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The Casino Winner is one of the best online casinos to visit if you’re a fan of slot games. However, unlike what many players do, we don’t want you to be spending your money and your time in some random slot game with low return rates, which is why we have made this list with the best slot games, based on RTP, available at the Casino Winner.

Let us take a closer look at the best slot games that the Casino Winner has to offer and guide you through the process of learning how and where you can play them. On top of that, we’ll also tell you more about the Casino Winner bonuses, which will help you play these games for free. That’s as good as it gets, and we have it here for you!

Mega Joker – 99% RTP

Mega Joker is widely known as one of the best slot games to play if you’re a fan of high-paying slots. The game rewards you very dearly for high-stakes wagering, which is why Mega Joker is so widely played among online casino high rollers.

Not only that, but the regular payouts that you can get at the Mega Joker game are so massive that you will never need to work again – theoretically. We have seen people win over €3,000,000 on a single spin of the reels in this fantastic slot game.


Part of the appeal of this game comes win the special Joker Wild section, which enables users to earn prizes that are worthy of a progressive jackpot, but with a much better return rate.

In terms of high roller slots, the Mega Joker slot is the one that we recommend the most to our readers. Be sure to take full advantage of its features and try your luck on its reels!

Mega Joker Gameplay

Mega Joker is one of the most popular casino games in the industry, and the vast majority of that reputation stems from the fact that the game is relatively old. In fact, we’d argue that it’s the online slot that has aged the better.

Naturally being a classic slot, the main appeal of the game comes from the concept of standard symbols. Most of the rewards and multipliers that you’ll get when playing Mega Joker are based on you landing at least 3 different symbols on those reels.


The game hosts a progressive jackpot but, unlike the bast majority of popular jackpots, this one is local – which means that every casino has its own Mega Joker jackpot that you can claim. You’ll have a chance to do it by landing 3 Joker symbols in a row.

These are the main features of Mega Joker:

  • An in-game progressive jackpot (local) makes it possible for you to earn millions in a single spin
  • High RTP of 99% makes it the highest that you’ll get in any progressive jackpot game in the industry
  • Lack of wilds makes the gameplay more fluid, albeit less rewarding in some cases
  • Unique concept makes this game the most particular slot on our list

Blood Suckers – 98% RTP

When it comes to non-progressive jackpot games, Blood Suckers is one of the most popular high-paying slots in the online casino industry. This fantastic title will allow you to claim incredible prizes and constant rewards as you aim to unlock better in-game prizes with each spin of the reels.


Standing at 98% RTP, the expected return rate of a session of Blood Suckers gameplay is fundamentally higher than what you would get with any other slot in the same amount of time.

Blood Suckers boasts a return rate higher than what you get in most of the other slots on the internet, including popular titles like Starburst, Book of Dead, or even the extremely lucrative Reactoonz.

Blood Suckers Gameplay

Blood Suckers may be a relatively old online slot, but the title still looks as sharp as it did back in the day. It’s not as old as Mega Joker, though, which means that you can expect plenty of bonus features to populate this game and make it one of the most entertaining slots that you can play on the internet.

Free spins and multipliers are the main bonuses that you’ll unlock on the game. Multipliers are probably the main reason why you may get excited with this fantastic title, though, as they make it possible for you to consistently walk away with wins worth 30 times the amount of your stake.


The only problem of the Blood Suckers slot is that, in most cases, the bonus rounds don’t provide you with as much bonus money as many other online casino games do.

Here are the main features that make Blood Suckers one of the best slot games of 2021,even though the title has been around for what feels like ages:

  • Crazy free spin rounds where you can spin the reels without spending a dime plenty of times in a row
  • Mutipliers that could see your original bet returned, letting you earn thousands of euros in rewards with a single spin
  • A dark theme that surrounds the user and makes this game as immersing as it is appealing because of its high RTP

The Catfather – 98.10% RTP

Free spins and wilds turn The Catfather into one of those slots that you can’t help but try out at least once if you come across it, and the Casino Winner is home to this fantastic game. Not only will you be able to get a good percentage of your money back even when you’re on a bad streak with its incredible 98.1% RTP, but you will also have the chance to win a reward worth more than 2,000 times the amount of your bets with its in-game jackpot.


Created by Pragmatic Play, it comes as no surprise to us that The Catfather has such fluid gameplay and easily triggered multipliers. It all comes down to you choosing how to spend your cash on this fantastic game, but features are surely not something that this game lacks.

