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The United States is a country known for its massively popular gambling venues, having the most prominent gambling cities in the world inside its territory. However, not every gambler thinks that Las Vegas is the best place to go, while others might just prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes while wagering with their cash. That’s why the rise of online casinos has seen such prominence in the US, and many of the world’s finest online casinos can all be visited from the American nation. The best US casinos can be found here at The Casino Wizard.

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Online Gambling USA – Online US Casinos and Why They’re Not Common

You’d think that you’ll find hundreds of online casinos in the US with America being one of the most important nations in the world. However, it often seems like quite a daunting task to find them, and at times, even the best online casinos are not eligible to be played within any territory that belongs to the United States.

The answer as to why it’s so difficult to gamble online in the US isn’t too hard to understand, but it does seem like many sites avoid answering it – even when hundreds of players seek the answer. To summarize the story, there have been many acts and bills that have been approved by Congress and by various Presidents of the United States in order to minimize or even remove online gambling in America.

The legislations, however, have had a few flaws and loopholes. This has allowed some online casinos to exploit them and still manage to operate within US territory without many repercussions. However, the main goal of US legislators has been to remove online gambling for good, with George Bush being the last president who actively attempted to close the gates for this practice in the country.

There are three main laws that are in place in America that prevent many players from enjoying their time in an online casino. These laws are responsible for banning many online sites in America, and that’s why sites like LeoVegas or even giants like William Hill are not accessible in the US.

The Wire Act

Also known as the Federal Wire Act, this law came into full effect almost three decades before online gambling was a thing. In fact, it became a law years before the Internet was a widely used mechanism. This Act doesn’t target online gambling as a whole, but the way that it’s written makes it easy to interpret that online casinos can’t take a major part in the US.

This law was originally approved by President John Kennedy at the beginning of the 60s, back when mafias were incredibly prominent in the United States. The law made it much more difficult to bypass gambling rules and the way it was enforced was one of the main reasons as to why organized crime saw a huge decrease in the United States.

However, its main goal was to make it difficult for mafias to profit on illegal gambling services. The restrictions that this law put in place are still making it difficult, to this day, for online casinos to make their way into US territories. In fact, many US states interpret it as a ban for online US casinos.

Professional Sports Act

Gambling on sports has always been an issue for Americans, and many college sports, as well as professional sports, have seen this greatly affect them as match-fixing scandals have become more prominent. In an attempt to combat this, the US government passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which made it illegal for fans to gamble or bet on any type of sports competition.

However, this is arguably one of the poorest written laws in American law, and it has allowed many states to still allow people to wager in sports online. In fact, this law is nothing more than a mild inconvenience for online casinos, and that’s why many sites are mainly focusing on sports bets in US territory instead of actual casino games.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is the reason why you’re most likely to find online gambling sites in the US with sports betting sections and not casino slots or poker tables.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

This law made the most damage to internet gambling, as it directly targeted the source of American income and monetary resources in an attempt to prevent people from gambling online. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act made it illegal for banks to loan or accept any sort of transaction that involves online gambling of any sort, which makes it impossible for players to withdraw or deposit money in any type of online casino.

This law was the most prominent anti-gambling law in America and was a huge blow for US casinos online. It was responsible for making hundreds of sites close their operations in America. This is one of the main reasons as to why you’ll find online casinos to be widely popular in Europe while they don’t seem to be around as much in America.

The best online casinos, in an attempt to cover their backs and protect their interests, decided to simply not allow any US players in their sites and focused on offering their services to other countries in the world.

Legislation Changes

There were some rules changed in the early 2010s that made it more accessible for online casinos to operate in certain states, although the practice of online gambling is still not as widely popular as it once was in America. However, in recent years, there has been quite a rise in prominence of US casinos, and many new sites are now opening their gates once again to American customers.

The main focus of online gambling entities in America still remains to be sports betting, as this is the less regulated type of online gambling and many players actually prefer to spend their time wagering on sports, considering how popular they are in America.

