We know how much you love to play online casinos, but there’s only so much fun that you can have if you keep losing time and time again. Some online casinos look to lure players into their services with a set of bonuses like no other, and even though the sites themselves look quite tasteful, you will end up being disappointed at the end of the day because promotions tend to not work as promised.

In fact, many online casinos say that they host the best online casino games, while these titles often tend to be quite grim and they seem to be set up for you to lose all of your cash. We got tired of watching people get scammed, and your friends at The Casino Wizard have now made sure to create a list with the best paying online casinos in 2020 that you can visit right now!

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These are three best online casinos to earn big money this year, so pay each of them a visit or focus on a single one – it doesn’t matter which approach you rather take, you’re more than likely going to end up with a profit if you play your cards right, and with a little bit of luck, you might be settled for cash for the rest of your life! There’s no time to waste, check out the best paying online casinos this year!

Jackpot City Casino – Best Paying Casino Jackpots

The Jackpot City casino is by far one of the best paying casinos that we’ve reviewed here at The Casino Wizard. The number of features that the site has to offer is only equaled by your chances of becoming the next lucky person to win one of their amazing bonuses. They offer as many games and jackpot titles as you could ever wish to play, and we’re sure that you’ll love the odds that the site offers.

Jackpotcity-Casino-Mobile-Device-Cartoons-729-409 Play at Jackpot City

This is one of the newest online casinos to offer the best paying bonuses on the planet, so please pay it a visit if you haven’t already. The Jackpot City casino seems to be here to stay, and since it’s backed by serious investors and top-quality online game developers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the services that this amazing site has in store for you.

High-Paying Jackpot City Casino Games

As you might be able to guess, the best paying games in the Jackpot City casino are their amazing jackpot slots. The site offers a plethora of online slots with progressive jackpots that might see your account credited with such large sums of cash that you might not need to work another day of your life. If that’s your dream and you haven’t visited this casino yet, then what are you waiting for?

You may also rejoice on the fact that the average RTP of this site exceeds 96%, which makes this one of the best online casinos that you’ll find on the internet. In terms of best paying casinos, you’ll rarely come across a more lucrative one than the Jackpot City website.

Jackpot City Casino Slot Bonuses

The Jackpot City casino is known as one of the best when it comes to offering users welcome bonuses and promotions. Their high-paying bonuses make them one of the most coveted online casinos in recent years, as the site is currently offering players the chance to earn over €1500 by simply making their first few deposits on the site.

We’ve made this article to talk about best paying online casinos, which is why we think it’s fundamental for you to check out the Jackpot City welcome bonuses first and foremost. We’re certain that you’ll fall in love with the absolutely ridiculous sums of cash that you can earn on the site, and the fact that you get it all for free only makes it better.

These welcome bonuses are mainly meant to be played on the site’s online slots, but you may use the rest of the money to try out their amazing jackpot games or even their live casino if you want. All you must do is comply with the wagering requirements and you’ll be able to claim all the money for yourself.

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Jackpot City Casino Software

The Jackpot City casino software is not to be taken for granted. This online casino is provided by some of the world’s best online game makers, amongst which you’ll find the best online casino slot developers that the planet has to offer.

The Jackpot City casino software is also made to allow players to play on almost any mobile device that you can think of – at least when it comes to the mainstream ones. Jackpot City has grown massively in recent years, and their growth is mainly aided for the quality services that they provide to users with all of their software platforms.

This also includes the quality customer service that the site has managed to put in place for every player to enjoy. It doesn’t matter the type of issue that you have on the site – someone from the staff will always be there to help you out whenever you need.

32Red Casino – Best Paying Overall Casino Games

The 32Red casino is one that you’ve heard of before, most likely. This online casino seems to have sponsorships everywhere, with ads in some of the world’s biggest online sites as well as in many sports competitions from all over the world.


The 32 Red website prides itself on offering players the chance to enjoy the best casino games in a safe environment, where people can rest assured that their money will be paid out regardless of how much they manage to win on the site.

Transparency is a priority in the 32Red website, and that’s one of the main reasons why the site has become such a massive hit amongst online casino gamblers. This is also the biggest online casino in our list, which means that if reputation is what you’re after, you might as well stop reading now and visit one of the best paying casinos in 2020 known as 32Red.

