to avoid. We’ve made a list that includes the top 3 best online bitcoin casinos in Germany, which come with German casino no deposit bonuses, so you can gamble cash freely without having to worry about getting scammed. The sites we’re showing you here are rated as some of the best casinos in Germany, so be sure to take full advantage of their games and bonuses!

3. 7Bit Casino - Bitcoin Casino with Tournaments & Bonuses

We know that the first thing that you might be put off for when visiting the 7Bit casino is the number of licenses that it has. The site only holds a license in Curacao, which isn’t quite enough to prove its worth for some gamblers. However, the 7Bit casino has created a good reputation for itself after offering its services to gamblers from all over the world since 2015, and they’ve done so without too many complaints. In fact, 7Bit has grown to become one of the most widely-played bitcoin casinos in the world, making it one of the best crypto casinos that you’ll find on the internet.

The site has a large selection of games and as many promotions as you can wish for, and they offer all of that with a simple interface that is easy to navigate through. The 7Bit Casino is one of the best casinos to play bitcoin roulette the ideal casino for players that haven't wagered bitcoins yet but they wish to join the practice. It’s very intuitive and you don’t really need to know too much about crypto gambling to get the best out of the services that the site offers.

Be sure to invest a decent amount of time learning the basics of crypto wallets and how bitcoins move and you should have no issues with this awesome site.

Play at 7Bit Casino

7Bit Games – The Best Bitcoin Casino Games

You’ll find games made by the best online casino software developers in the industry, and you’ll also find games created by lesser-known companies that have just made their entrance into the online casino scene. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for on the 7Bit website, the site probably has the exact game that you’ll love. There are over 900 different slot games at your disposal. You can choose whichever game suits your needs the most and start gambling with your bitcoins as soon as you’ve made your first deposit on the site. If you somehow manage to try out all the 7Bit games, worry not – the site always adds new titles whenever they get released. We know that some players would rather prefer to try out the casino games before investing bitcoins on the site.

The best thing is that 7Bit know this as well, and that’s why they offer users the chance to play all games on the site for free. Wagering bitcoins is always a difficult decision if you don’t feel comfortable with the site, but the staff at 7Bit are confident that you’ll love what you’ll see. Feel free to try out the games without spending a single mBTC in advance.

Bitcoin Table Games at the Best Bitcoin Casino

Fans of table games might also love the fact that the site is filled with countless titles to play and wager bitcoins on. The 7Bit Casino offers a special section that is exclusively reserved for players that want to play table games such as blackjack and roulette. You’ll find many variants of these table games as well, including many titles that you would not expect to find anywhere but on a land-based casino.

If you’re a fan of roulette, this might be one of the best casinos that you can visit. The site offers a selection of various roulette variants such as American roulette, European roulette, and even French and Multi-wheel. You can also play poker and many of its variants against other players as well as against the house. The choices are endless in the 7Bit casino, so be sure to wager your Bitcoins appropriately.

Quick Transfers, Quicker Bets

One of the main attributes that the 7Bit casino can take pride in is the quickness with which they process transfers. You can deposit your cash in bitcoins and have it ready to be used in just a matter of minutes. Similarly, you may also withdraw cash very quickly without having to wait a whole week to get it credited to your account.

This is one of the main and most important features of most bitcoin casinos, so we entirely suggest you give importance to transactions whenever you look for a new bitcoin casino – or whenever you’re judging the qualities of a website on your own.

Play at 7Bit Casino

2. BitStarz Casino - Best Live Dealer Bitcoin Casino

The BitStarz casino is one of the better-known names of online gambling. BitStarz is one of the best bitcoin casinos in the world and one of the most played online casinos overall.

Plat at BitStarz

Apart from its amazing promotions and incredible games, the site is also one of the most stunning in terms of visuals. It offers a clean interface that is easy to navigate with amazing designs that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else online. Games and promotions are aplenty, and efficiency is key in this popular online casino.

This website was originally created in 2014, on the island of Curacao. The site holds a license by the Curacao government as well, and is one of the best bitcoin casinos that you can visit today. It has made a great reputation for itself in the last decade, and the stats show why: it’s not as difficult to walk away with a profit than it is in other online bitcoin casinos.

