Sitting down in front of your computer, with the world of iGaming at your grasp, is one of the most satisfying things that a slots fan can do. Chilling at home with some free spins in the world’s best online slots is an experience that everyone should try out at least once in their lives.

However, we know that some of our readers are extremely keen on experiencing the thrill of jackpot hunting and they would love to make their way into the world’s best online casinos and claim rewards worth millions of euros, which can be unlocked with a single spin of the reels.

We have personally handpicked the best progressive jackpot slots to help you get an idea of which are the games in which a lucky gambler could walk away with a life-changing sum of money after a single spin of the wheel.

We’re going to start from low to high. Mega Fortune is the lowest-paying online slot on our list, with Mega Moolah being the highest-paying of them all. Let’s take a closer look at these games and see why jackpot hunters can be some of the most profitable gamblers on the internet – provided that luck is on their side!

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10. Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune Slot game is one of the best progressive slots on the planet, and our favorite jackpot slot that has a reward that doesn’t often reach the millions. In fact, Mega Fortune has quite a small jackpot when compared to the rest of the slot games on our list, but with a reward worth at least €50,000, it’s one of the best games to play if you’re on a hunt for a very solid jackpot.

The Mega Fortune slot is presented to you as any other online slot, with its two main features being scatters and wilds like they would be on any non-progressive jackpot game.

The main difference and what makes this game so good is, however, that connecting three bonus symbols in a row will allow you to enter the Bonus Wheel, which is the place in which you can compete to claim the largest jackpot of the game.

There are three wheels in total, but if you’re lucky enough to gain access to the biggest one, you will have the chance to claim the game’s largest jackpot of them all!

9. Aztec Millions

Looking to engage yourself in an Aztec-themed adventure without the need to put your life on the line? Well, if so, we can strongly recommend you check out the Aztec Millions slot. This is not only one of our favorite online slot games, but also a fantastic progressive slot that is ideally made for high rollers.

One of the reasons why this game has such a high payout rate (some wins are larger than €1,000,000!) is because the game encourages people to bet as much as they want in this fantastic slow title. High rollers can place bets of up to €500 per spin, making it one of the largest and most profitable online slots that we’ve ever played.

Golden idols represent multipliers that could trigger a reward worth up to 100 times the amount of your stake on a single round, plus normal lines that pay up to 500 times the amount of your stake. Imagine combining two of these wins in one spin and you’ll be able to see why we tell you that this is one of the highest-paying slot games of all time. Rewards await the high roller within you!

8. Major Millions

The Major Millions Jackpot is usually triggered once a month, and it’s one of those games that you love not only because of its large jackpot reward but also because of its graphics and fast-paced gameplay. With that said, you will be mostly playing this title if you’re looking to win that sweet €1,000,000 jackpot that often shows up every month of the year.

We have seen people win €250,000 at Major Millions, but you should expect to land a reward worth at least €1,000,000 when you play the game.

You can choose how many paylines to bet on, but keep something in mind: the game has 15 paylines and you need to bet on every single one of them if you want the chance to trigger the progressive jackpot. That means that you need to bet at least €3 per spin if you want to win that massive sum of cash.

The main feature that you’ll be keeping your eyes peeled for is the Wild symbol.

With it, not only will you be able to trigger the special bonus rounds that get you the chance to claim the major jackpot, but you also have the chance to multiply your non-jackpot wins and increase your wallet balance without winning a life-changing sum of cash, though the latter will be your ultimate goal.

7. Millionaire Genie

With over €2,000,000 up for grabs, the Millionaire Genie progressive jackpot is as varied as it is lucrative. You might come across a small jackpot or one that surpasses the one of Mega Moolah – the game truly comes with a spark of magic fitting of its Genie theme.

The game has a 5-reel setup with 15 paylines, just like you would expect in most progressive jackpot slots. The game revolves around the concept of unlocking extra free spin rounds that could get you well on your way to triggering wilds and extra multipliers. Do so, and you might be able to unlock the bonus rounds in which you can win the progressive jackpot!

This title comes with a 95% RTP, and the only thing that we don’t like about it is that some of its special rounds don’t seem to last too much. It fails to build up your excitement a bit, but it compensates by paying out massive cash to those who are lucky enough to win!

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6. Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is one of NetEnt’s latest additions to the online casino world, with its introduction coming in 2020. The game has already established itself as a high-paying slot game with a very good RTP of 95.22% and a ton of amazing features that keep gameplay entertaining even if you’ve spent a decent amount of time at this online casino slot.

The Arabian Nights slot promises a jackpot that averages half a million euros, depending on which consistency it gets claimed, and a ton of features that make the game great. Among them, you will find scatters, wilds, multipliers, and free spin rounds.

The game is made to resemble a traditional online slot and it even gives you the chance to win like you would in a normal game. It’s not as lucrative and its RTP is above average for a traditional casino slot, but the fact that you can win half a million euros when playing this game says enough about why it cannot have as high an RTP as other games like Starburst.

5. Beach Life

Beach Life has an RTP of 93%, and even though it isn’t as large, the title does allow players to claim a jackpot of over €1,000,000. The maximum sum of cash that you can win with a non-jackpot reward is just €5,000, but your main goal with this game will be to trigger the ultimate reward that awaits those who are lucky enough.