With amazing no deposit bonuses and games developed by the worlds’ best online casino game makers, the 32Red website truly has everything to be considered one of the best online casinos to grace the Earth. We haven’t come across as many great sites as this one, and we always recommend them whenever we have the chance to do so.

Furthermore, we truly enjoy how transparent the website is with their selection of bonuses and how reliable they are in their payouts. If you comply with their simple wagering requirements, you will be given your money – no questions asked.

They won’t come out to you with ridiculous excuses as to save themselves some cash. You can count on your money being paid out if you earn it – even if you got it using the free bonus cash given to every new player that registers on the site.

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The Best VIP Casino Program

The 32Red Casino is not only competing for the spot of best paying online casino; it also competes for the spot of the online casino with the best VIP casino program on Earth. You will rarely find as lucrative an offer as the one you get with the 32Red website. You will be able to claim a ton of bonus points by simply wagering on the site, which you’ll then be able to use to exchange for some incredible bonuses.

In fact, their VIP program also rewards you with some amazing prizes that no other casino in the world offers to players. Lucky players might earn a pass to Saturday Night Live, while others might be able to get tickets to Wimbledon.

When it comes to best paying casinos, nothing even comes close to what the 32Red website has to offer. They do make a metric ton of cash per year, but they make sure to offer players the chance to win some absolutely amazing prizes thanks to the money that they earn.

Comp points and their VIP program are certainly two of the site’s biggest features, and if you translate their rewards into money, you’ll actually realize how much cash they give away for free. It’s definitely one of the best paying online casinos, if not the most lucrative one of them all.

32Red Casino Bonuses

The 32Red casino, apart from the amazing VIP program and bonus offers that it has in store for players, also comes packed with a plethora of online casino bonuses like no other site on Earth. Their welcome bonus package is not the most lucrative one that you’ll find, but the games that they offer make it easy for you to multiply the €150 that you get when you make your first deposit on the site.


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Best Online Poker Tables

If you’re one of those ultra-competitive gamblers who absolutely loves to wager against others in skill-based gambling games, then the 32Red website might also be the place you’ll want to visit. This online casino comes packed with the best poker tables on the planet, so you can rest assured that you’ll face some of the best players in the world head-to-head.

Winning and becoming one of the best poker players in the 32Red website is not easy at all, but you have the chance to truly show if you have what it takes to do so. Show your skills against others and wager in the best online poker tables on Earth!

Videoslots Casino – Best Paying Casino Slots

Struggling to find the best slot games on the internet in a high paying casino? Then fear not, the Videoslots casino comes packed with such a massive selection of online casino slots that we can almost guarantee that no player on Earth has managed to try them all out.


With over 2000 games on their library and some of the best owners in the online casino industry, Videoslots is an ever-growing online casino website with one of the world’s largest online gambling communities of the new up-and-coming casinos.

Join the fun and visit one of the best paying online casinos on Earth by paying your first visit to the Videoslots website!

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High-Paying Videoslots Casino Games

The games that you’ll find at the Videoslots casino are some of the highest paying online casino games on Earth. Discover the best online casino slots as well as the highest paying slots on the internet, developed by the world’s finest game creators of online casino titles.

The site always keeps growing and adds new games to their library on an almost monthly basis, which means that you won’t ever get bored of playing here, no matter how much you do so.

Videoslots Casino Bonuses

Given that Videoslots is mainly a slot casino (although you will be able to find other cool titles on the site), you will get a ton of free spin bonuses if you decide to register in this casino. It’s arguably one of the best paying slot casinos on the internet, and you’ll do well to make your first deposit and claim over 200 free spins in free rewards.


Get VideoSlots bonus

Be sure to spend the bonus free spin money to play more high paying slots as well, to continue the cycle of free play time that the Videoslots casino awards to every player on the site!

Safest Online Casino on the Internet?

The 256-bit SSL encryption that is offered by the Videoslots casino makes this one of the best online casinos in terms of security protocols. You may enjoy the best online casino games from your phone or your computer without having to fear for the safety of your information.

The Videoslots casino is an amazing website that aims to offer every user the chance to enjoy top-notch promotions in a safe casino environment, and given how much you can earn on each game, it’s also one of the best paying online casinos on Earth!

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