Casino High Rollers - Our Comprehensive Guide to High-Stakes Gambling

The world of online casinos has given birth to some of the most prolific players in the world. People from all over the planet have opted to spend large sums of money in online casinos ever since these sites started being more seriously regulated and, as such, online high rollers were born.  As things stand in the 2020s, high rollers are the main sources of income of online casinos from all over the world – but they’re also the ones who have the biggest opportunity to win a lot of money on any given game. If you’re thinking about becoming a high roller, then you’ll want to read this guide first to help you better understand how it works and why you might want to do it instead of spending lesser sums of money in your favorite online casinos. Be sure to have enough money to spare, though. Being a high roller is not an easy job nor something that you can become without spending a tremendous amount of money. Or, at least, what would qualify as a large sum of cash for the average player. Let’s dive into the world of high rollers to see what the fuzz is all about.

Who Qualifies as a High Roller?

The concept of being a high roller varies depending on each online casino. Some casinos rate as high rollers those players that spend a ton of money at a single instance, but that’s not usually the case. In the majority of online casinos, if you wish to qualify as a high roller, you’ll want to be spending large sums of money in the long run. Let’s take a look at VIP programs, for example. If you see how these programs work, you’ll notice that players that spend an average of €10,000 or more, each month, tend to be rewarded very handsomely. Players that spend €1,000 a month, on the other hand, still get good rewards but nothing that can be compared to what the former get. Spending large sums of money every month and doing it consistently will help you qualify as a high roller and online casinos will start taking you much more seriously whenever you’re around. You will need to spend all of your cash in one online casino if you wish to get the best benefits that a high roller could get.

How Does an Online Casino Pay a High Roller?

You’ve probably heard of withdrawal limits before, but if you know how high rollers tend to be rewarded, then you’ll know that these people are unlikely being restricted with any withdrawal limitations. In most cases, one of the benefits that online casinos offer to high rollers is that they don’t have to wait around in order to take all of their cash out of their casino account and into their bank accounts. With that being the case, how do online casinos manage to pay people that are spending so much cash and, at times, taking out even more? There’s something that you must always remember: there’s a large number of high rollers who win some absolutely staggering sums of cash, btu there’s also some that lose. On top of that, there’s also plenty of other players that, on average, lose cash. That means that online casinos will have plenty of money with which they can pay their successful high rollers. With that said, that’s also one of the reasons why online casinos have wagering limits for average players. The vast majority of players will not be allowed to withdraw all of their cash at once, which ensures that the casino will always have money to cover everyone’s bets – including the ones from high rollers who aren’t subjected to the withdrawal limits.

Types of High Roller Games

One of the best things about high rollers is that there are games that are exclusively made for them. This makes it very easy for players to enjoy titles with betting limits that are tailor-made for them. Traditional online slots might have low limits for a high roller, but there are games that allow you to spend hundreds of euros per spin. Likewise, some of the best table games on the planet are known to offer high rollers the chance to place bets that could go up to €1,000 per hand or, in some cases, even more.  


Slots games with high limits tend to be some of the most played by high rollers, even though they offer relatively low house edge and the ability for the casino to keep more of your money than an average game of blackjack with basic strategy. Still, a run of luck in a game of slots with a high bet could lead to massive profits that could see your original bet multiplied by 1,000 times its original value or, sometimes, even more. There are many slot games that are designed to be played by both high rollers and low rollers alike, which gives a lot of room for people to enjoy them regardless of the type of game they prefer to play. You will often see online slots with a minimum bet of €0.10, but with a maximum bet of €100 or more. Paying €100 per spin is one of the most ‘high roller’ things that one could do in an online casino, and the rewards of the game naturally adapt to the amount of money that you’re betting. One of the reasons as to why online slots are able to please all sorts of players is purely because the rewards that they give are molded around the amount of money that you bet. That means that a €1 bet would pay the same than a €50 in the sense that the win would be multiplied accordingly (€1 x 5 or €50 x 5, for example).