Naturally, it’s very difficult to get your hands on the Beach Life jackpot, but the game’s medium volatility and fun theme make it an entertaining slot for jackpot hunters that feel the need to take a break from the usual games.

Wilds and scatters will accompany you in an adventure of a lifetime as you aim to obtain a jackpot win in this 5×3, fantastic online slot!

4. Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods has quite a good RTP for it being a progressive jackpot slot, standing at 95.07%. The game also has some massive non-jackpot multipliers that could give you up to 4,317 times the amount of your original stake in extra rewards, leaving aside the fact that the game also comes with three jackpots that your playtime helps grow.

The best part of the Hall of Gods game is that it truly provides players with the chance to enjoy a unique and fun title with fantastic RTP, multipliers, and the chance to win a total jackpot of more than €1,500,000. It all depends on how big the jackpot is, as it is won quite consistently, but those who are lucky enough to play the game will love it when they hit any of its main jackpots wins.

The wilds and scatters are present in this game, but the “Pick Win” feature will put your fate in your own hands. Select one of the bonuses that are covered up and see for yourself whether you’ll be able to trigger one of the major jackpots or if luck is not on your side. You might still get your hands on some free spins anyway!

3. Jackpot Giant

Jackpot Giant is one of the best progressive jackpot mobile slots that you can play on the internet. It comes packed with a fantastic aesthetic that perfectly suits and adapts to any mobile phone. The game requires you to bet on all of its paylines if you want to trigger the ultimate jackpot, though, but it ends up being worth it even if you don’t manage to do it.

The total amount of cash that you need to activate all of the paylines is a mere €4 per spin, which isn’t as high if you consider that Jackpot Giant winners could get sums of cash in excess of €1,500,000.

The game also comes with a handful of quality multipliers that you can trigger, but they aren’t as lucrative as the multipliers of online slots like Starburst. It’s understandable, as the main goal of this game is to provide you with a chance to win the ultimate jackpot.

The game’s RTP is nowhere near as bad as it is in other games, either! It comes with a 94.22% RTP, making it much better than the one you find in Mega Moolah.

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2. Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Wishes is the second highest-paying online slot in the world, closely following Mega Moolah. The game came out in early 2020 and it’s Microgaming’s answer to the calls for a competitor to the popular Mega Moolah slot. The only reason why we still haven’t ranked this game atop of the list is because Wheel of Wishes still hasn’t paid too many jackpots.

The promise of how much money can be won, though, is much bigger than what you can get in some of the best games on the planet. Wheel of Wishes has a very rare jackpot, which means that it’s very hard to trigger and that the reward cash that you get from it tends to be extremely huge.

With 10 fixed paylines and an RTP of 92.34%, Wheel of Wishes is a great online slot with not as bad of a return rate as you could expect to find in the majority of casino games.

In any case, this is a game to keep your eyes open. We expect it to be Mega Moolah’s direct competitor in the near future, as it seems to be the only online slot that truly pays out life-changing sums of money on a consistent basis.

The only issue is that Wheel of Wishes jackpots is not as common as Mega Moolah’s, but the title still offers an escape for people tired of playing Mega Moolah for so long (the game has been out for more than 10 years), and it provides you with a chance to win a ton of cash in a single spin – but will you be able to claim it?

1. Mega Moolah

There is no doubt that Mega Moolah is the world’s most popular online progressive jackpot. This fantastic game comes packed with features that make it an overall top-quality online slot, on top of it being the game that has paid out the most money in the history of casino slot gambling.

Mega Moolah has a lot of variants, but they all share the same jackpot. In general, winning at Mega Moolah should expect you to receive upwards of €5,000,000. We’ve seen people win much more, though, but it depends on how much cash is being collected to fuel up the major jackpot of the game.

As it is the case with most slots, Mega Moolah’s wild symbol is the key to unlocking the best rewards that the game has to offer. It allows people to multiply their wins more than with any other symbol, and it permits players to unlock extra rewards and a better chance to enter the site’s bonus wheel.

The more money you put on the line, the higher your chances of triggering the bonus wheel will be. Risk and win, but keep in mind that Mega Moolah has an RTP of around 88% – your main goal will be to trigger a jackpot round if you wish to walk away with a profit.

Why do Progressive Jackpots Have Lower RTP?

As you might’ve noticed after looking at all of these amazing jackpot games, progressive jackpot slots have a lower RTP than what you should expect to find in the best slots on the planet.

There is a simple reason and an easy explanation for this though: online slots give you the instant gratification of a win, and all players have the chance of winning or losing equal amounts of money on any day.

Progressive jackpots have one major jackpot that can only be won once every few weeks. In order to build up such a jackpot, it is necessary for players to lose more money than average. That’s why the highest-paying jackpot slot of all time, Mega Moolah, comes with such a low RTP. That’s why the game pays out millions to the one lucky winner that triggers the ultimate prize!

Where to Play the Best Jackpot Slots?

Now that you know which are the highest-paying jackpot slots in the world, we know that you’re more than keen to head into the world’s best online casinos to start trying your luck right now.

We have made a list of the best online casinos in which you can play these games for free, using the bonus cash that you get upon registering on each site. In any case, even if you don’t get lucky enough to win the major jackpot, you might be able to get your hands on some free cash to play the best online slots for free!

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