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Discover all about what a VIP casino is and which sites are deemed among the best online VIP casinos on the planet. Check out sites with top-rated VIP programs and collect exclusive rewards in safe & licensed sites.

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What We Look for In VIP Casinos

We've come across plenty of casinos that claim to offer the best VIP online casino programs. In reality, many programs simply don't hold true to expectations and are better off being left alone. We think that the ideal VIP casino should be an overall great casino, not only for those who hold a VIP status, but for every single member of the site.

We also prioritize VIP casino sites with top-quality casino games and world-class high roller rewards. The casino should strike a good balance between all of its benefits for us to consider it one of the best VIP casino sites.

These are some of the features that we look for in casino VIP programs:

  • Casino licenses and safety: The most important aspect of choosing online VIP loyalty program casinos to review is taking into consideration the licenses held by their operators. VIP casinos should hold a license given by a reputable entity like the Curaçao gambling authorities or the MGA.

  • Tier accessibility and variety: We think that a VIP casino should offer players a large variety of VIP tiers, with benefits that suit users of all budgets. We've seen, in our years of experience, online casinos where the VIP status only ensures exclusive promotions to those who form part of the final tier of the VIP program. To be one of the best VIP casino sites, an online casino should cater to the needs of the many.

  • VIP reward superiority: VIP online casinos should offer loyalty rewards that are fundamentally better than their average casino rewards - and better than the standard rewards offered by other casinos. This doesn't only involve the size of each bonus, but we also take into consideration the wagering rules and conditions imposed by each VIP casino.

  • Payment options: VIP casino sites should offer a wide array of payment options to satisfy as many customers as possible. When it comes to VIP casinos that only deal with cryptocurrencies, we ensure that they at least offer five different options like BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and USDT.

  • Game variety: Becoming a VIP casino member means playing on the same casino for a long time. We always prioritize online casinos that offer a good variety of games, expanding their game galleries frequently by adding more titles to them.

What is a VIP Casino?

VIP Casinos are online gambling sites that offer VIP programs to their players. The majority of modern online casinos offer loyalty rewards to longstanding users and high rollers, with benefits that are generally much better than those offered to standard casino players.

VIP casino players will have access to the site's standard bonuses as well as to special VIP bonus rewards. These loyalty schemes are divided into multiple tiers, with high tiers being reserved for those who spend the most money. High roller prizes are the best bonuses offered to a VIP player, though: they come with low wagering requirements and cannot be earned by other members of the casino.

Types of VIP Casinos

The growth in popularity of online casinos has meant that VIP programs have become more of a norm than an exception. Since they're a great incentive for high rollers to join a site, most online casinos are opting to provide exclusive bonuses to players that hold a VIP status. Nowadays, you'll rarely come across online casino sites with no loyalty programs.

That's why it's important to understand the types of VIP programs offered by casino sites. Modern online VIP casinos have loyalty schemes found in all shapes and forms, but they often fall into one of the following categories:


A point-based loyalty program is a type of VIP program where players collect points as they spend money on casino games. These points can then be traded for free spins or other casino rewards, as well as exclusive bonuses that are only obtainable via point exchanges.

A common term that you'll come across in a VIP online casino with a point-based system is "CP", which stands for "Comp Points", and refers to the tradable points that you'll collect as you spend money on the site.

These types of sites generally have some sort of shop, or CP exchange, where you can spend Comp Points to collect the aforementioned rewards and other exclusive promotions.


The tier-based system is a type of loyalty program where players earn "experience" to level up their accounts as they wager money in a casino. This works quite similarly to how video games work: leveling up your account through the casino's VIP tiers will give you access to better prizes.

From what we've seen, these VIP online casino programs have had a massive surge in popularity since 2017. Crypto casino sites have adopted this model as a way to reward their players, but its popularity stretches across towards the world of real-money gambling sites.

  • Playing games like online slots generally rewards more points than playing table games and other high-RTP titles.

  • Point-collection on VIP programs is generally done much quicker by high-rollers, as it's based on how much money is spent.

Here are a couple of facts about tier-based programs:

  • In most cases, online casino sites with a tier-based system will offer small rewards across the first few levels of their VIP programs.

  • In our experience, we've noticed that sites generally offer a system of around 7 tiers, with tiers 6 and 7 being exclusive to the site's highest spenders.

  • Some casino tier-based VIP programs reward users with a no deposit bonus every time they reach a new level. Other VIP programs only provide new rewards upon making deposits.

  • Almost every tier-based VIP program comes with cashback bonuses that increase their percentage of bonus cash rewarded on every deposit made.

Hybrid Programs

A hybrid VIP casino combines a tier-based system with a point-based system, offering the best of both worlds to all of its members. In these types of VIP casino sites, players will be able to collect more points by wagering the same amount of money as they reach the higher ranks of the site's VIP program.

Hybrid programs have become the most common type of VIP online casino in recent years - and they're widely popular among players. These sites often feature a point shop, where they can trade CP for loyalty rewards and other exclusive bonuses, as well as casino bonuses that improve as they move through the ranks of the loyalty schemes.