Table Games

Even though betting large sums of money in online slots is extremely popular among high rollers, it is in the world of table games where the true high rollers play. Blackjack, in particular, is the one casino game that people tend to bet the most money on – alongside roulette and poker. Table games make it possible for the player to strategize and reduce the house edge to the minimum, which gives you a better return for your money and favors the players that actually know how to play the game over the average players who only spend their cash to pass some time and don’t care enough about strategy. You will often see some online casino games, such as blackjack, where experts and high rollers walk away with wins much more often than in any other sort of title. It is in blackjack where people spend the most money on, as high roller blackjack tables could allow people to place bets that are as large as €5,000 per hand in any online casino. These hands could be worth even more money in land-based sites, as some casinos make it possible for true high rollers to bet as much as €25k per hand!

Advantages of Being a High Roller

Being a high roller is not only about the prestige or the money that comes with it. There are many advantages that high rollers have and online casinos will keep adding more and more as time goes by. Online casinos will always want to keep high rollers happy because of the sheer amount of cash that they usually spend, which is why they are always the ones to get the most benefits out of any website.

Exclusive Deals

Most high rollers, in many online casinos, will have access to bonuses that are made to suit their own needs. Since the true number of high rollers per online casino isn’t as big as you’d expect, online casinos will often provide players with promotions that will allow them to play games that they love the most. For example, some online casinos give free spins to high rollers so they can use them in their favorite online slots. On the other hand, you have online casinos that give players rewards based on how many deposits they’ve made. It’s all perfectly crafted for those looking to spend their money in the world’s best online casinos.

Access to the Best Bits of All VIP Programs

VIP Programs, as we’ve said, are made for people who have a knack to spend more cash on the casinos. Loyalty programs often make a player’s day with the large sums of cash that they often offer, but you will need to spend quite a large amount of money if you wish to access the biggest rewards that online casinos give out. As such, people who are willingly spending large sums of cash in online casinos are naturally going to get better rewards from these VIP Programs. There’s a reason why many casinos opt to call them “VIP” programs instead of “Loyalty” programs, as the ones who are true VIPs will be the ones who get the best rewards out of the casino. Wildz-Casino-Logo.png When it comes to the type of rewards that you get, high rollers will often receive larger bonuses and much more constant promotions than the average player. In fact, as far as the online casino is concerned, players will also have access to games earlier than other players and their bonuses will be given much more often, permitting the high roller to bet with cash that the online casino is giving them. This doesn’t only help the high roller to play with free cash, but it also encourages them to keep playing in the casino, which benefits the casino itself in the long term. Keeping high rollers happy is part of what makes them keep playing – and online casinos know this.

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Recognition from Your Peers

Being a high roller will also permit you to get much more recognition thanks to the way online casinos advertise the wins of those who play with large sums of money. When playing in any casino, you will often see prompts of people that win a ton of money, which allows them to be seen by thousands of players from all over the world. In fact, many online casinos advertise big wins even if they are not in the region of hundreds of euros. They want people to be seen winning money. Naturally, the amount of money that they lose isn’t going to be shown, but it’s good to know that online casinos make it possible for the players to get recognition in one way or another. Online casinos that have communities also serve as platforms for high rollers to shine and discuss casino promotions, deals, and benefits with each other. This gives them the chance to get recognition between them, often being seen differently in the eyes of the community as well as in the opinion of the casino itself. Nothing is as satisfying than getting recognized by your prowess and high rollers get that on a daily basis when gambling online!

Chance to Win Much More Money than the Average Player

Naturally, given that rewards adapt to the amount of money that you bet in a game, it also means that players are much more prone to winning large sums of money when they spend more in an online casino. As such, you will often come across much bigger wins, even though you will also be losing more on average when playing as a high roller. Much like it happens with slots, the amount of cash that you win in any sort of casino game is tied to the amount of money that you’re willing to spend. If you bet large sums of cash, you will have access to better rewards with each bet that you win. This is true for slots, table games, keno, and any other sort of game with “multiplier” wins of any sort. With that said, that doesn’t mean that average players don’t have access to massive wins. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Some of the biggest winners in the online casino industry have been players that spend the fewest cash. As the saying goes, you’re far more likely to lose money in the long run when you spend the most cash for the sheer fact that odds will always be stacked against you. Some of the biggest iGaming winners have been the ones that spend the less money. There was a famous case of a Mega Moolah winner that only spent €3 in a session of gaming before hitting the multi-million jackpot of the game! 

