What is Megaways in Online Slots? - The Popular Concept Explained

The concept of Megaways is one that veteran iGaming players have allowed to flourish. Megaways is basically a new way for online slots to count the lines, which allows countless more winning ways on every single online slot. As such, Megaways games tend to offer ridiculously large payouts, even though they tend to have higher volatility than most traditional slots.

Originally, the Megaways feature was invented by Big Time Gaming. It’s safe to say that the company managed to hit the jackpot by creating it, as the license was held exclusively by them, which subsequently meant that no other company could develop these online slots without getting in trouble. As such, the variety of Megaways games is rather limited.

This keeps the concept unique, which means that all games that you play have a feeling of authenticity that many other titles fail to have. Take a look at Yggdrasil slots, for example – there are many of them and many of them actually feel similar, which is something that doesn’t happen with Megaways slots.

In any case, Red Tiger Gaming has now managed to obtain a license to produce Megaways slots, given to them directly by BTG. Furthermore, with the purchase of Red Tiger Gaming by the hands of NetEnt, the slot giant has also gained access to the license to produce these amazing casino games.

Now, we have our fingers crossed hoping that the game quality remains high. It’s not too much to ask, though – NetEnt is known to produce nothing but the best online casino games on the planet. We've found a lot of joy playing Megaways at the amazing Unique Casino, but that's not the only reason why you might opt to play Megaways titles on that site.

Exploring the Concept of Megaways – Why are There Games so Good?

Megaways games feel authentic and provide players with a feeling of uniqueness with each round that they play. Basically, Megaways games make you unaware of how many lines you can truly win with each spin, as they only show once you’ve spun the reels. With each reel that stops spinning, the number of winning ways changing depending on the symbols that have appeared on the screen.

This concept keeps every round fresh and keeps you wondering just how many lines are you missing out on every time that the reels spin. As such, it can be frustrating for some people, but for others, Megaways is the best type of casino game that they can play. It’s truly authentic and revolutionary. Basically, with Megaways, you only need to have certain symbols connected via being in adjacent reels. That means one of two things, depending on how you want to look at it:

  • There are no “lines”, as payouts work differently or,
  • All lines pay

Regardless of what you rather say or how you want to look at the payouts, one thing’s for sure – when playing a Megaways game, even the most insane of symbol combinations could yield fantastic rewards. Be sure not to miss out on any of them by visiting the best casinos to play Megaways games in the iGaming industry!

How Megaways Slots Work – Breaking Down the Game Features

The main concept of Megaways, apart from the fact that most of the lines are easy payouts, is that symbols have different heights. You can have one symbol occupy half of an entire reel, or you could have 6 symbols on the same space in the reel next to that giant symbol. This is what allows the game to offer different lines and payouts – each spin offers different symbol sizes, which makes the payouts vary tremendously.

There’s a maximum number of ways that you can win, which is the maximum out of all the Megaways titles. All Megaways games have this limit (when you go on a lucky streak, of course). That is 117,649. No Megaways title pays more than that for the simple fact that there’s a reel limit as well as a maximum number of combinations that can be achieved.

The most common setup of Megaways is a traditional 6-reel board, where the symbol sizes vary according to your luck. It’s a simple setup that has worked wonders and kept players in a “known” environment, as many other casino slots tend to have a similar setup even when they aren’t Megaways games. Remember that you can get rewards from left to right only, so having a combination of two symbols on reels 5 and 6 is worthless unless they’re connected from reels 1 to 4.

The number of winning ways would otherwise be double, and the RTP would be higher than 100%, which would be insane. Megaways games can be played on mobile devices, too. You can read our full guide to mobile gaming if you wish to do that.

How to Win in Megaways

Basically, there’s only one condition for you to win in a Megaways game – the symbols must be located in a contiguous form from left to right, which means that you can get 5 symbols from the first reel to the fifth and they don’t even need to form a contiguous line, all they need to do is be located in adjacent reels.

It’s really simple to understand even though it doesn’t look like it at first. The value of each win depends on the value of each symbol, two. If you get a symbol worth €1 in reels 1, 2, and 3, you would get a €3 win if you don’t have any multipliers on. You can get all of the symbols from reels one to six if you’re lucky enough, which means that you’d get more cash. Multiply 7x7x7x7x7x7 and you get 117,649, which is the total amount of winning ways that a game of Megaways often has!

What to Expect from a Megaways Game?

