The best online casino bonuses ever created are not easy to find. The current online casino market is saturated with hundreds of online casino offers, and with many of them being exclusive to be played in certain countries, we know that the best online casino bonuses can be quite difficult to come across.

As such, we’ve created an entire article dedicated to three of the best online casino deals that you will find on the internet in its current state. This should save you all the time and trouble that comes attached to finding the best offers on the internet, and your friends at The Casino Wizard are more than happy to help!

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We’ve taken two other factors into consideration when judging the bonuses. The first and most important one is the reliability of each online casino on the list. It doesn’t matter how good an offer seems to be if the online casino that is handing it out doesn’t properly support players or even pays out its bonuses once people have gone through the wagering requirements.

The second factor that we’ve considered is the profitability of each of these bonuses. Some amazing offers only give you 25 free spins or a match deposit total of up to €100. Not to take anything away from those, but we believe that there are many other bonuses on the internet that can help you get loaded in a matter of weeks with a little bit of luck.

BitStarz Casino Welcome Bonus – Best Match Deposit Bonus Deal

The BitStarz welcome bonus is a combination of various deposit bonuses that could see your account credited with up to 5 BTC as well as 180 free spins if you complete the deposit requirements of each bonus. You won’t be getting free spins on their own – you will also get a ton of cash to use on the site’s best online casino games. What’s not to like about this amazing promotion?

The BitStarz casino welcome bonus is the start of a cryptocurrency journey that rivals the internet’s best online casino promotions. Bonus cash, easily obtainable free spins, and a gallery of games where you can play them freely. There’s truly nothing to gate about the BitStarz welcome bonus.

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BitStarz Casino Bonus – 5 BTC and 180 Free Spins

The BitStarz Casino bonus that we’re featuring today is one of the many BitStarz bonuses on the site, and we believe that you’ll love every single one of them if you check them out. This online casino bonus is one of the most lucrative welcome bonus offers on the internet, and it’s more than clear than the BitStarz casino aims to please all players with it.

You get to choose how much cash you deposit on the casino so you can claim whichever amount of the bonus cash you like. It’s up to you. The site comes with various 100% match deposit bonuses that serve the purpose of doubling your deposit cash! Plus, you’ll also be getting some free spins with your deposits. That’s over 100 free spins to spend on the best online slots!

AstralBet Casino Review

Our thorough BitStarz casino review can help you decide whether this online casino is right for you or not. As such, The Casino Wizard has made a list of all the features that you can expect to find in the BitStarz website and why you might prefer playing here above any other site. With mobile gambling compatibility, SSL encryption and HTML5 of the highest quality, the BitStarz casino truly takes you on a journey like no other when it comes to online gambling sites.

The site accepts players from many parts of the world, and that’s reflected in the types of currency with which they are able to pay players. Its main type of accepted currency is the bitcoin, though.Euros, dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars; it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, you will be able to use any type of currency in the BitStarz Casino!

BitStarz Online Casino Games

The BitStarz casino has all the best slots that the internet has to offer. It doesn’t matter which type of game you want to play, it’s more likely than not available in the selection of BitStarz titles. As you can imagine, you are freely able to play any of these games with the BitStarz bonus cash if you so desire. As such, you will be eligible to play all of their awesome games with free cash!

The selection of the site is also helped by the fact that it presents everything in a clear way. That means that you won’t struggle to find any game thanks to the site’s design. The categories are put in place rather naturally on top of the page and they move with you as you scroll down, which makes browsing very easy when playing at BitStarz.

BitStarz Casino Payments & Withdrawals

BitStarz offers lightning fast payments and withdrawals when it comes to e-wallet services, but they don’t fall behind on the regular payment front. It is to be expected that bitcoin and crypto payments are the fastest on the site, though.

Payments are usually credited promptly because the site confirms the transfers rather easily, but their withdrawal services are some of the best in terms of speed in the online casino community.

William Hill Casino Welcome Bonus – Best First Deposit Bonus Deal

The William Hill Casino welcome bonus might seem rather simple, but it’s one of the best welcome bonuses in the UK and one of the most profitable online casino promotions that you can claim with low wagering requirements. The only condition for you to claim this bonus from this awesome casino is to make one deposit on the site, so what’s not to love about it?!

