In a one-time special article by your friends at The Casino Wizard, we’ve compiled a list of 7 online casino slots that can be a great fit to be played if you feel that your world is coming to a halt for one reason or another. This article will compile 7 online slots that you can play in these trying times, and that we think will be quite fitting to the occasion.

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Bear in mind that most of these games can be played in some of the world’s best online casinos, but you need to know that it depends which casino has dealings with which game providers. If you want to be absolutely sure that these games will be available at the casino that you visit, you can go on and take a trip to the virtual halls of the Videoslots Casino.

We’ve used the game catalog of the Videoslots website as our guide to pick these games, given that their gallery is currently filled with over 4,000 online casino titles, most of which are online casino slots. Pay a visit to Videoslots and enjoy these games, or go to other online casinos and see if they have them!

Couch Potato

Boredom seems to be turning mankind into couch potatoes, so it’s time we fully embrace that fact with the Couch Potato slot. This fantastic online casino game doesn’t “sit” among the most popular in the world, but it’s quite the hidden gem. It’s just one of those games that you wouldn’t really talk about too much, but it has such a fantastic RTP and extremely fun playability that it just feels great.

We’re not really sure what was the point of creating a game called “Couch Potato”, given that most people who gamble online aren’t really couch potatoes per se, but we must say that it’s quite fitting for days of slacking.

This online slot aims to take you back to the days where gambling online wasn’t as much of a popular practice as it was to gamble in brick and mortar establishments. You will often find many of the classic symbols that you often see in most traditional slots, which is the main thing that helps you go back to the “good old days”.

In any case, with a extremely bright theme and a color palette that is sure to annoy those who aren’t into colorful things, it’s sure to bring joy to the grim climate as of late.

It’s not really that bad to stay at home as a couch potato when you have the chance to play games like this one with a retro theme and a large max win. It’s time for you to get down to work and explore this amazing online slot, which we’re pretty sure you haven’t played before. Now it’s the best time to do it!

Book of Dead

This one couldn’t miss our list. As you might now, Book of Dead is an online slot that currently sits at the top of many popularity lists. The game is being offered by some of the world’s best online casinos, and with many promotions awarding players with free spins on this game, it has only become even more popular in recent years.

Book of Dead Slot Game

The game is extremely fun and it might be the time to uncover the secrets of the book while attempting to earn a decent profit for yourself while playing this fantastic online game.

Book of Dead only has 10 paylines, which is very odd for such a popular slot, but with such a high-profit margin and a very good RTP, it has managed to climb the whole way to the top of the online gambling industry. It doesn’t have a jackpot per se, but you can win rewards worth up to 5,000 times the amount of your original stake.

Imagine staying at home for a while and then being able to walk in the streets again, in a couple of weeks, with all the profits made while playing Book of Dead. You can dream about it or you can head to any online casino right now and get started wagering!

Soccer Safari

Fans of the beautiful game might be in a very difficult time if their favorite teams aren’t playing. The football withdrawal is real, and people like to play games and watch old matches while their favorite teams aren’t being shown on TV.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t play football games from the comfort of your home. Sure, your favorite team might not be playing at the minute, but why do so when you can simply open the Soccer Safari slot and have a laugh at the Animal Soccer Cup instead?

This game takes you on quite a “wild” ride, as there are multiple wild animals competing against each other to become the ultimate champions of the Cup. Who will you help win with the Soccer Safari slot?

This fantastic casino game comes with various built-in features, which include an amazing bonus game as well as free spin rewards and scatter symbols to help you get even better prizes. The maximum sum of money that you can make with the Soccer Safari slot is €8,000,000, making it one of the largest jackpots in the modern casino industry for traditional slot games.

Bear in mind, however, that this isn’t a jackpot slot per se but rather a traditional jackpot with large winnings. Join the animals in the most important soccer tournament in the animal kingdom and see who comes out victorious in the end!

Mr. Vegas

Was your trip to Las Vegas cut short? Were you left disappointed and wanting to visit the promised land? Do you wish there was still a chance for you to go to Vegas? Well, stop worrying and asking questions, as we have the answer to all your prayers: the Mr. Vegas slot!

You might not be able to take a plane trip to Nevada right now because of financial reasons, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play in an online recreation of Las Vegas. Mr. Vegas takes you on an adventure across the world and into the United States, as it’s themed in a US Las Vegas casino of some sort (they don’t specify which one, of course).

The game works pretty much like any of the new online slots on the industry. It features a special free spin and mini-game feature that gets triggered as soon as you land three bonus symbols in a row. Nothing out of the ordinary.

However, there is an extra feature that truly sets the game apart from the rest: the roulette feature. You’ll need to land a Mr. Vegas symbols in every other row, and if that happens, you will be taken to the bonus wheel where rewards are going to be as aplenty as you can imagine.

This game is going to let you feel as if you were in Las Vegas. It might not be the best game when it comes to its RTP or even its house edge, but hey – if you’re looking to feel as if you were in the gambling capital of the world, this is probably the one that you’ll want to try in this list.

The next game we’re going to talk about, however, is the best game you can play if you’re after lucrative rewards and the largest jackpot on the planet.

