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Looking for download casinos to make your casino journey a little bit easier? There are many online casinos that have resorted to offering downloadable software in recent years, although many still keep the traditional no-download feature available in case the player would rather prefer to use it. Check our list of the best free download casinos and play now!

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Download Casinos

Download Casinos
1 Red Dog Casino Logo
$8,000 Welcome Bonus
Minimum deposit: $20 T&C apply Play responsibly
$8,000 Welcome Bonus
Minimum deposit: $20
2 Betsafe Casino Logo
100% up to €200 + 100 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 40xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €200 + 100 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 40xb
3 Ignition Casino Logo
300% up to $3,000 Bonus
Minimum deposit: $10 Wagering requirements: 25x b+d T&C apply Play responsibly
300% up to $3,000 Bonus
Minimum deposit: $10 Wagering requirements: 25x b+d
4 BetWinner Casino Logo
100% up to €100 + 30 Spins
Minimum deposit: €1 - €20 Wagering requirements: 28xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €100 + 30 Spins
Minimum deposit: €1 - €20 Wagering requirements: 28xb
5 NordicBet Casino Logo
100% up to €500 + 100 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35x T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €500 + 100 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35x
6 Everygame Logo
125% up to $1,000 for New Players
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 30xb T&C apply Play responsibly
125% up to $1,000 for New Players
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 30xb
7 Mirax Casino Logo
Up to 5 BTC + 150 Free Spins
W2, W3, W4
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 45x T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to 5 BTC + 150 Free Spins
W2, W3, W4
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 45x
8 888 Casino Logo
100% up to €1,500 VIP Welcome Bonus
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 30xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €1,500 VIP Welcome Bonus
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 30xb
9 Captain Cooks Casino Logo
100% up to €500 Free Bonus Cash
Minimum deposit: €5 Wagering requirements: 30xb-60xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €500 Free Bonus Cash
Minimum deposit: €5 Wagering requirements: 30xb-60xb
10 N1 Bet Casino Logo
€5,000 + 200 Free Spins
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 50xb T&C apply Play responsibly
€5,000 + 200 Free Spins
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 50xb
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What is a Download Casino?

Download casinos are online gambling institutions in which you can play by downloading the casino software. Download casinos tend to also come with instant play versions that you can access via a mobile browser. The download version of an online casino operates quicker and smoother than the browser site.

Features of Download Casinos

Download casinos often boast a large variety of features that makes them superior to their no-download counterparts. Many of these features do not exist in browser-based casinos because of the limitations that come with playing games from a web browser instead of a dedicated application that focuses on running games.

You may come across some very poor download casinos which have a low selection of games and poor features, but in general, you’ll often find that gambling sites with a dedicated app to run their games tend to be much more superior to the rest. We’ve listed the most important features that you’ll find in most high-quality download casinos, so you know what to expect from your future experience.

Quick Play

One of the most important things about download casinos is that playing becomes much quicker than on any regular website. You don’t need to wait around for ages while the game loads, as most apps are optimized to make the loading process much quicker when you first boot up a new game.

There will always be some sort of loading time while playing in a download casino, as the game needs to be opened and, if you plan on playing online, the connection with the casino’s servers must be made before you can play.

Even so, the time it takes for you to load games in a download casino will always be much shorter than it is in a regular browser-based gambling site. You can still take your time to play at your own pace if you desire to do so, which is nothing but a huge advantage for the player.

The games react much quicker than they do on a regular website as well, as the app doesn’t require external plugins for the game to work (sites often need Flash and other browser extensions in order to work properly, which can make the games run slower if the plugins are outdated).

Better Layouts

You’ll often find that download casinos have a much better layout than their no-download counterparts. The apps are designed to look much smoother than what you find in browser-based casinos, and this also helps the players easily navigate through the site without any issues.

The layouts that come with download casinos often minimize the number of visual bugs that present themselves when browsing through games or categories in a no-download site.

You may have noticed how some casinos have issues with such bugs if you’ve played on these websites before (for example, you may see how some buttons appeared to be selected even when you’ve already clicked away, which can create confusion). Most download casinos lack these issues and are much better to use.

Storage Requirements

Download casinos have just one clear disadvantage when compared to browser-based sites. You need to have dedicated space on your computer or device to allow the casino to work, which can be troublesome for the player. The space that these casinos require is often minimal and doesn’t cause many problems, but some players understandably prefer browser games to avoid downloading files to their computer.