Since it’s a 100% match deposit bonus, you also get to choose how much money you wish to claim from this promotion. It’s truly as good as it gets when it comes to bonuses in the UK!

William Hill Casino Bonus – £300 Match Deposit Bonus

If profitability and quality are what you’re after, then the William Hill casino bonus might as well be the one to put an end to your search. You can double your first deposit on the site as long as you make one that’s made up of at least £20, which means that anything above that amount and up to £300 will be matched by the William Hill casino as bonus cash.

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There are many other offers at the William Hill casino, but when it comes to quality and quantity, nothing on the site comes close to their welcome bonus. Be sure to deposit £300 to get an extra £300 – free of charge and with low wagering requirements!

William Hill Casino Review

Being one of the UK’s most famous online casinos, it’s only natural that we’ve written a thorough William Will casino review to guide you through all the awesome features of this online site. William Hill has been around the gambling industry for far longer than the online casino community has existed. The company has been around even before the Second World War, which makes William Hill one of the most prestigious and notorious online organizations on the planet.

Ever since moving on to online gambling, they now offer some of the best online casino promotions and games and put them at your disposal, just a few clicks away from your screen.

William Hill Online Casino Games

As you would expect from one of the world’s most prestigious online casinos, the William Hill website has a lot of awesome titles at your disposal. However, the site is also well-known for their amazing sportsbook, which offers players from the UK the chance to wager and gamble on any sporting event that they want, from wherever they want, and how they want.

William Hill also packs instant play titles as well as one of the best mobile platforms that you will find in the modern gambling industry. The site has everything it needs to be one of the world’s best online casinos, so it doesn’t come as a surprise the fact that it’s ranked amongst them.

You will be able to play the best online slots and table games using the bonus cash given to you by one of the best online casino deals that we’ve found on the internet.

William Hill Casino Payments & Withdrawals

The William Hill casino, given that it offers an international sportsbook, it also offers users the chance to make deposits with almost any type of currency in the world. You can even choose to make deposits with US dollars if you like, given that online sportsbooks are legal in the United States. In any case, British players can also rejoice in the fact that the online casino offers full payment and support in GBP, so you can get your money deposited straight into your bank account with no extra conversion fees!

Rich Casino Welcome Bonus – Best US Online Casino Deal

Does the Rich Casino honor its name and offer users the chance to get Rich on the site? The short answer is yes. The long answer is a bit more complicated than that, but it’s also yes! You might need a bit of luck to get your hands on the full extent of a Rich Casino bonus, but if you happen to comply with all of its wagering requirements, you’ll walk away with a ton of cash from the casino.

Want to know what’s an amazing feature of this casino’s welcome bonus? You also get to claim it if you live in America, as the site fully supports US players and their participation in this online casino!

Rich Casino Bonus – Up to €2000 plus 25 Free Spins!

Honoring the name of the casino that offers it, the Rich Casino bonus comes packed with chances for you to earn a lot of cash whilst enjoying your time in one of the best online casinos on the internet. This welcome bonus grants your account the chance to make up to €2000 during your first few deposits on the site, as well as getting 25 free spins for free upon registering.

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It’s one of the best welcome bonuses ever created by online casinos, and by far one of the best online casino bonuses that can be claimed in the United States. Do keep in mind that you must live in a state where gambling is fully legal, as there are some federal restrictions that come when playing in an online casino.

Rich Casino Review

The name sounds good, but how truly awesome is the Rich Casino? You probably wish to read a thorough Rich Casino review before making up your mind on this site, and we know that. If you wish a thorough review of the Rich Casino, be sure to pay a visit to the Rich Casino page here at The Casino Wizard website.

Rich is a great online gambling site that hasn’t been around for as long as the William Hill casino, but it still managed to come up with one of the best online casino deals ever made. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t pay it a visit!

Rich Online Casino Games

The Rich Casino packs a punch with a variety of online casino games, all of which can be found in its large catalog. Live dealer games, table casino games, online slots, and even videopoker, are all there to be played if you choose to visit the virtual halls of the Rich Casino!

Rich Casino Payments & Withdrawals

The Rich Casino offers 24/7 customer support and a payment and withdrawal system like no other site on the planet. The best online casino games and promotions can be played on this site, and you get to withdraw your money as quickly as possible thanks to its efficient system of payment processing.


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