4 Popular Online Casinos that Accept PayPal

The online gambling industry started very basically back when the internet was just a newborn in this world. Back then, it was hard to think that services such as PayPal would exist, and the only payment methods that were accepted were traditional bank transfers and basic credit card payments. Times change, though, and the online casino industry has had to adapt.

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With the evolution of e-wallet services, many online casinos have adapted into accepting payments using these platforms, amongst which the standout has to be PayPal. PayPal is probably the most widely-used e-wallet in the world, having a reach that stretches throughout the entire planet and provides payment options for gamblers and regular people alike. As you can imagine, then, many of the best online casinos are accepting PayPal to claim bonuses or to simply make deposits. There are a few differences between paying with PayPal and using other types of payment methods, but the casinos we’ve listed today are considered the best online casinos that accept PayPal. We’ll shortly go over the most important things to know when playing in a PayPal casino first, though.

PayPal Casinos – What You Need to Know

PayPal is a simple and very easy way to make payments across different platforms, both online and in real life. However, even though using PayPal as a service tends to be free, there are some fees that go beyond payments and other stuff which you must consider before playing in a PayPal casino. Some are fairly negative, but generally, you’ll find that PayPal makes for a practical tool that will aid you in your quest for riches.

Bonus Availability

Whenever you register into a new PayPal casino, you must be sure that the site’s promotions are also claimable with PayPal deposits. Some sites offer very lucrative welcome bonuses, but most of these casinos won’t let you cash out the winnings if you make your original deposit with PayPal or any other e-wallet. Some sites do offer bonuses for people who use PayPal to make their deposits, but you’ll need to read the terms and conditions of each bonus to make sure that your favorite casino does have that option available. Some casinos limit bonuses to be received only by credit card payments mainly because of extra fees that e-wallet companies charge, which is inevitable when using one of these services. You’ll find that some PayPal casinos do offer bonuses to players, so don’t look down on the feature – it all depends on the deals that casinos might strike with PayPal themselves.

Much Faster Confirmations

Casinos that accept PayPal as a tool to make withdrawals and deposits are usually deemed to be some of the fastest paying casinos in the online casino industry. This is because, most of the time, PayPal deals with your cash in real time, which makes it easier for the casino to confirm payments and send deposits without having to wait unrealistically long periods of time. In some cases, you’ll find that some PayPal casinos transfer money almost instantly, while others do take a bit longer to process payments and withdrawals. In any case, given that no banks are involved, the process should be quite fast as long as your PayPal account is confirmed and free from any sorts of holds that may be placed upon inactive or not verified accounts.

Online Casino Security

Many online casino players tend to doubt about the security of their information when wagering in an online casino. Some people aren’t too comfortable with giving away their info to an online gambling platform, so they might rather use a tool like PayPal to avoid any issues. PayPal is known to be one of the safest online platforms when it comes to dealing with user information, so you can rest assured that your bank info will be safe with them. Using PayPal as an intermediary will not give your card information directly to the casino, but PayPal will handle it for you. The transactions are not only much quicker in online casinos that accept PayPal – they’re also much safer!


LeoVegas is a very popular online casino that isn’t as old and seasoned as some of its competitors, but it started accepting PayPal payments almost three years ago. The fact that they did so has been one of the main contributors to the casino’s ever-increasing base of players, which now stands at the thousands per day. Back when it started, though, LeoVegas was far more restrictive when it came to payment methods. Today, LeoVegas is one of the biggest player-friendly gambling communities on the planet, offering games from the most popular online casino game developers in the world. Even though their services aren’t available in the US, you can experience the magic of Las Vegas in many other corners of the world – all of which can be done by simply clicking a few buttons on your computer. It’s also important to note that LeoVegas is widely regarded as one of the best mobile casinos in the world, so if you intend to use PayPal and still want to wager using your phone or any other mobile device, you might want to give the services of LeoVegas a try. Spend your time on the site wisely and take full advantage of the Lion’s promotions – you might be lucky enough to net a lot of profit on the site!

LeoVegas Bonuses

Depending on where you live, you’ll find that LeoVegas has different bonuses to offer. In fact, some countries are restricted from making PayPal payments in LeoVegas. Don’t worry, though, LeoVegas is one of the best online casinos in the UK and thus offers PayPal availability to users who live there. You may also claim some very lucrative welcome bonuses when you make your first few deposits on the site! LeoVegas offers a large variety of bonuses to its users. Some people may only be entitled to a first deposit bonus of €100, but users from other countries can claim up to €1600 and 300 free spins as part of their welcome package.

LeoVegas Games

Some of the games that you’ll find in LeoVegas are incredibly fun and made by some of the most popular game makers on the planet. You’ll find a large variety of slots, so if you’re into spinning games, the LeoVegas casino is for you. Many of the bonuses that you’ll find on the site also guarantee players with the chance to earn some free spins to play in their slots, so be sure to look forward to them! LeoVegas also has a live dealer section where you can take your Vegas experience a few steps further and experience what it’s like to feel facing a dealer in a face-to-face environment. You’ll be playing together with hundreds of other players in an environment developed exclusively for the LeoVegas gambling family – it might become like a second home to you!

