No deposit bonuses are the most coveter types of online casino bonuses on the planet. People from all over the globe rejoice at the idea of getting rewarded with free money without making a deposit of their own, while also having the chance to use the money to try out the best online casino games AND make a profit with it!

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As such, we’ve created a complete guide on no deposit bonuses and how they work, so you can get a better grasp of whether they’re profitable or not, and why they have become so popular in recent years. Many online casinos love to offer these promotions as rewards, but do players really benefit from them, or are they nothing but shams?

Worry not, we’re here to explain them to you. Is it worth it to claim a no deposit bonus, or should you just focus on deposit bonuses and your own cash in general? Learn the answers to these questions and much more, right here!

First off – Are No Deposit Bonuses Free Money?

Well, technically speaking, yes. A no deposit bonus is free bonus money that a casino gives to a player so they can enjoy themselves on the site. However, do notice that we’re making emphasis on the words “the site”. You may not get this money out of your account unless you meet a specific set of conditions that the casino imposes upon the money before you can claim it as your own.

The way no deposit bonuses should be seen are ways for you to enjoy some free time on the casino while also having the chance to unlock the money and withdraw it to your account. However, this is not something that is often easily done, and the casino often limits how much cash you can withdraw even if you earn hundreds of euros or dollars with it.

But, in general terms, no deposit bonuses are free money. You shouldn’t really complain about how difficult some online casinos make the money to be claimed, as you’re honestly just registering on the site and receiving rewards for it. Also, you get to play all of the cool games that they offer to players using money that might be yours after you finish their challenge!

No deposit bonuses are money that you basically borrow from the casino and use it to play their own games. Sounds cool, because it is cool indeed!

What are No Deposit Bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are rewards given to players upon joining a new online casino, or as a bonus for staying on the casino for a while. The point of a no deposit bonus is to reward a user with a given amount of money, free play time or free spins, so they can enjoy their time at the online casino that gives the promotion without having to use any of their cash to do so.

Most no deposit bonuses tend to be free spins or free bonus cash, and they serve as an incentive for players to register or be loyal to an online casino. In most cases, though, a no deposit bonus is given to players that are new to an online casino, as to encourage them into making deposits and enjoying the games on the casino with their own money in the future.

How Do No Deposit Bonuses Work?

It depends. The way a no deposit bonus works is entirely dependent on what the online casino itself is looking to achieve. However, in most cases, no deposit bonuses tend to be given to every player that becomes a permanent member of the casino by registering using their own and authentic email address.

In most cases, no deposit bonuses tend to not be given to players using disposable email addresses, as they’re seen as scammers that only want to take their chances and see if they can withdraw their cash. However, players who legitimately want to take the no deposit bonus cash and use it on the casino will be happy to know that every online casino gives you the chance to eventually withdraw the money.

As such, you will be granted the no deposit bonus money or free spins often after your account has been verified. Check your email address or phone number and search for a confirmation message. If you have received it, then all you need to do is click it and you will be granted the no deposit bonus.

Some online casinos need you to add a phone number if you want to claim the bonus offer, as they’re looking to get people’s phones to then make them eligible to receive bonus promotions and other offers.

In any case, the way a no deposit bonus works completely varies depending on the online casino that is giving it. More often than not, you won’t be able to claim a no deposit bonus more than once, as they are meant to be used once per account and, oftentimes, only once per household. Be sure to get the best out of it the first time you claim it!

Types of No Deposit Bonuses You Can Get

No deposit bonuses vary in shape and form, and although free spin bonuses and free money bonuses are the most common types of no deposit bonuses that you’ll find, there’s also one more type that might help you get the best out of your time with a free bonus offer.

In any case, you should be ready to encounter all sorts of no deposit bonuses when gambling online, as online casinos tend to always innovate in the offers that they give away to keep things fresh for veterans and newcomers alike.