However, download casinos make up for this issue by working faster than regular website-based casinos. Granted, you’ll have to compromise some hard drive space in order to play them, but it’s going to be a much more rewarding experience if you decide to do it.

Offline Play

Download casinos are great for online play. Most of the times, when playing offline, you won’t be able to wager any real money. However, a lot of download casinos allow players to try out games without having to wager real money and with no need of an internet connection. A lot of download casinos are also exclusively made to be played with no real money, and you can wager as much as you want with no consequences to your wallet.

Real money casinos that have a downloadable piece of software are very common, and most of them include an offline play option which can be used to play for free as much as you want. Keep in mind that any wagers placed while offline will not contribute to any sort of requirement, nor will they influence your account’s monetary balance in any shape or form.

Better Security

Download casinos come with powerful software that allows your data to be better protected than in any other online site. In fact, most download casinos tend to be much safer than their browser-based counterparts because of the security procedures that take place while the app is running. Your data is much better protected when logging in from one of these programs compared to a browser.

Many gamblers opt for download casinos exactly because of this reason. If you have the chance to download software to play in an online casino, we’ll always recommend our readers to take it. Your data is also protected when playing from a browser, but external malware may negatively influence easier when not playing from a dedicated platform.

Game Selection

Most download casinos have a large selection of games. These games are not always downloaded to your computer – some pieces of casino software simply allow you to access the catalog that may also be found on the site’s website, but other download casinos allow you to download every game and access it with no internet connection.

Download casinos are often a sign of quality, and quality is commonly associated with quantity when playing in an online casino. Download casinos tend to have a large selection of table games available, and their slots are usually second to none. This rule isn’t always a given, but it’s common for download casinos to offer better games than their browser-based counterparts.

Game Quality

You’ll often find that games run smoother in a download casino than they do on a browser, even if your computer or device is capable of running the game at the highest of qualities.

This is because game developers tend to tune down the settings of online casino games when they’re published to be played in a browser. This saves computer resources and optimizes the speed at which the game can be played. Browsers aren’t made to play games exclusively, so game developers have to create software keeping this in mind.

However, when you run games from a specialized program, the quality at which they can be run is much higher as the piece of software is better suited to run the games. Every download casino is known to have higher quality games than those you’d find on a website.

Finding the Best Download Casino

Most download casinos tend to be of very high quality. However, you’ll come across sites that won’t meet your expectations even if the overall performance of the piece of casino software is great. There are some things that you can consider when finding a new download casino that will help you determine whether you’ll enjoy your experience there even before you create an account.

You can prioritize your search accordingly if you take into consideration all of these points, but it’s important that you know which features you prefer and emphasize on casinos that have them. Not every player has the same preferences.

Game Developers

Most high-quality online casinos have games that are made by the industry’s finest developers. If you focus on searching for download casinos with games created by the most prestigious casino game makers, you’ll almost assuredly enjoy your experience on the site.

Most real money casinos tend to have games provided by NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and other similar developers, but you’ll likely find games developed by different studios on free casinos.

In fact, it’s likely that free casinos that offer a downloadable piece of software develop their own games. This is especially common in mobile gaming – you’ll find a lot of independent casinos that create their own games, so it’s kind of a daunting task to find a good free to play download casino for mobile devices. Real money mobile casinos usually need to be accessed by a browser, although some have developed apps that allow players to easily access them.

Device Compatibility

It’s important to understand how compatible a downloadable casino is. If you’re playing from a regular Windows computer, you’ll usually have no trouble finding a download casino that works on your device. However, this is not the case for Macs – some download casinos are not compatible with Apple devices, and you might struggle to find one that works.

Just be sure to look for an online casino that supports your preferred device. If you plan to play on mobile, it’s good for you to browse the game store to find out which casinos are showing. If you can’t see a casino in your device but you’ve read somewhere that it’s available for mobile, it’s likely that your phone may not be able to run it and the store automatically filters it out of selection.


Bonuses are a rewarding and very important part of your casino experience, so finding a download casino with proper casino welcome bonuses goes a long way into shaping your enjoyment of the site. Bonuses are not commonly found in free casinos, as most of these promotions are based on deposits and are thus unavailable to be claimed if you plan to play for free.

