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Some users like to relax from the comfort of their own homes while playing on traditional slots, or even trying their luck in basic and virtual roulette games, poker or blackjack. However, some people like to bring the feeling of an online casino to their own homes, which thankfully can be easily done thanks to the best live dealer casinos on the planet.

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The practice of playing with live dealers is not new to the online casino industry. When online casinos first showed up, it was clear that many people didn’t have access to casinos near their homes, but they still wanted to feel like they were playing in one. This made casinos aware of the ever-growing live dealer niche, and the games started becoming more popular by the day.

However, there are now plenty of casinos offering live dealer games for you, and the search for one that you truly like can be very overwhelming. Thus, we’ve compiled a long and elaborate guide to the best live dealer casinos of the year so you can get a better idea of what are the best live dealer games as well as which casino better suits your needs.

What is a Live Dealer Casino?

A live dealer casino is an online casino that offers users the chance to play games as if they were in an actual, physical casino. Live dealer games are difficult to get working properly, and they take a ton of programming to get right. These games are mainly characterized by the presence of a dealer, who is being recorded by a camera, and you get to bet on the cards they draw.

Thus, having a live dealer showing you the cards when playing poker, or even having a physical roulette spinning around when dealing in roulette games, gives you a different and much more realistic experience than what you’d get in any regular virtual game.

This added element of realism is what makes live dealers so popular, as users don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes to play games against a real person. Many people don’t like to play poker or other card games against the computer as they feel like they’re being cheated when they lose.

Although some casinos might do this, every casino that we review or talk about here at Casino Wizard is guaranteed to offer quality services to their users. If you want to play anything other than live dealer games, feel free to visit any of the casinos that we’ve mentioned on this site.

The Pros & Cons of Live Dealer Casinos

Even though playing in the best live dealer casinos sounds good on paper, you might still want to take some things into consideration before diving into this new (and probably unbeknownst to you) world.

Live dealers also have different advantages when compared to regular casinos, so we’re also going to make a list of reasons as to why you might opt for a live dealer rather than a virtual one. In any case, make sure you read our list thoroughly before playing in a live dealer casino to make sure you know where you’re at.

Live Dealer Casino Benefits

  • It’s much easier to track plays as the game develops in an online casino. Virtual games are much more fast-paced, which makes some decision seem awkward at times
  • The argument for legitimacy is almost uncontested when playing with a live dealer. You get to see everything that’s happening in real time, and even though online casinos offer legitimacy protection to users, it’s always more transparent to see what’s happening in real time
  • You can play against a real person anywhere, without having to move from the comfort of your home
  • You can feel like you’re in an actual casino, even though you’re playing from your own computer
  • There are often some exclusive bonuses that live casino give to their players in order to keep them hooked to the service

Live Dealer Casino Drawbacks

  • The great feel that live dealer casinos give to their players make them much more prone to creating an addiction to the gambler
  • Live casinos have less pace in their games, so if you’re looking to play a lot of rounds in a row, you’re going to take more time with a live dealer than you would in a regular virtual casino

Types of Live Casino Games

As you can imagine, the best live dealer casinos have the best live dealer games at their disposal, to keep users coming back to their services. Thus, almost any game that has a dealer in real-life casinos can also be played online through any of the casinos that we’ve included in our best live dealer casinos list.

We’re going to give you an overview of the best games that you’ll find on each of these casinos, as well as some important information about each game that you might find useful when choosing what to play.

Most of these games are closely developed by some of the most popular casino games makes on the planet – including NetEnt, a company that is known to make the most entertaining virtual casino games for most major casino sites in the world. This ensures a level of quality unmatched by some physical casinos on the planet.

Live Blackjack

Virtual blackjack games are usually very fun and fast-paced, but none of them truly manages to catch the magic of playing blackjack against the house in a real casino. Live dealer games do manage to do just that, and live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular live dealer games in the online casino community.

If you’re a lover of classic blackjack, you might want to give it a try on any of the live dealer casinos that we’ve listed below. There are also other types of blackjack that you can play, but all of them are aimed at always keeping you excited.

Live Poker

No live dealer casino would be successful without the inclusion of live poker, one of the most successful and popular live dealer games on the planet. Many people join the live dealer gaming scene only to play poker, and this game was one of the first live dealer games that entered the online casino scene.

The most popular type of live poker that you’ll find is Texas Hold’Em, and it works almost identically to how it would in a real casino. Flops are followed by bets that you can place as you see fit, while you take a seat at the table from the comfort of your home.

Most online casinos also offer Caribbean Stud poker, where you can bet on the first flop and then receive an additional 5 cards, whilst the dealer gets a single card. It’s a much more fast-paced game, in contrast to the traditional Texas Hold’Em versus the house.

Live Roulette

Roulette also quickly made its way into the online live dealer scene as soon as this practice became widespread. People who felt that virtual roulette games were cheating them out of their money rejoiced in the prospect of playing a physical roulette from the comfort of their homes.

This game is a matter of pure chance, and you need to place your bets before each roll to ensure that you’ll get the profits if your bet lands. There are many different bets you can place, with each of them offering different payouts.