On average, all Megaways games tend to share a handful of similar features that make them unique and keep each game shining as a beacon of world-class rewards. We’re going to list them here for you, but beware – every game still mixes things up to keep every game feeling unique beyond the Megaways gameplay. In any case, these are our favorite features that we’ve found in games like Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, Bonanza Megaways, and even Aztec Gold Megaways:

  • Free Spin Rounds – Most Megaways slots tend to come with free spin rounds, which can be unlocked by collecting the right set of symbols or by simply spinning a bonus wheel that pops up if you’re lucky enough
  • Avalanche or Cascading Reels – Part of the magic of Megaways slots is that new symbols come falling down to the screen after managing to achieve a winning combination. That means that you can collect a ton of points with a single win, provided that you’re lucky enough, and if more symbols fall in order to create extra winning combinations
  • Payouts get multiplied by the amount of your stake, as is the case with many traditional online casino slots
  • Bonus Round Buys – Many of the Big Time Gaming Megaways titles come with a special feature that allows you to spend your money in order to access bonus rounds, instead of you having to rely on sheer luck to get them. That means that you’ll be spending a significantly higher amount of money, but you’ll also get access to better rewards!
  • Game-Related features – Much like it happens with traditional online slots, Megaways games all have their own set of exclusive features that keep each title feeling unique even when you know that you’re playing a Megaways game. For example, games like Gonzo’s Quest Megaways have features like the Earthquake, whilst others have a replacement for the cascading reels that change the feel of each game

The Best Megaways Slots and Bonuses to Play Megaways for Free

There are a lot of fantastic Megaways games that have been released by the staff of Big Time Gaming, and even better titles that were developed by Red Tiger and now Microgaming themselves. Regardless of what developer you like the most, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find the best games in the world’s best online casinos.

Bonanza Megaways

Arguably one of the best Megaways titles in the world, Bonanza is the most played one by a landslide. It was the title that propelled Megaways games to glory, and it still remains as one of the best casino games on the planet. One of the things that makes this game so popular is that you can win up to 10,000 your stake on a single spin, provided that you’re one of the lucky ones that gain access to the best multipliers and free spin rounds.

The game is charming, entertaining, and, most importantly, one of the Megaways games that have yielded the highest payouts in the industry. Whether this is a coincidence or if it is influenced by the sheer amount of people that play it, remains on your hands to find out!  

Temple Tumble Megaways

With cascading features and the ability for players to obtain a ton of free spins, Temple Tumble Megaways gives you some of the best chances to make a profit while playing any online slot in the world. This one, however, doesn’t come with as many winning ways as other online slots with the Megaways feature. It provides you with 46,000 winning ways, which is still a lot, but less than half of what we usually see. You can win a reward worth up to 8,000 times your stake in this highly-played slot and, with medium volatility, it remains a fantastic title even though it’s not as popular as the rest on this list.  

White Rabbit Megaways

Out of all the Megaways games, the White Rabbit Megaways slot is the one that has the highest RTP with an expected return rate of 97.24%, putting it among elite slots in terms of payouts. Most Megaways games tend to come with a very high volatility level, but this one breaks the norm once again. White Rabbit allows you to get rewarded on various rounds thanks to a medium volatility level combined with its extremely high RTP.

This title also comes with exclusive bonus round buys, which gives you access to the best bonus rounds on the game by playing with your own money to obtain the access yourself. In terms of game authenticity, this game truly makes each round feel completely unique.  

Aztec Gold Megaways

Aztec Gold is quite an odd case, as the game doesn’t have any free spins per se, which means that you can only play it with your own money even when you’re on a lucky streak. However, it still remains as the second highest-paying Megaways title on the planet, with an expected RTP of around 96.80%.

Instead, the game’s Megaways features are complemented by the fantastic Aztec Gold respins, which technically don’t count as free spins but allow you to try your luck time and time again Collect 5 or more scatter symbols, though, and you will trigger the game’s bonus round. Here, you will be able to collect countless symbols and turn them into much more profitable rewards with the best multipliers in the game.  

Where to Play Megaways Slots?

You can play Megaways slots in the best casinos in the world, such as Videoslots. You will find them at the best Big Time Gaming casinos, of course, but now that the license has been obtained by other developers, you can also find them in the best Red Tiger Gaming casinos as well as in the best NetEnt casinos.

Besides, these online casinos are also home to some of the best iGaming bonuses on the internet. You can play on sites like Betsson and enjoy the best Megaways slots with free bonus cash, or you can check out the mBit Casino to play Megaways games with some fantastic bitcoin bonuses. Regardless of how you want to play, pay a visit to the best online casinos in the world, and enjoy the finest Megaways games that the industry has produced.

You won’t regret it if you’re keen to win the best rewards on the internet!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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