Mobile Casinos Guide - An Overview of What You Can Do

Mobile casinos are online casinos that you can play on any mobile devices that you own or, at the very least, in the majority of mobile devices. Mobile casinos keep growing in popularity thanks to the large number of online casino players that are becoming more and more involved with the world of on-the-go gaming, which allows them to play their games wherever they go. Given the current state of technology and the imminent release of new G networks, things are looking bright for the future of mobile gaming. Many of the world’s best online casinos currently support mobile devices, but do all of their features work the same? What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing in a mobile casino? Today, we’re going to answer all of these questions for you. It’s time for you to thoroughly understand mobile casinos and learn why they have become some of the most popular types of casinos in the world. With players from all over the world joining the ranks of the absolute best mobile casinos, we’ll also tell you where to claim the best bonuses for mobile casinos in the world!

Mobile Casino Features

The best mobile online casinos come packed with a fair few features, which keeps them above the industry’s standard and turns thousands of players to try out their services every day. In most cases, mobile casinos offer similar things to their regular desktop counterparts. However, some things work better than others when playing on a mobile device. We want you to keep in mind, however, that 99% of all mobile casinos have a desktop version and you use the same account to play in each one. That means that you can transfer your progress between the desktop version and the mobile version using the same casino account.

High-Quality Bonuses

The best mobile casinos in the world are also home to the finest casino bonuses in the industry. Mobile casinos got your back when it comes to the best online casino bonuses, sites like Betsson or even BitStarz come absolutely packed with the finest of online casino rewards – and they’re available all over the world. Thankfully, we have created a cured list of the best bonuses on the internet. Every single online casino that offers a bonus listed on our guide is among the best mobile casinos in the world, which means that all of these bonuses can be used when you’re playing on the go. You can claim all sorts of bonuses when playing in a mobile casino. The most common types of bonuses that you’ll find are as follows:

  • Deposit Bonuses (doubling or even tripling the amount of your deposit)
  • Free Spin Bonuses (to play the best mobile slots)
  • Exclusive bonuses (these are given exclusively by certain casinos)

The Best Casino Games – Adapted for Mobile Devices

The main question that we often see floating around is whether the best casino games can be played in mobile devices. Whenever you decide to visit a mobile casino, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting access to the best games on the internet. Thankfully, many of the world’s most prominent developers know this, which is why the best desktop games are also adapted to work on mobile devices. You can visit your favorite casino right now and check it out. Most games work the same on mobile as they do on desktops. The only main difference is that some games don’t have a mobile version per se but their desktop version runs well on mobile devices. This can cause issues if your device’s screen is too small, but the game should otherwise function to perfection. In any case, the best casino games on the planet are all meant to function accordingly on all devices. If you want to play games that are exclusively adapted to work on mobile devices, you can check out those that come with so-called “touch” versions. Whenever you read the name “touch” on a game, that often means that it works flawlessly on mobile. The best types of games to play on mobile casinos are:

  • Slots
  • Table Games
  • Scratch Cards & Keno

Live Casinos on Mobile

Even though live casinos are often overlooked when people look for mobile casino games, the world’s best live casino companies have adapted their games and made them fit in most mobile devices to perfection. Evolution Gaming casinos are particularly great for players looking for a world-class mobile live casino experience. You’ll notice how almost every single live casino game can now be played on mobile devices, which allows players to enjoy their favorite experiences on mobile. You don’t even need to be at home if you wish to play against real dealers – you can even be taking a break from work and enjoy your favorite live dealer games on the go. Be it blackjack, roulette, or even the best contest games like monopoly, you can play live casinos on most mobile devices. There’s a catch, though. Live casinos tend to have a small issue – they require quite a powerful connection in order to work. That means that poor connectivity could cause some very serious issues when it comes to the gameplay of a live mobile casino. We have listed the best live mobile casinos for you to enjoy. Choose them and discover the best casino games in the world that can be played from your mobile phone or tablet!  

Better Sportsbooks

One feature that most mobile devices tend to run better than their desktop counterparts is the sportsbook of every online casino. Sportsbooks are often made for people to bet on their phones, given that many gamblers love to access this section of each casino while they’re away from home. In many cases, people wager on mobile sportsbooks when they are at the matches per se. That means that the sportsbook needs to run perfectly. The same applies to people that wager their money on games that they’re watching at a bar or a sports-betting establishment – especially those people who love to bet on horses. This has made the evolution of mobile casinos to be one to behold. Many of the world’s best sites now work on mobile devices and online casinos have even created betting apps that aren’t found in a specific mobile store like the App Store or the Play Store, but they can be directly downloaded using links provided in the online casino itself. We’ll get deeper into app casinos later, but just know that apps that are found on each individual casino’s official page are the ones that you need to download. Never download casino apps from links that are unsafe, as they could cause you issues with your money in the future.  

Mobile Casino Compatibility – Where Can You Play?

Mobile casinos are available in a wide range of devices thanks to the way companies have adapted their games and websites to work on mobile phones as well as tablets. As such, the one thing that you require in order to play in an online casino on mobile, other than a powerful connection, is the ability for you to open any browser on your device. As such, most of the devices that you own should work perfectly whenever you visit any of the world’s best mobile casinos. You just need to be sure that your device is up to date when it comes to their browser version and you should have no issues accessing any mobile casino. These are the most common ways in which you can play casino games on mobile.