Guts Casino

Guts Casino offers a great selection of virtual games, but they also have a ton of live dealer options at their disposal and have quickly become one of the live dealer industry leaders thanks to it. They’re well-known to be a very reputable casino, with many satisfied customers from all over the globe using their service day in, day out.

Gust Casino grew to such an extent that they developed their own casino game-making platform, and they now supply other casino companies willing to pay for their services. The site is available to players from almost anywhere on the planet, except the United States. As such, Guts is one of the biggest casinos in Europe.

Guts live dealer games have grown in popularity in recent years, and their services are well-accompanied by a large catalog of sports bets that you can place without leaving the site.

Guts works with gaming licenses of three different countries from popular betting jurisdictions such as Malta, Curacao, and the United Kingdom. Their team of experts has created gaming service that’s able to suit players from all over the globe, and they’re constantly monitoring games to make sure everything goes accordingly to their high standards.

Game Catalog

The Guts Casino offers a bunch of live dealer games for people to choose from. They’re one of the live dealer casinos with the largest selection of games, making them a fan favorite in the online gambling industry. NetEnt develops a ton of their games, but they also offer gaming experiences made by other companies such as IGT and Betsoft themselves.

Fans of blackjack might want to try out this casino before anything else. They have an incredibly large array of live blackjack games at their disposal, including VIP tables and Blackjack Party.

However, they also offer poker, baccarat, and roulette. Each of these games has variations, as Guts adapts to the style of each player. The large selection of games makes Guts one of the biggest online casinos with live dealers on the planet.

Money Handling & Security

One of the main concerns that new users have when changing to a new casino is the safety standards of the online gambling environment, as well as how easy it is to withdraw and deposit money to the site. Guts Casino makes sure that users are able to quickly move money around in the safest way possible thanks to their high security standards and low deposit requirements.

They deal quickly with payment processing, and users can get paid in less than two hours if the company manages to validate all information rapidly. They don’t have a maximum withdrawal limit for people that want their money transferred to the bank, but other platforms like Neteller and Skrill do have limits of up to $10,000 a day.

Your money is safe with the casino, though. They have a special encoded account where all money from users goes, making sure that your money remains safe through every part of the depositing and withdrawal processes.

Play at Guts Casino

Rizk Casino

Although many people are unaware of this, Rizk Casino is closely related to the Guts Casino. They work with the same gaming platform developed by Guts, and Rizk is thought to be a sister company of the aforementioned casino. However, they hold two licenses in contrast to Guts’ three, but they share a reputation that makes them one of the best live dealer casinos on the planet.

The Rizk Casino website looks to be very distinctive, with colors that catch the eye but also keep you focused on the tasks at hand. The website is very easy to navigate, and the menus look clear and straightforward. Everything you need to do on the site seems to always be one or two clicks away, which greatly enhances user experience.

The Rizk Casino is also known to guarantee players the chance to dispute claims and money differences with the site thanks to the user protection act to which they are subjected. Some casinos tend to quickly confiscate funds from users with no clear background or explanation, but Rizk makes sure that users have been violating the terms of service before acting against players.

They’re one of the biggest casinos in Europe and in the Nordic countries especially. They support Nordic languages as well as English and Dutch. Just like their sister company Guts, however, Rizk doesn’t offer services in America and in a handful of other countries. This makes their reputation much more impressive.

Live Games & Other Options

If there’s one thing to look out for when playing in the Rizk Casino, that is live dealer games. They are supplied by Net Ent (just like their sister company Guts) and by another giant of the online casino industry in Evo Gaming. You’ll be able to play across various platforms from your own home, using real money to try and make a profit from the site.

The part of the casino that is fully dedicated to live bets is called Live Rizk Casino, and it has no free play options available. If you want to try out their live dealer games, you’ll have to do it with real money.

They have a ton of games available thanks to the quick access users get to Net Ent’s services. There are various types of poker and blackjack, all of which can be very profitable. The best thing about Rizk is that the site has a very slick design which favors users that appreciate simplicity over everything else.

However, the site has a cool-looking comic book theme that aims to please the likes of every other type of player.


Another important attribute of the best live dealer casinos is how accessible they are. Thus, the Rizk Casino staff understands this, and they offer users the chance to play games from almost anywhere. The casino even has a mobile-exclusive app, which allows you to quickly load the games from any mobile device without having to resort to third-party apps.

However, those users that don’t have a ton of space on their devices could also access the live services of the casino straight from their mobile browser. This gives a ton of extra breathing space to users and makes the casino one of the easiest to access in the world.

Play at Rizk Casino

LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas is one of the biggest live dealer casinos on the planet after being founded less than a decade ago, back in 2011. The owners and original creators weren’t from the US. In fact, they were two Swedish casino experts and entrepreneurs who attempted to set themselves on what seemed to be an impossible mission back then: modernize the way online casinos worked.

They have made countless commercial deals and agreements with the biggest online casino game developers on the planet, and they have managed to create a service that stretches across continents with high quality standards.

Not all their games are fully compatible with mobile devices, but their live dealer games are fully playable on most phones and tablets. Their variety of games is unmatched by other casinos, as they are provided with live games by 7 different companies and they have a total of over 900 games to choose from.