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Early Access to Casino Games

High rollers are also very likely to be provided early access to new games in online casinos, usually part of being a member of the best loyalty programs in the sites in which they play. That’s because online casinos are likely going to offer them the chance to experience newer game first, encouraging them to remain as high rollers and being able to spend their cash in the newest games before other players can take a bit of the cake for themselves. The exclusive aspect of being a member of one of the best casinos in the world and spending more money than the rest is usually what makes being a high roller so good. You will always get the chance to  try out new stuff before the rest. Sometimes, you might even get access to exclusive games that no other player can enjoy (some casinos have high roller titles that don’t allow smaller bets) or you might be invited into special tournaments where other players are not able to participate because of their far more limited spending. You get to choose how you want to spend the money in the best casinos in the world, but know that being a high roller could be the defining factor into allowing you to get exclusive benefits that no other member of the casino will be able to get. It’s all in your hands as long as there’s enough cash in your pockets!

The Best High Roller Bonuses & Casinos

If you’ve made it this far, you probably can’t wait to play in the best online casinos in the world that allow high rollers to flourish. Some casinos have some fantastic promotions that make them far better for high rollers than your average online casino, which results in people spending more money on these sites and being better rewarded by their spending. Bear in mind that not all online casinos are good for high rollers, even though high rollers will always be well-received in any site that they choose to visit. Some casinos have promotions that make them fantastic to be visited by those looking to spend more cash, whilst other online casinos simply don’t offer enough benefits for high rollers to enjoy. We have curated a list of three online casinos that provide players with rewards worth €1,000 or more with their first high roller deposits made in any of these casinos. Be sure to spend as much cash as possible to claim these promotions on their entirety, as they are one-time bonuses that you will miss out on if you don’t make a large initial deposit in the following online casinos!

BitStarz Casino

The BitStarz Casino is a fantastic website with hundreds of games to enjoy, but the most important aspect of this site is the massive high roller bonus that you can claim upon registering. The casino comes with a staggering reward worth up to 5 BTC in free cash, which you can claim in five different deposits for your total convenience. The site is home to a selection of amazing tournaments ad everything is tailormade for the high rollers to enjoy it - and even more so if you're a fan of bitcoin gambling. Those who are willing to spend a significant sum of cash in this casino will be duly rewarded for their efforts and the casino is keen to keep them around by offering even better rewards than the rest. BitStarz-Deposit-Bonus-Cartoons-640-528 Even though BitStarz isn’t particularly known to offer a large selection of bonuses or a world-class VIP Program, the casino is still known as one of the best bitcoin casinos in the industry. Online slots are the best thing about this site, but high rollers can also go and enjoy the large selection of table games that the site has available for all of them.

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You’re All Set – It’s Time to Play!

You’re now fully aware of how high rollers are and what makes someone a high roller. It’s not time for you to make the best of your time at the best online casinos and spend your money playing in websites that pack a world of rewards that high rollers can claim. We’ve told you all about the best high roller casinos, but the list is far from limited to those. If you’re keen to claim a larger selection of bonuses, you can also head to the best casinos in the world that we’ve listed in this site and look for the bonuses that pay out the most money of the bunch. That way, you’ll have a larger selection of rewards to enjoy and better bonuses than ever! Remember that high roller bonuses need to be claimed as soon as you make your registration in any of the sites that we’ve mentioned or you risk missing out on them on their entirety. These bonuses are meant to be given to newcomers, so register a new account at any of the best online casinos in the world and make your first deposit to claim the biggest rewards that the internet has to offer!

Last updated  September 15, 2022
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