888 Casino

If you’ve played in online casinos before, you’ve most likely than not heard of the 888 Casino. This company has been around for what feels like ages, having started its operations as early as 1997. During the last 20 years, the site has become a force to be reckoned with and it’s now one of the best online casinos that you can choose. However, not many people are aware that the 888 Casino is also one of the best online casinos that accept PayPal. The site was also one of the first online casinos to introduce PayPal compatibility, so selecting 888 Casino if you wish to wager with your PayPal funds might be one of the best things you can do as a player. The site also boasts a variety of game awards and recognition that put it a few steps above other competitors, and the wide variety of games that you’ll find in the 888 casino is almost unmatched by other online gambling sites.

Games and Software

Apart from its large selection of bonuses and games, the site operates using their own software. That means that some of the games on the site are exclusive to be played in the 888 Casino, making it an even better option if you want to play in this awesome online PayPal casino. However, you’ll also find slots and other games developed by industry favorites like NetEnt and Amaya. The site even has the popular Game of Thrones slot, so be sure to visit it if you want to play! They mainly specialize in offering users the chance to play slots, but there are many other games available at 888 Casino – including live dealer games.


One of the few downsides of the 888 Casino is that e-wallet payments are not instantly processed, but you’ll find that the site offers a lot of options in this regard. You can choose to deposit or withdraw money with PayPal, but you may also use other popular methods like Skrill or Neteller. The process is far quicker using any of these e-wallets than it is if you opt to withdraw cash directly to your bank account. Options are endless in the 888 Casino and, thankfully, not limited at all!

Casino Winner

The Casino Winner honors its name by giving every user the chance to make a significant profit using their incredible bonuses and great casino offers. The site is known to be one of the most globally-acclaimed online casinos, as it has the option to be used in over 8 different languages and offers access to players from various parts of the world. The site was founded 10 years ago, and it holds the Malta gambling license (one of the most reputable online gambling licenses in the world). Most of the games that you’ll find in this incredible PayPal casino are provided by Playtech, one of the best casino game developers in the world. Are you starting to see a pattern? The overall quality of the casino is rather high, so be sure to enjoy its features to the fullest. Winner Casino accepts PayPal along with over 20 other payment methods, so the options to make and receive transfers on the casino are very large. They time each transaction takes is entirely dependent on which type of transaction you’re making, but overall, you should be quite happy with their average-to-low waiting times and the capabilities that the casino has.

Exclusive Casino Games

One of the highest selling points of the Winner Casino is the large variety of unique games that the site has to offer. You’ll find a catalog of games that aren’t available in other sites, and the range of categories of said games is also nothing short of great. You’ll find everything that you’re looking for, ranging from basic slots to the most complex of table games. Variety isn’t an issue for you when playing in the Winner Casino. Furthermore, the site offers you a place to enjoy all types of games without having to constantly switch accounts. Your Winner Casino account will give you access to every corner of the website, making it one of the best PayPal casinos that you’ll find online. The environment in which you can play these games is incredibly safe, so be sure to take your time and decide which title you like the most and get on to play it! There are over 100 slot games that you can enjoy as soon as you create your account (most of which can be tried out for free), and you’ll find titles developed by some of the most popular online casino developers in the world. Some of the titles available on the site are created by NetEnt and Microgaming, so be sure to head straight to their most-played game section and choose your favorite titles to enjoy today. The number of features that the Winner Casino has to offer is very large, and explaining them might take us longer than we’d like. The best online casino is there waiting for you, though! Be sure to visit one of the best online casinos that accept PayPal and join its ranks today!

Gate777 Casino

The Gate777 Casino is relatively new to the online casino scene, having started operations less than a decade ago. They came with full force during the time that PayPal was already a popular tool, so they quickly adapted to accept PayPal payments. This has made the 777 Casino one of the best online casinos that accept PayPal and a really good place for gamblers to unite and spend some of their cash in a plethora of amazing games.

The Gate777 Casino website boasts a large variety of slot games, including over 13 jackpots and progressive jackpots, which makes the site a great place to visit by those people who love to earn awesome rewards quickly. You might need a bit of luck to claim those hefty rewards, but your efforts might pay off thanks to the extremely massive budgets with which the jackpot games operate. Normally, you’d expect a new casino to boast a small library of games. However, the Gate777 Casino offers players the chance to enjoy over 270 titles, and even though over two-thirds of them are slots, there are still over 100 different games to choose from in other categories. The site might not boast the largest game library on the planet, but you’ll find something to enjoy if you visit this site. It’s also known that the Gate777 Casino offers quick transactions for players who use e-wallet services like PayPal, with reports being that processing takes less than 24 hours regardless of the type of transaction that you’re making. This puts the 777 Casino in one of the best positions when it comes to payment speed, with many casinos taking over 3 or 4 days to process complete transactions. If you hate waiting, then the 777 Casino might be your go-to choice!

A Great High Roller Casino

If you’re looking for a high roller casino that accepts PayPal, then 777 is also the place to visit. The website has accommodations for every type of gambler, allowing small bets of just €0.20 up to single bets of up to €1000. The website gives everyone the chance to play the way they want, without struggling with low limits (which is a common issue in modern casinos). Furthermore, there are various types of casino games with different wagering limits. If you want to play high roller slots, then you’ll be able to do so. However, if you want to play the same games but wagering lesser sums of cash, the site will also permit such behavior. The possibilities are endless in the 777 Casino, that’s why we’ve listed it as one of the best online casinos that accept PayPal.

Best Online Casinos for PayPal

Another awesome aspect of 777 is that it belongs to the large 888 conglomerate, which is one of the largest online gambling companies in the world. The site is highly reputable and the owners are well known in the online casino industry. Most of their casinos accept PayPal, so that might go a long way into helping you make up your mind as to where you want to play online with real money.

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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