Their wide selection of live tables makes the casino look like a giant business which brings satisfaction to users, and that’s exactly what they seem to be. Lovers of online live dealer casinos might want to check out LeoVegas if they haven’t heard of it yet.

LeoVegas Live Dealer Services

LeoVegas has seven different live casino providers in total. Their tables are meant to suit the needs of every type of user on the planet and, in order to do that, they have many different games available at their disposal. These stretch from traditional casino games like poker to some very peculiar variations of roulette that you probably haven’t tried before.

You can also play various versions of the popular baccarat game, as well as Dream Catcher which is based on the traditional wheel of fortune games.

Play at LeoVegas Casino

Evolution Gaming also provides LeoVegas with some special tables that are exclusive to the casino, including a special celebrity table that presents users with the chance to play with two dealers at once. is the luckiest site on the planet, not only because of their name (they’re very easy to find) but also because of how many rewards their users can get from the service. This popular site is owned by an online casino conglomerate that also works with Slots Heaven and other massive online casino providers, all of which offer top tier gambling services to users from all over the globe.

Although has struggled a bit when it comes to offering users quick withdrawal times, they are very rarely subjected to legal issues or disputes that arise from faulty transactions. They make sure that the users’ information is verified before making each transaction, which amounts to longer withdrawal times but a smaller margin of error.

It’s important to note that US players cannot partake in this casino, and we highly recommend not to use any third-party software to hide the origin of your IP address (this goes against the website’s terms and conditions and could result in the full removal of your account’s funds). Live Casino

The website’s live casino is the envy of some of the gambling industry’s biggest names. gets a lot of traffic thanks to their domain name, but traffic means nothing if players aren’t staying to play at their live casino. However, this isn’t an issue for, as most new players tend to stick around for quite some time after making their first plays in their tables.

The live casino is complimented by a wide variety of other games, which range from traditional slots to other virtual moneymakers such as roulette variations and virtual poker.

They don’t have as many tables as other casinos (LeoVegas, for example, has a much greater variety of tables compared to, but the high-quality standards of this site are nonetheless impressive. Each of their roulette tables offers users a different variation of the game, which is what happens as well with their blackjack tables.

Their bet limits aren’t as high as in other casinos, but they do range from €2.50 to over €250 per bet. It depends on what you want to achieve and how much money you’re willing to risk.

VIP Tables

Even though the betting standards of seem to be quite low, they do offer users the chance to participate in high stakes tables, reserved for users willing to bet an amount of money starting at €250 per bet. Their insignia VIP table is exclusively for baccarat, which is the most popular game of the site and one of the most profitable.

Play at Rizk Casino

BetSafe Casino

You’ve probably already heard of BetSafe. They’ve been around for quite some time, having started operations as early as 2006. They’re one of the biggest online casinos in many different departments: they have sponsors all over the planet, and they have one of the widest catalogs of games in the industry, boasting over 1400 games for users to choose.

Furthermore, their games are provided by some of the industry’s most respected game makers, including the best live dealer developers in Evo Gaming and Net Ent. They satisfy almost half a million users on a constant basis from over 100 countries.

The people at BetSafe are known for their rare marketing tactics, which seem refreshing in an industry that is often perceived as deceiving. They always tell their players that the odds of their games seem to be against them, but this doesn’t keep hundreds of thousands of users from playing on their casino. Many people have reported very lucrative profits on BetSafe, so it’s known that the casino stands by their payments.

BetSafe Live Casino

BetSafe live casino is mainly provided by a monster of the live dealer casino industry: Evolution Gaming. Every action that you take within the casino is going to be processed smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to worry about bugs or glitches while playing on the BetSafe live dealer casino, as you’ll very rarely encounter a problem with their service.

You don’t need to download anything to start playing their live games, but you do need to make a deposit as BetSafe doesn’t offer fake money or other free play services for users to try their live games. However, there’s little to fear and much to win when playing in the BetSafe live casino thanks to their wide array of games and their reputation.

BetSafe doesn’t offer special bonuses to users from their live casino service. However, they do grant some people the chance to participate in new player promotions if you’re a newcomer to their services as a whole. In order to access them, you might need to contact their customer services and ask for any ongoing promotions on the site.

Play at Betsafe Casino

Our Final Verdict

All the casinos we’ve reviewed today are the best live dealer casinos on the planet. Each of them offers a unique set of features that users will be able to enjoy as soon as they register into the sites, and with more than enough bonuses to last you for a long time, you’ll be entertained for a lifetime if you visit any of these casinos.

Be sure you read every casino’s terms and conditions to make sure you qualify for any of their bonuses or if your country is available for the services. Every casino has different payment processors and allows various forms of currency (none of them work with cryptos, though), but some European residents are not eligible to use their services.

The wide selection of games will make your search for your favorite live dealer casino a pleasant inconvenience, but with a bit of research and with the help of our article we know you’ll make the right choice in a matter of seconds.

What are you waiting for? Dive straight into the action in any of these casinos and turn your deposits into profits by playing in the best live dealer casinos of the year!


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