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SlotsMillion Casino (No) Deposit Bonus

The SlotsMillion Casino is home to some of the absolute best online slots that we’ve ever played. With over 3800 games to choose from, there’s certainly a lot of things to do with your bonus money if you’re looking to spend it at the best games in the world.


Even if you’re unsure what to do with your bonus cash and your free spins, the SlotsMillion casino provides you with plenty of options for you to make up your mind.

In any case, as you can imagine given the name of this casino, you will be spending the better part of your time on this website at the fine selection of slots that they have available. Bonuses, promotions, rewards, and offers are all made to be spent in the site’s exclusive selection of online casino slots.

SlotsMillion is also home to other fantastic games, but you can rest assured that the most iconic online slots in the world are all available to be played within its virtual halls. From the Guns N’ Roses slot to the newest games released in the industry, the SlotsMillion is home to them all.

SlotsMillion Bonus Overview

1. Extra Treats! – ACTIVE

The SlotsMillion Casino allows you to claim bonus free spins, every month, which allows you to play different games completely for free. This promotion allows makes up for the lack of a proper welcome bonus on the site!

2. Friday Happy Hour – ACTIVE

Every Friday night, if you’re at home, you can claim the Friday Happy Hour bonus to get some extra free spins by simply making a deposit of €20 or more.

3. Ladies and Gents Nights – ACTIVE

The site is home to the Ladies and Gents bonuses, on different nights of the week, where you will be greeted by a fantastic match deposit bonus that matches 40% of the total amount of money that you’re depositing.

4. Lunch Time Spins – ACTIVE

Every day, at lunchtime, you’ll have the option to make a deposit on your account and get some extra free spins alongside it. If you want to break the routine at work, then this is the bonus to claim!

SlotsMillion Casino Experience – Making The Best Of Your Bonuses

If you’re one of those to get disappointed at online casinos that only offer a handful of promotions, you’re going to want to check the SlotsMillion website right now. They have constant bonuses being offered every day of the week, and new promotions constantly popping up to rewards players with the newest and most lucrative of bonuses.

The SlotsMillion website is always adding new games to its collection, and the owners of the casino want you to try them all out. That’s why you can also expect the casino to introduce new bonuses (often given to players at random) which can only be spent at the newest of slots that the site has to offer.

You can check out the newest games and spend our own money to play them or you can visit the online casino periodically to get special bonuses that will allow you to play them for free.

The choice is yours, but if you ask us, you might already know the answer as to what we prefer; why use our own cash when we can play with free spin bonuses and match deposit rewards?!

Are SlotsMillion Bonuses Fair?

Even though most SlotsMillion bonuses come attached to wagering requirements that are often higher than 40 times the amount of money received, there is a silver lining that still makes us love the bonuses that this casino has to offer – they don’t have any limits imposed upon the money that you can claim with them.

If you get lucky and you happen to hit a jackpot to a large win using the bonus cash given by the SlotsMillion Casino, that means that you’ll get to keep all of the cash without having any limitations imposed.

You can earn over €1,000,000 if you happen to get lucky and that would basically count as fulfilling the wagering requirements of the offer on a single spin (just use some of that sweet cash in a few slots and complete the requirements without withdrawing it).

SlotsMillion Casino Bonus Overview

The SlotsMillion Casino has a very solid selection of bonuses, with players being able to benefit from them almost every single day of the week. It’s up to you to decide how many of these bonuses to claim, depending on how much of your money you’re willing to deposit in the casino.

Deposit Bonuses

The SlotsMillion website is home to some of the best deposit bonuses out there. The welcome bonus of the casino is enough to put shine on the eyes of a grown man, as the lucrativeness of a promotion could turn your bonus balance into thousands of euros.


This amazing casino has an exquisite selection of reload bonuses that can be accessed various times per week. There are three different days a week in which you can claim reload bonuses, all of which grant your account with a ton of cash albeit low match deposit percentages.

The Gents’ Nights and Ladies’ Nights are some of the coolest promotions that we’ve come across, as they present players with quite a unique concept that makes them feel special at least once every week (even more special than what you feel when claiming the rest of the bonuses).

Match deposit percentages might be low for the SlotsMillion special midweek reload nights, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get access to some of the best rewards on the internet by accessing this world-class casino.

Free Spins

If you love to claim free spin bonuses, then you’re in luck. This amazing online casino is home to a ton of fantastic free spin rewards that could get your account credited with hundreds of euros worth of free spins and inject them straight into your account. You can then use the money to fulfill the wagering requirements and discover why the SlotsMillion games are so lucrative and loved among players.

There is a special free spin promotion at the SlotsMillion Casino that we’ve absolutely grown to love ever since it was introduced (we’re hoping that it’s still there when you’re reading this so you can enjoy it too). The promotion, known as the Lunchtime Spins, is going to give you a handful of free spins whenever you make a deposit between 11 am and 1 pm.

Enjoy your lunch break at work with some of the best free spin bonuses out there, and do it before heading back to the office. There’s no time to waste when such an amazing promotion is waiting for you to claim it. Pick up your phone or tablet and enjoy the free spins that await during lunchtime!

Special Rewards

If you think that’s all that you’ll find at the SlotsMillion Casino, we encourage you to think again. This fantastic website also comes packed with some amazing special rewards that are absolutely random. You might get lucky and claim a bunch of free spins or you might get your account packed with a few hundred euros to spend wherever you want – it’s all up to luck!

Special rewards are given to players every month. Be consistent, win at the casino, and get extra rewards every four weeks to boost your winnings even more than you can do it by claiming other casino bonuses.

SlotsMillion VIP Program

The SlotsMillion Casino doesn’t really have a special VIP program upon which you can partake. Instead, this online casino has its staff working around the clock to make sure that all VIP players have access to bonuses suited to their own situations.

You will get notified via email or SMS whenever you’re eligible to claim any of the VIP bonuses of the SlotsMillion Casino. If you don’t get any notifications, that means that you aren’t playing enough at the site!

It would be better if the casino had a points program instead, as this would allow us to know if what we’re doing is enough to benefit from the loyalty rewards of SlotsMillion. If you’re looking for a quality VIP program, you might want to look elsewhere!

Last updated  December 13, 2022

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