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Try out the top gambling websites in the Nordic countries with our complete list of the best Sweden casinos in 2022. We know how difficult it can be to find the best recommended casinos in Sweden, so we’ve brought you a list of our top picks for you to start your journey the way it should begin. Bonuses, rewards, and the best casino prizes on the internet are here to be found!

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Online Casinos & Gambling in Sweden

As is the case with most Nordic countries, the online casino industry in Sweden is controlled by a monopoly of local companies that keep profits within the country itself, preventing money from flowing outwards and keeping the economy of Sweden in the pristine state that it is, even though gambling doesn’t play as much of a huge part in the country’s economy as it does in other countries.

However, given how important it is for many inhabitants of the country to be able to gamble cash online, the online casino community within Sweden has grown like crazy in recent years. Ever since online casinos were introduced in the early 90s, the practice of spending money and wagering online has grown in Europe since then.

We’ve come across some crazy online casinos that you can try out right now in Sweden, and even though the state has tried to make a monopoly of online gambling as well as land-based gambling, they haven't’ succeeded as well with the former thanks to the state of current online casinos from abroad.

If you wish to try out the best online casinos in the world and see why so many people in Sweden like to gamble on them, then check out any of the casinos listed on this page. In any case, we would like to remind you that online casinos in Sweden tend to be limiting to the payment of euros, and not many accept crowns as a form of payment – be it as deposits or withdrawals.

Online Gambling in Sweden – How it Began

Online casinos in Sweden began showing up when the government allowed an online gambling operator to start participating in the country back in 1997. As innovative as it was for a new wagering company to show up online, the company was made by Swedish people and operated within Sweden itself, so the international potential wasn’t as huge as it is from other online casino developers.

In any case, that was the first instance in which online gambling started to take an important role within Swedish culture. Since then, the government has created some laws that make it difficult for new companies to emerge, as it’s very difficult to get permissions from companies to function and operate the online casino industry in the country.

The name of that company founded in 1997 is AB Svenska Spel, and it’s currently the one that holds the monopoly in the Swedish gambling industry. This allows the government to control gambling much more easily, which also means that the industry has only one company that can make it grow. It’s beneficial and detrimental at the same time, but does offer a better sense of control for legal entities to rule over gambling.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Sweden?

Yes, online gambling is fully legal in Sweden even with the current monopoly that is running the industry. You can actually visit any online casino hosted by the AB Svenska Spel and play the games that are in store there. However, there are still many other online casinos that you can visit and enjoy if you so wish to do it.

Technically speaking, you are forbidden to visit other online casinos hosted abroad if you happen to live in Sweden. However, you’ll often find that the best online casinos in Sweden are also hosted in foreign countries. As restrictive as the laws seems to be, the monopoly doesn’t really affect foreign casinos even though the laws say that they do.

Let’s explain this a bit more clearly – you can play in foreign online casinos without getting in trouble, and you’ll find that many online casinos hosted abroad offer their services in Sweden and they fear no sanctions, even if they aren’t owned by AB Svenska Spel or even hold a casino gambling license given to them by the government of Sweden itself.

Online Casinos Sweden and the Importance to the Country

There are two major factors that come into play when it comes to online gambling in Sweden. The first one is the cultural impact that it has within Swedish culture. People from all over the country tend to love gambling in at least one form, which is why so many people place wagers in sports in Sweden.

Even though sportsbooks aren’t as popular in Sweden as they are in other countries, sports gambling still plays a crucial role in the world of online gambling in Sweden and it’s one of the major sources of gambling revenue in the country.

However, that’s because many people still go and visit other online casinos from abroad within Swedish territory. You’ll find that some of the world’s best online casinos offer Swedish gamblers the chance to visit them and even offer Swedish translations to allow people who aren’t as proficient with English to wager freely in the country.

Even though the Swedish laws prevent online casinos from offering their services on the country unless they hold a government-issued license, many sites still do it because there aren’t many consequences to those who do it, and the country’s market is actually one of the most profitable in the world.

That’s why you often find so many of the world’s best online casinos operating within Sweden. In fact, we dare say that the best online casinos in the world are also amongst the best online casinos Sweden has to offer, precisely because you get to play whatever you want when gambling in the country.

Features in Online Casinos Sweden

As you can see, you’ll be able to access the best casinos from all over the world even if you live in Sweden. As such, we haven’t limited ourselves to review online casinos from Sweden when offering you the chance to access casinos from your country. You’ll notice how some of the world’s best online casinos offer some amazing bonuses, and guess what? You can claim them right now!

You’ll also notice how some of the best online casinos on this page have been developed by Swedish people themselves, and even some of the world’s best online casinos developers were actually born in Sweden. In fact, the world’s biggest and best-known casino game developer, Net Entertainment, was created in Sweden itself!

Live Dealer Casinos in Sweden

If you’re a fan of live dealer games, well, we can’t tell you that Evo Gaming was created in Sweden, but they do offer their services to most online casinos that operate within Swedish borders. Local online casino might not be able to fulfill your needs of online live dealer games, but you can be happy by the fact that online sites like Betsson and LeoVegas do have access to the best live dealer games on the planet.

Oddly enough, live dealer games aren’t as popular in Sweden as they are in other countries where online gambling is a common practice. Finland has a higher percentage of online gamblers that play in online live dealer casinos than Sweden, for example, in terms of the country’s overall population. In any case, there are still many Swedish gamblers that would rather visit online casinos with live dealer games.

Most online casinos that you’ll find at The Casino Wizard are verified to have some of the world’s best online live dealer casino games that you can find in the world. Many of them also give you access to amazing poker tables and even exclusive tournaments where you can go head-to-head with other gamblers and see who’s the better player.

Online Casino Bonuses Sweden

One of the main factors that play a huge role in making online gamblers from Sweden visit online casinos from abroad is the fact that they offer some of the world’s best online casinos bonuses. As such, local casinos don’t tend to offer as good of a list of promotions as others, and even though you’ll rarely find an online casino that pays in Swedish crowns, you’ll still be able to get the best online casino bonus in euros whenever you like.

If you’re a fan of free spins, then go ahead and visit the best online casinos in Sweden today – you’ll be able to get the best free spins as well as welcome bonuses right now! There are also some fantastic no deposit bonuses to claim, which will allow you to play the best online casino games in the world for free!

Sweden Online Casino Games

Sweden has access to some of the world’s best online casino games, and they really know what it’s like to develop the best games.

NetEnt is a major company in Sweden that provides virtually all of the world’s best online casinos, including many sites that operate within Sweden itself. The company makes the best online slots and the best online games in general, so you can rest assured that you’ll find comfort and fun in the catalog of games that are offered by the company.

There are also many other online developers that create games for Swedish casinos, but you’ll find the best online casino games on foreign sites.

Best Sweden Online Casinos

The best online casinos in Sweden are just too good to not be tried by every online gambling enthusiast, and you’re probably tired of reading so much right now. As such, now that you know all of the basic information about Swedish online gambling and the best online casinos in Sweden, you might want to check out some of the most popular sites right now.

We’ve made a small list comprising the 5 best online casinos in Sweden, but you can also find the rest of the sites that offer services to residents of the country if you go to the top of this page or by using The Casino Wizard’s search bar. Don’t waste time and enjoy the best online casino games in Sweden now!