Furthermore, casinos that offer good withdrawable bonus tend to be associated with better user experience and often have a good reputation on their own.

Visit sites with good bonuses to increase the quality of your overall experience while gambling. You can find the best no deposit bonuses in UK casinos as well as the best no deposit bonuses in Australian casinos. The experience quality is world-wide.

You may also find bonuses on free play casinos, but these aren’t usually as good and sometimes aren’t even worth it simply because they just give you money that you can otherwise earn by simply playing and logging in daily. In any case, real money online casinos offer high-quality bonuses that require no deposit to claim.


If you’ve evaluated everything from a casino and you’re still unsure if you want to play there or not, the best guide that you can use is the site’s reputation. Reading opinions about each casino or simply browsing the internet to find out how the site is perceived goes a long way into helping you determine the quality of a site.

Here at The Casino Wizard, we only talk about the most reputable and best online casinos. Any download casino that you find on this site is held in very high regard by their users. You can browse our articles to find out which is the best online casino for you.

Types of Download Casinos

Every download casino has its own set of pros and cons, but there are also different types of download casinos that can be clearly categorized and understood by simply taking a quick glance at them. Every type of casino offers different advantages to its users, so it’s important for you to know how each casino works before creating an account or downloading any piece of software to your device.

Desktop Download Casinos

You’ll find a lot of download casinos that are mainly directed to desktop users. Those who like to gamble from the comfort of their own homes without having to move to a land-based casino can find comfort in the fact that download casinos have become very popular in recent years. Most desktop download casinos are compatible with Windows computers, but most reputable sites also offer support for other OS’s.

Some desktop download casinos are also available in other platforms. You may find casinos that don’t even have a downloadable piece of software per se, but you can play them on a mobile device with an app. It all depends on what the site is looking to provide to the player.

Mobile Download Casinos

Mobile download casinos are often found in the form of apps that can be downloaded to your device and played wherever you go. Some of these apps have incredible levels of development and can even surpass the quality of desktop casinos. You can find some very high-quality games developed by independent studios and wagering on them can be very fun and rewarding.

However, there’s been a recent rise in popularity in free play mobile download casinos. Many players are now opting to practice and wager for free using their phones. There are a lot of apps that you can find in most mobile stores that allow you to access a world of countless wagers without having to put a single penny in them.

Some of these free play mobile casinos even allow players to earn real cash rewards in the long term and, even if they don’t offer real rewards, you can also practice your skills and improve them for whenever you want to wager real cash.

Free Play Download Casinos

Many modern download casinos allow players to play for free. These download casinos are usually available to be played offline as the site doesn’t require any verification. Free play casinos are often fun and allow players to get a better understanding of their favorite games before moving on to real cash wagers.

Most free play download casinos also offer the option to wager real cash, although others are not focused on it and simply make profits with the use of paid advertisement.

Real Money Download Casinos

Real money download casinos are usually played online. Once you download the piece of software to your computer and create an account, you can access the games quickly and wager as much as you want. Real money download casinos usually have very lucrative welcome bonuses and match deposit offers like the ones we show here at The Casino Wizard.

Most real money download casinos offer users the chance to play for free. You may try the games that you’ve downloaded to your computer even when offline, using fake money that the casino provides so you can better understand how the games work.

Download Casino FAQ

The Importance of Download Casinos

Download casinos play a crucial role in the modern gambling industry. The fact that you can access the games with the click of a button and sometimes without needing an internet connection makes it very easy for players to gamble real or fake money without the annoyances that come with browser-play.

Download casinos are widely used in mobile devices and provide countless hours of fun to players even when real money isn’t involved.

Frequently asked questions

A casino client, or download client, is a downloadable version of an online casino site you can install to your desktop computer or laptop. It will take up memory space on your device but the perks of installing casino software can include ad-free gaming, exclusive bonuses, and top-notch security. Plus, they're generally more reliable than playing in-browser games which can crash if you lose internet connection.

It's completely up to you. There are pros and cons to using casino apps. Normally the game selection in an app is reduced compared to a casino's online gaming site and not all devices offer real money apps in their marketplace. However, find a good one and you can take part in real money games at the touch of a button and enjoy a more stable and secure gaming experience.

Last updated  August 25, 2023

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