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Looking to get the best rewards in the online casino industry? Live dealer casinos are often the best types of casinos in which you can wager large sums of cash, as they tend to have exclusive private rooms in which players can join and spend gigantic sums of cash to earn even bigger rewards. You can have fun and get rich in the best live dealer casinos in 2020 if you know where to find them!

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We have noticed that many of our readers are keen to try out the best live dealer games, and many of the casinos listed here at The Casino Wizard give you the chance to play live casino titles quite easily. We’ve compiled a list of the best live dealer casinos where you can earn a fortune in 2020, all of which have been tried by us to ensure that you’ll get the best experience possible.

Keep in mind that some of these online casinos might not be available in every single country. Make sure to visit each site to verify whether the online casino is available at your location or you might be better off moving on to another one.


Casumo offers a limited selection of high-quality live dealer games, amongst which you will find the best live dealer games on the planet. Variations of blackjack are the most common type of game found in Casumo, and there’s also a table for those who are looking to play high-stakes roulette.

Play at Casumo Casino

Casumo might have a small selection of live dealer games, but all of them offer high-quality gameplay and are mostly developed by Evo Gaming. There are also some NetEnt games on the site.

In any case, the availability of games is not going to be an issue at Casumo. There are over 10 contest games that will allow you to put a twist to your live dealer gambling if you get tired of placing wagers in the same types of games time and time again.

Monopoly Live, Football Studio, and Deal or No Deal are just three of the most popular live dealer contest games that the Casumo Casino has in store for every player.


If you want to wager with Bitcoins and your main focus is the enjoyment of live dealer games, then we can be pleased to tell you that BitStarz might have everything you need to have a long and comfortable stay on this fantastic site. BitStarz packs one of the largest live dealer game libraries that we’ve seen in a bitcoin casino, and the quality of the games is as good as you can hope for.

Play at Bitstarz Casino

Blackjack, roulette, and even different variations of baccarat can all be played on this fantastic casino. You can play all of these amazing games using your bitcoins or any other form of accepted cryptocurrency that the site offers.

BitStarz is also known as a fantastic website for those who are looking to claim lucrative welcome bonuses and promotions. You will be able to earn rewards that can subsequently be spent in the best parts of the casino. Some of these bonuses include rewards that can be spent in the live dealer section of BitStarz and even those who don’t allow it permit you to earn money and spend it in live dealer games.

BitStarz also presents users with variations of each game, some of which allow players to gamble with higher sums of cash than you can spend in an average online casino game. Check out the VIP tables of the BitStarz casino if high-stakes wagering is what you’re after.

One Casino

The One Casino has one of the cleanest designs that we’ve come across for a live dealer section in an online casino. Everything is well organized into six different categories which include the best types of live dealer games on the planet. Everything ranging from game shows to poker tables are there to be found in the One Casino’s live dealer section.

Play at One Casino

They have an even better selection of live dealer high-stakes games, though. Most of their games are either provided by NetEnt or Evo Gaming, and you will be able to come across some incredible live games that accept bets worth thousands of euros each. There’s also VIP roulette on the site, which will allow you to place large bets per spin.

As is the case with most online casino, you’ll notice that the One Casino mostly offers players the chance to enjoy high-quality blackjack games above anything else.

Wildz Casino

Wildz is an extremely popular online casino that has managed to position itself among the best in the industry with its positive image and the fantastic features that it offers to players. One of these features is the availability of a fantastic live dealer casino in which the popular mascot of the site is present in most of the games.

Play at Wildz Casino

Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker are extensively covered in the live dealer section of the Wildz Casino. You’ll be able to play all of these games and many variants of each title, so you can enjoy fantastic rewards and earn large sums of cash playing in low-stakes as well as high-stakes tables.

Most of the games are created by Evo Gaming, which ensures the quality of all titles to be as high as possible.


Betsson might be popular for the site’s selection of amazing casino games and an even better sportsbook, but it wouldn’t be wise to overlook the large selection of live dealer games that they have in store for every player.

Play at Betsson Casino

As you might be able to guess, most of the games are also provided by Evo Gaming. The most popular titles developed by the company can be found here, and Betsson even offers some exclusive bonuses that can be spent on the live dealer casino of the site.

Make money in the live dealer casino of Betsson and then move on to different areas of the site to spend the money in sports betting or even in the Betsson Poker tables!

How Does Live Gambling Work?

Live Dealer Games give you the option to gamble in an environment that aims to mimic a real casino as much as possible. You will find that live dealer games are basically broadcasted versions of real online casinos that you can access from any device of your choosing. As such, you’ll be playing online casino games against real dealers that deal with real cards and react to everything live.

Live dealer casino games use special software to recognize plays, which allows you to be in a live environment without the game taking too long or a third party having to do all the “dirty” work behind the scenes. Everything seems to be happening in real-time simply because it IS happening in real-time. You don’t have to wait at all between plays. Dealers go as fast as they do in real casinos.

This advanced software needed to make live dealer games work is also what makes the supply of these games pretty limited. Casino game developers need to have access to top-of-the-line tools if they wish to developed games like this, and that has left only the best casino game developers capable of producing live dealer games.