Mobile Casinos Using Mobile Browsers

As we said, if you intend to become an iGaming aficionado, your main way to play all of the games that you’ll find online is using your phone’s mobile browser. As such, you’re going to need to have a clean device with a good internet connection if you want the games to run cleanly. The best mobile casinos in the world are, however, extremely easy to browse on any mobile device. This is because the casino’s website is fully adapted to work on mobile. You’ll notice how most online casinos take a different shape whenever you open them on a mobile device than how they look when you open them on a desktop. Many online casinos opt to do this to make it easier for players to select anything that they’re looking for. For example, you might come across certain menus that are located at the bottom of your phone’s screen, but these same menus are actually at the top of the website when visited from a desktop. Casinos that adapt to mobile devices are the best that you can visit. All of the casinos listed on The Casino Wizard work on all mobile browsers.

Mobile Casino Apps – Android Over iOS

We know that some people would rather have their mobile games directly on an app, and so do many other online casinos. As such, many sites have also created world-class mobile casino apps that you can download to your phone or tablet and get down to playing your favorite games. There’s just a small detail that you need to know if you intend to play games using an app, though. Most online casino apps are not allowed to be uploaded to the App Store or Play Store, which means that your favorite casinos will not be found there. This happens because there are policies in place that do not permit companies to upload gambling games to the stores of each casino. As such, you will need to download the apps from external sources. In many cases, you’ll have to activate the option on your phone to allow apps from external sources – both in Android and iOS devices. Just be sure to download the apps using the link provided by the online casino itself. Never download casino apps from external sources or you could be exposing your personal information to be stolen by hackers. Mobile Casino apps tend to work to perfection and they serve as better ways for you to browse the website without having to resort to using mobile browsers. In fact, they work as dedicated browsers that open the website without the extra step of having to open Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. This makes the site run much smoother. Betsson_Mobile  

Gaming Using Stable Mobile Connection

Apart from having a very good internet browser and the ability for your phone to run the games smoothly (having a modern device helps), you will also need one more crucial thing that will define whether you have fun or you end up frustrated with your online casino of choice; the mobile connection of your phone to a network. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be connected to a wireless router in order to play online casino games successfully. However, you do need to have a very good connection – especially if you intend to play live casino games. These games that use streams tend to require the user to have a stable connection in order to work quickly. You might experience issues running the games if you don’t have an internet connection that doesn’t have many ups and downs. It doesn’t even need to be quick – all you really need is for the connection to be stable. It’s always recommended to play whilst connected to the internet directly, but you may also play online with no problems provided that you’re using the latest G network available in your area.

The Best Mobile Online Casinos – Where to Play and How to Choose Them?

We have made a list of the finest online casinos in the world to help our readers get started in their search for the best mobile casino to exist. There are multiple websites that you can choose from, but each of them has its own set of pros and cons that might help you make a more informed decision as to which one to choose. In order to make your search an even easier one, we have listed here the most important sites that you might want to check out first:

  • LeoVegas Casino – We’re recommending the LeoVegas Casino above any other site for one particular reason; this online casino is one of the finest mobile casinos in the world. In fact, it’s often known as the King of Mobile Gaming, and even though that title was self-imposed by the creators of the site, we can confirm that it is indeed one to consider if you want to play online from your phone. In any case, LeoVegas also comes packed with a world-class sportsbook and some of the finest features that any online casino can have. If you want to play the best games in the world, LeoVegas has its setup adapted to work on almost any mobile device. Try it out and see for yourself!
  • Betsson CasinoBetsson is not only a world-class online casino led by one of the biggest iGaming companies in the world, but the site is also home to a fantastic sportsbook and hundreds of online slots that you can enjoy from your mobile device. You can try out sports betting from your mobile phone thanks to Betsson’s world-class features, which make this online casino one of the absolute best to visit if you’re a sports fan.
  • BitStarz Casino – The BitStarz Casino stands as one of the finest mobile websites on the planet, as well as one of the best bitcoin mobile casinos in the world. If you’re a player that loves to spend their bitcoins wagering in the best online casinos, then BitStarz is the first one you need to check out. It comes packed with exclusive promotions, games, and up to 5 BTC in free bonus cash upon registering and making your first set of deposits.

Prioritize Your Favorite Features

Are you still undecided on which casino to visit? Browse online casinos and look for any specific feature that you want to see on your mobile site before deciding what to do. That’s going to help you get a better idea of which might be the best site at which you can start your casino journey. Are you a fan of slots, or would you rather spend your time and money playing table games? Are you a sportsbook person or do you like live casinos? Maybe, you’re one of those people who prioritizes browser casinos over app-based online casinos? It doesn’t matter what you prefer, just look for it and make your best decision after checking out our list of the best mobile casinos.

1 €1600 + 100 Free Spins + 20 No Deposit Free Spins Claim bonus
2 100% up to €1,000 + 200 Free Spins Claim bonus
3 100% up to $/€500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Claim bonus

Check Out Your Device’s Compatibility

It’s important that you make sure that your mobile device is able to run games as smoothly as possible. Just check out the specs of your system and give an online casino a go before actually committing money to it, just to be sure that you will have no issues while playing the games. If the casino runs smoothly, then check out the bonuses and games that it has available and claim whichever one you like the most.

Visit the Best Mobile Casinos and Play Now!

Mobile Casinos are aplenty, so you’re not going to run out of time to play the best games on the planet. However, you’ll want to get down to business and find your favorite games and select an online casino that meets your standards. You’re going to love what there’s in store for you – go ahead and play!

Last updated  October 13, 2022
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