In any case, BitStarz was originally known as, which was one of the biggest bitcoin casinos in the world back in 2015. The site actually kept all of its features but rebranded to BitStarz, the name by which they go today. With a ton of different promotions, bonuses, games, and a playerbase to behold, BitStarz is one of the best bitcoin casinos that you can play right now.

BitStarz – The Best Bitcoin Casino?

It’s easy to look at the features of the BitStarz casino and think, straight away, that it’s one of the best online casinos on Earth. You wouldn’t be too far off if you thought that – we believe that it’s amongst the top 10 best online casinos that we’ve reviewed, and you can check out on how many sites we’ve played by just glancing at our articles.

The BitStarz casino offers over 2000 titles, all of which can be played from wherever you are thanks to the site’s mobile compatibility. Furthermore, every single title on the site can be played and wagered with bitcoins. This includes all of the table games that you love, like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and any other online casino title on the site.

The one thing that makes us not rate BitStarz a bit higher on our lists of the best online casinos is the fact that it doesn’t offer a sportsbook. Many gamblers love to place some sports wagers after finishing their long sessions of poker or slots, so it would be convenient if you could do so at the BitStarz casino and not having to look elsewhere for a place to place your bets.

Another great aspect of the BitStarz casino is that it doesn’t limit whichever way you want to play. It’s up to you to choose it, as the site allows people to wager with bitcoins as well as with real money. Both players get the same treatment by the site, although promotions for bitcoin players tend to be higher in terms of money, mainly because rewards are given away in mBTC and BTC.

BitStarz Bonuses – The Best Bitcoin Bonuses That You’ll Find

The BitStarz casino has made sure to compile a list of online casino bonuses that no other site can offer on the internet. You’ll find some of the world’s most lucrative casino bonuses here, amongst which stand some outstanding offers of up to 5 BTC on free cash. You can trigger the site’s welcome bonuses by making your first deposit on the site. BitStarz also loves to offer specific promotions depending on the time of the year that it is. If you’re playing in December, for example, you’ll notice how the holidays take over the casino and rewards become aplenty. Spooky rewards await those who visit the site in October as well!

Play at BitStarz Casino

1. mBitCasino - Overall Best Bitcoin Casino

The only reason why we’re placing the mBit casino at the bottom of the list isn’t because of its quality. In fact, when it comes to bitcoin gambling, mBit is probably at the top of the list in Germany. The reason why we’ve ranked this site as the third-best bitcoin casino in Germany is because it only accepts bitcoins as a form of payment. Players who want to bet regular money are not allowed to do so on this site.  

Play at mBitCasino

However, as we’ve said, this is one of the best bitcoin casinos that you’ll find online. The number of features that it has to offer is just too great to be overlooked, and with hundreds of games that you can play with your bitcoins, it’s a wise decision to join the mBit casino with the intention of gambling with the most popular type of crypto in the world.

Those of you who love to stay on the same site for a while can also rejoice in the fact that the mBit casino has one of the best VIP schemes that we’ve crossed paths with. Loyal players are greeted with nothing but the finest rewards on the internet, and with hundreds of games available to play, there’s only fun to be had on this awesome site.

mBitCasino only holds a license in Curacao but, to be fair, there aren’t many gambling institutions that are willing to license online casinos that only deal with bitcoins. In fact, having a single reputable license is often way more than you could ask a bitcoin casino to have. Thankfully, reputation precedes this amazing website.

The Best Bitcoin Slots

Players who love to spend their cash on slots might love to know that the mBit casino has tons of amazing slots that you can play with your bitcoins. Payments are processed rather quickly, just like deposits, which means that those of you who are in a hurry to win might want to give this online casino a try! With hundreds of slot games, mBit is one of the best online casinos to play slots with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Bonuses and Free Bitcoin Rewards

The best thing about the bonuses that you’ll find on the mBit casino is that they’re only subjected to a wagering requirement of 35 times the amount of money that you first deposit. That makes it quite easy for you to make a profit with the cash if you play your cards smartly. Just a bit of luck on the site’s slots will help you walk away with a ton of money! Keep in mind, however, that you may only withdraw up to 100 BTC per month. Don’t overdo it with the bonus cash!

Play at mBitCasino

Last updated  October 2, 2023
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