The Buffalo Blitz game might not be one of the better-known slots on the planet, but the title’s recent surge in popularity has put it in the spotlight and made it seem like one of those games where people win a lot of money, as it is often the case when slots become popular in the iGaming world’s news.

We wanted to take a closer look at this game and explore its bonus features, its graphics, sounds, and gameplay to see what the recent fuzz was all about. Will Buffalo Blitz make its way to the top of the iGaming world or will it be another shooting star that passes in a heartbeat? We think it’s the former, but let’s take a closer look anyway.

Buffalo Blitz II Basics

With an RTP of 95.96%, Buffalo Blitz is a fantastic and enjoyable casino game with 14,400 ways to win, even though it doesn’t feel like there are many bonuses or hidden rewards to activate. Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay and technical features to see what the fuzz is all about!


The gameplay is smooth and fluid, as the rounds feel extremely fast (with a name such as Blitz, one would expect that). However, there aren’t many crazy bonuses to be on the lookout for, which leaves a bit to be desired and could make the game feel boring after a short while of playing.


The graphics are very similar to those of the first installment of the game and therefore very similar to the graphics of Wolf Gold. They are really good but nothing out of the ordinary, with some very simple animations that make it a fun game to try out and play.


There is something about the music of this game that we just love, even though it doesn’t really seem to fit a nature-rich game. It’s weird, but the game’s music allows you to truly engage and get immersed in the title. It carries you away, if you will. However, it’s still a weird soundtrack for the type of game that it is.

Buffalo Blitz II Gameplay Features

It would be fair to expect our fair share of wild animals when playing the Buffalo Blitz slot, we think, which is why we weren’t surprised to come across dozens of wild symbols when we first opened the game. In fact, we could argue that Buffalo Blitz is mostly reliant on its wild symbols over anything else.

Unlike other online slots that take a more conservative approach and make their games more reliant on free spin rounds, Buffalo Blitz II goes all out with the wild symbols. Almost every round will be plagued with symbol substitutions and it really makes the game extremely dynamic even if rounds last a bit longer as a consequence of this.

Don’t worry, though: the game also features its fair share of free spin symbols that are basically the scatters. Land a few scatters in your board and unlock free play rounds to get more money out of the game without even spending a dime of your own cash to unlock it.

Free Game rounds often multiply your chances of winning. The game doesn’t have as many winning ways as a Megaways slot, but it comes packed with more than 14,000 winning ways for you to enjoy an experience like no other in any casino in which you find it.

Buffalo Blitz II Developer and Where to Play

Created by the masterminds behind most Playtech games, Buffalo Blitz II can be found in the world’s best Playtech casino and enjoyed with bonuses that other online slots simply don’t let you play with.

Playtech has always been known as one of the leading developers of the industry since the company came to prominence in the mid-2000s, and their new selection of games and the latest titles introduced to the industry make that point a bigger reality.

You can find Buffalo Blitz and play it in the best Playtech Casinos in the world, such as:

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Our Conclusion – Ride the Bull and Feel the Blitz!

Buffalo Blitz is not the most profitable game out there, but the wild symbols make for a unique experience that makes every round feel as unique as possible. Sometimes, though, the game can feel a bit stressful because of the constant changing of symbols every time you spin the reels. However, we feel that it’s completely worth it in the end.

Free spin rounds are more common than you think, but the game’s dynamics and rather unique gameplay, combined with awesome graphics and an enjoyable reel setup, make for a quality experience that we recommend to any of our readers.


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