The concept of the game may look really silly, but that’s part of its appeal. This mobster cat may be well on its way to provide you with some of the best rewards that you have ever claimed in the online casino industry – and you can do it at the Casino Winner!

The Catfather Gameplay

The Catfather is not one of those games that we’d recommend to high rollers, as the game comes with a maximum bet o €45 and a minimum of just €0.10.

That doesn’t mean that the game isn’t lucrative, though. In fact, we’d argue that it’s quite the contrary. The Catfather has some fantastic winning rounds that could see your monetary balance skyrocket, as matching symbols provide users with great payouts.


These are the game’s main features:

  • Multipliers that could get you up to 2100 times the amount of your stake
  • High-paying standard symbols that could get you x22 times your stake without multipliers
  • Random wild reels that trigger without previous advice
  • Free spins with a x4 multiplier on their winnings, which are among the best in any casino game

Play Casino Winner Slot Games

The Casino Winner is not only host to high RTP games. The site is also home to many of the world’s best slots of all time, and the search bar will allow you to look for all of them and see which of these games you would rather play, or look for your favorite games if you prefer.

At the Casino Winner, you will find plenty of online slots. These are the most common titles that you can expect to find at the casino:

  • Popular slots like Starburst, Book of Dead, Bonanza, and Wolf Gold
  • Various types of Megaways games and their variants
  • Progressive jackpot games with multi-million payouts

Is It Okay to Play Old Online Slots?

In this review, we have told you about some online slot games that have been around for quite some time. As such, you may be wondering if it’s okay to play older online slots or if you should rather stick to newer online slots with more innovative features.

Seeing as how the Casino Winner is home to many of the world’s best casino slots, so the choice is in your hands, and the answer to our question is that it’s entirely up to what you prefer.

  • Older online slots tend to have fewer features, but many come with vert appealing RTP rates
  • Newer online slots strike a balance between the two, and many come with fantastic features and much better gameplay

Should You Play High RTP Games Only?

Seeing as how the Casino Winner is home to many of the internet’s best slot games, there are plenty of reasons why you may prefer to choose high RTP games only. Here are some points and counterpoints as to why you may opt to play high RTP slots:

  • Games with high RTP rates make it much easier for you to earn a lot of cash and minimize the risk of losing on long sessions of playing
  • High RTP slots may not have the most bonus features, but tend to present you with easily understandable rewards that are easy to claim
  • If you’d like to play casino jackpot games, you may prefer not to play high RTP slots. Progressive Jackpots come with lower RTP rates but potentially multi-million payouts

Is It Worth It to Play Slot Games at Casino Winner?

The Casino Winner is a complete online casino that provides players with plenty of games to play and things to do. You will be able to make the best of your time in this casino now that you know all about their most lucrative slot games.

These are some of the reasons why it’s worth it to play online slots at the Casino Winner:

  • The Casino Winner is available to players from many countries across the globe, which makes it an easily accessible website
  • Bonuses at the Casino Winner come with low wagering requirements, allowing thousands of euros to be withdrawn with nothing but a little bit of luck
  • This casino is fully reputable and makes it easy for players to claim as much cash as they like with its amazing bonuses

The Best Casino Winner Bonuses to Play Slot Games

The Casino Winner may not be home to the most lucrative bonuses on the internet, but the site is home to promotions that can very well boost your bonus balance and give you all the money you need to play their finest slots without spending a single dime of your own money.

If you’re keen to play fantastic games but you don’t wish to overspend any money on them, check out the best bonuses that the Casino Winner has for you and claim them to start earning prizes now, but start off your journey with our favorite Casino Winner bonus to get some extra cash from the get-go.

Play at Casino Winner and Enjoy the Best Slot Games Now!

The Casino Winner hosts plenty of high RTP slot games, so this was not an easy guide to write. We went through most of their titles and compared them to the best slot games (based on RTP) that we have ever played, which helped us determine which were the best Casino Winner slot games to play if you’re looking to earn as much as possible.

This guide will save you the trouble of discovering how to spend your money in the most efficient way in the Casino Winner. Make sure to play these games and claim the Casino Winner bonuses if you truly want to maximize your profits on the site.

Oh, and remember: there are plenty of other promotions and fantastic games at the Casino Winner. Be sure not to miss out on them. Visit the site and claim amazing bonuses now!

Last updated  August 18, 2021
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