Evo Gaming is, by far, the best live dealer game creator in the industry. NetEnt comes second, and the rest of the providers that you’ll find in some of these online casinos follow these two giants of the industry.

Types of Live Dealer Games

If you’ve felt compelled to try out some of the online casinos that we’ve mentioned in this list, you might want to see what’s in store for you before you go there. There are a handful of online live dealer games that are extremely popular and rank among the best live dealer games on the planet, but other casino games are simply not able to have live versions at all.

For example, it wouldn’t make sense for you to play online live dealer slots. Live bingo is also really uncommon, even though it’s far more feasible. In any case, you should expect to find the most popular types of table games in the best live dealer casinos. There are also contest games, which we will get into shortly.

Be sure to have a stable internet connection if you wish to enjoy the best live dealer games on the planet. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on mobile or on your computer; the only thing that matters is for your internet connection to be stable or you won’t be able to enjoy these games at all.

Most devices should be able to run the games pretty quickly as long as they have access to an internet browser.


Blackjack is one of the most popular live dealer games that you’ll find on the internet. There are dozens of variants of blackjack that you can play, and plenty of them have been adapted by Evo Gaming and offered among the best live dealer casinos that we’ve mentioned on this page. If you wish to enjoy the blackjack games in the best live dealer casinos, you’ve come to the right spot.

Blackjack tends to have different variants that change depending on the region where you’re from. Different limits as well as different numbers in which the dealer hits or passes are common among the different variations of blackjack that you’ll find.

This game is also very commonly found in high stakes sections of online casinos. We’re actually listing it first because blackjack is the most played type of live dealer game on the internet.


If you’re a fan of poker, then you will be happy to know that some of these online casinos have some variant of poker available. Most of the live dealer poker games that you’ll find on the internet are mainly player-versus-house types of games, and live tables where you go head to head with others are simply not a thing because of the complications that come with hosting a live dealer game for so many people.

Fans of poker games might be better off trying other types of tables, as many online casinos in The Casino Wizard offer the chance for you to go head-to-head against other gamblers in traditional online tables. Betsson is one of the best sites for this.

You will still be able to enjoy fantastic table games against dealers developed by Evo Gaming, so it’s not the end of the world if you would rather play live poker.


Roulette is also very popular in the live dealer casino world. You will come across plenty of roulette variations and fantastic dealers that make the games very fast-paced – even more so than in a regular land-based casino thanks to the online placement of each wager!

Roulette is one of the most popular table games as well, as it’s the most played type of game after blackjack in most online live dealer casinos. If you’re a fan of roulette, then the live dealer casinos that we’ve listed here will surely keep you pleased and happy. European roulette, as well as American roulette, tend to be present in every single live dealer casino that offers roulette games.

If you want to try out different types of roulette games that deviate from the traditional branches, you might want to check out the table game sections of some of the casinos listed on this page. Live dealer casinos tend to stick to the most popular types of roulette games, and rarer variations are only found in regular digital versions of the game, which are often listed in most online casino galleries.


Baccarat is often found in most types of live dealer websites, but the thing about this game is that you often find many tables to play it, but not as many variations of the game per se. As such, most baccarat tables simply let you sit and play the traditional baccarat game itself. Baccarat has far fewer variants than poker, blackjack, and even roulette.

If you’re a fan of baccarat and you know that you want to try it out in a live dealer casino, then chances are that you will find exactly what you’re looking for in any live dealer casino. Evo Gaming is also responsible for providing most of the sites in this list with Baccarat live dealer games, which means that quality is assured when browsing the catalogs of these online casinos.

Contest Games

Contest games are extremely popular in the online live dealer community, but they aren’t common at all in land-based casinos. These games are what mainly differentiate live dealer casinos from actual land-based establishments, other than their digital nature, of course.

Contest games are extremely fun and many of them are branded. For example, you’ll find the Monopoly contest game in many of these online casinos. Monopoly is basically a wheel-based contest that mimics certain aspects of the popular table game. In any case, chances are that you’ll fall in love with contest games if you like to try out different things in online casinos.

There are also other games that can net you fantastic rewards, but they all have different rules and twists. It’s up to you to find the best live dealer contest games to suit your specific needs, whether that be claiming as much money as possible or simply playing a game that adapts to your playstyle the most. Options are aplenty if you visit the casinos mentioned in this list!

Access the Best Live Dealer Games Now

We know that live dealer games are extremely popular among modern gamblers, which is why we’ve decided to compile the ultimate list of the best live dealer casinos on the planet. We want you to make sure that your country’s citizens are allowed to play on these sites before you move on to visit them, as it would be extremely unfortunate to hype them up for you if that wasn’t the case.

Regardless, we know that you’ll absolutely love every single one of these online casinos. It’s up to you to visit them now and claim the best bonuses and rewards that they have in store for you.

If you want to try out other online casinos, though, we’re also pleased to tell you that there are other fantastic websites right here, on The Casino Wizard, that also give you access to the best live dealer games on the planet. Bonuses might not be aplenty, but games and profitability certainly are.

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Be sure to head to any of these online casinos right now and claim the best rewards that they have to offer. There’s no time to waste!


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