Mega Moolah

This is another game that simply couldn’t be missing from this list. Mega Moolah offers one of the largest online casino jackpots in the industry, rivaled only by some exclusive games on websites such as Wildz. In general, Mega Moolah is a game from which you can expect to find the best casino rewards and fantastic gameplay, albeit it does have a low RTP when compared to other titles.

Mega Moolah is not really about the theme of the game, or the amount of money you can win without hitting the jackpots. In all honesty, if you just want to play slots, then there are plenty of other games that will suit your needs much better. However, if what you’re after is an insane jackpot win that could change your life for the better, then this is the game you’ll want to try out.

As you might know, Mega Moolah is a jackpot game that has some of the highest progressive jackpots in the world. The major jackpot of the game comes packed with millions of euros in wins, which are accumulated among players that play the game all over the globe. That means the jackpot will grow bigger and bigger as more people play the game and fail to win it.

Mega Moolah has three “smaller” jackpots, one of which consists of the amount of money accumulated in the casino where you’re playing the game. The other two jackpots are also global (people who play the game in all casinos contribute to it), and they’re far more difficult to get.

In any case, if you’re after a lifetime of thrill and adventures in these trying times that we live in, Mega Moolah is the one for you. Just imagine leaving your home in a couple of weeks (or, maybe, a month) with €5,000,000 in your bank account!

Today’s Weather

Let us take a trip to the Videoslots casino to play Today’s Weather and see how things are on the outside. This game has quite an odd theme, but it’s one that felt very appropriate to be added to this list. Let’s not forget about the outside weather and check out this fantastic online slot that has a surprisingly high payout rate.

This game was originally released for the William Hill casino in the United Kingdom, something rather odd, as you’d think the British wouldn’t be too keen to check out the weather with it always being pretty much the same. Jokes aside, the game became mainstream back in 2016 and it’s now found in some of the world’s best online casinos – including many of which we have here at The Casino Wizard.

This one is a fantastic slot if you want to place small wagers. It allows you to go very low per spin, with as little as €0.02 being allowed to be bet in the slot. We’re including this one because of its theme and precisely because of the fact that it allows you to go low on your bets. We don’t want you running out of money any time soon.

The wild symbols of the game, which turn the whole slot into a craze of various weather types, could turn your original bet into a profit of over 100 times its original value. We wouldn’t’ advise you to walk into this game thinking that you’ll make a lot of money per wager as the chances of that happening are low, but bear in mind that it is indeed possible for it to occur.

Satoshi’s Secret

It might not be the best time in the world to start selling your bitcoins, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to wager with them in the best online casinos in the world. In fact, it might be the best time ever to dive into the best crypto casinos and bitcoin casinos to wager those virtual coins and hope for the best.

Satoshi’s Secret is a game fully themed around the concept of bitcoins and bitcoin gambling. To surprise of no one, this game can also be played directly with bitcoins if you happen to find it in any of the world’s best bitcoin casinos. It’s quite a fitting theme for today’s current state of affairs, given that hundreds of people are opting to gamble with bitcoins directly after the recent crash.

The game has 6 reels, which gives you room for multiple paylines as well as the chance to win big. However, it does mean that you’ll need to place wagers on multiple lines and that could potentially increase the total amount of money that you have to bet.

The animations of the game are quite cool, but the graphics are what does it for us. They really set the theme for the underworld that seems to be the bitcoin market. There’s also the very popular image of who supposedly is Satoshi, and that’s the most important symbol in the game.

You might not be able to discover Satoshi’s Secret when playing this game, but you will be able to embark yourself in quite a unique adventure that is sure to be as profitable as it is fun. Will you win a big jackpot, will you take extra risks with the risk feature, or will you simply gamble to see where it takes you?

Where To Play the Best Online Slots?

All of the online slots that we’ve listed here can be played at the Videoslots casino, but we know that you might prefer to play in a different website. That’s why we’ve refrained from including any games that are exclusive to Videoslots. Most of these games are available in websites that are partnered with NetEnt and Novomatic.

Mega Moolah and Book of Dead are the most popular titles of this list, which means that they’re the most likely to be found in the most online casinos that we’ve listed on The Casino Wizard.

We would recommend you check out our list of the 10 best online casinos, which can be found on the homepage of our site. Most of the online casinos that we have ranked here are partnered with some of the world’s best online game developers, which makes them reliable sources of entertainment for all sorts of gamers, and makes most of the games on this list fully available to be played.

The only thing that we can guarantee is that you’ll be playing quality casino games regardless of which website you choose to visit!

Play Casino Games While You Have the Time!

Here, at the Casino Wizard, we’re trying to keep everyone’s heads up by having a ton of fun with games like these. We can’t just let boredom bring us down, which is why we’ve made a point to keep things going and to keep you informed with all of the latest developments of the online casino industry.

We’ve also decided to create a few articles that’ll help you keep yourself entertained if you happen to be sitting at home with nothing to do. With this small guide, you’ll be able to play a few fantastic games as well as titles that are quite fitting to the current occasion!

Bear in mind that all of these games are available in some of the world’s best online casinos, but you can find them all on the Videoslots website. If you choose to go there, we really encourage you to claim the free spins that they give upon registration plus the fantastic Videoslots welcome bonus. Both of these offers are sure to grant you some free cash to help you play these games free of charge!


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