Bitcoin VIP Casinos

Casino bonuses found within a Bitcoin Casino VIP program are generally much more lucrative than those found in standard fiat-currency casinos, which makes these some of the best online VIP casinos in which you can play.

These websites generally allow you to play casino games with at least five different cryptocurrencies, helping you form part of the site's VIP program with no bank-regulated currencies involved.

  • The best VIP programs found in Bitcoin casinos are generally hybrid programs;

  • Many VIP casinos, like BitStarz, offer incredible prizes like tablets, laptops, and even cars!

  • VIP online casino sites that accept cryptocurrencies are also more likely to host exclusive tournaments for VIP members, which reward them with either free cash or VIP casino bonuses

Real Money

Real money casinos generally offer a loyalty program that enables users to collect the same sorts of rewards that we've mentioned so far. The bonuses offered by fiat currency casinos are generally not as lucrative as those given away by their crypto counterparts, but they generally offer the world's best casino games, thus providing a solid VIP program to all players.

However, reputable sites like Betsson are still not offering VIP bonuses. They do offer exclusive tournaments to high rollers and high limit slots, but they don't have a built-in VIP casino experience.

Casino VIP Benefits & Perks

VIP players can be sure of one thing: they're going to be much better rewarded than the standard casino player. The best VIP casino programs can offer some incredible perks that enhance the experience of users to another level.

All the benefits that come with loyalty programs are different in every casino. However, since these bonuses are designed so that high rollers gamble and get rewarded for it, you'll notice that they some casino VIP programs look similar between them.

These are the most common rewards that VIP members will get as they play VIP casino games:

VIP Account Manager

VIP players will have access to a VIP account manager. This is a member of the site's staff that is always available to help users on the site, allowing them to feel a true VIP casino experience.

They assist users with all sorts of problems, help them get better bonuses, reach into the benefits of better deposit and withdrawal limits, and even help with offering special cash bonuses or bonus cash prizes to VIP players.

Most tier-based programs come with a personal VIP account manager that can be accessed during the latter levels of the program. New users will have to earn their VIP casino experience by improving their standing on the site.

Withdrawal Limits

Most casinos limit the amount of money that the average player can withdraw. VIP players, however, will be able to access higher withdrawal limits. As we said, you may need to contact your personal VIP manager before your limits are increased, but this perk is usually present in most of the best VIP online casino programs.

Since high rollers play with more money than the average player, a withdrawal limit of €4,000 per month may not be enough for them. Contacting the staff could allow VIP players to increase their withdrawal limits to over €20,000 per month.

Some casino loyalty program rewards also permit players to access higher deposit limits, should the casino offer limited deposits to standard players.

Withdrawal Speed

Priority withdrawals are another fantastic perk that comes with VIP status. A VIP member could access their money requested via bank transfers much quickly than the standard player. There wouldn't be the need to wait around for days to get the money: VIP players could collect their cash within 24 hours of requesting it.

This is tied to KYC compliance, of course. Once the VIP player undergoes KYC checks and the casino approves the origin of their funds, they'll be eligible for withdrawal-related VIP benefits.

These casino high roller benefits don't only take into consideration the time it takes for the casino to send players their money, but it also considers transfer pending times. Part of the VIP online casino experience involves having transfers prioritized over those of other players.

Exclusive Tournaments

High roller casino tournaments and exclusive slot tournaments are some of the best VIP player perks that you can claim in the best VIP sites. These tournaments require players to make a large casino deposit to participate, as they generally involve large sums of money and require players to wager handsomely if they are to climb the leaderboard ranks.

Rewards earned in these tournaments are not subject to deposit and withdrawal limits. In most cases, they're paid in real money (wager-free).

The prizes that a high roller earns are far greater than those offered by casinos in standard tournaments, and much bigger than what you can collect with a deposit bonus or welcome bonus. Some tournament prizes involve rewards worth €50,000 or more - especially if you claim them in bitcoin casinos.

Special Invitations

You may be invited to exclusive events by the industry's top VIP casinos. These may include reunions and gatherings with other VIP casino players, invitations to sporting matches, VIP packages to events, and many other prizes.

Special invitations are generally issued to the biggest of high rollers - people that form part of the higher levels of casino loyalty programs. The average VIP member will likely not receive an invitation.

VIP Casino Bonuses

VIP bonuses are special rewards that can only be claimed by players that are part of a casino's loyalty scheme. These rewards tend to be much better than the average casino bonus and play a fundamental role in any VIP program (point-based or tier-based).

These are some of the most common VIP bonuses that you can find in the average casino VIP program:

  • Free spins with extremely low wagering requirements or free spins that turn into withdrawable currency (with no rollover);

  • Free money or free spins for games that the player prefers;

  • Access to VIP casino games, which are usually new games added to the casino that non-VIP players still can't access. You can get free spins for these games, in many cases;

Standard Bonuses vs. VIP Bonuses - Key Differences

A regular casino bonus will not offer nearly as many benefits as a bonus obtained by forming part of a casino's loyalty scheme. These are some of the key differences that come with bonuses earned via a loyalty program and standard casino rewards:

  • A regular deposit bonus is tied to a wagering requirement worth at least 35x the amount of bonus cash received. VIP deposit bonuses may come with wagering rules of 10x or less.

