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Visit the best Ireland Casinos in 2024 and try out the best of prizes in the iGaming world. Tournaments, promotions, bonuses, and the best games out there await those who pick one of the sites that we’ve compiled in this list of recommended Ireland casinos. Claim your welcome bonuses and begin your journey with epic rewards and prizes now!

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Online Casinos Ireland – How Online Gambling Works

Yes, online gambling is fully legal in Ireland. In fact, we could even argue that riots would ensue if it wasn’t! Gambling is one of the most popular activities in the Republic of Ireland, and people from all over the world can go to the country and enjoy the best land-based casinos that you can find there. However, gamblers that live in Ireland can also enjoy the land-based sites as well as online gambling websites if they want!

Gambling in Ireland goes back to many centuries ago. The most popular type of gambling in the country is horse racing, but Ireland now has gamblers of all sorts on their soil. People who love to bet on sports can also be found on almost every corner in the country, as football fans from the English Premier League are all over the place and cricket fans are aplenty.

In any case, even though Ireland doesn’t have a major casino tradition, gambling of all sorts has become as much of an integral part of the society as any other daily activity that they might perform. If you’re from Ireland or you’ve visited Ireland, you probably know what we’re talking about.

How did Ireland start regulating gambling, though? And how is it that there are so many gambling websites available in the country? Let’s take a better look at online gambling in Ireland before we go on with our guide!

Are there Casinos in Ireland?

Technically speaking, well, no. There are no casinos in Ireland. However, given that the country’s laws are actually very interpretative and don’t really regulate other clubs, there have been many clubs established with the purpose of substituting regular casinos ever since they were banned in 1956. In fact, Ireland has banned casinos, but gambling is still legal in the country.

These laws don’t make much sense in the eyes of the general public and, in fact, they are seen as a bit outdated in terms of how they are perceived when compared to the laws of other European nations. This makes it rather easy for people to find loopholes in the laws, which has allowed gambling to continue in Ireland as if nothing has happened.

In fact, the legislation that was first established in 1956 was never really changed and still remains as the core gambling legislation inside Ireland. As you can see, the law is actually pretty old, and it can be circumvented with ease. Given how old it is, that also means that online casinos are not as well regulated as they should, which allow the best online casinos Ireland has to operate freely.

Even so, there have been a lot of reforms instated in recent years in the Irish gambling policies. Many updates have allowed the country to regulate casino and gambling activities much more closely, but it’s still one of the best countries on Earth if you wish to gamble online.

Online Gambling in Ireland

Did you know? Ireland was actually one of the first countries on Earth that legalized online gambling when it first became a thing in the 90s! Even though most land-based casinos are not allowed to operate in the country, online casinos are given a free pass and can operate in the best way possible as long as they respect player rules and house edges.

Online casinos in Ireland are often legal as long as they are legal within the European Union. The EU rules often dictate just how far an online casino can go when it comes to promotions and benefits on each site. Furthermore, the EU regulates the existence of many of these casinos, and even though some countries have special jurisdictions in place, they are mostly ruled by whatever the EU says.

In any case, gambling in Ireland and online gambling in Ireland go hand in hand, and people from the country can enjoy amazing games and promotions from the world’s biggest websites if they like. We do recommend taking a good look at all the online casinos that we’re mentioning on this page, as they are the best casinos in Ireland that you’ll find on the internet.

The Irish government also issues special licenses to websites that wish to operate within Irish borders, but most international online casinos can be visited with no problem at all as long as you’re Irish and of legal gambling age.

Regulations for Foreign Websites

Even though this doesn’t truly concern you as a player, online gambling websites that accept bets from Irish players do need to know that they must pay a special license to the Irish government if they wish not to get in trouble. This is not the player’s responsibility, but you must make sure that any website that you’re visiting pays the proper licensing if you want to stay out of trouble.

We’ve made sure that every single online casino on The Casino Wizard website listed as an Irish casino has had proper licensing papers and accepts players from the country. You can get in trouble if you play in a casino that isn’t licensed in Ireland, so be warned!

Online Casinos in Ireland and Their Features

The best online casinos in Ireland have a huge edge over land-based casinos – they offer all of the features that gambling clubs struggle to gibe to players given that they have to operate underground to not get in trouble with the law. As such, the following list of features can be found in online casinos in Ireland, but you won’t find it in any gambling location in the country.

The only main advantage that land-based gambling has above online gambling is that sportsbooks in the country are amongst the finest on Earth, so you might struggle to find websites that are as complete as the best sportsbooks in Ireland. Other than that, online casinos in Ireland are moles better than any other gambling establishment that you might come across!

Casino Games Ireland

There are no casino games that are restricted to be played in Ireland, at least not when it comes to the games that are worth playing. The best online casino games can be enjoyed in Ireland thanks to the fact that companies like NetEnt and Evo Gaming are offering their servers to online casinos that operate within Irish borders. That means tvhat the world’s best developers allow Irish players to play their games!

This is fantastic, as it allows Irish high rollers to play games with high betting limits in the best Irish high rollers casinos. If you struggle to find one that suits your needs, we suggest you check out the best bitcoin casinos that you can access from Ireland too. These are all fully available in most mobile casinos as well.

Casino Bonuses Ireland

The best online casino bonuses are also able to be claimed by any Irish player, as they are often given away in euros. Any gambling site that you visit (as long as it’s one of the ones we’ve presented on this page) will have very lucrative proportions at your disposal. Many of them only require you to make a small deposit on each site and enjoy the rewards as you would.

Some promotions come packed with free spin bonuses while others give you the best free play bonuses in Ireland. As long as you know where to look for them, the best rewards are guaranteed!

Mobile Casinos Ireland

Every single online casino that we’ve listed on this page also lets you play from your phone or tablet. They are all mobile compatible and the pages load just as well as they do on your computer, which means that you can take your gambling with you when you’re far from home or you could simply play the best online casinos games on your couch or in bed.

Why Online Casinos are Better than Land-Based Casinos in Ireland

The fact that online casinos are fully legal and allow Irish gamblers to do whatever they want makes them much more of a better choice than traditional land-based casinos in the country. You cannot understate just how important peace of mind is when gambling online. The fact that Ireland makes it easy for players to have it is just too much of a great advantage to let it go.

We can also safely say that the best land-based casinos in Ireland come nowhere near the best online casinos in Ireland when it comes to the number of games and features. Irish casinos need to operate on an underground level, which makes it much harder for them to offer a wide variety of games and benefits to their players.

On the other hand, online casinos come packed with everything a player needs to have the best online gambling experience on Earth. The fact that the online casino games are not regulated makes the industry much more appealing for players of all gambling needs, including the ability to find the best sportsbooks and even play the best themed slots to fit their likes.

The Best Online Casinos in Ireland

As we’ve said, we have come across some of Ireland’s finest online casinos, and we want to share the best of the bunch for you so you can give them all a try and let us know what you think of them. Keep in mind that these online casinos care mostly hosted abroad, but the best online casinos Ireland has to offer tend to be like this, so fear not!

You Will also notice how all of these casinos are household names in the online gambling industry. Ireland has made sure that the best online casinos on Earth can operate in the country, which is why so many Irish gamblers tend to visit these sites over other land-based casinos that you might come across on any major city in the country.

You can check out individual reviews for each and every one of these casinos by visiting any of their pages right here at The Casino Wizard!

Last updated  May 16, 2024

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