What Comes Next?

The main problem with US gambling and its limitations is that most Americans are not against gambling online at all. The current changes took place over a decade ago, and the current state of American society is very supportive of online betting and wagering as long as it’s done in a legal way. Since most of the current laws make it illegal for many casinos to operate, the practice has become fairly limited.

However, the way in which society views online gambling gives Americans hope that things could change in the near future. There are likely to be some sort of alterations taking place in a legislative way to approve online gambling once again – particularly given that land-based casinos are indeed very popular in America.

There’s nothing to be feared, though. There are many online casinos that offer high-quality services to Americans from all over the country. It’s not at all impossible to wager in any of these online sites and there are easy ways in which you can deposit and withdraw money from any of these entities without having to resort to any illegal practices.

Many of these sites that you’ll find here are amongst the best online casinos in the world and they’re available far beyond American territories, so if you’re reading this guide from anywhere else in the world, you might still be able to enjoy these quality casinos without having to mask your IP address.

Some of the best US casinos like Uptown Aces and 7Bit are waiting for you.

How to Choose the Best US Casino

The most difficult part about all the gambling restrictions that the US has enforced is finding an online casino that offers a good level of quality while also maintaining user-friendly features that make gambling fair for the player. As you might know, it’s very difficult to find the best US casinos because of all the rules that America has enforced against online gambling.

However, all of the casinos that you find on this site will allow you to wager freely with great bonuses without having to struggle at all. The features of each of these casinos make it easy for a player to enjoy their time there. The most important thing about US casinos is finding a site that supports many payment methods and doesn’t restrict your preferred banks from making deposits and withdrawals.

It’s no secret that finding these casinos has become more difficult than ever since 2006, as the restrictions have made it quite difficult for online casinos to thrive under such an environment of pressure. However, there are many sites that offer great quality services in today’s world – you just need to know which features to look for.

Payment Methods

Finding casinos with adequate payment methods is the most important thing for US players. Players from other countries might want to prioritize finding sites with great promotions and a large catalog of games, but given how complicated it is to find a casino with accessible payment methods in America, it’s important to give this feature a priority.

US casinos might accept players from the United States as long as they make their payments with accounts from other countries in order to bypass the bank restriction set by Bush. Other sites might accept e-wallets, which are far less affected by restrictions than banks and other economic entities.

It all depends on which method of payment you prefer as well, so be sure to find a site that offers the option that you’re looking for.

One of the easiest payment and withdrawal methods that many modern casinos are offering is PayPal. If you struggle with payment, you might want to give this platform a chance as it makes it really easy for players to withdraw and deposit cash without having to make a request to their banks in any direct way.

However, the bank still needs to approve certain transactions, so it’s important to find a site that isn’t as limited by US legislations as others. If the site is approved by any major gambling authority, you should have no sort of issues whatsoever while depositing or withdrawing cash from it.

Casino Promotions

The best way to tell if a casino is of the highest quality is by taking a quick glance at its selection of bonuses. The best online casinos in the US have awesome promotions that every player can enjoy, and they range from the most basic of no deposit bonuses to complex packages that could see your account credited with hundreds of dollars in a single reward.

You’ll often want to look for online casinos that have good registration incentives. These are usually seen as regular welcome bonuses, but the best thing a casino can offer is a large welcome bonus package. A site such as Uptown Aces, for example, is a great casino if you’re a fan of awesome promotions.

All of the US casinos that we have available for you at The Casino Wizard include amazing promotions and other bonuses that every player will be available to enjoy. Some of them require you to make large deposits, while others can be obtained by simply creating an account in the bonus site. You can choose whichever bonus you like the most and register on the casino for free!

Keep in mind that some promotions might only be available for non-American players in some US casinos. It’s important to read the terms and conditions of each offer to make sure that you’ll be able to fully obtain it with no restrictions.