  • Some VIP player deposit bonuses grant free spins for games that the player likes; they aren't imposed by the casino.

  • No deposit bonuses for a VIP player are more likely to be given away in withdrawable cash than the average casino deposit bonus.

  • High roller cash prizes are larger than standard bonuses. It's more likely for a VIP player to receive bonuses worth €1,000+

Some casinos offer a VIP welcome bonus, which grants much more money than the average reward, but these are not to be confused with online VIP casino rewards!

How to Become a VIP Casino Member

Becoming a VIP casino member is easy. All you need to do is follow a simple list of steps that slightly varies from casino to casino, but generally follows the same pattern no matter which site you choose to visit.

These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Register an account in the VIP Casino of your choice

  2. Make sure you fill all of your profile's information as soon as you can

  3. Wager the money required to start leveling up your account, or enough to collect CP

  4. You'll receive rewards according to how much money you're spending on the casino

  5. The final levels of a casino loyalty program may only be accessible via invites. In that case, you'll be contacted by the site's staff in due time.

Online Casino VIP Program on Mobile

Modern online casinos are compatible both with mobile devices and computers. As such, the progress of your VIP rank is shared between devices. You have the same casino account to play on mobile as you do on PC, so there's no reason to worry about it.

There are two ways to access VIP rewards on mobile:

  • These programs can be accessed via a casino app. There's usually a tab dedicated to VIP progress and VIP rewards.

  • You can enjoy loyalty programs by visiting an online casino via your mobile browser. The mobile version of a casino site is generally optimized to make the site work just like it would on a computer.

KYC Procedure for VIP Players

The KYC procedures that a VIP casino site imposes upon players largely varies depending on how much money is spent by each member. Naturally, since VIP players spend much more than the average users, they're subject to much stricter checks.

There are many aspects that come into play when reviewing a player account that's part of a casino VIP program. The most important aspect is the so-called "Customer Due Diligence", which is a way for the casino to assess the risks that are involved with player transactions.

Low rollers are subject to a simple verification process, but high-rollers will always be asked to provide much more detailed information than a simple document that validates their country of origin. VIP online casinos will almost always ask their loyal players and high rollers to provide a Source of Funds.

This is how the verification process often goes in VIP online casinos, from the moment the player registers their account to the point where they're part of the higher tiers of a VIP casino program:

  1. A new player registers their account in an online VIP casino

  2. The player goes to deposit money. Deposits will rarely trigger a KYC check.

  3. The user will then spend their money playing casino games.

  4. If a first withdrawal request is issued by the player, no matter how small, the casino will most likely ask for documents that validate the information provided by the player on registration. This usually involves providing the casino with a utility bill and personal ID.

  5. Should players continue wagering on the VIP online casino, and spending more money as they do it, it's likely that upcoming KYC requests will be stricter. Once the user reaches a high-roller status on the site (becoming part of the "prestigious" part of a VIP program), stricter due diligence checks come into play.

  6. Players will need to provide the casino with further personal ID checks and information detailing the source of their wealth. This is done to prevent money laundering and illicit activities, such as tax evasion, involving the usage of the casino's services.

High Rollers and Responsible Gambling in Online Casinos

The best VIP casino sites make sure that they are compliant with responsible gambling policies to keep their players protected at all times. You can control the minimum deposit that you make every month by tweaking the Responsible Gambling tools offered by online casinos (especially sites licensed by the MGA).

A high roller in need of assistance can always contact the staff of the casino in which they're playing, or get in touch with their account manager if they need any help.

They can even talk to the site's staff to tweak deposit and withdrawal limits according to their needs, should the high roller require financial assistance.

Start Your VIP Journey at the World's Best Online Casino VIP Programs

You can collect your welcome bonus on your first deposit to begin playing at the best VIP casino websites and enjoy the perks of the internet's best VIP programs. From VIP welcome bonus free spins to the most lucrative cash prizes, the world's best casinos offer all sorts of benefits to VIP members.

Choose the loyalty program that you like the most and begin playing in the internet's best online casinos. High deposit limits, free spins, and other rewards await - register and play at the world's best sites!

Frequently asked questions

The best VIP casino for you is the one that offers the features that you're after and lets you access it with the currency of your preference.

VIP casinos offer incredible perks like exclusive promotions, invitations to special events, tailor-made rewards, and much more.

Any high roller is welcome to join a loyalty scheme and will most likely qualify automatically for one. Making a minimum deposit will likely fall short of the needed requirements.

You will have to be consistent and play in a casino for a while before you can qualify to obtain VIP rewards, although some casinos let you get VIP bonuses on your first deposit.

Usually, you'll need to wager around €5,000 to reach the first reward tier of a casino VIP program. Reaching the latter levels requires upwards of €1,000,000.

Last updated  June 18, 2024

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