We have listed the three types of commonly-found welcome bonuses so you can get a better idea of what to expect. However, as we said, you may also encounter others! It’s all about getting the best of what you get offered, and enjoying yourself with the free play money or time that the casino gives away to its players.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses are the most traditional type of no deposit bonus on the planet. You’ll find more of these than any other in the world – including the most popular free money bonuses that many casinos like to give away. Free spin bonuses are often given away by online casinos that have confidence that users will love their online slots, mainly because they have slots that are made by the world’s best companies.

As such, if you ever visit an online casino that has a large collection of slots, you’re more than likely going to be given a free spin offer as soon as you register on the site. For example, pay a visit to a site like Videoslots and you’ll notice how even their deposit bonuses are often given away in free spin form.

You may also find no deposit bonuses given in free spin form in most big online casinos. These offers are very popular but the free spins have a pre-determined value, and it’s usually less than a euro per spin.

However, these offers are very good because they’ll often leave you with extra cash that you can spend on the site. As such, they work as free spin bonuses as well as money bonuses, given that you can then take the revenue made with the free spins and spend it on other games on the site.

The money is usually encouraged to be spent on other slots, but you may also use the money to play amazing table games or even in the live dealer casino, depending on the policies of the casino that is giving away the spins. In any case, you can rest assured that free spin bonuses will guarantee at least a few hours of fun while you wager away the spins and the revenue cash generated by them!

Free Money Bonuses

Free money bonuses are offers give to players that serve as direct casino currency that can often be spent on almost any game on the site. As such, free money bonuses allow you to try out anything that you want on the online casino, though most sites tend to limit players from using the money on live dealer games or skill-based games.


Free money bonuses are the second type of most famous no deposit bonus, and you’ll often find online casinos that give away anything between €10 to €30 per player, with exceptions like the 888 Casino that offers up to €88 as no deposit bonus cash!

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Freeplay Bonuses

Freeplay bonuses aren’t the most common type of bonuses that you’ll find, but you can rest assured that they are one of the most beloved. Freeplay bonuses allow you to play for a given amount of time without having to worry about money, but you’ll get to keep all of the revenue generated while gambling.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of limitations in place for these bonuses, as they would otherwise mean that the casino would give away too much cash to players. They often have high wagering requirements as well as limits to how much cash can be withdrawn – even after complying with said requirements.

Using the Money from a No Deposit Bonus

There are often many restrictions that come with no deposit bonuses, as you’re getting free cash without doing basically anything. As such, online casinos cover their backs by making players comply with a lot of regulations and restrictions which, even though they seem annoying at times, allow you to keep the money after you comply with them.

In any case, you will be able to freely use the no deposit bonus money or the no deposit bonus free spins as soon as the offer is given to you, as long as you keep the cash inside the casino.

Common No Deposit Bonus Terms

There are a couple of things that tend to serve as ground rules when claiming a no deposit bonus. Wagering requirements and the limitations of a bonus tend to be the key parts of the “small text” that you’ll want to read when playing with no deposit bonus cash or no deposit bonus free spins. Let’s explain this a bit more detail.

Wagering Requirements

More often than not, your no deposit bonus money will be given to you with wagering requirements, which means that you’ll need to wager the cash a given amount of times before you can actually withdraw it from the casino. All you must do is find out which games count toward the wagering requirement completion and you should be good to go!

Claiming Limitations

There are often limitations in place as to how much cash you can claim out of a no deposit bonus. As such, you’ll often find offers that don’t allow players to claim over €50 using free bonus cash, to limit the losses of the casino after giving away free bonuses to players. If you happen to reach or even surpass the limit, though, worry not – you’ll still get all the money and the remnants will simply be removed.


You do need to comply with the wagering requirements first before withdrawing the money – even if you have already reached the winnings ceiling!

Which are the Best No Deposit Bonuses in 2020?

Now that you know everything you needed to know about no deposit bonuses, it’s only natural that you’re wondering which are the best ones you can claim this year. As such, we’ve created a list of the best no deposit bonuses that you can claim right now, and if you want to learn how to claim them. All you must do is head straight to our Best No Deposit Bonus section right here at The Casino Wizard!


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