NetBet Casino Bonuses


If you’re looking for a complete online casino to provide you with an exclusive experience, then you’ve probably found your match. The NetBet Casino is home to all sorts of online casino games, ranging from the best online slots to the world’s most reputable casino games

netbet welcome bonus

NetBet is one of the most complete casinos ever reviewed by The Casino Wizard, and one of our favorite ones to visit whenever we don’t know what to play; options are aplenty here, which means that choosing what to play here means entering a world of different options to enjoy.

The site is home to a selection of over 1500 casino games, most of which can be played using the bonus money provided by the different bonuses available on the casino.

Should you prefer to enjoy a calm game of cards or try your luck at the site’s sportsbook, then you might want to have your own money ready to be spent. However, if you’re one to play online casino games and you would rather do it with bonus money, the NetBet Casino is not going to disappoint you.


1. Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

The NetBet Casino welcome bonus comes packed with a match deposit bonus of up to €200, plus 10 free spins to spend in the best games that the site has to offer.

2. Sportsbook Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

Get a 50% match deposit bonus for the casino’s sportsbook of up to €50. That means that a €100 deposit will yield an additional €50 to your online casino account.


The NetBet Casino bonus experience might feel a bit limited in terms of how many bonuses you actually get to claim here, but with such a large selection of games and such a high-quality selection of options to choose from, this online casino is one to behold if you’re a fan of bonuses.

The entire NetBet experience revolves around a complete wagering environment in which players will be able to enjoy all sorts of games, many of which can be played with bonus money.

If your favorite games at the NetBet Casino cannot be played with bonus cash, we still encourage you to play them and become a member of this fine website. You will be able to collect points that will let you grow within the site’s VIP program, increasing your chances of getting the best loyalty rewards in the world.

Are NetBet Bonuses Fair?

Extremely fair. The NetBet welcome bonus and most of the casino’s deposit bonus offers (including any future offers that you might find on the site) come attached to a wagering requirement of just 30 times the amount of money received. No wonder why the NetBet website isn’t packed with too many bonuses – they’re very easy to claim and get the money to your bank account!

Even the free spins that you’ll get as part of the casino’s welcome bonus are all extremely easy to claim and you should be able to walk away with a decent sum of cash once you’ve completed the requirements for them.

Even if you don’t manage to fulfill the wagering requirements of the NetBet bonuses, you can rest assured that this fantastic online casino is still going to provide you with bonuses capable of giving you hours upon hours of high-quality gaming entertainment.

In fact, if we were to choose an online casino in which we could play with bonuses even though we would never get to claim the money generated from them, we’d choose NetBet.


The NetBet Casino is home to some of the best rewards on the internet, even though there are only a handful of bonuses to be claimed here. Every offer that this casino gives is legit and provides players with a sense of being able to cash out the rewards without having to make too much of an effort.

However, the bonus selection of this online casino is limited nonetheless. The NetBet Casino provides players with an environment packed with games and activities, but the bonus department seems a bit lacking.

In any case, the bonuses that you will find on this casino are all fair and provide players with the ability to get their hands on the bonus money. Unlike it happen in other casinos, you can actually feel like you’ll get the bonus money once you’re done fulfilling the wagering requirements of the casino.

Discover the world of rewards that await you as a loyal player, though. The VIP club of the NetBet website is not one to exclude low rollers – everyone is welcome at the site. Loyal players will get access to amazing rewards, so become an active member and enter the door towards a world of unique bonuses!

Welcome Bonus

The NetBet Casino provides you with a simple bonus code that can be entered upon making your first deposit on the website. You will get a match deposit bonus and some free spins to try out one of the websites’ finest slots (the slot that you get the spins on usually changes, so be sure to check out the rules of the welcome bonus to see which one it is).

The NetBet welcome bonus is the flagship offering of the casino, even though the entire experience revolves around the concept of providing players with a world-class selection of loyalty rewards. As a member of the NetBet website, you will be able to claim a reward from the minute you become part of this casino’s community.

You might think that the NetBet welcome bonus is a tad simple, but you can rest assured that its wagering requirements and its free spins make it more than worth it. It’s an offer that you won’t want to miss out on by any means.

Loyalty Rewards – The Casino’s Heart & Soul

The NetBet Casino is the one site in the world that depends the most on its loyalty rewards in order to provide players with constant entertainment. At this online casino, loyalty rewards are what matters the most and they’re going to be the main source of bonuses for loyal players to the casino.

We’ll go into more details about the NetBet loyalty program shortly, but you should know one thing: if you’re looking to claim bonuses on this casino, you’ll want to check out the site’s selection of loyalty rewards and collect loyalty points by becoming an active member of the site’s community.


The NetBet Loyalty Program; the part of this review that we’ve been waiting for. The entire NetBet Casino bonus program circles around the loyalty rewards, which is where you will be able to get most of the amazing and highly-lucrative bonuses that this offer comes packed with.

The NetBet Loyalty Program comes packed with a total of 7 different levels. Each level grants you access to better rewards and much more lucrative bonuses, whilst also providing you with the chance to trade your points for different rewards within the casino.

The NetBet Loyalty Program uses the traditional point system of many online casinos, in which you will be able to collect points as you place more and more bets, which will subsequently allow you to trade them for better rewards within the casino’s services.

The main difference between this casino program and the one offered by countless other online casinos is that you will be able to collect the points whilst also getting access to a monthly draw, in which you can earn up to €5,000 in free cash. All you need to do is become an active member of the casino and claim its bonuses – nothing else matters at the NetBet website!

Claiming Points and Staying Relevant – The Importance of the VIP Program

Your main goal at the NetBet Casino will be to collect those bonus points, but you need to remember that each level that you advance on the casino’s program might get reset if you don’t stay playing as an active member of the site.

Forgetting about your VIP status and not playing any longer at the NetBet website might signify the forfeit of your loyalty points – be sure to stay active every month and collect the minimum number of points to remain a VIP within the site!