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The Lapalingo Rewards Program brings into light some of the best features of the Lapalingo casino, a site that is known for its fantastic welcome bonus and the player-friendly features that make it a great casino for everyone to visit – including newcomers to the iGaming world.


It’s not only the bonuses that are great in this casino. The Lapalingo Rewards Program and the Lapalingo Rewards Shop are two features that make this casino one of the best in the online casino industry. Players that spend their time and money on this site will be well and duly rewarded depending on how much they spend and how much they level up.

We’re going to take a closer look at one of our favorite loyalty programs, to help you see why this is one of the best casinos to visit if you’re looking for a VIP online casino in which you spend your money!

What is the Lapalingo Rewards Program

The Lapalingo Rewards Program is the loyalty scheme that Lapalingo has put together for every player. You will need to collect points to level up your account within the casino, much like it works on any other site. However, the main objective of this program is to bolster your account with bonus points, which you’ll then be able to cash out for free spins or money.

Naturally, players who participate in this program will be granted the chance to obtain various benefits for their casino account. This will, in turn, enhance your casino experience by increasing payment speeds and providing you with exclusive VIP benefits.

How to Collect Lapalingo Rewards Program Points

It’s very easy to earn points and increase your VIP account level, as well as your total point tally. This is all you need to do:

  • You’ll start earning points from the moment you create your account and onwards
  • Points expire after being inactive in the casino for 90 days
  • You will only earn points when you spend real money. Bonus money is not available to be turned into bonus points
  • Every 30 days, the Lapalingo Casino checks the points of every player. Your level will increase by then, should you qualify for an upgrade

Benefits of the Rewards Program in Lapalingo

Every level that you manage to reach in the Lapalingo Rewards Program will enable you to collect more points per each bet that you place, as you can see in the table that we have shown above. This will make it easy for you to claim the best prizes available in the store, which will provide you with the chance to claim better prizes in less time spent on the site (as well as less money on the long run).

There are three main benefits that you’ll get from participating in this loyalty program:

  • Insanely Fast Withdrawals – Players that become part of the loyalty program will get access to much faster withdrawal times to what normal players are otherwise available to get
  • Dedicated Account Manager – Once you reach the latter levels of the loyalty program, the Lapalingo Casino will assign you a dedicated account manager that’ll help you with the inner workouts of your account and provide you bonuses tailormade for your profile and needs!
  • More Points, Better Prizes – As you progress through the casino ranks and move forward in your level, the Lapalingo Casino will provide you with more points per vet that you place. Refer to the table that we have shown in this article for more information on points-per-bet

The Lapalingo Rewards Shop

Thanks to the Lapalingo Casino Rewards Program and the way points work, you will not only get rewarded by moving up in ranks. At Lapalingo, you will also be able to trade the points that you use to level up and exchange them for rewards that could bolster your bonus balance through the roof.


As you can see, there are three main benefits that come with the Lapalingo loyalty program and the shop, which are:

  • Claim Bonus Cash to play for free in the casino
  • Trade your points for free spins to play online slots
  • Collect thousands of points and trade them for real money!

Lapalingo Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

There really aren’t many annoying terms and conditions that oversee this promotion and the ability for you to become part of the Lapalingo Rewards Program, but we’re going to cover the most important ones here:

  • You NEED to be subscribed to the Lapalingo newsletter or you won’t qualify for Loyalty benefits
  • Your account must be fully verified via email
  • You must comply with the rest of the bonus and general terms that the site has listed for every player. Failure to comply will result in the full removal of all points
  • If you decide to take a break from the casino by closing your account, you will not be able to pick up where you left off when you re-open your account, should you do it, at any point in the future

Join Lapalingo and Experience the Ultimate Loyalty Scheme!

The Lapalingo loyalty scheme is one of the best loyalty programs in the online casino world. The number of rewards that you can claim on this casino is just so massive that you’ll find, and the way that you can claim your points for real money is just too good to not give this one a try – especially if you intend to go full high roller in your iGaming adventure.

No matter what your intention is when visiting the world-class Lapalingo website, you will have the chance to participate in the site’s loyalty program from the moment you register and onwards.

What are you waiting for, then? Visit Lapalingo now and join one of the best loyalty programs in the online casino world. Rewards are waiting, so get going now!

Last updated  August 18, 2021
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