The safety that a player feels in a casino is also a huge feature and one that many players like to prioritize when searching for a new site to spend their money. One of the main things that define how safe is a casino is the encryption used to protect user data. The most common type of encryption and arguably the safest that many casinos use is the SSL encryption method.

The SSL encryption protects user data from being shared with others, which enhances the security of any given site. However, safety goes far beyond the regular reaches of data protection and many users would argue that feeling safe in a casino means that they don’t feel like they’re being scammed by any of their games.

This is usually down, in great part, to the software providers that the casino uses. However, there are other things that influence how safe a casino feels like the particular house edge of exclusive games, as well as the fairness of each game that the casino has available.

Unfair websites (which we have excluded from this list) tend to only offer games with a house edge that exceeds the 4%, which makes it far more likely for players to lose money while wagering. If you happen to find any of these sites, it might be better for you to avoid them and stick with the ones that we’ve presented for you here at The Casino Wizard.

Customer Support

The importance of quality customer support can never be underestimated, and it has always represented one of the best features for an online casino to have. This is because it’s very common for players to have issues while gambling online, be it because of issues with payments or even because of non-granted promotions.

In such instances, it is of utmost importance to have a staff in which players can rely on. The best US casinos offer users with the chance to contact them during any time of the day using their live chat or email functions.

Response times vary depending on the casino, but in most cases, you should hear a response to your complaints in a matter of 24 to 48 hours. Again, it does depend on each casino and the resources that they commit to customer support.

Some US casinos offer landlines that users can contact in case of any urgent issue arising, but the most common type of customer support that you’ll find in most websites is the traditional live chat feature.

Most modern casinos like to offer players the chance to contact them with 24/7 availability, while others stick to business hours in order to maintain a balance between staff overload and offering help to the players.


The software provider for an online casino determines most of the site’s selection of games. Many of the most popular online casino providers don’t offer games for US casinos, but some of them do. You’ll need to find the best online casinos in the US that are provided by the finest minds in the online casino industry to make sure that your experience will be a satisfactory one.

You should focus first on which type of games you like the most. If you’re a fan of slots, you might want to find the best online casino slot creators and see if they’re available in any US casino. Most of the sites that we have available here for you have games from various providers, so you can choose whichever casino you feel the most comfortable with and enjoy its games.

The vast majority of online casinos don’t have a single type of provider available in their catalogs. It’s very common for online casinos to share games from over 5 or 6 different providers in an attempt to give players as many options to choose from as possible.

You can even visit any casino to find out more about which games they have in store and then look for a casino that mainly hosts games from your favorite provider. There are countless options for you to choose from and many approaches that you can take – you just need to find out which approach suits you best and take it!


The best US casinos tend to mainly offer sports betting, as it seems to be the type of betting with fewer restrictions in the gambling world. However, do consider that the catalogs of games that you’ll find in most US casinos tend to be much more limited than what you’ll find in European websites mainly because the vast majority of providers tend to target the European market.

As you might guess, though, the sports betting options that you’ll find in most American gambling sites are extremely varied and offer bets in all sorts of sports as well as eSports. The regular games that you’ll find range from traditional slots to table games, although live dealer games aren’t as common in America as they are in most European countries.

The most important thing for you to prioritize is which types of games you like the most and focus on finding casinos that provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Play in Online US Casinos?

The gambling options that you’ll find in US online casinos aren’t too rich, and they’re more limited than what you’ll find if you decide to take a trip to Las Vegas or even Atlantic City. However, there are still plenty of great online casinos for you to choose from, and you can find the very best of the lot here at The Casino Wizard.

You should play in US online casinos if you happen to enjoy spending time gambling but also not leaving the comfort of your own house. However, the most enjoyable experiences of US casinos that you can find online tend to revolve around sports betting. Fear not, however, there are still hundreds of sites that will prove to be enjoyable and you should find at least two sites that offer the exact game that you’re looking for.

Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of your selected website as thoroughly as possible, as otherwise you might be disappointed by the unavailability of a certain promotion when you attempt to cash it out.